hello and welcome to my swiss gold global
Bitcoin mining review my name is Anthony
Darvill aka the Aussie Bitcoin miner
today I just want to show you the
vehicle that I use to make a daily
passive income through Bitcoin mining
and the same like how I convert my
earning the same uns and converts gold
and silver and well you know gone the
days where you know like a $1 one dollar
bill one dollar coin or I get Australia
updog points about have one two dollar
notes anymore sighs some of these at US
dollar obviously but on those days when
you know you’re a child you can go to
like a local store and buy on a hundred
once and valleys I mean today you’d be
lucky the same dollar note would be
likely gets either ten ten cent lollies
or 2500 daintily make one simple as in
more obvious reasons
or even like a ten dollar Australian
note it may be like to buy a decent meal
O’Casey meal for $10 you can get it I’m
pretty sure like over all over ten
dollars going back a day you probably
get a five six five six dollars so the
dollar is diminishing rather rapidly I
mean every pretty much every government
worldwide is now pretty much in every
ones and they’re all in debt I mean it’s
only a matter of time you know way it’s
all gallon of world’s going and it won’t
be a you know US dollar the US currency
won’t be the dominant you know world
currency yeah who knows when and when
it’s going to happen but the best way
you know you can safeguard itself
against Bitcoin mining or you know it
creeps out of any cryptocurrency mining
really swisscott blogs also got –
etherium white coin in Zen cash as well
and it’s good to have that on your
portfolio even bit of gold and bit of
silver as well so Swiss called variables
been around now for about eight years
eight or nine years and come up to nine
and being regarded strong I mean there
is the Bitcoin mining aspect and the
cryptocurrency mining aspect seen in the
he was November where they started with
a partnered with Genesis mine to bring
us to Bitcoin mining and now obviously
I’ll say in the – etherium litecoin and
Zed cash so we want to my log in to the
back office I’ll just show you how easy
it is I mean you can start Bitcoin
mining from as little you have a free
account as a city a over free account
and you can get started from as little
as $30 the $30 by you 0.2 of a heart era
house so Tara house is your mining power
which determines obviously how much you
get back every day also goes by the
Bitcoin prices will obviously Bitcoin
mines about 2,700 so it’s pretty healthy
at the moment but it was a couple weeks
ago in between you go down to like 1900
which obviously affected or daily pay so
I go down a little bit I can show you in
this video how we can work out yeah
obviously an estimate of that so this is
logging this in the back office so when
you if you do so I was a free account
member or even as the upgraded affiliate
you will have a kyc pop-up so it’s a
know your customer this is this is a
legitimate company everything has to be
verified that’s the verify who you are
except child so there’s someone any
one’s coming in and you know they won’t
know who they’re dealing with which i
think is fantastic a media that’s what
you want you know want not knowing who
people are so what we’ll do I’ll go to
my crypto let’s show you how this works
is the for the mining aspect anyway once
it loads once with slowly so this is
back office at the moment so I’ve got
8.4 tera hash so that’s my mind power at
the moment I started with five tera hash
so the pecan rate so that rate is for
yesterday’s rate it always goes from the
day before so is roughly was five
dollars and five cents my pressures like
that well we
car is closed so what it is
obviously I’ve said is dead cash –
litecoin theories you don’t have to just
do Bitcoin mining there is a difference
with stuff obscure transaction history
and show you that I’m not gibbering
telling you porky pie so this is my
payments everyday I’ll go back to start
so February I side of the fifteenth I’ll
go back sorry go back to the 15 so I
start on the 15th of February I bought I
purchased five tera haath I was about
750 US dollars and every day since then
I’ve been paid daily so obviously so
there’s my rates of Bitcoin as the
obviously as I’ve compounded which is if
you love radishes you going to love this
obviously as you know viruses don’t last
so we’re going to much detail that but
as you see Bitcoin I mean it goes by
prices to a Bitcoin little sign and
you’re right near mine power so
obviously you can see it’s grown
gradually as it goes it’s July up to
June July so what I’ve done here this
the compounding effects so obviously I
started with the five Terra house and
now I’ve got to that market thirds is
about 16 17 days now purchase another
point for Terra house and then I’ve done
another 11 days point to Terra house so
like I said you can star from $30 as you
point to Terra house and it from a free
account so you don’t have to be you know
a paid member you can do it from a free
Oh will say about the free accounts you
if you do bring someone in on you I mean
you have to obviously I was showing you
this daily pass I’ll see you de peut
anyway will be if someone comes in on
you is this would be as a bonus right so
what I’ve done the first couple months
warm in five months now right so I’ve
even tried to bring you on in AI want to
see how this works
make sure it’s you know legitimate
companies everything
background all good and safe so on so I
was a free member for a while it’s a my
sponsor would have got 1% 5% of my mind
powers if I bought the 5 tasks he live
in two and a half he rode around 5% of
my every time I’m repurchasing as a free
member it’s two and a half percent as an
upgraded member it’s 5% of all the
mining that is purchased and that would
come in as a bonus so that’s how that
on the air back to the dashboard for a
minute now let me go back to increase
Celsius so what will happen so it says
here seven eight point four so that’s my
telling Ward z increase there you go
start now so at the moment looks like
it’s only Bitcoin aetherium at the
moment so there’s a difference between
and that’s quickly remember sub up here
there’s a difference between contracts
for Bitcoin and all the rest so what it
is so Bitcoin isn’t opening the contract
so pretty much means a lifetime contract
the only way this contract becomes null
and void is your Bitcoin gets to about
$700 u.s. dollars drops to 700 u.s.
