Aloha youtube its ya boy crypto roots
and you should learn JavaScript and really that’s all you really need to
really just hit the ground and start flying with programming I wouldn’t say I
wasted a year or so but I had to find out that through through actually like
really going deep and I realize you know JavaScript handles pretty much
everything you need to do when it comes to development like they’re just
libraries upon libraries of just JavaScript that you could do pretty much
anything with even machine learning this tensorflow j/s like this back so this
this front-end such as like angular react the view then there’s backends
like Express like know like so without going too technical you can use
JavaScript for everything you do when it comes to development like everything you
do and it’s gonna be a big mountain to climb at first like it’s huge I would
say like you intensely should study JavaScript for six months to a year like
not exactly this is for still money who knows nothing about programming
alright you would need to really do that consistently a jot like at least 30
minutes to an hour JavaScript a day and I’m telling you right experience I mean
this is what I still do even all the shit that I already know I make sure
that I know it like make sure that no camel casing and make sure I know
holstein closures inheritance objects prototypes the list goes on ES 6 arrow
functions a lot of this is gibberish to somebody who doesn’t know but that’s who
I started this channel I’m just speaking of you guys that javascript is really
all you need to start start hit hit the ground and running and then you can
decide if you want to be a front-end web developer if you want to learn HTML CSS
like but I don’t think that’s really how everybody should jump in the developing
game and once you know JavaScript because like for instance people tell
you to learn Python and I encourage I currently everyone to learn Python but
you’re still there’s still things you’re gonna do with Python that you’re gonna
need to rely on some JavaScript at some point especially if you going to be
designing a full stack web application you can use you’re gonna at least have
to interact it’s Java scripts the interactivity of the web page you know
I’m saying so you’re gonna need to know that at some point in its it’s just
better off to have in your arsenal than not really like I can’t imagine a
developer making it without knowing JavaScript but this you know it’s
possible but um why why not have it in your arsenal
yeah so get started on get started on the hustle get started on the
programming career much love Aloha