people and you go on bloody bait yeah I
just want to make another video it sounds about Swedish 5 crore nett bank
night this Bank night ceased to be issued in 1981 because of while
increasing prices has been our inflation ok these banknotes there’s only actually
four types issued over the 801 so years that this denomination is issue this was
the last issue this is the second Islamic issue between eighteen ninety
and 1952 just 62 years which is pretty long for back notes and this one we see
issued in nineteen sixty five to nineteen eighty one this one also
circulated along with the five corner coin that was issued in 1972 near 1982
the issue of the coin increased quite a lot because obviously a lot of the issue
would have been in bank notes now on this side he has a picture of gustav
vasa which is a swedish king I don’t know anything about him better put him
the wikipedia entry into him so presume that he was had some great importance in
what happened to Sweden at that time 15 2015 60-some like that and he’s also on
the back of the second issue of the banknote the security features and this
one just wavy lines see that their ear wavy lines on this one the color of
fonts actually changed they used to be a red color at first and then
specific time they just changed to start by car also here the date that used to
go all the way it on there and this vibe used to be black as well but I change it
to red and the security features of this 5 Connor you can see in there just like
a square with a 5 in it okay with this one in 1977 I think the color of funds
change from the dark color to the light yeah so as you can tell the different
colors there and this night is quite good on the reverse had a rooster it’s
the rooster here that’s ahead this is probably the tail this is probably a
tree but I have no idea see if it out someone was taking some good drugs at
that time if you look at the kid shows now have pretty think that’s the case
okay just let me know which bank night you think is better me I prefer this old
abatement just as more stark to says even I even printed on a photocopy of
these days okay thank you very much for watching subscribe and let me know if
you take anything you very much Bob ah