so gday people how are you going today my
name is Glenn and today I had some Hong Kong banknotes while in general these
are the all the issues so if you do not know Hong Kong actually issued a new set
of banknotes in 2010 and 2012 in between so the 20 50 and $100 were issued in
early 2012 so that’s about six years ago Andy well the 1000 was issued first
because I had to replace it was a kind of fitting that was issued in this I
think December 2010 and the 500 in February 2011 so I’m here in Hong Kong
now and I just show you what I actually have got into my change so these are the
normal series of banknotes that are currently in circulation so these are
currently also been printed and released so we have the $10 I can only get the
polymer banknotes I cannot actually get any of the paper banknotes oh I haven’t
seen those for a few years so this is a 2014 that set us issue of polymer
banknotes to barefoot in as well well Brad it well my source of check for good
serial numbers and also you get the Bank of China this 2010 the HSBC 2016 so this
is the O in 2018 this is the most current year 2016 and serial numbers to
be bad on it okay so 2010 so these are bit older you
do get a lot of 2010 but a lot of them are more circulated in that and I have a
bunch of 2016 and this this will be good to collect except for these centerfold
because he is quite easy to get uncirculated banknotes these days offer
a so these are pretty much consecutive so
that will fall but this is the consecutive it’s probably really nothing
– okay yeah so here nine eight nine but the rest of numbers are crap nine six
nine numbers of crap and then we have the $50 2015 yep so
it’s Bank of China that’s the food bank to actually issue spent this $50
actually my favorite banknote and on the back he has her tongue pink towel and
then we have hundreds of US 2014 sure numbers not that good 2010 so HSBC
issues the most amount of banknotes in Hong Kong and you able to banknotes
issued to a lesser degree small amount those banknotes these twenties 2012
quite circulated so here we get to the good part so this is the actual oldest
banknote I actually got a few days ago and he’s actually a good close-up and he
go 1998 banknote so can actually get these sometimes mainly twenties and
fifties you generally don’t get him in that high denominations
so these were replaced in 2003 and they would have been in circulation mmm
in the 2000s over by 2010 knows virtually none in circulation so I’ll
I’ll actually keep this one because it’s actually quite a group condition
actually has some folds yep but it has no pin holes no tears and you can also
get a lot of the old abate notes so here we ever the 2009 so it’s the last year
of issue and this replaced in 2012 and I’ve been special
day away this from 2016 so this is the last issue ultra current most current
date no www I get some older 50s so 2007 Bank of China 2009 pretty well circulate
I’ll just spin that and this one 2007 it’s in better condition in the everyone
so this is actually the best series to actually get up Hong Kong banknotes 100
dollar banknotes I actually got two of the other ones 2006 in 2005 so you can’t
get old banknotes in Hong Kong so if you come here keep a lookout for him because
they’re good be nice to collect and yeah have awesome banknote clicking time
people bye-bye