Lou people are you going today and I’m
gonna let you try and guess what banknotes taser give you ten seconds
come on you can think of it come on they’re in sequence I like to click bank
notes that are in sequence it’s just one of my favorite collecting hobbies even
in the long term there will be increase in price probably I would like one or
two hundred years but I won’t be here but in short-term near they’re not
really worth much in a series like this these runs almost uncirculated these for
like five dollars each anyway these are bank notes from self Vietnam they were
issued in 1956 and I haven’t seen too many software and these bank notes in a
sequence so at that time this is worth probably not that much money but still
people didn’t really click most people don’t click money so they’re
not any interested in keeping the sequence okay yeah at the top they hang
what you Vietnam means a National Bank of Vietnam mok-dong just means one dong
is Tom Kim I know he has accents long veil short vowels and tones but I’m not
sure how to pronounce it you know that means inspector general this one through
quite um means such central cashier in event when these people probably just
laughing at me now trying to speak Vietnamese so funny Dan the bottom just
means you’ll be sentenced to harsh labor if you counterfeit these banknotes
that’s all that says and the temple is a Hong Kong temple in a soy gone which is
now Ho Chi Minh City many of this noise looks like column up there pretty part
of the temple it’s just patinated it’s quite nice so any any banknotes ugly or pretty I like
to collect in the series okay on the back is the Historical Museum in Saigon
as far as I know these buildings are still there and they run but it the
national government of Vietnam now know maybe that Temple is run by Buddhists
still okay no what am i can say Tiger looks quite good
like that and here’s a typical patination to stop counterfeiting
printing well as you’re probably know now scanning this bank knows quite
easily and printing it is easy hard spider for getting the paper it’s quite
illegal in every country to get paper that they use for their own banknotes
and as you know if it is legal in one country and you print money of another
country they can extradite you – yeah