Hey everyone I’m Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness I’m here today with Jeff I don’t know if I can say your last
name so you might want to say it for for me Kirdeikis yeah pretty close Kirdeikis okay okay all right so that’s pretty close yeah so he is one of the
cofounders or the only co-founder I’m not a hundred percent on that for ya the
founder of uptrend and founder okay Austin yeah so I guess to start this off
can you just tell us a little bit about yourself
yeah well I love cryptocurrency love blockchain decentralization giving power
back to the people like the distribution of you know power decision making all
that kind of thing that’s kind of on my nerdy side and so I’m just like I’m full
in on that but then kind of on my more holistic side like I’m living here in
Bali right now because you know I love the weather love to be outside good
loving Ultimate Frisbee a whole lot so I’m a guy who just likes like the
sunshine likes to stay active and is trying to find balance in that because
I’m just so in each tin on crypto and the blockchain space right now that it
takes a hell of a lot of my time so I’m learning to try to find balance that’s
that’s probably a good summary of where my life is that right now yeah I feel
like a lot of the people that I’ve interviewed there’s been a lot of talk
about not just crypto and diving right into it but like balancing with their
their life and family and everything as well I’ve noticed a lot of a little bit
of a pullback because people have been so into this for so long that you know
there needs to be a little bit of a balance there too so I mean speaking of
that how busy is your day nowadays like what is your day look like just being
involved and I’m trending everything that’s going on you know a typical day
I’ll wake up around like 9:00 a.m. or so or at 8:30 and it’s pretty much work and
research I don’t want to exaggerate it but you know usually till about 11:00
p.m. at night and you know obviously in there like I’ll go for you know meals
and things like that bringing my laptop but test and that’s
sprinkled in with you know like either going to the gym or playing frisbee a
little bit of sort of ocean time but it’s pretty full-on so again yeah trying
to like just find this balance because I have a partner a girlfriend as well so
like we’re like having to like schedule out days where I just put away my laptop
put away my computer and I’m like okay I just have to be in the world right now I
was a crypto so it’s full-on to answer the questionnaire yeah when I when I
interviewed bill the CEO of mines yeah well he had a big struggle with not
bringing the laptop and the phone into bed at the end of the day and that was
his big balance his his big switch yeah my partner and I we always do cuz you
know we’ll have our laptops open so maybe 10 or so and then we’ll close it
we’re like okay goodbye big internet hello little Internet we’ve switched to
our mobile phones yeah yeah fair enough fair enough
are there any other projects that you’re working on outside of uptrend I’d say
the main thing that I have going on right now is that it all started that I
was running like a fairly large crypto network on Facebook so I still manage
these groups and that network aside and then I helped a few projects with you
know their business developments and things like that but as of right now
it’s not really any other projects just more so kind of catering that social
media experience moderating the group so it’s not too time intensive but you know
you create content and so you know it’s distributed between uptrend and the
crypto groups and so it really is like a big focus on uptrend right now yeah yeah
fair enough well then I guess can you introduce uptrend a little bit for
people who are watching who haven’t heard of it or they might have heard a
little bit but they don’t totally know what’s going on there for sure yeah so
the whole idea behind uptrend was it started from just this I guess you take
cry out from so many people just being so frustrated with their current state
of social media you know they’re selling our data they’re not keeping it secure
they’re monetizing us like we become a commodity or a product and we’re getting
nothing in return for it you know we’re getting advertised to another
as our own videos it’s like social media has taken a turn for the worst and we
felt that there has to be a change and so what uptrend was is you know it’s
kind of a community created a conceptualized product or it was like
yeah this is what I want in a project you know I want my data secured I
wouldn’t want it to be sold to anybody I want to be monetized for my work and so
all these kind of things is like you know what I’m just gonna give this a
shot I’m gonna try to bootstrap it and create this project and so that’s what
uptrend really is it’s like this community created project that’s just
meant to be the next phase of evolution you know there are a lot of good you
know social media 2.0 platforms out there scheme it was the first one on the
scene and you know fantastic first mover’s minds is absolutely crushing it
right now I feel it’s nice to just have you know a
diversity of object you know everyone has their own personal preferences like
some people prefer you know Instagram or Facebook for various reasons and so on
