morning Blockchainers it’s us the new
kids on the blockchain ash and Lisa the
old ball and blockchain good morning
everybody welcome to today’s crypto and
blockchain show it’s another day on
planet earth how we all feeling out
there we had a look we woke up to some
green this morning yes we have had over
the last few days we’ve seen a
significant little boost coming in
there’s lots of reasons I’ve been
reading this morning as to why bye Nance
leaving the charge there with accepting
fear on-ramps with like Alibaba and also
the WeChat platform so more money coming
in there’s lots of good stuff going on
someone disappeared from the chance that
we notice who’s s veritasium oh yes I
can’t find very tasty among my
veritasium is marked all is zero hang on
I’m just looking seeing if it’s no
veritasium is back on the charts is
there and it’s gone up 49 it seemed to
disappear off the charts yesterday and
come back and it seems to have gone up
49 percent now obviously if you’re
watching veritasium this has been a
really interesting one we’ve been
following it since the very start we’ve
interviewed people like cliff high we’ve
interviewed Reggie we’ve followed the
whole thing really it’s difficult to
talk about the moment because Reggie’s
of the sleep you know he’s going with
through his court of shenanigans but
it’s going to be an interesting one
because there are a lot of people who’ve
said to us and I quote this shit coin is
going to 0 he’s a scammer and it’s worth
noting and then there are other people
who say this guy is changing the way
that finance works and there are so many
people out there that are worried about
it that they are essentially causing
massive thud paid campaigns to slur him
issues obviously only time will tell and
we’ve got to be honest we do own some
veritasium but we just bought some right
the stock isn’t interesting every small
amount well then mine were a zero
yesterday how many of you got 32
Lamborghini now we have been chatting
recently we
a lot of very intelligent people who are
not fans of blockchain we had a chat to
you’ll have seen on the show with a
chaplain that come hand in hand because
they’re intelligent well it depends
what’s going on in the market but my
question that I wanted to just talk
about with both of us now is yesterday
we filmed a very cool lady called Jemima
Kelly from a Financial Times Alphaville
and she hasn’t got a lot of good things
to say about blockchain
we filmed her for our documentary which
is very nearing completion as we said
IPO so achieved picture a lot last week
but we got slot with this lady and we
really wanted to get her commentary in
here we might actually show a little
clip from it actually a little later on
in this show because she had some really
good arguments as to why there are huge
problems in blockchain and crypto
generally but point being we’ve been
exposed recently to a lot of people who
are naysayers now you can have come out
of sitting with somebody very
intelligent after listening for two
hours about them telling you why it
won’t work and wait can’t work and why
there are problems and you do start
questioning yourself there is a real
sort of evangelical following in
cryptocurrency where everybody is almost
like taking the red pill or is it the
blue pill I don’t remember the red the
one that sends you down the rabbit hole
they’ve taken it they drunk and drank
the kool-aid that had the whole lot
we’ve had the kool-aid with all of it
but you kind of listen to these people
you start you do start thinking shit if
we back the right horse here I mean how
are you feeling a little well I have to
admit it is disheartening when you for
the last year and a half two years I’ve
been like talking to my friends
explaining about cryptocurrency I’m like
it’s great this is think of blockchain
and then every time they ask me now they
go what’s happened to that project well
he’s in court and it’s down to zero yeah
we work if we’re 97.3 down on that event
it’s not gambling it’s a show you it’s
not going to changing yeah yeah this
it’s disheartening but it is the more we
talk to people who have very valid
reasons why they think it isn’t gonna
last I always it doesn’t pose the the
kind of threat of fiat currency that’s
something real proponents say but I get
just to sway this one then someone will
turn around and go I’ve got this new ice
you know but like what but we
well not so much these days now I’m but
I mean we you know we’ll sit and we’ll
do a chat with Raja vir for an hour for
example or John McAfee or you know loads
of these people and you come away going
yeah you go blocked him and then you go
and sit with let Jemima yesterday or
David generalities become anything well
have we’ve been literally you know
wasting our time yes we will just have
to wait and see comment down below
people now for Christ’s sake
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rain on us now now other stuff on the
show this week you were going to ask me
but you haven’t so I’ll tell you well
because you haven’t given me a second to
