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December the 5th 2015 yeah strong hand bitcoin is next Bitcoin
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is the way it used to be that is the way it is again Andy what’s up
well it’s I’m so happy to be here with you I still consider you my best friend
in crypto and one of the best people in crypto and maybe it was there some kind
of slip that you actually just announced the date as December 2015 because that
was a few months before the last having when the price in December 2015
that was about when I started to get in it was about four hundred dollars maybe
three hundred and look at how much has been has been accomplished in four years
in Bitcoin starting with the hash rate the price the the technology remember
how bad the exchanges were there weren’t even trees or was back then and and
looking at monetary policy of the world so yeah the price deserves to be vastly
higher than it was in 2015 and following this having I believe it’s going to be
vastly higher than it is today well I didn’t I’m glad you caught that mistake
people it’s December the fifth 2019 what am I thinking yeah I must have 2016
having on my mind and as I say it’s all cyclical so I guess it is similar 2015
in terms of you know the the price movements and everything it has not come
back to all time high yet and and I I’ve
discussed this type of thing on the show before and people just people just have
to be patient we have lived through this again we’ve lived through down times and
we’ve lived through having’s again so you’re you’re excited about the having
yeah I mean think about it again there’s a lot of parallels of course the
world has changed but you had the you know the big let’s call 2017 like boom
at the end of 2013 with Mount God’s where you had a similar level of
excitement and hype and a huge price increase that led to a bear market that
lasted for a year and a half and you know this year was a little strange
because we had this horrible bear market that was interrupted by about four or
five months by you know it’s called an echo bubble but it’s still gotten to the
point where we were after Mount God’s it’s a year and a half plus since the
tub actually it’s closer to two years since the top and now we’re approaching
a having just less than six months away with vastly better fundamentals and
we’ve ever had certainly than December 2015
yeah so what do you see for this up for 2020 for the for the near future at
least well I mean the only the only way you can look at it is is that this is
chump change the value of Bitcoin in global capital markets it’s you know
barely over a hundred billion dollars is that hoffmann line again I think that’s
fifty five hundred now so we’re comfortably over at 120 something Billy
and we’ve been comfortably above that level with the exception of the you know
the the post bsv attack last year with exception for those three months we’ve
been above the Hoffman line for two years now and and you just look at the
state of the world with the negative interest rates and and the dead
exploding and you look at the state of the Bitcoin network it’s you know for
all the fear right now that the hash rate is very very close to the all-time
high that was hit the this fall it’s about 95 it was thirty last year when we
were at the at the highs let alone the lows and you know it was 50 I’m sorry
was 50 last year and it was 30 at the time of the in early 2017 so we’re just
gaining in every possible way and the technology is
growing you know for instance like what I’m doing with minimal limbo coin the
technology’s only get stronger in the use case is is getting more powerful so
I would you combine that with having and you know it has to be much higher it’s
math and it’s just a matter of when it gets discounted before during or after
all right I want to thank I Kent Bo’s accident in the chat right now he just
sent four dollars and 20 cents since town that like button can pound that
like button everyone so speaking of everything being cyclical we lived
through that I see oh madness storing the well during the all-time high of
Bitcoin and now people are talking about this defy with with the theory I’m and
just decentralized finance all over the place people saying you should give them
your precious Bitcoin and they’ll give you interest and I foresee a deef and
people were building all defy companies I see a look a similar thing happening
with deep this this all encompassing term defy and IC o—- a big a big
similarity and i see it popping around the 2021 which about again four years
after 2017 what do you think about all they say getting interest on your
bitcoin defy etherium what what’s your tape well again you just shows you how
nascent the sector still is like for people like us who have been living it
for so many years it feels like it’s been around forever but even bitcoins
only been around for ten and all these other things have really been only
around for a few years let alone what you’re talking about now and yes you had
the ico thing which was you know again the whole 2017 thing was like a calm
boom and and that was the eye ciose to include you live it were scams a lot and
we’re just useless pump and dump schemes and then you know this time around we’ve
had what i call the second wave pumping dumps where you have all these coins
that are created by crowd funding what they’ve done is they they look crowd
fund to quickly put the coin on as many exchanges as possible and you know they
all of course have a big part of the pre mine and then they sell it as soon as it
gets on the exchanges and I think that’s wearing thin to this purge is going on
is all these scams one-by-one go away but then
there’s new scams because it is a growing space crypto so you know you
have dfi there’s I see there’s another one called ie Oh initial exchange
offering and you know someone look more legit than others but the fact is I do
believe crypto finance will have a huge role in the future it’s just right now
it’s so far away from that because a there’s no mainstream appetite for it
and to the vehicles out there are unregulated and make no sense so I you
know at least until we get into a major crypto bull market I can’t see any of
these things working and when they do they’re gonna have to be weeded out
again alright the guy in the chat cs2 sent ten dollars you said Bitcoin is
