Hello and welcome to the Yoroi Shelley Staking Testnet tutorial Let’s begin by restoring our wallet using the restore wallet function This will give us our Testnet ADA to stake with Assuming you had ADA in your wallet at the time of the fork Press restore wallet and enter the 15-word recovery phrase Here’s the window where I’ll be naming my wallet and entering my recovery phrase I’ll be entering my 15-word recovery phrase and skip ahead after entering my mnemonics and pressing restore wallet This is the screen that I see This allows me to verify that I have restored the proper wallet Let’s click confirm And now, what has happened is that previously we’ve had wallet addresses that were part of Byron but now, because of Shelley, we have to upgrade the wallet Basically this will be doing a transaction from the old wallet to the new wallet with this upgrade So let’s check the wallet And it’s all done In my case, I had already upgraded my wallet so I did not need to do it again pressing continue Now in my case, my transactions showed up almost immediately but because of network congestion, yours might take a little bit longer to show up Please wait until they show up So, if your transactions have arrived, let’s check out the new functions starting with the dashboard Now under dashboard, because I’m already delegating some ADA to a stake pool, it has some information in there that you might not see If you’re starting fresh, you won’t have any total ADA, total rewards, or total delegated numbers Neither will it show any stake pools you’re delegating to Looking to our left, we have the epoch Right now, we’re on the fourth epoch Below that, it lists the time that the epoch will end When the epoch gets to 100%, you will be granted your delegated ADA rewards So, let’s redelegate my ADA to show you how it all works Click the delegation button. So in the delegation dashboard, you can sort by revenue, random, or margins or you can search a stake pool by name or keyword I’m going to delegate my very small sum of ADA to the stake pool Clio by clicking the delegate button it shows the estimated rewards that I would get from delegating my ADA If you hover over this section filtered by year, per epoch, and the percent per year as well as the cost and fee associated with delegating And as a stake pool operator, you can write a description to draw more people to delegate to your stake pool Let’s click the delegate button You will always be delegating your full amount of ADA because you can only delegate to one pool at a time Type your spending password and again it will tell you at the bottom the current amount of ADA that you will receive per epoch And because it is a transaction within the Cardano Network, there is a fee associated. Let’s click delegate So now it’s gonna say successfully delegated It’s now going to say that you can track the status of your stake pool and the amount of time remaining until you receive a reward from the dashboard page So in transactions, we still have a pending transaction Once this transaction is finished, it should show up in the dashboard. Let’s wait until that finishes The delegation transaction is finished. Let’s check out dashboard So now, in my instance, I’ve redelegated my ADA to a new stake pool and more specifically, it tells me when I will start getting my first reward. Typically being around 3 epochs After your first reward, you will be getting a reward each epoch That’s all you need to know Happy delegating