You need to ask the government, Mrs Merkel, why they dislike Bitcoin so much. The best promotion for Bitcoin that Bitcoin could ever imagine. If people would not buy drugs with Bitcoin, there would be no way Bitcoin could be money. Even though criminals do use Bitcoin and even though people do drug deals with Bitcoin… You also mentioned that German government is one of the most observation or surveillance governments in your opinion, when it comes to Bitcoin. Could you a bit more elaborate on that? Well, it’s just a matter of fact that we can observe that the German government is one of the most hostile governments towards Bitcoin that we can see, and you can see that in various examples. While you have Bitcoin ATMs all over the planet, thousands by now, you didn’t have any in Germany until a couple of months ago, before a few people actually kind of dared to set some up. We do not have any exchange in Germany, like Coinbase, Binance or anything like that, for the simple reason that the government doesn’t give up any license to anybody to run such an exchange, or they create barriers of entry that are so high that nobody can do it., for example, doesn’t serve customers in Germany, because the German government gives them more trouble than hardly any other government. I think it’s North Korea, Iran and China are other places where LocalBitcoins doesn’t quite work – and Germany. So… Sorry for interrupting you. According to you, what is the reason of being so unfriendly to Bitcoin? You need to ask the government. I can only make some educated guesses, but you see, Germany is the financial powerhouse of Europe. Germany’s wealth depends on the euro. It is not a coincidence that other European countries, especially the southern countries, are doing economically bad while Germany is doing economically very well. People today, almost two decades after the euro was introduced, realized that it was true when a lot of people back then said that it’s a really bad idea to have any week economy like Italy’s and a strong economy like Germany’s to sit in the same currency boat, to share the same currency, because the weak economy… The weak economy cannot devaluate its currency against the currency of the strong economy, which is usually the way how they can stay competitive. Since we have these economies of different strengths and different potential using the same currency, this is not possible anymore. And that is an absolute advantage to the stronger economy, it makes a stronger economy even stronger. So, Germany has that advantage now, the euro is an absolute significant economic advantage for the German economy. And maybe that is the reason that any suggestion that we could replace the euro with something better like Bitcoin finds so much resistance in Germany. This is my guess. Feel free to ask the German Finance Minister or Mrs Merkel why they dislike Bitcoin so much. Is it possible to consider that state regulation increases the demand for cryptocurrency? In the end, it will. State regulation, especially, if you think about it… There’s just different topics. There’s the topic of monetary oppression, which means the government defines that you cannot buy a product from a person in Iran, you cannot send money to Iran. Or we have funny circumstances there, for example, it is entirely legal in Germany to sell products from Cuba. It is entirely legal, but there is a 60-year-old law in America that declares a boycott on Cuba and Cuban products, on Cuban cigars and Cuban rum. And because all the financial institutions like Mastercard, Visa Card, PayPal are all American companies, they enforce American law in Germany, and that’s why you cannot buy Cuban rum in Germany. Because banks are enforcing 60-year-old nonsense American laws all over the world. So, that’s one part of it. Most people don’t care about that, most people say: I don’t need Cuban rum, I take Jamaican, or I don’t have friends in Iran who I want to send money to, so that’s not a big problem. But the monetary policy in itself is what will drive people to Bitcoin. If you imagine your money in your bank loses value every year due to negative interest rates, due to inflation. If your bank makes some wrong deals and loses a few billions, then your money will be bailed-in to save the bank. I mean, these are regulations, and the tougher these regulations are and the more they hit people, the more people will move towards Bitcoin. Literally, financial regulation is the best promotion for Bitcoin that Bitcoin could ever imagine. It’s like, by now, I say we could actually just sit back and do nothing, and not promote a Bitcoin at all, because the best promoters of Bitcoin by now are governments and banks by making completely crazy irrational financial politics and monetary regulations. I hope that this financial collapse that is upon us will not be a sudden one that creates absolute turmoil and