Two weeks before 2020, a very ambitious report
on both Bitcoin, altcoins and Blockchain has been published, friends. There are 12 clear items in 2020 that will
be the following. I have read, major changes, important breaks
may be coming at us, at the door. These should be ready. Today, we will examine this report in detail,
what should we do as crypto currency investors, what can happen in 2020? Our path is long, take coffee or tea and let’s
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for new videos. See how hard I work for you. Anyway, come on, you know who made this report
falling like a bomb? Blockchain Capital, based in San Francisco. This company’s customers include Ripple, Coinbase,
Kraken, Bitwise, friends. If you say why this report may be important
for us, let me say what I will say in the first place. There are 12 important items that I think
item 7 is particularly critical and very ambitious, 9th comic, and quite funny. Article 11 is a matter that everyone should
pay attention to. In the meantime, apart from these items in
2020, we can talk about a pile of important events Anyway, the first article that my friends
a full crypto money company will be bought by another company for $ 500 million says. This is of course a very important claim in
the sense of business, whether it is a claim or an advance they have received notice. If they have a prior notice, they may have
focused on that coin, that company in general. On the other hand, if the company that can
be purchased for this $ 500 million has a coin, we can also predict that it can rise
considerably depending on who the company is. And we move on to the second article; The
decentralized financial flow within the Blockchain ecosystem, which includes the ability to provide
decentralized collateral without using your own Ethereums, for example, and to use cash
loans. The amount locked in this Defi ecosystem will
reach $ 5 billion. Therefore, coins, such as MakerDao, will have
to follow Defi’s core coins in 2020, but unfortunately I cannot imagine that decentralized finance
will unfortunately be opened immediately due to extremely central finance actors such as
Morgan Stanley, who have been in the world for 200 years. The path can be a bit challenging like Bitcoin
but it is definitely a nice vision. I’m going to point three. Trump, the US government, the Senate of China
due to fierce competition with Facebook to give dollar-based stable coin will give a
green light says Blockchain Capital. It’s no surprise to me that maybe we’ve been
talking here for at least five months, just because the digital dollar with the United
States might come and America can take more risks in the competition with China, because
it lags behind the crypto currency. Anyway this is something to be expected. Even when it is released, stock exchanges
compete to list because they know that if they can list the official coins of the American
government, they can be perceived as an approved stock exchange from America. Only what we call Tether behind is not clear,
but with early entry into the market, despite stable market in the stable 80% of the coins
can explode usdt, I always say I do not hold the long-term Tether’in usdt. You wouldn’t even buy old videos, you know. Now I’m taking it again, but I think the longest
time I keep a maximum of 1 month. I don’t have a single Tether on the stock
market or on Ledger. Article 4, my friends, or this article as
if someone really heard something like that is given under the name of such estimates
are asked, says, in 2020, a federal judge, a crypto money case against the American stock
market and securities commission says the SEC says. Article 5, well, this did not come very clear
to me, he can not say that the face says clearly, but I think only because of the quality of
the network can not rise to the top 10 says a project. Article 6 says that Coinbase’s USDC coin will
grow by more than 300% in 2020 both in volume, number of transactions and market cap. Although we will talk about this video later,
they don’t think it will surpass Tether, but this stable coin of Coinbase, which can be
sold on big stock exchanges even though Tether’s back is not dark or of course not as big as
Tether, certainly makes more sense to me but makes more sense to me. I’ve been saying this for maybe 5-6 months. Because Coinbase on American soilemployee
is an official company that gives tax to the state. In a sense, this is a stable coin that can
pass through America’s approval, albeit indirectly. Nevertheless, of course, what happens, I’m
not going to get it. And perhaps we have come to the most controversial
article, article 7. Blockchain Capital says, get ready, the Bitcoin
transfer fee, which is normally 20-25 cents, could go up to $ 100, because of the high
demand for Bitcoin transactions in 2020. This can, of course, be accompanied by future
demand as Bitcoin’s price rises. Let me share this data so you can make comparisons. When Bitcoin reached $ 20,000 in 2017, the
