Hello Friends!! Welcome to GFS Wealth Creators!! You all know that saving 1000 rupees today is equal to earning 10,000 rupees tomorrow. But to get all these, right knowledge and right investment is required. And we have to change our thinking that means we have to think for a long term Just as rich people make their passive income more and make money by money In the same way we can double our money by investing in the stock market. Friends, we all want to invest in the stock market But before investing in share market many questions arises in our mind. As to how much money should I invest in what share would I buy and what will happen if I get a loss in the market? : If you want answers for all these questions so watch this video till the end Friends, Share market is a kind of business; it is not a Gambling or any kind of Speculation. If it were gambling, then many people in the world who have become rich from this share market would not have become The biggest example of this is Rakesh Jhunjhunwala who made their wealth from the market There are many such families in our country whose monthly expenses of the home are fulfilled by the stock market and dividends. So now this question comes in how new people get started First of all you have to open a Demat Account and Trading Account. Demat Account is that account where your securities are kept safe. And Trading Account is that account through which we buy or sell our securities through exchange. There are many brokers in India like some banks are also a broker like Axis Bank, ICICI Bank and Kotak Bank. And if we talk about some big brokers like Motilal Oswal, Angel Broking who are a full service provider we can open our Demat or Trading account here as well. For this you would have to provide these basic documents like PAN Card, Aadhar Card, 1 passport size photo, 1 cancelled cheque and three months bank statement. Second point is that we should enhance our knowledge time to time. Never consider yourself a genius of share market If we have to take a consistency in our profits, then we should continue to enhance our knowledge We should read the company’s report timely and we should attend seminars and financial workshops as well. Because earning money in this market is not very easy. Third point we will discuss that what if we get loss in it. If we get a loss in any stock, then do we try to know the reason why we got that loss. If we want to finish getting losses and minimize the loss It is important for us to know what the financials of the company are for which we are buying the shares. Like what is company’s PE means Profit Earning Ratio, how much debt a company has, what is the cash in hand means the cash flow of the company What is the business model of the company, company has a macro level distribution or not and what is the report on that company by the authorized broker. So friends the biggest reason for a loss in Share Market is that we do not see the company’s financials before investing in any stock. And neither do we revise our portfolio. So friends when you start driving in share market so start driving slowly because slow and steady wins the race No one becomes crorepati in one day So if you also want to create your wealth, then look at the company’s financial and then invest in it and create your wealth. Thank you friends if you want to ask question related to this video Or if you have not opened your Demat and Trading account till now So quickly call us on 8010926281 and open your account Thank you.