up trend were trying to just give a new option we’re really gonna be introducing
you know gamification and a fun side to it so the big thing on uptrend that’s
kind of like the selling feature for a lot of people the mainstream is that
every upload that you receive on either a post or a comment you’re rewarded with
at least one token and that can increase as you level up but each token is pegged
at five cents every time you level up that increases by half a cents so the
idea is that you know people can actually make a living through uptrend
you know one guy in the first two months in around 1,800 us and so he was pretty
pleased so this is this the whole idea that you know there’s other ways for
people to make money rather than just like you know slaving away at the grind
in that overarching concept is that the content that we create online is super
valuable and so we want to value people as such yeah yeah totally agree and I
feel like that’s the main motivate well one of the main motivations for a lot of
the social block chains out there today what what gave you well I guess you kind
of covered like what gave you the idea when did you start thinking about this
or when did this sort of when you start discussing this or when did
you start working on it per se it was in July which i think is around seven or so
seven eight months ago and that was when it all kind of started to come together
and I kind of hit the Go button with the developers and then in January first is
when we did like kind of the bay you know launched and brought on a team
of around fifteen people and we’re just like okay like this is the thing now
this isn’t just like a website that’s his you know out there but it’s really
starting to get some traction so yeah July for the for the start and January
first for launch well that’s awesome that’s awesome so we’ve talked a little
bit about uptrend can you share some of the cool like features that you’ve got
on the platform with people who aren’t totally familiar with with what they can
do with uptrend for sure a lot of the features are going to be coming out so I
can talk on like some of the things that I’m personally excited about so one of
the things that we’re gonna be coming out with is the ability to like Co share
content so you know let’s say you’ve created content along with someone else
you can tag multiple people in that and now you’ve like you’re essentially like
distributing the revenue share other things that I’m excited about I’m just
really excited to introduce like the gamification the fun side and to create
like a really cohesive conversation around cryptocurrency and I’m trend
right now we’re really trying to meet today and so just without giving up too
many of the future things just to really dial it in and be like a nice strong
community and allow people to make you know a tangible living on this as well
yeah yeah that’s awesome and yeah I noticed that right away when I started
using it how you’ve added like levels and experience and it all kind of
convalesces into the whole experience and it’s it’s cool you like level up and
then you’re trying to get to the next level and then at the same time it’s
also gonna help you earn more so I think that’s a really really cool way to to
like the whole system is just a really really interesting take that you don’t
really see anywhere else right now so what are some of your thoughts on like
censorship that’s been currently happening on social speak for free speech you know that’s
one of the foundational things that I kind of skipped over before that was a
main reason why I uh trend got going was because there’s so much biased
censorship you know I understand we can’t have another Silk Road that just
has you know everything and anything on there but the the censorship of biased
information is it’s rampant and so we are very much on the polar opposite side
of that spectrum or any animal discussion is is fully allowed you know
obviously right now that conversation is on crypto we plan to branch out to a
full full spectrum social media platform where all speech is allowed and so the
only thing that you know I really feel is relevance is that you know just have
you know what’s a legal stay illegal and not able to be posted on the site but I
feel even for polarizing discussion it’s really beneficial for you know humanity
as a whole to be able to have these back and forth so I feel you know even just
on Facebook not in terms of censorship but what they’re showing us and the
algorithm is that you know if you starts like Bernie Sanders a whole bunch you’re
not gonna see pro-trump articles you’re always gonna be seeing Bernie Sanders or
so it’s it kind of creates these two wings and people on like two teams and
it’s very polarizing dividing and kind of conflicting and I feel that you know
whether you’re Sanders or Trump team it’s they both have valid points to an
extent in their ideologies and if they were able to really act this out and
communicate well then there could probably be a much easier middle ground
found but it’s just not the case because it right now on social media we’re
divided and so the idea of a friend is okay let’s let’s bring them together it
could get messy you know who knows what’s gonna happen
you know reddit doesn’t necessarily pull them apart as much they do censor
