What is a Skyminer, and how does it make you
Skycoin is all pre-mined, so don’t mistake
Skyminers with the kind of “proof-of-work”
mining done for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
Skyminers are machines that provide the storage,
processing power, and bandwidth for Skywire,
a new decentralized Internet built by the
Skycoin Project.
Skywire is safer, faster and better than the
current internet in almost every way, and
Skyminers form the backbone of this new network.
It is end-to-end encrypted, which means users
cannot be tracked or spied on by governments
or greedy corporations, and it is impossible
to block or censor websites or other content
based on which country you live in.
With the addition of an antenna, Skywire becomes
a global wireless mesh network!
The best part is that anyone can get onto
this network at a tiny fraction of the cost
they would otherwise pay to an Internet Service
In fact, access to Skywire is paid for in
Coin Hours, a currency that is automatically
generated simply by holding Skycoin in a designated
The Coin Hours people pay to access Skywire
goes to the people who add value to the network
by operating Skyminers.
Those micropayments are an incentive to those
people who purchase and run a Skyminer.
That’s because a Skyminer, along with an
antenna, makes you a literal Internet Service
Provider for your community.
Each official Skyminer purchased from skycoin.net
features eight access nodes to Skywire.
Skyminers with more and fewer nodes will be available in the future.
At the moment, as further incentive to build
the Skywire network, everyone who purchases
and runs a Skyminer will receive the entire
purchase price back in Skycoin over the course
of 24 months.
That’s right, the cost of a Skyminer is
entirely reimbursed over two years.
And since you’re paid in Skycoin you can
sell that coin for cash, trade it for other
cryptocurrencies, or better yet, hold onto
it and watch it appreciate in value (and generate
more Coin Hours) as the Skywire network continues
to grow.
To reiterate, the effective cost of a Skyminer
is zero dollars, and as more people join Skywire,
you can earn money by literally doing nothing
except keeping your Skyminer plugged in.
That’s called passive income, and it is
If you don’t want to buy a Skyminer from
Skycoin.net, but still want to help the Skywire
network and make a little extra cash, you
can build your own very inexpensively.
There are do-it-yourself building instructions
just a search box away, and although the rewards
are not as high as they are for those running
official Skyminers, it’s still something.
In conclusion, if you want to help build the
infrastructure of a revolutionary decentralized
internet and make money while you’re doing
it, pick up a Skyminer today.