hello and welcome to Swiss coal Global
2.0 in this video we’ll be speaking
about Bitcoin mining risk and return
first of all is touching on the brief
history of our company was founded in
I’m a licensed gold and silver trader at
the multi commodity Center in Dubai the
UAE we have strategic partnerships with
the world’s no doubt one of the best
refineries in the world argyll arrives
at London bullion market accredited
referee refiner we also partner with of
course Lewis storage facility in Zurich
and Dubai for precious metals for this
call we may be speaking about a
strategic relationship with the world’s
leading cloud mining company Genesis
mining it was founded in 2013 by marco
string mathematician dr. marko Khurana
mathematics and banking and Jacob dodge
also an entrepreneur and civil engine
here great guys met them many times and
faculty stin at the L and Ruud Hotel in
Jeremiah in Dubai a couple of weeks ago
when mr. Marco string was invited to
speak at a blockchain event these
gentlemen are very passionate about
cryptocurrency their deep understanding
huge vision and I must say I’m very very
grateful that we are associated with
this company to provide you products and
services in the cryptocurrency space
these guys I trust these guys I know
they know their stuff very very very
well and they’ve a very clear vision of
where they’re going but of course with
that said it’s a new technology so
nothing has God given in that sense it
is changing it is evolving so you must
be aware of that also so what are your
options to get started with Swiss coal
global to actually to benefit from our
mining packages and get paid on your
hash power Bitcoin on a daily basis
where you can start with a free account
and you can get win mining hash power
through that you have the miner package
170 you have the silver package 249
you have the executive miner package
sort of package and the Platinum package
of course let’s see what each one of
these packages how you can actually be
paid out in hash power therefore
generate a Bitcoin payout on a daily
basis as a free account members you earn
two and a half percent Bitcoin mining
hash power on your first level free
members as you power purchases so we
also allow free members to earn and sit
receive rewards and hash power so they
can compound their daily PayPal payouts
also as an affiliate you receive two
high percent Bitcoin mining hashed out
on their free members first level
referrals as well which is great as an
affiliate member you earn 5% Bitcoin
mining hash power on all first level
referrals hash power purchases on the
miner packages $170 mining package that
pay up there is forty two dollars fifty
plus you receive
11 Giga hash in Bitcoin mining hash
power the silver package two hundred and
forty nine dollars the power seventy
dollars in commissions plus you get 50
Giga hash in Bitcoin mining hash power
the gold package 797 the payouts one
hundred and forty five dollars plus 100
Giga hash in Bitcoin mining hash power
the Ambassador 3.3 thousand dollar
package this one includes the gold
silver and big Bitcoin mining cash bail
the payout here is three hundred ninety
dollars plus one thousand Giga hash in
Bitcoin mining hash power the executive
miner package of three thousand dollars
is purely just a mining package of bit
because hash power the payout is three
hundred and ninety dollars plus 1500
Giga hash and Bitcoin mining hushpower
and the investment Saudi platinum
ambassador package it’s five thousand
dollars in his gold silver but also the
largest contract we have of 15 tera hash
which is 15 thousand Giga hash in
Bitcoin mining included in it you’d
actually receive a payout of five
hundred ninety dollars US dollars plus
three thousand Giga hashing Bitcoin
mining hash parent
for that in fact just the three thousand
Giga how should Bitcoin mining on top
that has a contracted value of
approximately four hundred and fifty
dollars so this has real value and
you’re going to produce real Bitcoin
payouts on a daily basis foil the great
thing is even from your affiliate
Commission’s as well you have the
ability to convert those affiliate
Commission’s to gold and silver or you
can actually buy further hash power as
well but Bitcoin theory and – going like
corn therefore you’re actually
compounding further your hash power
which is going to of course compound
your daily pay up in those various
various crypto currencies that you have
sponsoring is not necessary for your
Bitcoin and also your theory M – coin
like coin money while it’s payout but
today we’re just going to be speaking
about a Bitcoin and it is Bitcoin work
once briefly Bitcoin money requires the
use of a specialized mining computer and
software to solve mathematical equations
– consists of individuals and
organizations running this software you
can peak with each other to solve these
now the ecosystem of Bitcoin is huge
around the world today when first came
to the world you know four five six
seven eight years ago
of course the ecosystem is very small
and you in your own house could actually
have an individual individual computer
specialized to mine Bitcoin well if the
ecosystem has grown so much today so you
have these huge mining farms and they
give you that idea of the size of the
mining fund that provided Genesis mining
has their electricity bill each month is
about two million dollars per month so
they are absolutely huge and providing
in fact of one of the largest mining
farms and Bitcoin around the world and
probably the largest in aetherium so
they’ve been in the game a long time and
that’s who’s doing your mining for you
to receive your bitcoins and turn the
coin payout on a daily basis you’ve got
all this hash power how do you calculate
it how do you convert hash power to in
one sense in your mind to dollars and
cents let’s step let’s just have a look
at that I want you to take note of this
third party calculated that you can find
on the website so you can find on the
Google etc it’s called honest calm calm
many others Bitcoin calculator well the
first thing you do in the calculator is
that it’s going to bring up of course
the given difficulty rate this is the
variable of cryptocurrencies especially
Bitcoin the difficulty factor at that
particular given time the hash rate in
