so hello fellow coin and banknote
collectors are you going today my name is Glenn and today we’re just
gonna have a look at these Slovenian banknotes
they’re quite awesome so here I have a $100 Rev and well this is party deed
Toller a Torah equals 100 stud Tino so $41 ya be singular took one Tola for
$2 you have Thalia and Achaia presumably J’s pronounced as a youth and for more
than two got tired so a bit more complex Prue combination for Slavic Languages
and these banknotes were quite a good series so if you go who is Slovenia now
they actually use the euro so they don’t actually use these banknotes anymore
and these banknotes come in ten to ten thousand dollar if and later on to 2000
the 10 and 20 tariff was replaced by coins and this banknote here 50 Tata was
actually placed in 2013 and what year did David get replaced by the euro think
about 2006 maybe maybe belied 2000 her name
so the coins are actually done a video on him and as you can see all the series
is actually pretty much like this and I’m like you’re confusing
apartment-sized between a different denominations because all the coloration
on this side is actually pretty same if you turned it over that’s where the
coloration actually gets different so on this side we have URI viga it was
a mathematician a physicist and he was also in the Army is an artillery officer
so he has a mathematical formulas there I’m not too sure what they are and also
physics formulas and he actually was one of the founders of the slovenian academy
of science and art and here has his name Yuri
we got 1754 1802 so he probably would have been in near Australian Army his
Oscar is pretty dominant around that region at the time and on this side we
have the academy of science and art in Ljubljana and he also looks like you’ve
done astronomy as well so we have the plan is there this Saturn Jupiter and
the inner planets and a lot of the moons Galilean moons and it has the date he
was actually that could either the date it was printed or did they it was
authorized 15 January 1992 this banknote was only produced in 1992 and like some
other denominations and as you can see what’s on this thing it has the
different phases of the moon so you have that christen this is the waning
crescent they’ll be the crescent there will be givius and waning gibbous
sections and i’ve actually wanted to get all these banknote series but these are
the only two I’ve got and before they were placed but you actually exchange
rate was about $140 to one Australian dollar so it’s probably thought it would
have been nearly $200 there because one euro so this is one of the best
banknotes in this series because it’s beautiful blue color awesome look at
that moonlight mmm not bad mmm and here I have the 100 toilet in
this has Richard your Copic movie 1869 to 1943 and he was an impressionist
painter so obviously you got a palette they’ve paint probably walk probably
yeah oil color cuz acrylic wasn’t really
actually wasn’t around it it’s a no paintbrush paintbrush I mean it doesn’t
have any palette brushes or palette knives or anything like that so 500 till
area looks like someone’s dropped paint all over beautiful banknote you ever
microprinting near and I heard this on a DVD China when he was doing Chinese
currency so if you do this curl it up these two should match and you can do
that with almost all types of currencies so we can do this one as you can see you
can do with the Australian dollar so these sides should actually match up as
well nothing also another security feature to
as an anti counterfeiting device as well so this guy was an impressionist painter
and actually he he helped found the National Gallery of Sala Vania and here
we have the painting of the Sun so you can’t really tell but it’s so much
impression of the Sun as you can see there’s lots of different sun spots and
lots of different colors to represent the different variations in the Sun and
here we have their Joe coffee Pavillion yeah looks like a somewhere where you
actually going in and have seclusion for when you wanna paint and here we have
looks like different versions of mountains in different colors yeah
that’s all I’ve got to say about each Bank now it’s actually quite a good
series and each finger has an individual who can contribute it to slovenian
society in some way and also here we have lots of micro printing as well
int counterfeiting feature we have a security free micro printing on it as
well so awesome banknote series so if you’re
interested in collecting awesome banknotes you should actually collect
this series actually quite good anyway all leaving here and oh I’d like to
encourage you to collect more banknotes and coins and just enjoy the Hobby
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