so how live fellow banknote collectors are you going today my name is Glenn if you’re just new here I like to welcome you and if you coming back I like to say hello again how are you going today so today I have these current banknotes of Singapore so these banknotes were introduced in 1999 and due to 5 and 10 were are in polymer and the fifty hundred five hundred one person and ten thousand are in paper cotton version so but the highest denomination I have here is actually the $50 and this is an exchange rate of one to one with the Australian dollar so these are pretty much equivalent to whatever you have in Australia so originally these were issued in paper form and he $10 changed to polymer in 2004 the two in 2006 and five in 2007 so on the front we have the President or the first president of Singapore emmerich use of fin is Zach and he is actually well this is a the first series that he’s actually been on Singapore’s banknotes and before they here they actually had a bird and ship series and the first series of banknotes was actually just had like plants on it on the front and symbols on the back but we won’t worry about those so these actually have a feature of blinds like Braille and it’s actually raised and each of these individual banknotes has a different number of circles so that two has one the five has ten the five s to near 10 s to but during our different sequences the 50 is free and so on so what are the security features on these banknotes well we have the Alliance hediye which is security feature we have a watermark yes you can use put those on our Paulo polymer banknotes see-through window and we have another see-through window is there anything that actually matches up the align itself so if we look on the other side actually has the lines there as well these are not bad banknotes and also it’s like a seal that Chinese government officials used to use and it says this is legal the end of $2 in Singapore and on the reverse we have education and if we well these ones have nothing underneath education so these were issued before 2007 and this one has a square down the bottom so this is actually a 2007 note so you get different types of symbols this one has a triangle so that’s to fasten a nine so you got one symbol and then you get two symbols which is the next yeah so do we have any double symbols on you let’s have a look no 2007 have at this polymer one though how about this oh yeah so on this $10 banknote we have to square we just 2007 two squares we just you thousand and eight and I’ve done a little chart here so if we have a look so one squared is 2007 to 2008 one triangle – there’s nine – one diamond 2011 – diamonds 12 one star 13 two stars 14 oh these ones are filled in and a hollow star 15 and two stars 16 and then we have like houses one house to house but I’m not too sure what dates those are maybe they overlap but I have to research more if you’re from Singapore you actually know which ones they are I’d actually like to find out anyway the five dollar banknote it’s pretty much the same on the obverse so the obverse is this side and on the reverse we have garden city and so a 200mm has looks like orchids a beautiful flowers so so anyway this is supposed to be a 200 year old Timbo’s at singapore botanical gardens and these fandom miss Jacklin national flower or singapore and on the $2 note we have various buildings in singapore so we have Victoria’s bridge school raffles Institute on brass and brass both our Road and the College of Medicine’s are between College of Medicine is that building near so and these will be students at the Victoria Bridge School which is are actually quite an old school and probably one of the first in Singapore so I need $10 we have sports so we have jogging your badminton soccer sailing and swimming Edmund that could actually be tennis because tennis is better and it a modern sports pretty much most countries play now and nice beautiful banknote now these don’t really have any type of differences in their serial numbers so I don’t need to go into that and here is the $50 so we have a security Fred we have this patch looks like a flag but it has actually 10 can you sit we have a metallic symbol here has has a line on it let’s go come on come on so you can see the line there and it also has maybe if I do it this way all right yeah has 50 and see that that’s awesome and if you turn it this way it actually mmm has a star symbol in it and we have a watermark and this line also goes through so you can see that they’re beautiful nice Bank now not in the reverse we have some musical instruments we have they’re not too sure which is which PIPA kampang veena and looks like a violin modern violin so we have traditional instruments there any with a modern violin and we have two different artworks so drawing salted fish yeah by Chong Chong ping and in Gibbons fetching the moon from the water by penguin see these are two modern Singapore artists so I actually quite like that I like the monkeys awesome keep in answer well they’re terrifying if you can’t see him but you know there’s still primates no probably not primates for monkeys awesome awesome just banknotes pretty worn so it’s only worth face value because they’re still currently in circulation but anyway I like to say thank you very much for watching my video and if you like Singapore coins give this video thumbs up is a awesome and have awesome bank may collecting time people’s bye-bye