Henshaws Apps – supporting people with
sight loss and a range of all the disabilities to go beyond expectations. Welcome to Henshaws tips, tricks and
tech. This video is again on the Seeing AI – that wonderful app from Microsoft. The
geeks over there have been busy and they brought us some new elements to the
software so we’re going to talk about currency so there’s various things that
are available to identify currency and we’ve done some other videos
on that but this is this is Microsoft’s take on it.
So essentially what I’ve got here is the app – it’s open already and I’ve got
various notes okay so I’ve got a twenty here, we’ve got a ten and a five. I’m
essentially just gonna show and you’ll hear it and you’ll hear how fast is so
so this 20 is the right way up for now right so I’m just going to introduce
it. *Seeing AI* Twenty pounds *Mark* Fast! Right? So I’m going to turn it round so it’s upside down
right. I’m just going to introduce it to the camera *Seeing AI* Twenty pounds *Mark* Twenty pounds. I’m going
to put a tenner upside down, wrong way round.
I’ll do it to up to down right *Seeing AI* Ten pounds *Mark* Right way up *Seeing AI* Ten pounds *Mark* Fiver, the back of it *Seeing AI* Five pounds *Mark* There’s a big crease in it *Seeing AI* Five pounds *Mark* There’s a big crease in it, look at that right. So that is currency – instant, you don’t need data so again you could be in the middle of the
desert don’t know why you want to count your notes like but you could.
So no data, all inside the Apple phone. So that’s Seeing AI, that’s the currency
element of it, we hope you liked the video there’s plenty of videos on Seeing AI and there’s plenty of videos in our Knowledge Village so keep tuned
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