information a little bit but I’m excited to see you know what happens when okay
these two teams can come together and hopefully have coherent conversations
that no we passed the insults and the personal
jabs get into you know the real meaning of what they’re you know what’s in their
hearts mm-hmm yeah because if people are afraid to say you know afraid to speak
their minds then you know who knows what what people really think and what’s
really what’s really going on in the background you know like that’s that’s
the huge issue there so where does your platform or where do you feel that your
platform fits in with the other existing blockchain social platforms well first
of mainz is doing a fantastic job we really you know look up to minds and
things like big applause for them there’s obviously there’s other ones you
know Steam it has been around for a long time they you know they were fantastic
first mover but there’s just they haven’t been upgrading I feel at a rate
that is relevant to the community you know being over overrun by BOTS these
kinds of things so in comparison you know I don’t necessarily want to say
like you know better or worse we’re just very different and you know we plan to
have a fully decentralized distributed database way that the system platform
works and just present something a little different I know in Minds for
example you know they pull from a set amount of rewards daily so for sure you
know the token price can fluctuate but I feel that there is potentially a ceiling
on how much people can and on minds and a big difference on uptrend is that
we’re actually using 80% of all the profit from the platform and we’re
actually doing token buybacks so we’re really like there’s no ceiling on how
much people can earn on this platform because you know as we get more
advertisers which aren’t going to be infused into you know it’s legally done
that people can actually earn much much more so that’s kind of the big idea is
that on uptrend like you can earn easily add e sinto mounts that’s awesome that’s
awesome so where do you see your platform going in the next year and then
in the next five years per se yeah in the next year we have all
I’m of UI and UX upgrades as well as a whole bunch of new features so hopefully
within the next two months the entire homepage literally everything is going
to be redone to like you know we bootstrap something like it let’s just
take credits format you know it works if it ain’t broke don’t fix it now we’re
like okay people actually like this platform let’s like really spice it up
so we’re gonna do the UI UX make a MOBA that’s the biggest thing people are
calling for you know obviously we’re bootstrapping things so we wanted to go
okay do people actually like this okay great we’ll come some more money into it
but yeah just some like cool features again like you know being able to make
paid communities or subscription community is kind of like patreon where
you know people can sign up and you know it’s a one-time payment monthly payments
you know we’re gonna be implementing hopefully going off chain implementing
nodes that people can earn through just supporting the network and a bunch of
other things that it’s like a 30 page documents in you know they’ll just roll
out over time so the next dealer will just be us focusing on you know really
locking it in on the cryptocurrency niche and just making the best platform
that we possibly can using the input from the community and then in five
years you know after we feel like we have this really cohesive community and
my coherent conversation then we’re gonna slowly start to branch off into
other relevant topics that you know it just it seems like a natural fit Mykel
so there’s motivation mindset on trend right now you know I’m sure finance
would be one that would be a next and next louver and so that’s the idea it’s
just slowly start branching so in five years really we do hope to be a very
prominent and potentially housefull social media yeah that’s awesome and you
know to speak to that there’s I don’t know if you know about soul a dot AI but
they are yeah they’re actually shutting down so oh I didn’t hear that yeah it
was it was announced April 1st which some people thought might have been an
April Fool’s joke but I know I know but it’s yeah it’s shutting down on April
10th and you know it’s it’s crazy but I guess that’s kind of how it
you know some some will last others will fall and you know now people are looking
like what’s the next uh the next big platform gonna be and I’ve got my my eye
set on uptrend and publish o X so you know I definitely think diversifying and
getting all those platforms is key for people who are checking this out and
just learning about it right now so what is your current user base size look like
didn’t like do you know how much it’s growing by like daily or some general
number for sure yeah so right now we’re not really doing much if any promo on
uptrend because like I said we just want to make sure that okay boom we’re
getting this cohesive lilliput this way we don’t want to blast the know it to
the masses because there’s still our you know a good number of bugs and things
that we want to upgrade is a high field personally somebody invites me to a
platform and I go check it out and it’s not up to my standards I’m not going
