Hello everyone
this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister
the disrupt meister welcome to the one
Bitcoin show this is wearing a Hollywood
in Los Angeles today is December the
12th 2018 strong hand value your wealth
in Bitcoin those two sayings of mine are
going to be the sayings of the day check
out the links below of course get your
t-shirts all that good stuff anyway I’m
near Santa Monica Boulevard and Western
right now you can see the Hollywood
Hills in the background
quite a contrast to the stuff I usually
talk about
I’m usually inside of room giving you
real-life stuff that’s fantasy up there
others the real-life representation of
fantasy and everybody wants a perfect
fantasy Hollywood ending type of movie
they want their Bitcoin to go up in
terms of Fiat forever and ever they
value their wealth in dollars not in big
valuing your wealth and dollars that’s
the mainstream way that’s the Hollywood
way all right so I’m gonna talk about
today what it really means to value your
wealth and big coin and in practice and
what it means to have that strong hand
give examples that when I was in college
at Washington University in st. Louis I
was a business major I was a marketing
major but I knew people who want to be
doctors and they had to take the organic
chemistry class and they all said or go
or go is the weed out class that’s when
you get weeded out if you’re not meant
to be a doctor that’s what you get
weeded out
so this 2018 that we’re living in right
now this is a weed out year for a
Bitcoin for crypto currency there’s all
these people dropping like flies it used
to be big talkers they’d gotten weeded
they took or go they couldn’t cut it
they’re gone they’re probably back in
some form or fashion they’ll try to come
back again one day but for now they are
gone they got weeded out so what you
have left are these strong hands people
who don’t care about the beyond value
they know they have Bitcoin and they
value their out there the same amount of
Bitcoin as they did before
first of all panel that like button if
you like the real East Hollywood type of
books of Los Angeles here this is this
is the real stuff going on I’m standing
right by is that the 101 they’re the
highways right next ok and half that you
only like to see the pictures anyway you
only like the scenery now though if half
of you 20 person I know
wait up all right so let’s get back here
this video is for all the 20 percenters
out there they don’t get distracted but
background the Hollywood signed by all
that nonsense so there there used to be
a lot of people back in 2017 maybe even
back in 2017 mostly
would ask me they’re like hey did you
hear what web bot had to say did you
hear what cliff I had to say about this
crypto he says to buy this altcoin and
he’s is a– his winbot says that
bitcoins gonna be three three three
three three or four four four four four
eight eight eight people be contacting
me about this stuff all the time
not so much anymore no one has contacted
me about cliff hi
web bot magical mystery numbers the
magical altcoin that some magical wet
bob is saying is gonna be the next thing
you know no one’s contacted me about
that they got weed it out now I went
over to that dude I looked him up that
guy’s I can’t talking about Bitcoin and
crypto and yet people are ripping on him
jus some people have gone after that wet
bot dude click hi they’ve gonna and
they’re but whenever it’s not worth my
time to go cuz I’m a positive guy I’m
just puttin out dad this dude is talking
about conspiracy theories that also he
eats he’s moved on he’s gone on to
something more popular that’s these are
their tread they’re people who get into
trends and then they’re people with
strong hands who stick with this thing
through sick and it no matter where they
are if they’re in Hollywood if they’re
in Baltimore if they’re in Tel Aviv and
if you’re watching this I’m on my way to
Tel Aviv this is taped obviously
so weight on one side we got the clip
highs of the world and all those
followers who just just disappear when
they go and get tough and they go they
go talk about conspiracies or whatever
he’s talk I don’t know what that I don’t
know what the thing what the new trendy
thing is marijuana stocks
I don’t even know I don’t even know what
the trick I’m not into Trent’s I’m into
the rock
I mean it’s a big one but then we have
these the opposite of people like that
or those whose all my show the other day
is the living embodiment of strong hand
of valium you’re welcome a coin and it
is someone like Francis Puleo who is
starting a business
Volpe coke he’s starting his business
during this so-called down mark it’s on
