And we are live. So welcome to the Stock Market Update for February 6th. So this is your stock market update in five minutes or less. Let’s get started. What happened in the markets today? Markets finished slightly lower. So stocks snap a five day losing streak. Yesterday all eyes were on the state of the Union address from President Trump. But today markets seemed rather unimpressed. Let’s take a look at the markets to see what was happening here. All right. So here we see oops need to move this oh a little bit up. Here we go. That’s all you know that we are live. OK perfect. Scooch a little bit lower. There we go. Good. We see the Dow Jones here and you see overall today pretty lackluster trading. So this where we open this morning and we jumped all around throughout the day here as you can
see not a whole lot of movement. Same for the S&P the Dow first of all ended with a 20 point loss. S&P was one of the smallest ranges that we have seen in quite a while here. As you can see quite some swings in the open but then overall just a lackluster trading going sideways. The S&P down six points or point to 2 percent. Nasdaq also down here. Very similar picture as you can see we opened plunge down recovered a little bit and then we’re a
lackluster trading for the rest of the day. So what did move the markets today. Nothing as you can see no news coming out. There was one company though that
surprised us overall and let me switch back here to the daily charts. And the company that surprised today was Snapchat. Let’s take a look at this. Snapchat reported earnings. I’m gonna get rid of this here really
quick. Snapchat reported earnings. And yes they reported a loss but the loss was not as large as expected. Investors expected a loss of 7 cents per share. Snapchat reported a loss of 3 cents per share so therefore everybody yohooo! Up 22 percent. How is this making sense?Well Again this where trade what you see not what you think. So. What to expect from the markets tomorrow. Talking about earnings to morrow before the bell. Twitter will report earnings so this is where everybody will take a look at Twitter see what happens tomorrow morning. As you can see today Twitter was
closing slightly down 0.6%, but They are reporting earnings
before the bell. And we’ll see what happens there. We switch back to the video here since I’m a little bit cut off. So what else can we expect from the markets tomorrow? Well tonight Powell Fed Chairman Powell will speak. It is tonight at 7 o’clock and we’ll see what he says usually when he speaks. We can expect the market is reacting somewhat to this depending on what he says. So there’s a wildcard that we need to keep an eye on. And the third thing that we need to pay attention to
tomorrow the jobs report. So tomorrow we have jobless claims coming in. Jobless claims are being released an
hour before the markets open and we will see if there are any surprises that could move the markets. All right. So there you go. This is what happened today in the markets and what to expect
tomorrow. Tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow is Thursday the 7th February sevens. So we shall see what the markets are doing right now. I am still in Puerto Rico where we
have our Rockwell freedom of mastermind. So I’m trading live here with a group of students. This afternoon we have been out on a boat so I rented a catamaran for everybody and we had a beautiful sunset cruise. If you would like to learn more on
the way on how we trade and what we do. Join us at one of our bootcamps. They are free and we have them all around the
country go to and you’ll see the upcoming dates and times and also where we are sign up there. Join us and we’ll show you exactly how we pick of the stocks, how, when we enter what our criteria for entering stock how do we exit by limiting our losses and also knowing when to take profits off the table. So there you go. This was your stock market update for today Wednesday, February 6th. Have a great day and I’ll see you again tomorrow.