okay everybody with the introduction of
enhanced summon and come to me there are
two different ways you can activate
summon method number one open up your
Tesla app make sure you’re within about
200 feet of your Tesla vehicle now keep
in mind if the vehicle has to go outside
of the 200-foot radius or diameter would
it be a radius or 200 feet distance from
you will have to move closer to the
vehicle before it will resume it’ll stop
wherever it is and say move closer to
vehicle so we are close enough I’m gonna
hit to come to me right now the Model X
is going to wake up and
we’re watch on the screen when you do
come to me it’s kind of neat it kind of
shows you in a way of what the vehicles
and there it is
perfect gift your windshield wiper wipe
to signify that it is completing unless
it’s raining then the wipers will go
like a bat out of hair
option number two if you go down to the
summon setting you of course have your
traditional forward and reverse options
but you also have smart summon now first
I am going to back the car up a bit just
to give it a little room because it is
at a weird angle and we got a brick wall
right behind me
good enough so you hit smart summon the
little icon right in the middle there
brings up an overhead map the blue giant
blue circle is the the distance the
maximum distance that you can summon the
vehicle to or from you and you can move
that little target around and choose
where you’re going to send the vehicle
so I’m going to send it way down at the
other end of the parking lot
it’s gonna back up a little bit more
kind of scanning a bit making sure
everything’s clear around it
and there it goes
and going and going though definitely
not powered by the Energizer Bunny
finds it hats happy spot there some
now here we can move it over here let’s
see where could we move it next well it
would be something fun let’s put it
let’s put it right there
it’s going to have to steer around a
light post
it’s got some interesting habits
considering it’s an empty parking lot
and it’s surprisingly truck travels at a
pretty high speed just missed that light
and it is at its stop where I had it on
the map we’re gonna switch back now and
go back to come to me and that will
conclude our demonstration for today
it’s just it’s really neat how how when
you do come to me it shows you kind of
what it’s seeing obstacles and whatnot
now of course those are visual
representations that’s nothing to do
with the radar or the sonar for the most
and I am surprised at the speed at which
it travels of right now we’re at five
point when we were at five point four
waiting for pedestrian that’s me
whoa-ohh-ohh it did not stop at that
brick wall
I had to release that and Eira’s
lowering that was close
Gino it almost got you that’s kind of
scary not too impressed not impressed by
that at all it was probably gonna hit
that Wow
and out of everything a concrete wall
the radar should have hit that the sonar
definitely should have hit that so that
concludes our demonstration and remember
folks and this is proof of that this is
beta we almost had a squished boy right
here holy shit Tesla you guys might want
to download some logs and see what the
heck’s going on here adios