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Welcome to Hipfig Travel Guide series on Seoul, South Korea. In this video we’ll
be sharing our experiences with currency exchange in Seoul, South Korea especially
in Myeongdong, Itaewon, and Dongdaemun areas. We’ll show you where you can go to
change money, how to get there, and travel tips for exchanging money in Seoul, South
Korea. The official currency of Korea is the South Korean Won. Paper money comes
in denominations of a thousand, five thousand, ten thousand, and fifty thousand won. Coins come in 10, 50, 100, and 500 won. In Seoul
you can change currency at airports banks, and tourist areas. At incheon and
Gimpo Airport a convenient place to exchange money is at the arrival or
departure hall. In the city of Seoul currency exchange counters are available
in shopping areas like Namdong, Itaewon and Dongdaemun. If you’re in the Myeongdong shopping area, consider exchanging money here. To get to the
Myeongdong shopping district take the Seoul Metro subway to Myeongdong
station and take exit 6 or 7. The first money changer was at the entrance of the
main shopping street near exit 6. There’s a shoe repair kiosk which also offered
currency exchange. The private currency exchange counters are weaved along the
side streets from the main shopping street that leads to the Metro subway
station. Walking around the Myeongdong shopping area, we took a ride at the
Zara store from the main walkway into the smaller street and next to the boy
store was Choonyang currency exchange. A bit further down on the same street we
saw another currency exchange counter There are also many currency exchange
counters located along Myeongdong 2 gil street close to the chinese embassy.
Look for the korea tourist police station which is a landmark near the
embassy a very popular money changer is across
the street from the big red gate of the Chinese embassy. Keep walking anywhere
Myeongdong shopping district and you’re bound to run into a currency exchange
counter. You can identify private currency exchange counters by the big
red and yellow signs with the dollar and yen symbol. Around the Olive young store
and the Sky Park Hotel there are also many private currency exchange counters
on the side streets. There was even a 7-eleven which offered currency exchange Bring your passport when exchanging
money in case it’s required, sometimes they asked us and sometimes they didn’t When we went to currency exchange
counters in Myeongdong we found the most competitive rates probably because there
are so many located here. There are also banks like Woori, Keb, and Shinhan which
are good and reliable places to exchange money. They have branches in Myeongdong
along the main shopping street. The only downside is that banks closed at 4:00
p.m. and are not open on weekends. These banks specialize in currency exchange so
they generally offer good rates. The exception to that is Shinhan Bank which
is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday and Saturday for currency exchange only Myeongdong is highly recommended for shopping
and for money exchange. Another neighborhood that has a lot of money
exchange counters is Itaewon To get to Itaewon take Seoul Metro
subway line 6 to Itaewon station and take exit 4 towards Itaewon market. Exit
4 is across the street from the popular Hamilton hotel. If you take a right from
the Itaewon station 4 exit, you’ll run into the Royal money exchange next to the
cake boutique. If you cross the street from the Royal money exchange and walk
down the street. You’ll find the jung-woo money exchange. You’ll find money
exchange counters located on side streets from Itaewon-ro. Just look for
the yellow and red signs with the yen and dollar symbols. You’ll find many
currency exchanges and banks around the Hamilton hotel which is an unofficial
center of the Itaewon area. Shinhan Bank is located in the same
building as the Hamilton Hotel. Pease be aware that Shinhan bank closes at 4 p.m.
and is not open on weekends. Industrial Bank of Korea is located on Bo gwang ro
a few blocks from each a one station and closes at 6 p.m. but is open on weekends
until 4:00 p.m.. There are also convenience stores which offer currency
exchange and ATMs on the main street Itaewon- ro. You’ll see Keb Bank which
specializes in currency exchange Keb bank closes at 4pm and is also
closed on weekends. Another convenient place to exchange money is in the Dongdaemun area. To get to the Dongdaemun market area, take line 1 or 4 of the
Seoul metro subway to Dongdaemun station and take exit 6, 7, 8, or 9 we took exit 7 and as soon as you get
out you’ll see a few money exchange counters by the Lotteria restaurant money exchange counters and banks are
located along the main road and along the side streets of the Dongdaemun market.
On the Dongdaemun gate side, in the alleys near the shoe market you’ll find
currency exchange counters there too. We also saw a few exchange counters
near the cloth market across the canal near the corner You’ll also see branches for Keb Bank,
Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank, and Kookmin Bank please be aware that the banks closed at
4:00 p.m.. In Seoul you’ll definitely have many choices for safe money
exchange. Happy Travels! Go to hipfig.com for more information or go to our
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