dollars and it has to be I’m pretty sure
at least 30 days I think I could be
could be more could be like 40 days when
pretty sure it’s 30 days and some of
that obviously Bitcoin is going up he’s
going it’s going up and down at the
moment there is a chance I mean the odds
of a gala 700 is highly unlikely
even with this fork that’s happening in
the moment that Bitcoin pool is unlikely
so there is a minor risk so I’m Kevin’s
put it out there right now it’s possible
so you know I can also say ice over 750
US dollars I’m already up in that five
I’m worried up to just on 600 u.s. I’ve
nearly paid for my original purchase so
give you an idea so itís a Bitcoin is
open-ended see we’ve got a theorem
so that’s to a two-year contract a
24-month contract that’s how it works so
obviously after your original purchase
or save you purchase it today
two years from today in 2019 2nd of
August it would be that that content
original contract would run out so what
you want to do you want to come in start
building you know your etherion packages
and go over such how I do it
obviously if you’re purchasing more
etherion packages as you go I put it in
a track when your original one does run
out and it is time you store the other
ones that you’ve been compounding still
going so that’s how you can do that
obviously the bit kind of said it’s
open-ended so unless it’s a worst-case
scenario that it does drop to 700 I mean
I couldn’t even said he never did get to
700 – the tour for 30 days straight or
wherever it’s got to be it’s highly
unlikely so I’ll just give a quick exam
so how easy is to get started you get
Bitcoin you do next and just heat so you
can work out yeah so point to $30 wrong
sites and then that gives you see it’s
in is the estimated daily pay it so go
back or go back to the pointless oops so
point to again you point zero zero zero
zero five BTC a day so I would even
contemplate and come in at that so I
start I’ll just give you a quick example
so I started at the five and so 7:15 so
that Daddy passes point zero zero one
one four I will say this there’s a
minimum so to pay day to daily you’ve
got to get to pass the minimum of point
zero zero one two five Bitcoin so this
would fall underneath that so if you
want to get paid every day on a set
point one five you’d be looking at six
point six Tara has a minimum to pay out
every day from the start obviously Thank
You Li yeah I mean it’s up to you you
can go you can still do your 750 or
water be coming with obviously he
getting that every day so might be every
second day then you be getting
into your Bitcoin wallet and as I see
you’re just going to build and build and
build obviously you can go all the way
up to it’s got support in point I’ll say
14.8 I see by the Thomas 15 I also show
you about 15 hours qualify for the
discount rate so fourteen point eight
that’s two thousand two hundred and
twenty fifth you cross over to the
fifteen is nineteen if you can start
saving already two hundred and seventy
dollars if you he’ll get it that way and
you’d be earning point zero zero three
four one Bitcoin a day and obviously
you’d be compounding very quick with
obviously fifteen you compounding really
fast in closer to goal my goal now like
I said I started at five I’m only up to
eight point four so I just let a bill
what I want to see how legitimate this
company is obviously that’s how like do
not even like my reps with the old Rev
shares is to the same thing
I hardly ever promoted it first and
without you know being in it for a good
couple months
see how it’s gone and you know if it’s
going to be there obviously there’s some
risk is like my paying ads stuff like
now it lasts up to two years check the
soon lights of two years you no longer
you know it’s just you know it’s up to
you you do do due diligence and just go
from there and you know you’ll save
yourself if it’s worth doing or not like
I said I’d start with 750 US has got a
thousand Australian and then now I’m
nearly approaching the 600 of us in the
five months but that’s what about even
recruiting and just compounding by
myself so I’ll show you two years I’ll
go back to – okay without me I’ll show
the cow Gator so this is a rough idea
how to earn how to work out how much you
can earn so you can go such a low comps
hello concepts ello can’t calm forward
slash bitcoin forward slash calculator
what am I to do might leave this link in
the description I’ll smooth this Danny
so what we can do right so I’ll see be
my example so 8.4 tera hash
so that’s Giga house that’s point soon
so you go Tara hash that’s at today’s
rate 2716 at the moment so this hour
works out so this thing will see that
we’re on now so these are difficulty
rate this tells you here the next
ability rate occurs at that block so
it’s roughly eight days away so
currently in the moment 667 of 6.67 one
will say Chris Genesis and Cisco global
now they’re partnered together what
happens anyway Genesis takes that bit of
a electricity cost stuff like that so
scruffy when I first started it was 50
it was nearly 50 around 50 percent but