interject because you’ve just literally
constantly been talking interject you
spoke to Tesco’s didn’t you for the
features we haven’t spoken to tells us
they’ve had a really interesting sort of
ride since their record-breaking ico at
the time so I wanted to get them in see
what’s going on they’ve been very busy
there’s lots been going on so there’s a
little clip from that in the show and
there might be a new guest for the news
roundup oh yes your events we’re gonna
bring in a new new kid because we’ve
been accused recently of not being that
young ah broken and again I will
reiterate that we’re not claiming to be
new kids and young kids is an ironic
play on the term and the fact that we’re
not kids so if you have missed that
you’re probably American but you can be
new and not be young there you go
I guess we should probably dive in and
bring that guest in and have a little
look at the old news brown
my dad can’t really claim he’s a new kid
anymore at his age so I’m here to bring
some move to the channel here’s the news
with crypto daily first up
bitwise Bitcoin etf denied by SEC
announced earlier today the United
States Securities and Exchange
Commission revealed that they have
denied the latest Bitcoin exchange
traded fund hopeful from bitwise asset
management theta open source network
partners with PewDiePie supported
streaming platform CT labs the open
source protocol purpose-built to power
the decentralized streaming network that
allows for vertical decentralized apps
has just announced its blockchain video
infrastructure protocol theta network
will soon be integrated into the
streaming platform D live according to
the press release published yesterday
theatre’s partnership with D live will
give users the chance to watch
peer-to-peer video replaying of all
video content and token rewards and last
up Twitter Bitcoin tipping service
tipping me launches on Android iOS
coming soon mobile phone users can now
smile at Twitter service for Bitcoin
micro payments tip in me is now
available on mobile devices the alpha
version of the service will be tested
this week for Android devices while
alpha testing for iOS devices is
underway a report says the service which
to launch as an app will have a mobile
lightning network enabled wallet that
will allow users to send tips in Bitcoin
on the Lightning Network thank you have
a good week and maybe see you soon this
week in blockchain banter were chatting
to a very informed lady Jemima Kelly who
is a reporter for Alphaville at the
Financial Times if you don’t follow her
column you should she’s got a very
irreverent look at the blockchain world
not the biggest fan of a lot of its
concepts but nonetheless a very informed
opinion in this clip we asked her what
she thought of about the supposed
scarcity of crypto currencies and
Bitcoin especially one of the reasons
that people compared Bitcoin to gold is
because of the finite nature supposedly
finite nature of Bitcoin
and so this idea that there’s only ever
going to be 21 million bitcoins has
attracted people including gold bugs the
problem with that idea is that if you
ask Craig Wright what bitcoin is he’ll
say that bitcoin sv is that is the real
Bitcoin if you ask Roger ver what he
thinks bitcoin is he’ll say Bitcoin cash
is a real Bitcoin so there are more than
one Bitcoin now and in fact that the
number of times that Bitcoin can fork
and form other kind of strands is is
it’s kind of infinite and so is the
number of copycat cryptocurrencies so in
a way Bitcoin has kind of become the
victim of its own success because there
are just thousands of of crypto
currencies out there and so this idea
that there is some finite nature it’s
just a nonsense there’s not because
there’s just there’s only one you know
thing that some people call Bitcoin but
not even everyone agrees on what that
bitcoin is and then there’s just
thousands of other crypto currencies
that do exactly the same thing
so in featured projects we haven’t
spoken to tezo’s and they’ve been on my
list of people I’d love to chat to they
obviously had one of the record-breaking
I SEOs back in 2017 and they’ve been
working away in the background to
deliver and we have Shawn with us today
are you there sure
yes I’m here welcome it’s good to have
you here and I guess just to start
things off could you maybe give our
viewers a brief rundown of what tezo’s
is in case any of them aren’t familiar
Tasos is a software project for a
blockchain technology on chin
coordination which is known for its self
amending technology so the idea of
tezo’s is to have minimal disruption to
the network effect and retain it instead
of the port based technologies that
we’ve seen in the past and obviously in
terms of third-generation blockchains we
you know we had Bitcoin first of all
then we had etherium now we’ve got this
there’s a bit of a race going on isn’t
there for kind of third year we’ve got
the kind of eos out there and Tron and
Cardno and there’s what do you think
it’s gonna take for its somebody to to
get a get ahead in this in this race by
and large it’s going to be the platform
