Hey, you are deceiving
in broad daylight. You are giving a fake note. Somebody catch him. What happened?
– He gave me a fake note. Stop the bus! There is a fake note
gang’s member on the bus. Don’t stop the bus! Drive
faster, or else I’ll shoot you. Looks like, that
kid left behind. Take this. Fake note in my area! How dare you? Thieves are afraid
to use real notes… …within the radius of
50 kilometre… …that Laddu Singh
will get them. And you people are
circulating the fake notes. Be warned! Today’s
sensational news! Fake notes are being
circulated in the market. The business of fake
notes is booming. Mr. Laddu Singh has… …caught a man in this case. His name is Lakha. Mr. Laddu Singh, how
did you catch him? I am not an ordinary inspector. My name is Laddu Singh. I am famous for a reason. I put my life in danger
while catching that thief. I put a lot of effort and
finally I caught him. His boss will also be
caught by tomorrow. This is my challenge. Hear me out.
This is my challenge. Boss, Lakha got caught. Inspector Laddu Singh has
made an announcement… …on the TV that he will
catch you by tomorrow. Lower you tone. I don’t like the
people who are loud. My name is Asliram, my
work is making fakes. Tomorrow… …the boss of fake note
gang will be caught. People, fake notes are being
circulated in the market. Check carefully before
accepting the notes. Okay, Mr. Laddu Singh. Check carefully before
accepting the notes. Check carefully before
accepting the notes. Stop shouting, Inspector. Everyone got so scared
because of your warnings… …that nobody is accepting my Rs.
1000’s note. How will I buy stuff? Where should I take my note? Now you will have to
give me the change. Okay, young man. Never mind. You don’t need to get angry. I am giving you Rs.
1000’s change right away. Here’s the money. I am
telling you some stuff. Note them down and
send them home. My name is Khabardar Singh. I am a CID officer. I have come here to catch the
gang of fake notes. I can’t believe… …that an officer is
running this gang. Have you no shame? Being an officer, you are
running a fake note’s business. What are you saying?
This note is fake! Okay. This is not mine. That man gave it to me. Where did he go? Where did that man go who
gave me a Rs. 1000’s note? Don’t lie.
You are under arrest. Hey! Hey! No! Sir, you don’t worry.
I have called Shiva. He will do something. Hey, Kid!
Go outside. This is a police station,
not a play ground. Sir, don’t call him a kid. Sir, I am Shiva. I am
Mr. Laddu Singh’s friend. I want to meet him. Okay, fine. Go, meet him. Shiva, a man… Shiva, what should I do now? You don’t worry.
We will definitely find that man. We don’t even know the man… …who trapped Mr. Laddu Singh… …then how are we
going to find him? I have an idea. A CCTV camera of any shop
might be facing that place… …where that man gave… …Rs. 1000’s note to
Mr. Laddu Singh. Then what are we waiting for? He is there. Look. Now let’s see where this man
went after giving the fake note. This road goes to Mandola village. So he has also gone
towards that village. It’s possible that their
hideout might be there. Thank you, Uncle!
– Welcome! I am telling you. Farms didn’t yield good crops… …because of shortage of water. Nothing looks
abnormal over here. Some sounds are
coming from that. Let’s go and check. Uncle, is there any
factory in this shack? No. There is no shack here. So where is this
sound coming from? No. No sound is
coming from here. You people are imagining things. Uncle, we are thirsty. Can we get some water.
– Yes. I’ll go, bring it. Why did you come inside? I
was bringing water for you. Uncle, we are hearing
machine’s sound. We thought, let’s see where
is this noise coming from? Son, there is no
machine’s sound here. I told you, it is
your misconception. Even if this is the case,
I neither can hear it. Nor I can see it. I have lost my vision. Come on. Go out now. Here is that man. Yes. He gave fake currency
of Rs.1000 to Laddu Singh. How did they come inside? They entered with an excuse of water. They said, they can hear some noise. I will make them hear the noise. You’re interfering in
elders matters being kids. Can’t you do justice to your age? Do not refer to us as a kid, uncle. Shiva. My name is Shiva. Wow, uncle. You’re turned
young from an old man. I am young. You have hit my man. Now it is my turn. They all escaped. Let us call Pedaram. He will bring the CID officials here.
– Yes. Why did you quarrel with them? We had only one proof and that
too escaped because of you. Laddu Singh could never
be proved innocent. But, sir, we called you. We heard some noise here. But we didn’t know,
how is it happening? And you! Yes. I am releasing
you as you called me. Go and play. Let us perform our duty. Do not arrive here again. All of you keep an eye here.
None should come here. They know about one of your
hide-outs that makes fake currency. Quickly tell us about
your other hide-outs. Otherwise you’ll be behind the
bars and grind the grains. No. I will not grind the grains. You will break granites in the jail. No. No. I will not do that. Can’t I get assigned some simple work? So you admit… …you are into this
business of fake currency. No. I’m not involved
in any wrongdoing. I am an honest cop. I am giving a day’s time. Quickly tell me about all
your hide-outs and men. Otherwise I will send you
to the central jail. Central jail! I think, we must go
back to that hide-out. We will surely find
some evidence about… …the factory that
makes fake currency. But remember, what did
the CID official say? He said it for the kids. Are we kids? There is no risk here. Shiva, it is impossible to get
in as far as they are here. Valours make their own way, Reva. Just watch it out. Let me quickly inform CID about it. Before someone absconds from here. Hello, Pedaram. What were you doing here? How did he get in despite
of your presence? We do not know, sir. We do not even move from here. This kid has really
given a great news. And so I am leaving you all. Otherwise I would have fired you all. Come on, Shiva. Where should we head? Come, sir. Boss, he is the one. He beat me and Jaggan. Lower down your voice. I hate people who speak louder. Catch him. I am Asliram. I am into a wrongdoing. Kid, did you see?
I have fooled everyone. Do not refer me as a kid, uncle. Shiva. My name is Shiva. Here. Here. ‘This kid is really
clever than the elders.’ ‘I am leaving.’ Reva, call Pedaram. Ask him to release Laddu Singh.
Tell him everything. Hey! Shiva, don’t. No. He is my target. I will teach him a lesson. You will hit me! So will you hit me? No. You will hit me! No. You were supposed to make
me grind the grains, right? You were supposed to make break
the granites. So hit me? You hit me. You hit me. What are you both doing in
the middle of the street? Let me get into it if none
of you is interested. Wow!
– It’s money! So, mister. Now I will also make you
grind the grains… …and also make you break
the granites in the jail. Come on. Hit me. Here you go. Come on.