so hello fellow banknote and coin
collectors here you go and today and today I have the currencies of
Indonesian banknotes so these are issued in 2016 you can see the date there
they’re actually quite nice except for one thing this part here not too sure
what I put that in would have been good if this this pattern actually created or
faded out into this and that’s that’s the only drawback that I can see from
these banknotes so on these banknotes so have our national heroes and on the one
thousand rupiah which is the lowest valued banknote in circulation
it’s only worth about like tennis train since it has good Nayak
Moy Tia and she was our Chinese and she fought against the Dutch during the Oh
Dutch occupation and she was actually killed by him on the two thousand rupiah
we have Muhammad Hosseini Tam Lin and he’s also another national hero and he
actually well he was arrested as Japanese were Banting in the Indonesia
this is from memory so or might be a little bit wrong here and and he
actually died so he wasn’t executed just are passed away due to health failures
and here we have it hum charlie’d I read that he was just a politician not too
familiar with him but his portrait actually looks good and he’s also a
national hero as so as you can see on these banknotes
it actually has the map of Indonesia so we have irian jaya or which popular here
this is a sort of a c-collar montano Borneo Sumatra
Java Bali’s over here and it can’t say Lombok yeah there’s the Maluku Islands
and Philippines is up here so in Cuba should notice Malaysia is over here then
a PE of Thailand and all that stuff and East Timor is mmm yeah it’s probably
that latch all in there pate steamed on Australia’s Dan here Coco’s and
Christmas Island and over on this side yet Papua New Guinea so the only two
land borders they have is her with Malaysia in Papua New Guinea and on this
side we have all the watermarks seem to be people who on the older version so
the one fast enough 5s and then same watermark looks like in one security
feature easy is Bank Indonesia so you have on this side part of the feature on
the other side you have diversity inscription when you hold up the light
they should join up together you also have a watermark so the watermark as as
the Bank Indonesia it looks like has the denomination let’s have a look and I
just says Bank Indonesia no denomination on it and the high denomination should
have a better security features so on the reverse
we have TIFF a dance and Banda Neira which is part of the band Islands so
that’s all Indians go dancing in see as inscription Banda Neira
which is the only settlement major settlement of in
Banta island chain you know Maluku province of Indonesia and on here has
tardy Tifa so tally dance and it has a feature
another security feature yeah if you well I don’t have the same banknotes I
don’t – but if you put two together the flowers should actually join up and it
also has features 40 blind so here on the 1000 we have seven double blind
dashes and each have a banknote that reduces by one so two thousand has six
five thousand has five ten person is for 20,000 and 350 fasteners – in 100,000
should have one and these are actually produced in all the years up until
current date and as you can see they’re all the same size or maybe slightly
bigger but that makes it confusing for people who are visually impaired but
here we also have another feature you up here you should actually if you have a
blind you need to have them enhance touch so you’ll be able to figure this
out this is looks and feels like a 1 and it has that on all the banknotes so I
actually like these patent here awesome this is looks like a shape a fish or
something like that there’s a flower pattern beautiful on the reverse of this
banknote has a peer ding dance a tardy pitting so from the look at this tardy
means dance and peering so Indonesia is an Austronesian their language so its
grammar will be quite different in English and we also have
hmm see on Oak Canyon that God ie to our repo rupiah and intonation is actually a
growing economic power where I am I’m sorry I dropped the phone
and these people are becoming more wealthy so here is the 5000 rupiah and
this one has the tally gambled on so the gam-gam be young dance game John
dance and cool on promo melt promo and as you can see it looks like a volcano
actually you can see it’s probably areas of our sedimentation that looks pretty
consistent with volcanic activity and just so just the way that the actual
peak is now form might be a composite I’m not too sure have to look that up
you should look pretty pretty girl so those are Indonesia’s current banknotes
I think the previous series was better but in this one knee
especially here and on the right here these banknotes actually a lot more a
lot more enhance a lot more advanced awesome hopefully I can get deep ever
series the ten facet of 100 person cuz you know come back a full video and
reviewed all of eight notes so I hope you like to collect intonation famous
because it awesome and awesome bang that collecting time people Oh bye-bye