hello and
welcome back to thai weekly words with me prathana this week we’ll be learning
about currency exchange Latvian the bath euro euro but head Natural Science
achill euro countries in Europe use euro money
the last Haddad US dollar limitless an erotic aprama and Sam’s it bad one u.s.
dollar equals about 30 baht but yo small bill Cooney ban Yamaha do you have small
bills then so cash teen erupting and sort cap here we only accept cash
Korean coin Tony Harnell been written on this machine only gives change in coins
you have to be careful because the sky train ticket selling machine in Thailand
some of them will accept banknotes but it really give changes in coins so if
you’re not careful you might get hundreds of coins as changes so don’t do
that and that’s the end for today’s Thai weekly words and it’s the end for the
Thai weekly words for this season I hope you enjoyed it and I hope we’ll see you
again next time sometime soon bye you