hello hi YouTube it’s your boy crypto roots and you know I’m saying I got a mobile crypto game I want to spit I’m over here in Mexico we’re doing the thing and give me a second it’s been a while I’ve been on a hiatus you know I’m saying I have to take a break from YouTube just take a break from all this social media stuff kind of get my head right and I’m saying to focus on my program and focus on my development my applications and I’ve been doing that and it feels great it feels amazing I’m not gonna lie you know and I really don’t even want to kind of do this whole social media shit but you know I’m saying I did start this with the mission to educate my people so I’m gonna continue to do that now one thing I want to talk about it’s hot I don’t even feel like walk on the beach right now it’s hot one thing I want to talk about is that after a certain point when you’re studying cryptocurrency and you know I’m saying you’re gonna you’re gonna you know if you’re if you’re into it if you’re into it now I assume you are since you’re watching these videos but after you’re gonna realize after a certain point that there’s a lot of noise and what I mean by noise is there’s a lot of talk about things but there’s really nothing to back it up there’s a lot more opinions than there are facts and one of the biggest examples is price speculation well card on OB you know I’m saying 15 cents by 2020 a world Bitcoin hit you know I’m saying 25,000 but then you know this year well a Bitcoin ETF be approved by the SEC like you’re gonna hear so many what-ifs or cookies or I think or possibly inmate and you realize you know all this is just kind of noise people are just kind of like you know you you were excited at first cuz you’re still finding you’re finding out about all this information you haven’t haven’t found out but after a while you realize yo where’s the substantial information that I can move on to the next level a lot of this an opinion it’s just yeah it’s just opinion it doesn’t really you know saying there’s so many people involved everyone’s gonna have an opinion so where do I find out the real information what what can I do next you know I’m saying and the next step is really to be a developer the next step is to be a developer the next step is to shut off all the noise turn off the garbage radio and start making the music yourself find out the music within you what kind of apps do you what kind of currency do you want to make how can you improve what kind of community do you do you want to be involved in like that’s the next step up is being a developer but you may not get there for a year or two but once you’re there everything’s gonna start to become boring to you you’re gonna start to turn off some of the media that you used to watch you’re just gonna get bored with everything and then once you’re bored with everything that’s once that’s when it’s time that’s when your conscious is telling you start creating start developing start making something new that isn’t out there start making your and then you’re going to cut off the noise even more and before you know it you’re gonna be stuck and develop developer mode and you know honestly that’s what I’ve been in just developer mode like like I go on YouTube i express myself and that’s it otherwise I’m studying in a programming and I’m realizing y’all I need the next level I need the next level like I get that I get that I get that now how do I write smart contracts now how do I bring value to my own currency because I can create my own currency on a theory of no problem how do I convince other people that my currency is valuable and should be invested in these are the more complicated questions you’re filming and most people won’t talk about this most people want to fill you up with fast food news fast food crypto news you know I’m saying and it gets you all hyped and excited and one thing you know anything that requires a debit card with cryptocurrency is not cryptocurrency anything that requires a permission an email address like none of that shit’s cryptocurrency and a lot of people still confusing it’s just gonna take some time but if you pay attention game on dropping you don’t have to sign up you don’t have to get approved you should not need a plastic debit card with a PIN number to use cryptocurrency that shit is the old it’s the same shit different toilet man bitcoin is it all it takes is that on your phone and you’re in the game that’s all it takes a lot of people still think they need these centralized mind control tools to be Krypton it’s not man it’s not you don’t need none of that shit you just need a smartphone what a Bitcoin wallet and you in the game you know I’m saying you can take payments internationally you know I’m saying permission free okay so I’m just going over with you that giving you insights to the people who are really about the crypto game after a certain point it’s just all noise the most of it and you really should only be paying attention to the people who are developing who have developed who have written books who are tutoring and education and development is the biggest things you should be focusing on because the rest will leave you stuck behind green and broke from the gree because you’re chasing what everyone else says you should be chasing and that’s not how the reality works you know so forgive me for not posting a whole lot or posting often you know because at a certain point if I post more than I’d work if I post more than I write cold or develop and study then I’m gonna be out of information and I’m just going to be I’m not the quality of the information I may be spitting it’s not gonna keep you guys interested so I put in work and I encourage you to put in work because within a year from now your whole life can change you know stop thinking about the money and think about the evolution of yourself that’s gonna come that’s gonna come that’s one of the things that’s gonna come from the money is you evolving you know I’m saying compensation for the hard but think about your psychological mentality how much you’re gonna change and the people’s lives around you you’re gonna make friends and you’re gonna lose friends once you decide to get into cryptocurrency hardcore and once you decide to be a developer you’re gonna lose friends and here to make friends but that’s not the whole purpose is to create unstoppable applications unstoppable cold or cold is law and it cannot be stopped so you need to be conscious about the code the computer code you write because it will and it can have the ability to affect millions of people every single day look at what you’re watching the Sun look you know I’m saying look find out the profound out the framework the web framework that YouTube was written on written in find out the framework of the Instagram website that Instagram uses you know I’m saying do some research hit me and me with email and I’m saying once you find out yo they use react or yo they use Django oh yo they use BJ yes like you’re gonna do some you talkin a whole different language now we’re talking a whole different language when I’m more interested in the framework you use for your application than you know I’m saying that’s the next level so how does fit some game much love you know I’m saying I’m coming out with crypto roots University I’m dropping a little hint crypto roots to university I’ll tell you more about it later but it’s in a filler instant it’s in full effect trust me crypto roots University all right much love peace