so hello fellow banknote collectors how
you’re going just assumes that yep awesome and then you can see the
banknote better so my name is Glenn today I just gonna talk about this
Bangladeshi banknote as you can see it’s a six D Tucker banknote he sexually
commemorates the Year sixtieth anniversary of the Bangladeshi language
movement which wanted to make Bangladesh an official language in Pakistan because
you don’t know before 1971 Bangladesh was part of Pakistan it was actually
called East Pakistan in after – everyone that got in independence
now the classified as Bangladesh anyway so here we have the monument with the
Sun and daddies on the Bangladeshi flag and it was that was a built in 1972 is
designed by Hamidah Raman and no Vera I made who and they’re both deceased now
but they’re prominent sculptors in Bangladesh and as you can see it’s him
Bangladeshi and if you don’t know Bangladesh is actually called the
People’s Republic of Bangladesh even though it’s actually not a communist
Republic it’s one of the few countries that adds an extra title to Republic and
there is a serial number in Blowing Adeje and actually Bangladesh prints
their own banknotes so this is a made in Bangladesh mmm the quality of the paper
and printing is probably not as good but Dania is an exchange rate value of about
one Australian dollar so yeah for one dollar I wouldn’t expect a high quality
banknote in the first place and here we have the actual security Fred as you can
see it’s metallic and it’s reflecting has 60 in it
whatever is on that blue section a I’m not too sure looks like it could be
someone’s head maybe Nevada mah is Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who is the first
independence later of Bangladesh and oh it’s a bit blurry so let’s have a look
at the other side this corner nice bank now it’s quite attractive I like it
so here we have another monument and this is five people
so who does it have it has Abdul summon Rafiq Ahmed Abdul Jabar Sofia Raman a
boon power cut and these four people were killed in 1952 in the Pakistan
crackdown on demonstrations of the time I heard quite a lot of people actually
died and these people are martyrs and I actually have their own monument in
Bangladesh in Dhaka we fired their heads it was opened in 2007 and here we have
the symbol of the Bangladeshi language movement and what these people wanted to
do is that as I said they wanted to make a Bangladeshi official and that was
actually introduced in 1956 so Bangladesh was official in East
Pakistan and I actually like the yellow and brown here looks like traditional
Islamic patination you’ll find on pottery or ceramics or something like
that that’s awesome so did the background here and here we have also
some more patination let’s see yeah as you can see it’s good and that
complements this banknote quite well Peg’s then
rupee was actually in circulation before 1972 in the bank nets called taka that’s
a thing that she’s always have called the repeat of called at the toughest
rate it’s just a continuation of the taiko that was introduced by the Mughals
in the community bank note here we have the date up at the top now Bangladesh is
actually since 2011 introduced a lot of our chimera banknotes the first one was
a 40 type gun and the current one this year is this 70 taka so as soon as I get
those banknotes I would like to show you this one comes with a folder but I did
not have the folder and it has extra information that can help illuminate
what this banknote is all about I doubt it very much you are actually finding
this one in general circulation because of the odd denomination anyway I’ll
leave it there and I just like to say thank you very much for watching my
video and have a awesome thing that collect in time people please like and
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