back unless I see it another eighty times with people saying great things
about it you know right now we’re still very small around 4,000 people growing
around maybe 30 40 users a day but that’s that’s exactly where we want to
be just you know infusing you know fresh conversation not growing too fast being
able to get feedback implement it for us this is definitely not a sprint and the
big market has been so nice for us to be able to take a breath and just like okay
we got time to develop again feedback discuss implements so it’s been really
really good and yeah we’re we’re in this for the long haul for sure so we’re not
in a rush to growth hack our way to 100,000 you know the community I have on
Facebook is well north of half a million people so it’d be very easy for me to
migrate all those people with you know an airdrop or a bounty program and you
know we could easily get you know a tenth of that within a couple days it’s
just not what we’re looking to do though we had airdrop program or not pair drops
re ality referral that’s what I’m talking about
referral program open for a little while the quality of people that have brought
in just it was the kind of people that you’d expect coming in from a referral
program and so we was kind of like this learning experience for us like okay Wow
yes you know it’s really quality over quantity and so now the referral
programs really dialed back people can only do like ten people in one stance so
we have like methodical about how you invite and it’s been super super
beneficial for the platform as a whole a big thing that we’re trying to
differentiate ourselves from and I think this is more maybe a spherical but I
feel it’s the most important thing because you know the big selling points
are like okay you know freedom of speech security of data and you’re getting paid
but when people come on to the platform I find one of the biggest feedback that
we get is I love how positive the community was that and you know my
content felt valued appreciated I felt heard and that was something I know when
I signed up to Steven that I just didn’t experience you know didn’t get shown to
anybody nor you replied your visibility is really low so the quality of
opportunity is something that we’re really big on so that’s something that
we’re really pushing forward on is that people that there’s like a we have a
team called the vibe ambassador team or just like in there it’s like induce
positivity and things like this and I feel bad something that really on a more
not so business he left brain level is what’s really gonna make the platform
thrive and I’d say you know even though there’s all these developments happening
that’s really our main focus is to develop just a positive ecosystem yeah
and you know speaking to that I I definitely noticed that was a huge
difference from joining steam and really not knowing what was going on and you
know not having it really any help versus joining up trend and you know
getting a ton of like welcome that like comments and just a really a great
welcome when I first joined as well as you know every time I post tons of
interaction engagement and and I found up trend from a podcast that I was
listening to on minds so you know it’s kind of cool how the crypto communities
all sort of intertwine and you know I can just I can find it
through through another platform which was really cool yeah so are you gonna be
at any upcoming events or do you plan to start going to conferences or anything
like that with you or your team the team I’m sure will definitely start to go to
conferences you know I’d say within you know four or five months if right now
our travel budget is essentially zero so if we get invited to conferences and our
team is by the location then great off we go right now we’re just so head down
on the platform itself you know there’s huge value in networking no question
about that but like I mentioned before we’re not necessarily looking to get
these big partnerships right now or you know branch off to a hundred thousand
users were really keen on just making the platform inherently good quality
first so you know the conference’s will come the marketing will come we’re just
really enjoying taking our time taking it slow methodical not pushing the pace
too much yeah fair enough slow and steady wins the race um yeah so
that was that was the majority of the questions that I had we can do some
freeform question or just you know talk about crypto or depends how much time
you have as well I know we set aside an hour but it’s perfect okay it’s cool
awesome so just freeform then what do you think about or where do you think
the market is going right now I know we’re in a bear market
just talking a little bit more generally about crypto like what are your thoughts
obviously you know no one knows the future but what are your hopes maybe or
your opinions on where you think it might be going well I mean it short term
is anybody’s guess and I think we can both agree on that my heart is just
always the biggest optimist though and I feel like we’ve just come out of the
longest or we’ve been in the longest bear market in Bitcoin history which is
absolutely wild to think about because within the last year and a bit we’ve had
much positive news and adoption you know know you can look at the big ones like
