not all dice are created equal so what
I’m gonna be doing in this video is just
doing a quick way to check how fair
these $1 dice are off eBay which could
be a good thing to do if you’re wanting
to create a wallet that is very secure
so there’s really nothing magical or
technical about what we’re gonna do here
it’s really just gonna be about shaking
these dice about a hundred times noting
down the outcome each time and then
testing that against what we would
expect to see if the dice were truly
random and as always if you’d like to
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in the previous video is just to be
consistent I’ve got my dice in a plastic
takeaway container basically there’s ten
of them in there there are a dollar off
eBay the process is to shake the box like
that and read from left to right exactly
as they fall in the corner I’m gonna do
is a hundred times and just because I
love graphs and I know you do too we’re
gonna have a graph that updates as we go
so I can see the result rather than
having to wait until the very end
okay we’ve got a pretty graph let’s roll
some dice
this graph here these dice aren’t
perfectly fair it’s not too bad for $1
dice and indicates that there isn’t a
huge bias where every single one of
these dice individually isn’t strongly
biased towards or away from a particular
number and frankly I don’t actually
think it’s worth testing each dice
individually you know doing ten of them
together as a unit in here actually does
increase your security just because even
the order in which I read the dice will
be changing every time in terms of which
dice falls where in the sequence of ten
as we increase number of counts it’s
actually not obvious from a small number
of rolls just what the bias actually is
early in the piece it would looked very
different to how this graph works now
and ideally you would roll this enough
times to be satisfied that there isn’t a
really strong bias towards or away from
certain numbers so if you’re worried
that your dice aren’t perfectly fair you
can always do extra rolls above what is
necessary and if you’re using a tool
like Ian Coleman’s BIP 39 tool it will
take all of that entropy together and
use it to generate your seed if you’re
generating a 24 word seed versus to
12 words seed you also already have a
massive amount of extra entropy just
baked into your seed based on the pure
number of random events that are part of
your entropy already so I’m really
impressed with how these $1 dice went
and to be honest I’m really not
convinced that expensive dice would
really be much better at all but yeah
definitely if you’re concerned and we’re
gonna be really thorough about making
sure that you’re operating in a
completely zero trust environment verify
how fair your dice actually are thanks
for watching I hope that was helpful
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