it’s a highlight people here you’re
going this is clean back with some banknotes and this is a third time I’ve
had to start video cuz the interruptions so if I said a date 2014 and 16 no just
say fourteen or sixteen so you’ll get the rough idea and what we can look
forward to is there’s any good serial numbers so sixteen no 14 no 1614
no double eight year nut I’m ever 14 no hmm another 14 16 another 16 16 well
triple nines at the start the TC and maybe just was issued as a run like that
died no no no but no 16 9 3 9 4 not like TN we see up at n so it’s 16 10 mm these
two actually pretty close so maybe got a bundle oh yeah let’s see if we get any
of the rest up put them aside TP TP hmm maybe I wouldn’t click those serial
numbers TD u TD know it’s an older 109 mm oh nine six five nine five to 16
yeah that looks okay all right no I’m in him you 16 10 2010 Denise had actually
have bit harder to get these days because a lot of them with the being
recycled hmmm there’s another hmmm before it wasn’t it
this is 14 that’s your Lance different in this in
e23 to not DP loop CL 1 2 1 3 but now that’s 10 another 10 seven two seven
seven five zero no sixteen are in 14 two three new one
whatever MW 14 another 14 another 16 now 14 16 notes in that was sixteen six four
six seven but not no so as are these ones you have that ten they’re not
consecutive it’s pretty much not worth keeping these
three nine three four six nine five six so these are probably issued as a ramen
and a lot of them been spent these are probably spent together but
it’s really not worth keeping these anyone probably work keeping this one
five nine five two six two maybe don’t know then I have to look that up anyway
I’d say thank you very much for watching my video I liked it
look at these videos showing banknotes and just looking for them but other and
doing very often because this is our very high value and it’s penny asked to
get anyway thank you very much for watching my video you see your thumbs up
swell to my channel have awesome bang that collecting time people bye bye