that can capture the greatest network
effect which is what our angle is is
retention and growth of that instead of
breaking off into several projects and
build upon our platform and in terms of
kind of scalability has also been you
know another big battle that’s been
going on in blockchain since you know
way from the start
a lot of the third generation you know
we’re trying to beat that with with
various different approaches to
scalability what what stays OSes kind of
take on that Tesla’s is focusing on
layer 2 in terms of scaling and we have
some interesting projects going on with
such as marigold
I think scaling was a bit premature in
the markets where everybody was rushing
to do it but it our focus is more on
scaling on the governance aspect that
decision-making is more important and
that it takes the culmination of a
number of technologies in order to
actually grow a decentralized watching
losing the decentralized or without
centralizing the project so you can
speed up your storage but you might not
have the same throughput it you might
not have the same amount of finality and
you need to effectively remove these
bottlenecks along the way yeah because I
think that this is one thing a lot of
people we spoke to said there’s lots of
different quid pro quos or it’s like
okay you want to go faster we might have
to sacrifice some security aspects or
you want to go quicker this way you
might have to do so but and chatting two
guys from when we were chatting that
card on oh you know they were saying the
reason they’ve sort of taken the time
they’ve done is to kind of get these
foundations right and I know there’s
been a lot of kind of criticism of Eos
have been so centralized because of the
twenty one block producers and you know
is there what do you think is your kind
of killer app what’s your kind of what’s
your main horse in the race
I think we were a few things I think
what’s really come to light is dad
baking or network validation in the
style that we’ve implemented which is
actually a permissionless network if you
have a minimum of 8,000 xdz you can
stake up a network you don’t have to get
voted in so it doesn’t quite aligned
with say some of the other DPOs models
and right now we have about four hundred
and sixty Baker’s on the network so I
think baking and staking have become a a
pretty big hit and I see the adoption of
that across the board along with like
other projects I think what iOS said was
they sort of took it to one side which
is well maybe if we have a set number of
nodes we can speed this all up and it
certainly made it faster but I don’t
think the project remained it remains
anti fragile in the sense that you only
have to compromise 21 you know a
majority of the 21 nodes in order to to
make changes to the network and we keep
a philosophy closer to Bitcoin where we
want to be as central as as possible
yeah that makes sense because I mean
that’s ultimately the the dream from you
know the blockchain dream is
decentralization right so if you get
into position where your your product is
too centralized or has that ability to
be easily you know taken over then then
that’s you know that’s a real problem
it’s interesting actually every time I
speak to a block producer some say EOS
some say Chios some say a OS everyone to
speak to since they have a different
name for it so it England we tend to say
e OS but every time I speak somebody
it’s always a different name which is
quite funny and so what are your plans
for you know there’s obviously a lot
going on behind the scenes a lot of you
know blockchain companies at the moment
I think a lot of people who just view
the you know the numbers don’t realize
quite how much work is going on behind
the scenes and there are just you know
offices full of people getting stuff
done what’s next for tears awesome where
where do you want to see the end of this
year out right now the big focus is on
middleware Tooley to make our smart
contract languages more accessible so we
have Nicholson is a is a base language
and we’re building higher-level
languages on top of those with Smike
smart PI and Lego and those would be
more familiar to your average developer
and they’ll be able to hop in we’re also
working with truffle in order to build
out a suite of tools to really onboard
them for for those who don’t know I’m
the executive director of the Khazars
Commons which is community oriented I’m
here at the Tocqueville group office in
New York so tases is a a collaboration
project and we’re decentralized off Jane
which makes it confusing for most but we
are separate organizations and we’re all
trying to coordinate together so in
terms of our goals for at least my
organization tells us Commons my focus
is on the signalling aspect and our
governance platform teza segura to
really be able to display and signal
ahead of time for changes that are being
made on the network so right now we have
right now we have a vote going through
for the Babylon proposal and we should
know within about a week whether that’s
going to pass now it’s been obviously
