Hello we are charly leo and theo of spreeblüte We are an NGO Regio Berlin and Spreeblüte is our main project which is regional money The main idea of an regional currency system is which is already included in the name is to boost the regional economy to promote it especially the small and middle class buisnesses and to network between them and private persons that they can gain strength agaisnt the big companies We want to have a diversity of shopping streets not only big brands we want short suply chains to support them in our region Berlin brandenburg Especially for food or for example tourism as well this is the regional aspect which is very important another big domain is and which is very important to us we want another money or another currency system try it out build it up which is not suitable for speculations the mechanism of spreeblüte is as follows every one who wants to take part in it can become a member and gets spreeblüten they are going to look like this these are some examples which are flyers at the moment with our website www.spreeblüte.de you can see more or less how this money will look like with the oberbaumbrücke on it a bridge as a symbol for the consolidation of the city between east and west the bridge leads over the spree the spree is a symbol for the river for the flow of the money which we want to achieve a money which you dont bunker somewhere a money which goes form hand to hand and facilitates economical processes in the beginning it is important that the buisnesses want to provide some goods in spreeblüten meaning a service or a product this can happen partial as well for example only 20% of your product can be paid in spreeblüten the other 80% still in euro so you dont have to be afraid to have to many spreeblüten in your pocket as soon as the buisness says yes they get moeny from us as a gift so to say and with this money it can start to shop the importance hereby is that the buisness has to offer ,provide services or products for example there is an organic backery a supermarket a cab driver so far a colourfull mix the faster we have many people together at the moment we have around 60 buisnesses the faster we can start to print the money very important to us is the idea to regain power over money again as a community at the moment we have the problem that we are going to the bank and they make the conditions a private institute is making the conditions for the community they provide us , all citizens with what we daily need the medium for exchange which is needed for their dialy survival why should not the community regain power over this medium of exchange democratic in the sense of participation make the rules themselves how money is made how money is distributed how money is destroyed why leave that to private institutes which we cant control www.spreebluete.de