good day lucky people are you going
today and now here I have two Serbian 500
dinar banknotes from 1941 yeah the design is pretty much similar to the
French design and the the early bank notes were printed in France this one
was printed in Serbia yeah I’m not can’t read Serbian so okay
wait a lot of Serbian but I know it he says
do you know no that means obscure banker no Lord no what do ya so let’s fix you
in any way spank no it’s quite all right here’s our
fruit and the side he has a lady with traditional clothing and it has looks
like these are coins gold coins yeah it looks like it has the Serbian eagle in
it and Gimli you know the cultures they have coins like this for weddings
they’ve some places they put money or coins valuable things on the male and
female when they have a wedding ceremony this may or may not be anyone’s serbian
maybe they could tell me so if I show you to reverse it has a brick layer just
bricks in this implement here is like a spatula can’t me a boys school but II
helped him control the cement okay it’s the same up there it’s Louie I see the
nomination pets don’t need no pets Bernina dinner
and just as traditional pattern so this this thing no reference just represents
the people and workers of Serbia but that’s all I’m good there are two
varieties of this painting that if I can show you what am i see there you go
you’ve got a top one which is some King Alexander the first bottom one just has
allegorical figure a woman probably just representing feminine 18 Sophia
even at that time it would have been a masculine society like rest of Western
Europe and Eastern Europe so these banknotes be used and to 1945 we’re now
replaced I think at par with the Yugoslavia and if you don’t know Croatia
to the cell West also is she doing Kuna banknotes just back that’s quite good as
I said is based on a French new design and French banknotes are quite good
actually in their designing and this was issued
by the German puppet government I quite like it I’m gonna get the whole
series but here’s another one yeah 50 nah it’s not quite as good pretty
printed on a more inferior paper when I get serious ago from oh there’s a saving
coat of arms which this 500 DNA does not have it’s the only so bean dinner of
this world war ii period it doesn’t have dakota bat anyway i hope you like this
500 in our let me know what you think of it also please like and subscribe thank
you bye bye