fidelity custody and as back in the sec given the green light but there’s been a
lot of really nice UI UI UX upgrades and making it easier for people to get into
crypto as well so i’m shocked that it’s taken this long and it feels very much
like the opposite of the S&P 500 where it’s like hyper inflated to the upside
you’re just waiting for the crash I feel like we’re why are we down here for so
long so this could very well be the start of a run again anything could
happen this could be a sucker’s rally yadda yadda but um with I one thing’s
for sure those that blockchain is here to stay and I’m sure we can both agree
on that and so you know three five-year play it’s like if we’re looking on that
spectrum then I’m as bullish as I could possibly be we’re gonna leave 20k in the
wake you know the ceiling is infinitely higher from 20k so hugely bullish but
I’m definitely one of the block folio guys just just for the fun I’m like
where does it go and I find this like it’s kind of like a little adrenaline
sport so yeah what are your thoughts on it yeah I mean I I have high hopes and I
mean I’ve always kind of looked at it like if if Bitcoin did go down there
might be a decoupling from other coins and then they might not have so much
dependence on where it’s going and on the flip side if it goes up then you
know all the same just as good so yeah I mean I’m hopeful moving forward and I’m
yeah I mean I’m interested to see where it goes and and like you said like it is
kind of a little bit of an adrenaline rush to uh to track and see where it’s
going you know interestingly enough Facebook actually acquired chain space
do in February and they might be well I mean they’ve been hiring developers and
there might be a Facebook social media blockchain coming out what do you think
about that because I think that given its Facebook there’s really no true way
that well I mean I don’t expect that they would truly decentralize it but I’m
curious your your thoughts on on what that might look like
Oh Facebook is such a such a monster to talk about because you know now they’re
talking about okay we’re going we’re moving into more privacy and data
protection and all these kinds of things and they’re actually pushing for tighter
regulations on privacy and data protection right now in my mind that’s
just an attempt to the first one of I’d be like yeah we’re all for privacy now
it’s like you guys messed up this is about the least you can do you know what
I mean it’s like spilling your drink on some apologize yeah and no them calling
for tighter restrictions on privacy it’s like well you guys are the reason that
you’re calling for this and so because you’re in such you know you kinda have a
market cornered and you have such a massive budget able to deal with this of
course he want tighter restrictions up trend I think one of our biggest budget
points right now is actually getting compliant with GDP are it’s not it’s
it’s gonna cost us just as much to get compliant as it has to build the
platform which is a crazy thought yeah so you know for these social media
platforms that are coming on it’s like there’s a big barrier to entry if you
want to do it the right way so you know Facebook could do something and I don’t
know what it’s gonna look like are they gonna pay people a lot I’d say no
because they’re still going to be a public company that has investors and I
think the rule is if you’re a public company then you have to work for the
best interest of profit so it’s not gonna be this magical very best thing I
don’t think it’s just gonna be like the rule over the Sheep sides I think that’s
what they’re trying to do right now they’re seeing trends and they’re just
trying to keep up with the pace yeah yeah for sure thoughts yeah when I first
saw it and I I made a video about it my thoughts were that I don’t believe that
it’ll actually work the way that they might think it would and anyone who’s
seasoned already in social blockchain platforms like like steam or mines and
they’ve been around they probably realized that it’s not going to be like
those platforms but my concern is that the average person who
knows nothing about any of this sees that Facebook comes out with this and
then you know they have no idea but my hope is that it teaches the masses that
there is such thing as social media on the blockchain and yeah maybe if if it
if it doesn’t work people will at least know that that’s a thing
and then they could find platforms like uptrend like mine’s like like steam and
you know maybe in the ideal scenario we would end up with just a lot more mass
adoption and people educating people that Facebook blockchain assumably
wouldn’t be the the type of blockchain that they would social blockchain that
they would want to use so yeah I I have high hopes that it’ll work out for the
best but a you know I have no idea so I’m really curious to see how this how
this plays out yeah you know I fully agree with you two is that you know the
more things that are incorporating blockchain cryptocurrency just even
getting that concept in front of the masses is beneficial you know will
Facebook do it the right way you know and that’s up to subjective opinion I
guess but like you say it’s just getting it out there and then people can start
to make decisions from there I think people are just really scared to even