special so Andy you still think bitcoin is special right of course more it will
more special than ever I mean just observing again you go through all these
cycles first with the amount guts and then all the other issues that it has
had that had genuine fun involved it was the you know the big for next hack and
there was Mount God’s and there was there was the scaling Wars and then all
the bear markets that we’ve had and people have obviously different risk
appetites depending on their financial circumstances but you really just have
to watch this unprecedented thing you know unfurl and then make deductions
about what has happened and what’s going on the future and just after having seen
everything that’s gone on because I’ve been really active in Bitcoin since
early 2016 you know the the net result is that I never been more bullish about
it it’s not a perfect vehicle but it’s the
most perfect vehicle by far monetary vehicle that’s ever been
created by either man or nature and it’s only getting stronger and the use case
is getting stronger and I do believe that not only Bitcoin in general but I
do believe crypto is going to become one of the mainstream assets of the world in
the coming years and how you know whether it takes two years or ten years
or twenty I do believe that things like stocks bonds barn
you know fiat currencies are going to gradually lose market share to crypto
and there’s no way that bitcoin is not going to be a
leading crypto well you know you allude to 2016 you talk about other asset
classes since I have you here and there’s some people in the chat that are
still buying silver and gold what’s what’s going on do you ever check out
the precious metals still do you ever still peek over there
well I always keep it on my screen I mean I lived it for 15 years and it is
it is important to me to watch because I like to see how it evolves to see if
demand actually goes up or down prices change you know and nothing has changed
in precious metals I sold my silver when I for Bitcoin back in mid 2017 I sold my
gold in early 2018 pretty vocal about that I just don’t see their use case in
a digital age I think that everything that I once thought was good about them
it has been usurped by Bitcoin and not to mention the fact that the
government’s have diluted them with by hundreds of times with with futures
markets don’t even buys when you see the price of gold moving it’s not even the
price of physical gold moving its actual just futures markets that are moving and
and I’m inflation adjusted basis they haven’t gone up at all so I have no
interest in gold silver and never will then talking about the the paper
versions of these precious metals what do you think about the financialization
of Bitcoin or are all the are these big players going to be able to so-called
manipulate it well you know that’s my specialty or at least it was in precious
metals they did I mean precious metals they if you don’t even realize the comic
bex exchange literally went online the day that gold was re you were able to
buy it again like it became legal member FDR banded in 1933 it was at the end of
1973 when they said okay you can actually buy it again it’s legal and the
next day the comics went online with futures market and it was created you
know with the purpose of suppressing the prices all kinds of data out there
people want to research it and they have and it’s gotten worse and
it’s to the point where the Fiat market the the physical markets have been
destroyed but it’s not just that part of the reason that they’ve been destroyed
is that for instance Bitcoin has come around and people have started to look
at what a store value is and at the same time the physical markets have not been
strong I mean you can see that the US Mint demand is as low as it’s been so
despite all the you know you’ll get all these headlines trying to spy on gold
rush is buying gold but there’s no real proof that they can do that they do that
they just say that but they don’t actually show you the US government
hasn’t shown us Fort Knox in like 70 years and neither do the Russians or the
Chinese or any of them so they can that’s all jawboning I don’t think
anyone’s really buying much it’s and that’s why the price never goes out I’m
really glad you brought me no other who we’re not supposed to talk about
precious metals today I’m glad you brought up that Russia and that is such
a common line people Russia and China buying Russia and China buying there is
no proof is there there really is no proof that they physically have
purchased real gold I mean and I’ve been hearing that for so long
Russia and I thought the same thing I’m glad you threw that out there so I mean
look the point is it’s it’s arcane when you think about it we used to say well
either you say why is Bitcoin good because it’s divisible and fungible and
and private audio you name all these things and then they say that the four
bit comb used to say to that but that about gold but it’s so comical it’s
literally you have to go through the system to get it it’s a it is it says
not divisible and fungible and portable as you could possibly imagine
but compared to fiat currency I guess it makes it makes sense but but compared to
Bitcoin it’s it’s kamekona again I mean I was in the business forever
the average age when I was in the business was in the 60s if people
actually hold physical gold and silver and that age is only going up and so
when they when they you know pass it on to their to their heirs the heirs are
going to sell them that probably some of them are going to be buying bitcoin with
it yeah I would assume a lot of them will be alright everybody pound that
like button I want to uh you know you mentioned privacy so tell us about you
you are part of the MWC member coin team a crypto dividend airdrop for
bitcoiners they strengthened all US bitcoiners our hands we registered and
now we’re claiming our MWC and that’s I like crypto dividends because it’s it’s
in turn you get rewarded for holding Bitcoin that’s that’s what I love it’s
it’s free free coins and you can do as you wish I turn them in the Bitcoin
what–what’s and so MW sees thing is privacy I mean it uses the middle window
protocol which a gram and the up beam use so this is a third option what’s
what’s going on over there okay well you know before we just get directly into
MWC right yeah we’re talking equip the dividends because look you created the
term and I’ve made you know my living or you know on crypto dividends I mean I
