so hello people are you going in today I
have some Vietnamese done as you can see this one’s pretty one so I have 50 100
200 500 thousand dong the exchange rate is roughly about 20,000 dong per US
dollar first of all the sequence of our serial numbers so you have two letters
and you have eight numbers the first two numbers represent the date so this one’s
2005 and the other six are just the normal sequence of serial numbers so
that actually are pretty much the same as Australia and New Zealand so in
Australia they’ve two letters the first two numbers of the date so this is 2011
then you’ve got six serial numbers so these are the older numbers and so what
I’m gonna do is just have a look Safety’s anything worth keeping
obviously this one’s too damaged to keep maybe it was a very good number but now
so this one is T 2009 any good then look ho chi minh mmm
so tp1 1 2011 no-nothing de st 2011 as well
ooh nothing good there here 12 lots of zeros Oh 503 ones you’re nothing nothing
really good to keep um all the 2014 nothing good to keep there okay this is
the any hundred thousand I have Alex 2010 yeah it’s a five four five six ooh
maybe sort of like a radar so you got six four six five four five six
that could be a potential keeper but we’ll see okay
q oh bloody traffic ah in Vietnam they just love the big day horns guard man
okay so 2010 1962 52 yeah no what am I ho Chi Minh so in 10,000 to $500,000
durable polymer as far as I know they don’t have any coins of the 200 to 5,000
in circulation your banknotes okay if you 2011 almost seven seven yes
but the rest of numbers now unless you want 1586 which is a booth you or
someone who’s long dead okay XO 14 yeah nothing to keep there okay
five hundred thousand dong okay IJ o nine eight nine
nope k is ch not 2014 new how about this one 2016 mmm these ones are in sequence
we’re nearly so you’ve got 36 39 and 601 so no nothing there so the only thing
that is possible to keep is the $100,000 so thank you very much for watching have
an awesome time