start with it you know so it’s kind of like the introduction of credit cards
like you’re not gonna get a credit card the very first credit card from somebody
you don’t know you’re gonna get it from your bank that you know and trust so if
you’re gonna use a decentralized social network I’m gonna start with Facebook
and okay I’m gonna sign up for this new one now cuz I understand how this works
so I think it’s it’s a good entryway for a lot of people that being said there’s
a mass exodus happening from facebook over the last I was like 44% of people
ages 18 to 30 in the United States have deleted that Facebook in the last year
so yeah there’s already like and that’s a whole nother topic but there’s a big
shift in the way that people are doing social media and so I think that’s why
the time is still right for these you know social media 2.0
because people are just looking for something yeah no exactly and yeah I
think there’s definitely like a Ford or like a hunger for you know some solution
to Facebook and you know I’m sure a lot of people don’t totally realize that
Instagram isn’t the solution because it’s also owned by Facebook and you know
it’s only gonna be so good for so long before they do to Instagram what they
did to Facebook and you know maybe then people will realize that likely
blockchain social is the is the actual solution not not just switching over to
another platform that could it inevitably end up the exact same so yeah
I’m really I’m really curious to see how that plays out yeah and I mean there’s
an interesting conversation to be had about you know full decentralized
distributed networks on the way that you know they’re kind of regulated online
because there needs to be a centralized aspect in terms of legalities and things
like that but what I feel is hyper relevance is you know distributed and
decentralized storage of your data and video so that it’s not owned by anybody
you know you have YouTube that kind of owns your content so they’re giving you
you know pins for it and you know just on MySpace a little while ago they said
they lost what like 10 years worth of music my thoughts is they’re just trying
to reduce their server costs and be like oh yeah we lost it whatever you want
that you know as a content creator you when you upload content you want to be
sure that it’s going to stay there otherwise it feels like work for nothing
and so that’s something that I feel is hyper hyper relevant is a distributed
layer to store data and video that’s not going anywhere so that’s what I’m really
excited to see you know whether it’s uptrend or you know a cold
conglomeration of a thousand-to-one platforms fantastic but I really feel
that that’s where the movement is gonna be going you know I think they’ll still
be some centralized aspects to you know the moderation and rules just because on
a legal standpoint there has to be unfortunately but yeah and good things
ahead for sure yeah yeah for sure I guess speaking of decentralization do
you plan to be you know decentralizing more and more as you build out uptrend
and just pushing more for decentralization I assume there’s gonna
be more centralization at the beginning as you guys are building and figuring
out the platform and just like expanding and then I assume naturally over time it
would decentralize more as you’ve sort of established yeah for sure exactly
that we for the for the sake of ease and the sake of budget we had to start out a
little more centralized you know obviously taking in as much community
input as we possibly could but a huge priority for us is to bring that
database to a decentralized layer so that content creators can feel ya I’m
secure like my dad is not going anywhere I can see on an open-source github that
yes it is encrypted yes it’s here there’s no funny business happening here
the big thing is we want people to not only just feel like their content is
theirs but for it to be an actual reality that it’s not necessarily the
ownership of the platform okay you own your content mm-hmm yeah yeah and then
and that’s huge I think I think people on Instagram who struggle with
monetization they typically end up going to you know spamming out affiliate links
or whatever it might be but it usually is counterintuitive for their long term
like their reputation on the platform and their integrity so I think it’s
really important for people who are either suffering from D monetization or
struggling to monetize that these platforms like uptrend and others that
this is really the solution to being able to focus on the actual creative and
the content and in the community what really matters and then you know
everything else will will come naturally and you don’t have to change the way
that you operate or the way that you do things in order to be able to monetize
100% agreed like my ideal scenario for our world is that people could
living coming and emotional saying it earn a living off being who they are you
know like if you like to make crypto videos awesome you like to paint art
awesome you know you want you want to make music videos great like imagine if
we could just all do that put it online and that’s our lifestyle and to me
that’s just like such a magical thing and something like really the big ethos
