Let’s see how to make it great Banknote version traversed We need a bank of legal tender that can be displayed We fold in half and partially covered with a piece of paper that lets you see all the edges of the banknote Now clearly we introduce inside a pencil We can bend the edges of the banknote to perfectly see the stylus housed within and with a thud we cross the set We can even make several punctures a real blight on the banknote and the piece of paper It can be displayed on all sides, and once shown We finished removing the pen or stylus and see the outside slip broken while the banknote It is intact! no gimmick nothing strange. Let’s see how: one is fixed on the work surface You may have been done a little idea we will cut with a cutter edge serca Banknote we can take a picture of the banknote so that the cut will be more hidden because this small cut with a razor blade It is thus more concealed and that’s all the preparation required You do not need anything else so, we can leave the banknote on the table and no one will see the cut You can show viewers close covered by your fingers cut now we can double the banknote and we cover it with a piece of paper We introduce the pencil or pen, or a knife through the cut we have done previously outside everything seems normal with pencil inside the ticket it can be shown from all angles but this is what is hidden: this is what the public sees. We can bend the edges of the banknote show from all angles and crossed the set with pencil at the end, with some magical passes, restore the banknote Everything can be done very slowly. We show the piece of paper shattered and bank bill intact! hiding the cut with our fingers That is all.