so anyway hello fellow coin collectors
and today my channel we have a self African 5 shillings as you can see this
coin is actually quite a large silver coin although unfortunately unlike this
crown of the United Kingdom this one’s on each 50% silver but the
specifications at the time were actually pretty much the same as the UK crown so
you can see that there but this one is actually a commemorative coin so a
little history the five shilling Queen was actually not introduced when all the
other coin inches were introduced in 1923 to place the UK coins in soccer
carry at the time this one was first issued in 1947 obviously the crown coin
was actually not that popular because it’s actually a low minted coin at the
1947 had a mintage of 300,000 but this commemorative one actually had a higher
mintage it was actually the highest minted coin crown in South Africa and as
you can see it’s actually quite a nice he to date 1652 and 1950 to represent
300 years since the founding of Cape Town so in 1652 Jan van Roebuck took a
few ships this one’s called the jamie davis you sod into the table Bay which
is that the Bay of Cape Town and established a new colony and that’s what
actually these represent as you can see it has
V o C and that’s actually the logo for the dutch east african company east
indian company yeah sorry East Indian company what’d I
say East African I know pretty well actually
because I actually issued a lot of coins for the Dutch East Indies which is um
Indonesia now in this coin is quite a nice large coin it’s actually good the
gave you like collect uncirculated coins but all another thing in the background
in the background we have the table mountains behind the Cape
and as you can see has sued Africa and you know – or Africans in South Africa
in English there’s four shillings and if we turn over we have King George six so
Rex just means king in Latin so what is the mintage of these coins so there are
actually 1698282 actually twelve thousand proof coins and the actual
bullion value of this coin is actually an eBay $11 thirty
it was a full coin of probably closer to twenty dollars in hell over those 30 and
to buy in this condition you’re probably looking at about thirty to forty dollars the designer or the profile was actually
Thomas Padgett who actually designed this effigy and on this side we saw
Marion well gate Val gate if I change it to a Jimmy to be language that’s
actually corners coin now though D monetize in 1961 when actually issued
the reigned the last crown coin was 1960 and these are actually not too hard to
get they’re very common on eBay but if you’re gonna look at eBay look at
the grade first depending on how much you’re willing to spend and then for
that grade you look at which is the lowest value coin
but you might not want to get the lowest value coin because sometimes if there’s
a high of a coin there actually could offer better incentives like a better
shipping option well maybe they have better casing protection for your coins
and maybe you’d like to actually go for that option but I hope you’re like a
South African Five Crowns or 1952 and it’s very beautiful I need to actually
get the normal crowns but that actually has a spring book that doesn’t have a
ship which is a type of antelope over Africa and it’s a lot harder to get
especially for a certain date because usually the mintage is lower than half a
million because they weren’t as common it when it’s popular heavier coins like
this definitely definitely not as popular so anyway I like to say thank
you very much for watching my video I hope you like this coin as I do and just
keep coin collecting because coin collecting is fun thank you and bye-bye