now Genesis mining has actually got a
fixed price and it’s around 20 percent
roughly because 667 yeah I’m going to
bet 550 at the moment a day presently so
it’s a Reds around 20% so if your weapon
stats at 203 take 47 40 off so say 160 a
month so at the moment currently under
16 month I’d be buying that’s all going
back in the moment so I get to where I
want to get to ideally my target would
be you know around a hundred Tara house
– 200 Tara house that’s a pretty big
goal to go for but I think that’s I feel
like it gets to that so I’ll just
explain the next two points so the next
ability rate like I said roughly it’s
about eight days away spent at quickly
gets that block and the mine so next
time Aguirre it will be 656 at the
moment so this can change anytime this
can change daily Ali whatever so that’d
be looking at 199 now to say that you
know obviously I could be on more than
two pens so and depends on this price to
this price can go down and go up
obviously the high this price is the
better the rate the N and get back so
I’ll just give you an example so say if
you get to a hopper say let’s say 100
Tara hash you would be looking at 78 so
say between yourself – I mean you’d be
looking at some say 78 right without
there’s any estimates anyway so I mean
look at the returning for
per month would be twenty three hundred
and seventy six dollars I mean that’s a
lot to buy about the Terra has obviously
because it 15 taro hashes costing in
1900 I mean well work it out I mean you
can do it let’s go back to 15 Terra hash
the C 15 kara has rules a costume 1950
but at that rate you’d be looking at
like a say about 10 dollars a day would
say eight nine ten dollars a day and
you’d be looking at about 356 a month by
that time you can find mortash obviously
your binary to Terra house takes 150 for
one so so the next time you be 17 so you
can do I that see you next month would
be 17 Terra hash so then you’ll be
working at out your next month would be
vs. a 401 then say your next month after
that you can find another two roughly
and they tell you to do it the team’s
work it out all that so 450 a bit a
month after that so you can probably buy
another three Terra house because 450
and then you’d be on 520 roughly and
months I mean you know obviously I mean
you’d want to get as high as you can get
it I mean 200 Terra house that would be
the ultimate goal but it’s a be 150
something a day not bad 4700 month
that’s pretty good now you get them off
that easy I mean it depends how you or
your situation is you can do a part-time
or your replace your income you’re on
now absolutely anything’s possible it’s
been there you want to do it and stuff
so I’ll leave that link in description
below for anyone that wants to use it we
want to I going to have a back office so
that should be cod mining area – and
that so – etherium and all that that’s
all – your contracts your bitcoin is one
you open-ended unless something bad
happens so right so we go here we got
like a gold and silver so all our gold
is argon Herrera surprise it’s a part of
the LBMA it is
one of the best goal you can get is from
Switzerland obviously so what I’ll show
you to my so more precious medals I’ll
just say I’ll say anyway so when you
find when you sign up for a package if
you if you want to go that way you can
go for your package now some like our
subscriptions first I’ll just show you
the different packages and I’m jumping
around a bit so we can go let’s go I’ll
just got to upgrade my package just show
you the different ones too
let’s come in loaded okay so there’s
different ones so we have a minor pack
so the line packs $170 and get 200 get
your half side 2.2 of a terre house you
can buy stolen silver at wholesale at
2.9 percent there’s no cell back fees at
Cisco Global so you can sell back
anytime your wants its mission to buy
free LBMA stories you have physical dual
delivery to your house you also get the
daily referral income and the education
program and every month so there’s a
monthly membership with the minor packs
that’s $50 but every month you would get
point one of at our house two add-ons
your mind and obviously so you get that
possibly compounding your mind as well
so we have the 3000 executive minor just
that this comes out with eleven Tara
House to start you up same thing all the
same as the other one then we have so
this is where we get into the silver and
gold so obviously we have the silver the
249 one-off like payment to start then
you pay $50 a month with a few dollars a
month again that the initial you gain
$50 if if he does either the Swiss gold
or silver you’re getting the 200 point
Tutera hash on top and then you get the
same size farley gold so it took us two
point nine seven percent sell back is no
fees special delivery storage the
educational program so
with your silver also you’re getting 50s
so you’re paying $50 every month you’re
getting 25% back in silver so it’s a 12
dollar speaking worth every month on to
that $50 that $50 so technically you
ain’t paying thirty seven dollars a
month for your membership or you can go
