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today we have information about the stellar network its native token stellar
lumens xlm the whole purpose of it a bit of information about it and some price
predictions as well just before you continue none of this is legal, tax
and/or financial advice so you’re probably wondering what on earth is
stellar one way to look at it is it’s an open source payment system that uses
distributed to servers around the world to then get to cross-border payments so
using its token the stellar lumens so imagine you’ve got a thousand US dollars
that you want to transfer into euros you can do it in a matter of seconds costing
only cents as opposed to several dollars using the excellent token so further
information about stellar is provided here a summary of stellar is provided in
this slideshow here I won’t go through it all but just to give you a link there
I just want to point out as well some of the use cases behind it so why this is
useful micro payments for a fraction of the price it lowers the cost of
remittances and then it also reaches out to people who don’t have access to the
conventional banking system now in terms of remittances I want to point out this
article according to the World Bank the estimates that officially recorded
annual remittance flows to low and middle-income countries reached 529
billion with ‘b’ US dollars in 2018 this is a huge market to tap into still
on anyone else doing this I think there will be massive potential just my
opinion let’s go forward and have a look some of the partnerships and some of the
news in the space that has occurred recently so through some of the big news
here a couple of months ago as Stella has while still has been working very
closely with IBM and there was an official announcement made back in March
earlier this year so just to quickly go through some of this information in the
article scrolling down to the IBM announcement here IBM announced Monday
that it had partnered with six international banks to use Stella
powered blockchain payments network per its statement stella blockchain would
allow those banks to move value across borders more cheaply and swiftly than
traditional payment networks using stable coins use excel m as a bridge
currency whenever it becomes hard to trade one fiat backed stable coin for
another smart because i think having an independent token especially summing
linked just would be better than just a feedback
stable coin there’s been all this talk about this JPM coin and another stable
coins some that are specific to banks and specific to need national currencies
it’s only a matter of time before you get something independent some
information as well about the coin base listing that’s not very relevant for
this video to be honest let’s go back to lumens itself if you have any further
questions about lumens it’s all listed here on the website which is very neat
and I also want to point out as well there’s an academic basis behind this to
huge potential with stellar price predictions let’s begin with some
information here from smartie areum no doubt stella lumens xlm is one of the
most popular crypto currencies in the space while it isn’t among the top five
yet it’s good to remember that there was a time when Stella occupied a spot among
the big five okay moving down the list went out the most relevant info here
apart from the fact that its technology is superb another key reason why the
Stella lumens token and the Stella blockchain have gained popularity is
that the Stella Development Foundation has partnered with companies like
Deloitte and IBM among others the Foundation announced and I do quote on
Monday June the 10th validators will vote to upgrade the stellar network to
protocol 11 we wrote walkthrough of the upcoming protocol improvements and what
they mean for developers users and businesses building on Stella and
there’s the link to the website there that’s only a week away so keep your
eyes peeled with Stella see what happens with the price this is still relevant
and some more details about the prices there let’s actually have a look at the
live corn price as della has made its way back into the top 10 the card Donna
will obviously try to fight its way back in the market is still slowly improving
XRP has done has done pretty well over the past day now on the topic of XRP
that’s a segue into my next point and there’s a very neat article I found here
giving you a summary of the true so I’ll provide a link to that in the
description below so always encourage you to do further reading there is this
invest in blockchain article 2 which gives its own comparison now into my
price predictions here two different total suppliers looking at what we have
at the moment if we want to see a dollar fifty per xlm with the total supply of
20 billion that is 30 billion dollars for the market cap xlm I
think that’s fairly easy to obtain moving forward for dollars now we’re
looking at something quite ambitious compared to where we are now this would
involve mass scale adoption and giving except a huge run for its money even
just to get to $4 per xlm a total market cap of 80 billion dollars if we want to
see $30 per exilim now things are getting serious this would involve a
market cap looking at an overall crypto market cap I’d say at least four
trillion dollars personally where cryptos taken over the world as some
people envisage and and xlm would be one of the two major cross-border payments
services or like tokens I should say that would involve a total supply of 600
billion dollars just before I continue $30 could we hit it it would probably
take at least another five or six years if that’s an if not a not when $50 now
we’re really pushing it I would give that 10 years if it were to happen I
hope I’m wrong in that it happens earlier because I’d love to see all of
these just go through the roof we ever wanted $50 per token that would have to
see the end of the currents or sporter payments services and then xlm we’ll
just will have taken over the world in my opinion
that would involve a total supply of 1 trillion dollars market cap if you look
at the remittance payments data that I showed you at the beginning of the video
well that’s what was that’s 550 billion US dollars I wouldn’t rule out anything
between 25 and 30 dollars per xlm and that’s still a very healthy gain
compared to where we are now do I still think this is a worthwhile investment
yes this is my opinion remember remember none of this is legal tax end or
financial advice and I just want to go on to the next scenario with 25 billion
xlm total supply quickly go through these prices here we have 37 point 5
billion and that would be 100 billion dollars per market cap or $4 per xlm $30
xlm will involve a 750 billion dollar market cap for xlm and then 1.25
trillion if we want to see $50 per xlm that is a very long shot what are your
thoughts on these figures and the predictions and all I look forward to
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