Bitcoin network was so clogged that there was a 50-55 $ transfer fee if you wanted to
transfer even a $ 1 bitcoin from the growing demand. If E now pays $ 50-55 at $ 20,000, and Blockchain
Capital estimates that the fee will increase to $ 100, then the price of Bitcoin may roughly
rise to around $ 35,000-40,000. Although there is no official correlation
between Bitcoin’s price and transfer fees, it is possible that such a scenario may be
possible, but still need to be ready. That’s Bitcoin. It can start again where we say it’s over,
and when we say it has started, it can be taken down at a time. And we’re moving to full eighth. FATF and FinCEN, an alliance established within
the OECD for the prevention of money laundering, will set stable coins to much heavier standards
than traditional currency. This could be really good, by the way. I’ve already talked about, I’m not going into
detail. Article 9, you know what, my friends, it’s
about John McAfee, once a coin pumpman. In 2017, John McAfee made a stupid claim that
if Bitcoin didn’t reach $ 500,000 in three years, I’d eat my penis on a national television. Blockchain Capital says that it’s time to
eat McAfee’s penis, this year he says. Oh my God. I think these statements stem from the desire
to be a little popular. Let me make a claim to be a gum in the mouth
of the nation, so I can be popular. My friends, the 10th article envisaged to
take place in 2020 is the know your customer process that we call KYC, that is, the authentication
process and the anti-money laundering, anti-money laundering processes of AML. In DeFi, it says that the AML processes at
KYC will be the main regulatory areas, in a way the regulation point. Article 11, my friends, which is really very
careful. The privacy-oriented coins, which we call
privacy coins, will be thrown out of the big crypto money exchanges, says deluxe Blockchain
Capital in these 12-item 2020 forecasts. Of course, we do not know whether they are
100% delistt, but if you have such coins like Grin, Monero, Zcash, Verge, of course I’m
not saying go cash them or something, but look at these news occasionally in 2020. If you forget and forget it in 2020, see,
for example, saying the 12th article, let’s move to the last item. You’re gonna love this, that’s the thing. Bitcoin’s price could exceed $ 19,800, the
all-time high in 2020, says Blockchain Capital. He makes such a prediction. If you haven’t seen the previous video, watch
it, since I’ve shared my ideas about Bitcoin’s possible upward movement in the coming process
in detail in this video, what’s in the report now, apart from these items. I want to look at her a little bit. In the meantime, if you would like to participate
in the Ledger lottery and thank me, don’t forget to fill out the form at the bottom
of this video, subscribe to my channel, touch the bell and leave a lot of comments. Now, the other important details in this report,
my friends, in the meantime, I will add the link to this report below, you can look at. And this report isn’t just about crypto money. For example, while the trade war between the
US and China makes the whole world uneasy, Bitcoin says it can turn into a more political
tool. I recall that there is now a crypto coin between
cold war instruments between countries. So how to play a chess between countries over
natural gas, oil or dollars. Crypto coins are getting into this business. My personal opinion. Other than these, Alibaba says that Alipay,
Google Googlepay, Amazon Pay, Facebook Libra is trying to be your bank more than ever,
and when you really think about it, the concept of fintech, financial technology will come
into our lives every day. The report also mentions the Lightning Network,
which you ask me from time to time. They say that lightning network channels and
network capacity show a slow but steady growth, my friends, it’s normal that we don’t need
lightning network right now. When Bitcoin transfer fees reach the astronomical
number again, we just talked about, in that case the lightning network is in rescue. By the way, if you’re new to my channel If
you’re wondering what the lightning network is, I have two full videos dedicated to it. You can find them in playlists. My friends, of course, there are many more
details in the report, but I think there has been enough information bombardment, this
report will always stand at one corner of my computer. How do you go from time to time, what is happening
and what other details are there. I will share them. As a result, if we quickly pick up with a
few keywords, the hot, stable coins are hot, the Bitcoin is waiting for a rise, they are
waiting for crypto coins to flow from the outside, the privacy-oriented coins are waiting
for a fall, and the regulations are expected to happen in 2020. Now, fellas, let’s move on
to today’s bonus information. Then, in the previous section, let’s take
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