the last two years have been very you
know we’ve been making this documentary
for the last three years charting since
the beginning of 2017 until
you know the end of 2019 and it’s been
an incredibly wild ride you know that in
2017 there was you know that buoyancy
and money and everything and then 2018
theory and prices crashing down and it’s
been very difficult for projects to
actually you know keep the runway that
they’ve needed not suddenly find that
their runway shrunk by 90 percent and
you know as an organization has it been
a difficult process most people have you
know found it quite difficult over the
last year especially to make sure that
goals are achieved but things are you
know managed in a way that works I think
we’ve had a different set of problems in
terms of funding in the sense that if
you have a large Treasury the way that
tezo’s does you have to deploy properly
and especially being decentralized up
that means there’s numerous
organizations that are putting in for
grants for various requests the other
issue is most of these projects are
going to be working on layer 2 which is
going to be the smart contract it’s
going to be the applications where as
we’re trying to amend layer 1 and that’s
going to that takes up a lot of time and
effort because as it’s evolving we’re
also introducing a roto we’re also
changing the underlying code that others
are using so it’s really tricky and you
could create like an educational course
which is one of the things we’ve done in
the past but now we have to refresh that
material to better reflect this the
current state of the protocol so it’s
been an interesting experiment always
plenty to to keep you occupied I would
imagine but I’m amazed at how quick this
year has gone as well we’re like
literally in October now literally about
to head into 2020 and before long we’ll
be calling John McAfee up to see if he’s
willing to do his bet live on television
or not but I guess it was gonna be some
interesting times ahead on that when we
actually filmed in last year in Malta
and had a quite an interesting kind of
our chat with him which is fun but just
the general kind of market view general
ad do you take much notice of where the
markets going or are you more interested
in the actual technologies I’m always
watching the market because I’m
fascinated by the macro
and so I feel like we’ve actually hit a
sort of a comfort comfortable area where
there’s not a great deal of downside in
that we know that these digital assets
are going to be very important for the
future but we’re still unsure of how the
chips are going to fall and with the
emerging you know defy economies and
staking taking over the what once was
the majority of proof-of-work projects
it’s interesting to see it all evolve
but I see more news leaning towards the
the future is bright so it it depends on
how long your time scale is yeah I mean
I think there was one of the things
we’re finding now is we’re going back
and reenter viewing all the people that
we interviewed in 2017 when you know a
lot of them are driving around in you
know garish Lamborghinis and it’s a very
different kind of mentality now but I
think a lot of people have said look we
still believe in this technology but we
realized now we were naive to think that
in two or three years time this was
going to change the world and this is
gonna take you know a decade plus in
order to do it do you do you sort of
share that sentiment yes that’s why you
know we fly economy and we take the
train because we know that we have not
pragmatic it historically open-source
software has not been well funded so
even with a large Treasury you have to
be very mindful the fact that we need to
invest in research and development
projects that are sometimes going to
take years so I’m hoping to see it
develop over the next few years into at
least the basis for a new emergent
internet and you know a really
functional currency system yeah well
it’s gonna be a long road for sure but
maybe we can get you back on somewhere
down the line and we can do a bit of a
I would love to great well look thanks
for taking the time to come on today and
obviously you know there’s plenty of
information about tasers out there but
if people do want to find out more
where’s the best place to actually get
the skinny the best place to go is
Tesla’s calm and you can also your
community website at
tezo’s Commons org great well thanks for
taking the time Sean and we’ll catch up
soon thank you that’s all folks thanks
for joining us again for another week of
blog tastic block crypto foolery another
fabulous week let us know what you want
on the show next week who you want us to
talk to we do value your opinion and you
being part of the new kids family also
we’ve been bringing the news to you via
crypto daily for the last sort of two
shows yes no is this a good thing is it
a bad thing do we care
comment down below and yeah until we see
you next week all you need to remember
is you’ve been chained you’ve been
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