so gday people are you going today’s
video is about Sri Lankan coins and banknotes and then here I am on the
website of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and the URL is at the top
mmm on top left so you can go there what you need to do is you need to go to
notes and coins notes and coins and notes and coin statistics and here we’ll
find the information on low minted and low printed coins and banknotes
so this Anya’s our information from 2000 onwards but you can still find
information on coins banknotes that you keep keep so it starts from the 25 cents
because with inflation it the Sri Lanka Ruby dropped from about 35 rupees to
think it’s about 120 rupees now to one US dollar so as you can see 25 cent
2006-2009 is probably the 1g warning keep 5 millions pretty a high mintage
but in the long run will probably worth keeping 50 cent yeah probably
2009 it’s like minted 5 million still quite a lot but still it’s the best one
to actually keep in your collection yeah ones are pretty high minted the 1
rupee as you can see really there is no one rupee that you would actually like
to collect they actually issued new coins in 2017 that were released on the
3rd of December 2018 and they behind me did you say as you can see the lowest
one is 30 million for two thousand and two thousand eleven and he 2005 to
actually reduce the size of the coins except for the two rubies and five so
225 fifteen one rupee of actually juiced so
you won’t find these old ones in circulation and 2016 you state my steel
so really nothing worth collecting then and here we have the two rupees as you
can see 2002 here’s the one commemorative Kamala Colombo Plan
definitely good to get yeah 2009 that’s what you want to get okay 50th
anniversary of the EPF you want to get that one to face of lemons so generally
the commemorative clinking coins the coins you want to get you stand the
circulation seems to be high okay five rupees 5 rupees II uh also commemorative
2003 eight million want to keep that yeah that’s a pretty high 2006
commemorative for 20 million World Cup 2007 definitely keep that high this one
2014 send a few anniversary of the central bank salon two million
definitely keep that can you 10 rupees at unleash your banknote anymore so 2011
2008 600 somebody Harvard Diane fee definitely you want to keep that that’s
very low mintage and it should actually get a good price for it
so sterling is actually developing and a lot more people are actually becoming
more wealthy even there to have some political problems now but let’s not
worry about that so that they are the coins that you can collect if you need
information of coins ln you go to new stuff they’ve all the information on the
coins and also check for eBay sales they good indicator of the price who were oh
sorry so bank notes so here we have from 2000
onwards so they don’t use 10 rupee back night that’s why they’re only goes from
2000 one 2006 they use a coin now yeah it has
the serial numbers so the last six that actually goes through 1 million and the
m26 seven means em to me 267 million so if that 1d 2001 has a veil ie million
banknotes so it’s pretty high 2004 as 40 million banknotes so 2004 you can try
and get that’s the 10th or the 4th 2004 so the first of 7 2004 has oh I need
Moonbeam I’d say yeah it’s pretty high print need 2005 as 90 million says even
higher prints I’ll probably go for 10 for 4th 2004 and oh no 2006 and he has
Freddie moon so definitely I would actually go for that one awesome awesome
20 rupees so they actually currently use that that’s why I stand at 2015 and as
you can see 2001 has 80 million 2000 a fool as 40 million some of you when I
get that one 2005 66 million or 65 million 2006 mmm 80 million okay so in
2010 a shipping you bank that’s what that’s what is serial numbers change
first 180 million second one about 80 million then the difference with the
stars that they put UV on it that’s the only difference
still high printing okay 2015 a free here you know I wouldn’t really separate
them so 282 for 10 it’s a bit up to 40 million so pretty I print
okay fifty rupees you have two thousand one hundred two thousand one is I’m 34
million so you want to keep that one 2001 two fares and then four mmm that’s
only 29 million so 2004 you wanna keep in very good condition they seem to be
pretty low for 50 rupee so mm enforced through the seventh years only 24 25
million should I say okay then x1 2005’s and 45 million 35 million she’ll say
2006 definitely don’t keep unless it’s uncirculated if it’s circulated to some
I wouldn’t worry about it because it has 55 million so 2010 a hundred million
yeah and you could with good serial numbers the other 2010 is 40 mm do you
be to pass a 50 20 million definitely definitely be rare in the future 2016 20
million as well 19 million in 2016 that’s a high print about 34 million so
okay now we have the 100 rupees so you can have a look at that and just do
calculations you put the last number in first – the first number give you the
actual print so what you would like to collect since I 100 rupees is actually
high print all of them the lowest would be so we have about 99
million probably 2004 you want to keep that seems to be about 655 million which
probably the lowest that’s one you want to keep okay 500 rupees seems to be a
low print all of them because it’s a high V Bank now so 2001 you want to keep
it’s only 40 million 2004 first one has 12 million definitely second one has 15
million 2005 has 55 million then the new one has 50 million 46 million for 2010
the second one with the UV there’s a 13 formula definitely you want to keep that
2013 500 rupees definitely will not show up very common most of them will be
destroyed and to get a high grade for that one it’s actually quite hard so 4
million 2010 you actually want to keep you could probably get that in okay
grades so it’s only 40 million 2015 as 40 million again then 2006 century you
see it again is about 51 million ok 1000 rupees as you can see it’s a bit high
because there’s one denomination I’m talking about it started 1-0 ever sure
so yeah but yeah which one’s the best one to get so 2004 seems like an here’s
our 24 million 2004 the second one first at seven thirty million 2006 looks like
it has ad million not 80 60 million sorry 2009 25
million 2010 mmm hundred ninety million 195
million so really 2010 you probably want to get
not 2009 I mean 2015 and he has 40 million says she’ll get that 2015 the
second one yeah so 2015 I wouldn’t worry about it I will probably get two
thousand a nine for the current series two thousand rupees is probably not
popular to nomination so 2005 30 million 2006 has 44 million in five thousand
rupees first month 2010 as 30 million 2010 a second one and here’s a nine
million so maybe you should get that one definitely 2015 also has nine million
2015 the second one as thirty-five forty fourth million okay mm so I 86 to our 19
year sir four million so you definitely probably want to get that and soda five
thousand cuz all the 2015 are pretty much the same and there was a total of
49 million meter foot to face if they don’t want to worry ready 2016 and looks
like 29 million so pretty high so those this is how you can tell which banknotes
you should actually keep from Sri Lanka and also two coins it looks like there
is actually some good rare banknotes you can keep from Sri Lanka and in the
future actually earn quite a lot of money so
thank you very much for watching I hope it helps you with a Sri Lankan banknote
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