behind like you know not only my life like I’m doing what I love and that’s
not making anything right now hopefully pulsing something in the
future it’s like eat more than ramen but yeah for people like it’s this is very
much like a project to help the people out so that’s the idea yeah and that’s
awesome because you know there’s a need for it and you know there are a lot of
blockchain platforms out there but most of them don’t quite hit the nail on the
head the way that you would want I’ve reviewed at least a hundred if not more
and yeah I do I do reviews every two months or so and then I update which is
actually going to be coming out soon and yeah the upcoming platforms that I’ve
been looking at and you know recommending or I’m going to be
recommending are uptrend and publish Oh X so so yeah I’m really excited to to
get that out because I want to see the reaction and you know there’s just been
so many platforms out there that you know they got close and a lot of them
started to fall off like I don’t know if you know about tribe oh yeah they they
had a lot of hype going up and then it just kind of fizzled and you know like
lately like there’s a post once every like there’s an article like once every
like few days you know there’s barely any anything going on and it’s just it’s
unfortunate to see but like I said before you know platforms are gonna come
up and they’re gonna fall off and the best the best will be the ones that are
left standing and you know hopefully that’ll be up trend amongst some of the
other ones yeah I hope Schoen forward for sure
yeah thanks thanks for the support that means a lot you know as you know we’re
so hyper open to criticism critique and insight
and input you know the whole thing is you know we’re trying to build something
for the people and so you know if you’re like oh this could be better and I think
you’d have a few times like we’ve taken that into account like okay we’re gonna
make some changes some alterations cuz it doesn’t make any sense
you know to build a platform that isn’t serving the people at this point in the
game you know that already exists out there
you know we’re taking models from you know the steam it books the Lions books
you know the solo books and just feeling okay like what’s what’s the right hybrid
here you know how can we bring it all the best of everything into one place
yeah just make it an enjoyable experience where people are valued for
what they’re worth yeah and I and I think that’s so key
because maybe that’s one of the larger reasons why Sola shut down and why
tribes started to fall off because there really wasn’t much of a presence of the
like the higher up people in the company actually interacting and taking feedback
from the community itself and you know there was just kind of a disconnect
there um and I feel like platforms that are taking that into account like
uptrend and and mine’s not so much steam it unfortunately but uh but uh yeah I
think I think platforms that are taking in feedback and taking these things into
account are going to not only show that they care about the community and they
want to make it for the community but it’s going to it’s going to be the
deciding factor as to what like why people are going to come off of
traditional platforms to these platforms because they feel valued and I think
that’s a huge aspect that is missing from traditional platforms today yeah
yeah yeah so I think that’s I think that covers pretty much everything where can
people go to learn more about you about uptrend if you wanted to share that with
uh with them just for people watching for sure yeah to find out more about
uptrend you know obviously the website uptrend two ends you PT re and nd calm
and then you can really click on a little tab that says how it works and it
gives you like a nice one page or should be less than like a 5-10 minute read has
a video on there too you get the full rundown on like you know what up trends
about if you want more in-depth information from what I’ve just said and
about me ah I don’t really have many BIOS I don’t know much with my own guy
but shoot me a message you know on uptrend shoot a message on Twitter
she’ll a message on LinkedIn it really doesn’t matter I’m always happy to reply
to people and you know yeah any conversations that people want to have
shoot in my way and definitely expect to reply yeah I can test that he’s very
very active if you want to also give your your handle for them to follow on
you know various platforms as well as uptrend yeah I think it should just be
at Jeff Crowe Dacus for everything on Instagram is Jeff Daugherty because I
believe but everything else just after Davis awesome awesome so everyone go and
follow him go and check out uptrend there’s a ton of value here if you guys
know anything about any other blockchain social platforms you’ll have a smooth
transition coming on here and if not it’s a pretty cool platform there’s a
bit of a learning process but they make it really easy and it’s a really cool
platform and I’m sure you’ll love the community there’s a lot of positive
people there and yeah so thanks so much for coming on and this was a really
great interview I think there’s a lot of value here for people to to get and to
learn more about uptrend so thank you so much again for for being on here with me awesome awesome thanks so much Cheers