this example is 15,000 Giga hash which
is 15 tera hash and the exchange rate is
1062 and 12 cents US dollars and 12
cents per Bitcoin at that particular
moment when this when this was done
gives you the block number as well he
calculated and it’s going to tell you
that you’re going to get paid out based
on these credentials here approximately
9.9 cents per day in bitcoin value okay
but this is the gross amount this is the
gross amount this is not what you’re
going to sleep
there are huge operational cost as I
mentioned when it comes to mining for
Bitcoin and of course decentralized
cryptocurrency now this is a metaphor he
looked at a gold company if you’re
mining for gold and silver you’re going
have huge labor cost and machinery costs
and land costs and total cost
administration cost and while the gold
price is around twelve hundred dollars
maybe it’s profitable for you to mind
but if the gold price sources come back
down in the US dollar was to was to was
to weaken you might see that it’s not
profitable for the mining company to
keep mining and paying its labor its
workers and things like that they might
shut down well the same is with Bitcoin
mining these contracts is open-ended
contracts are only valid while they can
actually pay you out so there is risk
associated with this and you need to
understand that so open-ended contract
means no maturity date as long as the
Bitcoin reward is greater than the
mining cost they will remain valid so
let’s have a look at the calculation
here a mining contract operational
expense is point
what’s 30 cents per Bitcoin terror hash
okay in that case you’d multiply 15 by
30 cents and you get that rate one
hundred and fifty dollars per tirage but
here or it’s going to be the zero point
zero zero zero three Giga hash okay
which is approximately 50% of the
my name calculator projected because
point zero zero three Giga hash you
multiply that by fifteen thousand it’s
going to give you four dollars fifty as
you can see here as you can see here
four or fifty we deduct afford on city
from the 9.9 cents this is going to give
you your net payout estimated in pink
coin which is of course four nines and
fifty nine cents as it says here if your
operational costs are more than Bitcoin
daily pay a price for period of 60 days
your contract may cancel and you may be
notified and you will be notified by
Genesis mining of your options so there
is risk Bitcoin daily payer will vary
depending upon but not limited to
Bitcoin price difficulty rate
independent mining companies operational
expenses let’s look at another contract
key of the 200 Giga hash Bitcoin mining
contract now this contract Sony cost $30
okay so $30 contract that’s smallest one
that we sell for Bitcoin you see the
difficulty rate we see the Giga hash and
we see the US dollar exchange rate based
on these credentials on that particular
given day the payout is 12 cents gross
what we know now we take the 12 cents
but we’re going to take off the cost of
operation which is point zero zero three
Giga has we have 200 multiply that by
that you’re getting six cents
operational expense so that would be
your Bitcoin payout on the growth side
but we have to take off the operational
expense of six cents which is leaving
sixth-sense I should say which means
that you analyze six cents it’s going to
be around about two by 365 days that’s
going to give you around 21 for $22 we
return on that $30 contract which is a
fantastic return for the first year of
course on this open-ended contract but
it cost varies daily it varies daily and
again Bitcoin daily payout will vary
depending upon but not limited to the
Bitcoin price difficulty rate
independent mining companies operational
also note if your daily pay up near
small contracts is less than point zero
point zero zero zero six of a Bitcoin
you won’t actually paid out Bitcoin into
your wallet
it will keep accumulating until your
eventually your daily pay reaches the
level of zero point zero zero six of a
Bitcoin then will actually drop into
into your wallet Bitcoin wallet through
the blockchain it builds us to keep
accumulating to minimize fees until it
achieves a particular level let’s look
at the eleven thousand Giga hash which
is eleven tera hash we see the
difficulty factor here we see the hash
rate sighs that’s working for you we
have an exchange rate here in u.s.
dollars I’ve given on those factors it’s
six dollars and sixty sixty seven sixty
seven cents gross so the estimated
payout is $66 $67 cooperate the cost so
it’s point zero zero three of a Giga
hash multiply that by eleven thousand
Giga hash three dollars and thirty cents
in operational expense and again so we
see here of course the gross payment is
667 but you’ve got to take up less three
dollars and thirty in operational
expense which is leaving you three
dollars and thirty seven in Bitcoin
value per day paid out angel eyes that’s
around twelve hundred dollars contract
cost of sixteen hundred dollars so again
in your first year it’s a very very good
return and again second year over the
new contract and I’m still working
you’re going to get paid certainly good
property two year three year four etc
the biggest variable again it’s a
Bitcoin daily payable vary depending
upon not living to the Bitcoin price
difficulty rate independent mining
companies operational expenses so how
can you mitigate the risk if the
contracts do become void if they become
negative negative returns for a period
of a couple of months well buy yourself
a contract with you feel comfortable
with share it with other people they buy
something that they feel comfortable
with and each person is compounding
you’re compounding your cash power free
hash power that receiving in bonuses
emissions you also can take your
affiliate commissions as I mentioned
earlier and also convert some of that
maybe it’s 10% of whatever you’re
earning back into of course not just the
gold and silver but also into of course
your Bitcoin contractors rather further
compound your daily payout so thank you
I hope this has given you some further
insight into Bitcoin mining your risk
and management of risk of course we want
to wish you much success in accumulating
bitcoins and of course the new old coin
mining contracts that are becoming
available to you soon as well thank you