chaos and people not getting food and so on and so on. I would hope that it is a slow decline of the fiat world to allow a slow adoption of the new Bitcoin monetary system. Also because I think… yeah, that’s what I mentioned. You have amongst goldbugs and among some Bitcoiners, you have people who actually are looking forward to this crash because they say: “Then I will be proven right. You know, I’ve said your doomsday is upon us, and now it’s coming. Now I’m right”. But I don’t think anybody would want to wish that, because this is not going to be a nice moment. This is not going to be a good time for anyone, also not for people who have Bitcoin. Maybe, this is what I said, what you meant. It is often said that Bitcoin is used by criminals. Would you agree in saying that to some extent, all of us could be called criminals, considering that what we are doing today basically could be called a crime in different jurisdictions of the world? You know, the government will declare everything a crime that they feel like they want to declare a crime. But the government declaring a crime has got nothing to do with morals or ethics or justice, or anything like that. I mean, just look at all the people in the United States sitting in jail for life without parole for having had some dried plants, some hemp, some marijuana, whatever. What was your question, again? Would you agree in saying that to some extent… Of course, criminals are using Bitcoin. Thank God criminals are using Bitcoin, thank God people are buying drugs with Bitcoin, because if people would not buy drugs with Bitcoin, there would be no way Bitcoin could be money. Bitcoin is money and people do with Bitcoin everything they do with money. And money is one part of every economic transaction on the planet. So, of course, it is also one part of every criminal transaction on the planet. And the whole discussion about that is actually pretty absurd, because even though criminals do use Bitcoin, and even though people do drug deals with Bitcoin, more criminals use the US dollar, and more criminals use the euro, and more drug deals are being paid in US dollars and in euros than in Bitcoin. So I think the discussion is literally obsolete. And I want to point out one thing: the real crime is done through the banking system. The real crimes are committed by the banking system. What do I mean? Every major global bank has money laundering problems. They all pay huge… you don’t find one bank on the whole planet. Maybe you’d find one, I don’t know, that is not involved in really evil criminal stuff they’re doing, and this has unbelievable aspects like, for example, HSBC English bank was found guilty of having laundered more than a hundred billion dollars for the Sinaloa drug cartel in Mexico, more than a hundred billion over the course of about 10 years. And the Sinaloa drug cartel in the course of these 10 years has killed an estimated 10,000 people. And the highest prosecutor of the United States gives a press conference and tells people: “We cannot put the bankers of HSBC to court for the money-laundering, because if we would do that, we would also have to put them to court for aiding mass murder in 10,000 cases, and if that would happen, we would have to smash HSBC, and if we would do that, the whole economy collapses”. So you literally have the highest guy in charge of justice in the whole of America telling us that bankers can get away with aiding 10,000 murders, because otherwise the economy would collapse. I’m pointing this out to just show you real crime really doesn’t need cash. It’s the banks, and the banks know this. You know, I talked to banks, sometimes banks book me to hold a lecture there or give a talk or something. And literally after my talks usually the first question from the bankers is: “But what about money laundering and criminal activity?” And I make myself to find before I hold a talk for bankers, I give it a five minute online research about that bank. Five minutes are enough with every bank to find out a whole list of criminal stuff that they have been found guilty. So the questions from the bankers, like, “What about tax evasion and money laundering?” And I would, like: “But you are bankers, you know that every drug lord, every terrorist, everybody who wants to launder money, what do they do? They go to their bank and their bank launders the money for them”. And the next answer from the same banker will be: “Oh, it’s the other banks, not us!” And then my answer will be: “Oh, look, I made a little list here about the tax evasion cases of your bank. If you want to talk money laundering, we can talk about money laundering”. And then the discussion is over. So, to me the whole discussion about “people are doing illegal stuff with Bitcoin, people are laundering money with Bitcoin” is pretty absurd in the light of the crimes actually happening on government and banking level.