hi everyone Tauni Alexander here and
today I’m going to talk to you about social media currency and how to make
sure you are showing up in your friends and followers newsfeed on Facebook so the thing about Facebook is is
there’s an algorithm and it makes it kind of complicated for you to be seen
in your friends profiles I want to help you guys know how to get response to the
things that you post to have success with your post rather than low
engagement the best way to explain that is like currency you have so much social
media currency that you get to spend but you want to make sure you spend that
currency wisely okay so let’s get started first we’re going to talk about
your personal profile you want the things you post on your personal profile
to be things that aren’t all about your business whether it be citizens flip
sins or if you’re in a different business you don’t want all the things
on your personal profile to be about your business you only want a select few
posts to beat about your brand next did you know that people can hide you and
hide the things that you’re posting so that they never see anything you post
and you don’t want that to happen we all know people who post all about the
products or all about the things they’re selling for me people who are really
negative or are always posting controversial things I hide them and I
don’t want to see what they’re posting anymore so make sure that the things
you’re posting aren’t all about selling and they’re not also always negative
because that will be the first way to have people hide you from their feed and
not be seen at all okay so I’m going to talk about the things to avoid these are
the few things that you want to avoid doing to make it so that you are seen in
your social media currency is being spent wisely I said one don’t post all
that lip since it can be a part of what you post but not all if you share memes
or articles or repost things from certain pages and you notice that
there’s not a lot of engagement no one comments on then
no one likes them or interacts then I would probably stop posting things like
that and if you do post memes or you post things and you get a ton of
engagement obviously keep doing that but if you
find that your we sharing something or you’re posting articles news article
whatever it is and you aren’t getting engagement then you probably want to
stop posting things about that if you repost a page daily like say
there’s like a a motivational speaker who posts awesome quotes every day or
there’s like a Facebook page that you follow and you were posting every single
day and that’s probably not a good idea because if people wanted to see that
every day they would just go to that page and like it themselves and be able
to see it so those are a few things to avoid to avoid and just remember that we
engage on social media on a value-based system so think about what brings value
to your life what can you add value to your followers or your friends or
family’s life so with that being said you want to post things of value for me
the things that I’d value to my life things that I love are my family my kids
going on trips and that’s what I want to see on my friends page as well is I want
to see pictures of their kids pictures of them being happy
and quotes I love motivational quotes so if they find a quote here and there I
love seeing those sort of things so think about what your followers want to
see and what will bring value to their life and then you’re gonna want to post
things like that being true to yourself as well and but you want it to be
valuable and they talked about a few things how to spend your currency wisely
you want to post things that you see your circle finding value in I’m
saying value a lot but it’s so true social media is all about value posting
things of value and and having people value what you post so if you’re
involved in politics you’re you know a political person or people come to you
for a political advice or people like to hear what you have to say about politics
and for sure post about politics like if people want to know your opinion about
politics and I highly recommend you post about that because people value your
opinion on that but if whenever you post about politics yeah it’s also it’s
always and causes a debate or people start arguing then I probably wouldn’t
be posting about politics anymore because you don’t want that sort of
negativity on your page so let’s say if you’re in politics and people value your
opinion on politics then for sure post about it
and for me like I’m a mom my friends family whoever my circle is they want to
see what I do as a mom all those things so I post about my family my life
feelings how I’m feeling I try to be real and share all the ups and downs and
and I’m not meeting like simple downs like having a bad day today and
complaining but everyone struggles everyone has problems and you want to be
transparent and share with your followers what they want to see and so
post about you and your family and who you are and what you love the main thing
is there’s no like system that will work for everyone
but the main thing that you want to remember is what you post is going to
depend on who you’re friends with if your friends love politics if they love
funny memes that they love kids if they love animals your post will depend on
who follows you so remember that it’s not gonna be the same for everyone so
even if you love someone’s page some person in the business who’s a super
high up if you love her page if you go and try to do exactly what she’s doing
that might not be what you’re want to see that could be what her
friends want to see but not necessarily what your friends want to see so be sure
you’re seeing true to yourself um and try to understand why people follow you
maybe ask your clothes to see on the inference like why do you follow me what
do I post that you love and try to understand that so if you’re watching
this video thinking I have no engagement no one interacts no one sees my stuff
what do I do now then I’m gonna help you you can fix it it’s not too late it’s
not like once people stop seeing yourself like you’re out of luck the
main thing that you can do now is engage with your friends first so you scroll
and you start interacting with your friends things that you like make sure
that you’re just not silent scroll or I always tell my house in this like all
those people on Facebook you are silent scrollers they just scroll Scroll scroll
no one sees their self because they’re never commenting or saying what they’d
like so if you have a friend that you like or a prospect that you know might
be interested in joining then make sure that you are commenting on their stuff
as well don’t just comment we’re in and things make sure it’s like ravelin to
what they posted like it um go interact and make it an effort every single day
to interact with people on the things that they’re posting you want it to be
positive no debates I already said that before you don’t want to be fighting or
debating or drama when you regularly interact people are going to see you
more you’re gonna show up even more and there’s a difference between expressing
yourself and making noise make sure that I know you want to express yourself and
you want to say your opinion but don’t just make a noise on social media no one
wants to see fighting or arguing there’s nothing good that comes from that on
social media so be sure you’re expressing yourself but not making noise
and you can boost your reach by taking sincere interest in other people’s lives
and creating relationships consistently the main thing you want to remember is
to be consistent and to practice these things every single day don’t just do it
today and then not tomorrow post consistently in your act
consistently and post things of value so the main things that I can tell you
about social media currency is you want it to be valuable you want to spend it
wisely and you want to really know why your people are following you so I hope
this helps a little bit and if you guys have any questions be sure to just
comment them below on this video and I can help you I can give you some tips
just be true to who you are and spend your currency wisely have a great day you