to the Gold Package so gold packages 797
that’s it you don’t pay your $50 a month
until that runs out and then you you
just continue paying then you start
paying $50 a month you have to repay the
797 and you have hundred fifty dollars
swisco or silver you get five hundred
point five Tara has to start or gig has
to start with same thing same like
options a bonus option see it
educational programs and daily referral
income the physical degree no cell back
fees and there’s also the ambassador and
the Putnam these are a lot bigger
obviously so it’s 800 is a three
thousand dollar pack you’re getting five
Terra hash a hundred dollars and Swiss
code or glow or silver and the same
things apply so it’s up to you eat to it
you can actually choose which way you
want to adding it so safety buying the
silver package you can choose if you
want pick tiles silver I mean 50 oz gold
or get back other way and get it done
silver and they tell you start and
that’s how how easy it is I’m it’s
pretty easy when you do I shall show you
quickly so you can go say I’d become
fuels silver you go by taking that
you’ve agreed then working you think
wire oh yes I can’t do this yeah what
will happen here if you first start yeah
upgrading there’ll be a little link here
or saying here and it will say you’re
given option to say what your website
cynical see mines startup system Swiss
gold global so you would choose a name
in front of this so you can use your
name like your first name last name or
whatever is available I mean obviously
startups I can be available there’s
heaps of different waging do it
but you choose what your domain name is
going to be but it’s just from the start
so it’s the HTTP also slash your name
you choose and then it stops Cisco
global CA
so obviously already upgraded already
done so I don’t get to choose again
obviously so I can show you my precious
metals just going to show you a robot
I made to started properly like with the
upgraded part so you gave your gold and
silver saber program so you can actually
do a direct debit you have a direct
debit comes out of your account every
month and starts building up nor your
saving program to get my precious metal
source we go into here this is going to
be a longer video go I’m trying to get
it as best I can for you so so –
somebody got one point 165 grams so
roughly about fifty or forty seven
dollars ago and I’ve got about so they
are $13 and silver so just under an hour
something it is 25 really is an under an
ounce and that’s how that works there
which will go back actually and show you
so what you can do also with the Bitcoin
mine and obviously the payouts don’t go
into this account so and they go back to
your paid in your Bitcoin wallet so if
your coinbase Exodus wherever it is yeah
it’s up to you where you putting it but
you go to metals catalog metals product
catalog quickly show this so it shows
you how much you’ve got and then what
you do but so you can convert this into
your bars so it’s up to you I’m just
going to see if it’s silver into silver
bars coins doesn’t see me gold and I
think that the high is a lot the
multipacks does all the bars out there
at the moment so obviously at the moment
there’s a bigger ones 250 gram bars 100
gram bars
cool only 1 gram bars so obviously it’s
up to you here’s or else you have a
conversion fee there so you’ve want to
you want to make sure you know when you
do start ordering to come to your house
yeah as soon as I was young $20 the
Gould’s box Pandora TSA is the pendant
you got a program pendant or you have a
twin Grande pendant it’s pretty cool or
you got the tower multicards ignant
that’s pretty cool of gold coins Eagle
coins there so that’s that also we have
so much to do show you can so I’m just
trying to show you what we got here not
beating around the bush and showing you
his education space so free members
don’t get this only the upgraded members
get it so oops not going let me lose it
I’ll just give you a quick background so
Bob Proctor is affiliated with us now is
more than sporty Australia so Bob
Proctor sanic Galaga Gregory Nancy and
done father
caleda Olivia’s on a surname right
Phillip judge changed records obviously
we have our life coaching Chris Madison
as obviously areas extra resources in
there it’s just heaps thin getting in
this by indecision normal obviously I
just said free members don’t get it and
then you have so you got different set
of trains resources go your team a ton
your Commission’s bonuses you’ve got
leads and resources good excuse me so
obviously there’s tools and stuff so
there’s like the banners everything’s
airing it you could need obviously you
want to do video of sensei arms on it vo
so this is for my so see how my domain
is my domain name there and that ceases
to be it so you can say he could like
right-click saving meets you know keep
computer and stuff use it that way if
you’re keen on what you’re using using a
banner like a rev share something like
that or you have on your website taking
up the code so it’s it down item 0
anyway see the other way so there’s