a down market this is the time of
opportunity 20 percenters like Francis
who don’t get distracted by trends and
pretty faces this is when they start
their businesses this is when they
really lay the groundwork for huge
things and on my show on Monday night
despite the technical difficulties that
I know some people they don’t have the
patience to sit through technical
difficulties even though on YouTube
simply just fast forward and I’d says in
the notes before and notes below that
video fast forward that’s boring you’ll
get to where Francis talks about how he
is working on a project that is making
setting up full nose
easy for like moms and dads easy as
setting up your internet connection as
easy as setting up your uh your IP or
whatever your gear Africa not what is
Jerry with that your internet connection
I don’t know what’s what’s
unplug Abul we need when you have a non
plugged in the internet what is that
anyway it doesn’t matter what that’s
it’s as easiest can’t think of the Dave
right now anyway so yeah
d so we got the people who built value
they were often big and then we got
people like Francis or talking about
magical buddy
he used to talk about any all see
bristle not not yet you could be as
Bitcoin maximalist if you want to be
that’s cool
Bitcoin first er that’s me you don’t you
don’t have to be Orthodox about the
Bitcoin maximalism in order to
understand this is a time of opportunity
and should be able to value your wealth
and fix okay and did not get caught up
and these magical computer machines that
predict numbers and I current believe
the emails I used to get for people it’s
gonna hit 6666
it’s got a hit he’s and no emails like
that anymore those predictions are
involved but they knew God they have you
gone but we haven’t you thought so for
the people who have a new go for the
people who value their wealth and big
one and again I have been through this
before I’ve been through this 2014 and
2015 also those are weed out years also
but for the people that are here let’s
you know we people talk about Bitcoin
millionaires big food billionaires let’s
move on from that
cuz you’re let’s fill the Fiat paper now
we got a better review here this is that
truck move wait maybe I should uh should
I alter that there so you can see the
Hollywood sign even more yeah
that truck move I can see some more
stuff there for you people who want to
see the look you got to travel guys see
Los Angeles pound that like button just
don’t get stuck on the East Coast where
it’s cold I know so many people you’re
like plants you stick yourselves in a in
New York you never leave you got to come
out here trust me will never want to
leave but I’m a traveler man I always
all I always want to see new things I’m
always expanding my mind eating new bit
fooling people out there all right so
that instead of saying a big 20
millionaire I got you know we got this
metric system in America we use veteran
system I link to it below okay the
prefixes so you can be a 1-bit pointer
okay you could be a Jessa big corner
that would be a person with more than
point one big okay you can be a deca
Bitcoin er that’s somebody with at least
you could be a heck the big pointer a
man that use a heck the big pointer that
conveys he’s a heck I don’t know I’m
just turn that out then you can be a
killer Bigfoot yeah that Trace bear dude
he’s probably a kill of it this is what
you aim to be you aim to be a
millionaire you aim to be a killer big
pointer or a hit the big anyway so pound
that like button
let’s make a and again maybe that’s not
the terms we want to do to set up to
rank wealth okay but we want to rank it
more a big coin scale now we don’t want
to get caught up in this millionaire
well he’s a millionaire she’s a
billionaire he’s a million trillionaire
no no no no we’re gonna get into this
heck the big corner thing get your get
your 100 big pointer you got a hundred
big blink you are a head to big coin and
it’s easy to be a deck of Bitcoin her
but aim aim to be a kilo Bitcoin er like
Trace bear by me or like king of the
trolls might have been once all right
that is it that is I haven’t do an
outside show everybody always wants to
see some outside stuff when I’m on the
road like this I’ll be in Tel Aviv real
soon maybe I’ll do some outside in
Israel I think you got the point of this
video have a strong hand
value relative Bitcoin there there are
definitely this year has weeded out all
the fakes all the 80 percenters and now
you see now you see who truly values
that are welcome people who truly has a
strong hand i’m adam meister meister
disrupt meister besides John likes
fishes which I got look found that
freaking light button