these different ways I mean you go to it
you get advertise on Facebook whatever
you want it’s up to you or you a method
or you don’t want to recruit don’t
recruit in do it from the passive income
as I was want to stopping the shows this
patients also see the in terms of user
documentation says everything refund
policy letter wishes there’s your Royals
company logos business cards there’s
PowerPoint presentation full
presentation then there’s the meet
subscribers that have been billed Rao is
a CEO quickly asked questions so is
everything is here so don’t we plan
cappuccino on short presentation
promoters heaps you can get out of this
I mean it’s per media if you’re into
reps s I mean I records Brent I mean yes
you’re doing real money real mind you
give morning so it’s a nice source of
everything I want it’s just a passive
income where you know if you’re not into
a part-time I mean you’re not all you
doing is fine yeah your power and it’s
going for yourself so you know you have
to recruit it’s up to you here you do it
if you’re a career
bring them in I mean you go and you know
you’re from you from everyone coming in
yeah only five percent especially
upgrading your five percent air house
add on to you and it’s going to help
your compounding as you go obviously if
you’re not a recruiter you have to you
have to buy more tower got to start off
a decent amount of Tara House you know
so you can really see at least the idea
I’d be trying to get to at least you buy
and power every day all right gets that
stage anyway that’s the guy I’d be to go
obviously if Bitcoin goes up I mean
there’s nothing saying that a Bitcoin
won’t go up so like at least three
aircraft at 3,000 sooner or later so and
then it probably gets the fool probably
maybe September something like not that
I’m not saying I’m an expert I think but
that’s it is on track for that and who
knows after that scores of them it I
mean if it gets to buy say if it does
ever get to 10,000 and you have a
favorite of mine power I mean obviously
the difficulty rate goes up I mean
that’s not a bad thing sometimes you
know it’s not necessarily a bad thing
that the rate goes up that rate does
come down to it’s rare but it does
yes oh I mean it all comes down to like
I said you work out the calculator you
can sit on the terrace I’m Alan Cumming
oil and some on there are people have
coming expenditure excuse me Bob
there are people have come in to unleash
our so thinking about their earning like
155 a day roughly and take roughly
between percent off I mean there by a
fair bit their house I compounding every
day till 8 its web state suit I mean
they must have a big goal fit start at
200 then I’ve been gold I mean look at
let’s see it the saving it to 500
this is this is pretty wild but you’re
looking at 396 maybe 350 a day care
house only 11 Li 10,000 month that’s
that’s a massive amount of mine but if
you get to that for voice you are pretty
much me right I’m going to leave it with
you at that so I mean I hope you’ve
liked what you’ve seen I mean if you
have any questions my contact details is
obviously going to be my facebook and
that will be down below if you do on
contact me on Facebook and sending a
message send me a friend request first
and in the message because we’ll
probably go by the photo of it so try to
send a friend request first semi message
is saying that you know you’ve watched
one of my videos and you’ve got some
questions and that I’ll be happy to
answer any question for the answer ball
I know Sonia pivot you know so far a
rough what you know it a rough idea
what’s going on if you want to start a
nice and passive income every day be it
you know you’re going to become an
affiliate at least want to stay as a
free member like I said you started from
$30 a day I mean after all so you first
contract my advice I’d be at least I
tried to at least Tara house I’d be
overlooking five to be honest but if you
want to try the $30 come in try it and
obviously be every two or three days
will get paid back to Bitcoin wallet
what am I doing with this more videos
for then attract show you how
something’s free member you kyc
upgrading to other account like packages
and stuff like that and go from that
go from there and yeah so if you liked
this video give a thumbs up if you don’t
like it if thumbs down but I mean I’d
love to see as many people I made this
can change people’s lives I mean just
having that Bitcoin it doesn’t have to
be a bit quite like I said aetherium or
whatever – just having that extra money
coming in every day you know doing I’m
not saying I’m not going to say doing
nothing because it’s there’s no such
thing as doing nothing I mean obviously
go either either recruiting hard or
you’re putting your money down money
there to get to what you want to get to
so that’s all for me today I hope you’ve
enjoyed this video hopefully I’ll get
some in you soon either by Facebook or
you know send me a message in the
comments I’ll try answer everything I
can get to and until the end up we’ll
see again bye for now and I would day