spend time with B rhodium with MWC with talking about them I mean you you huddle
Bitcoin but it’s it’s a real part of the ecosystem which will only get stronger
now again you have all these different crypto dividends that came around for
different reasons be cash was the first big cash came around really as an attack
on Bitcoin it just happened to be because of Forks bit coin holders got
this quote crypto dividend I’m not that not that Roger ver wanted to give anyone
anything but that that was the nature of those ports not to be altruistic or in
any way it just that’s how they work and then you have ones like be rhodium which
was pioneering because they were saying look we’re trying to create something
different and we’re going we’d like to have a strong user base so we will give
them to Bitcoin holders the same was with that big core when they were giving
it away in the secondary market simply saying we would like to have strong
handling user base so we’re giving some way and then of course you know you have
something like hex where it’s almost like they’re giving it away trying to
entice you to buy it and give them more money which to me is very scary and I
hope that no one does anything except claim the free stuff and just hope that
one day it gets hyped because that’s kind of to me like an evil crypto
dividend with an agenda now MWC is kind of the best of both worlds because it is
a crypto dividend that has the potential to be
as valuable as anything in crypto meaning as valuable as any coin and
crypto because memorable technology is so powerful and is going to have such a
major role in crypto so as a bitcoin holder Chris gilliard the lead dev he
wanted to one reward Bitcoin holders with the ability to benefit from this
but also it’s a hinge because the bemble Wimble does become that big let’s say it
becomes it big enough that it creates a contentious debate within the Bitcoin
community because some will say we should incorporate it some will say we
shouldn’t it could be a hedge and so there so you can benefit in all
different ways as a hey Jorge simply as a growth vehicle and as it turns out you
know you introduced me to Chris you had met him in Puerto Rico and as it turns
out he’s one of the most brilliant coders in crypto he has a long
background in Silicon Valley and brought on a team of people that he’s worked
with and incredibly I would have never believed that this complex technology
could be developed so seamlessly but our team has done that and frankly so have
the teams at green at grinning beam because again you know they just
launched less than a year ago so this is this is a brand new technology but it’s
really advancing rapidly and I think by the end of next year everyone’s gonna
realize just how powerful it is okay now you say and I’ve got a broader question
about privacy right now I gotta tell you most people in Krita Bitcoin and crypto
they don’t give a darn about privacy so the the argument that hey we need a more
private big version of Bitcoin we need we need to add some features it’s
definitely not resonating yet when do you see it when do you see people caring
about privacy and then this would become a way to start the debate as you said
that this this could trigger some start of the sort of debate just having this
technology around okay well there’s a couple aspects to that question first of
all you know you say like a private version of it now mimmo Wimble is a
blockchain protocol it’s not like or even Mon Aero is not a private version
of Bitcoin it’s just a different coin that that’s that’s primary feature
is privacy it’s very I mean one arrow is not scalable I mean Monera because
privacy transactions in general is so big it’s it’s much less scalable than
even Bitcoin is it’s just for kind of ultra private stuff you know but what
minimal Wimble is it’s not like a private a privacy
protocol the main thing that the primary thing that it does so well is that it’s
scales like if it was in Bitcoin Bitcoin would scale dramatically better probably
the debt the initial but block download would be 70% less so that solves a lot
of its issues and again it also uses Schnoor signatures and lightning Network
these things were already in member levels so scaling is a big issue and but
it also has privacy we’ll get to why in a second because there are no addresses
and the blocks don’t show amounts so you can’t ever look and a whale alert and
say hey someone just sent a billion dollars with the Bitcoin no one ever
knows who sends what to who all that stuff is private now is it the most
private thing in the world is it as private as Manero perhaps not but it’s
far more private than anything we have here and as we’ve seen look I’m very
aware I do believe that fit coins privacy is now becoming an issue because
people can if this chain analysis really makes it easy for experts to track
things not necessarily to specific people but it is it that you know there
are a lot of people who do not want to have their movements of their coins
tracked and with nimble Wimble that gets rid of that problem so I do think that
it’s going to be an issue sooner rather later fungibility is is another issue
like when you see the the finance hack and all of a sudden finance gets
together with government authorities and saying we’re blacklisting these
addresses because they may that’s where the coin went out and so all of a sudden
that becomes less fungible so I think when you combine scaling privacy and
fungibility you realize that nimble Wimble has a a
major role to play in them in the crypto space and there Chris thinks maybe what
there’ll be a privacy debate down the road even some of the maximalists have
acknowledged it guys like Benny were on his show he says it’s coming but I don’t
think he realizes what it what it entails it’s it’s
it’s about middle limbal specifically that people are going to be talking
about alright alright so I again in the pret I know there there’s let me say one
more thing one more thing what we’re saying here is not that bitcoin is in
danger I’ve said over and over bitcoins a store or value properties are
unassailable I mean there’s no way even if you have a huge privacy debate it
doesn’t matter Bitcoin stored value is going to be
preserved it’s just a matter of what will the future Bitcoin look like will
it have member limbo will it not if not the middle one will do will be in
another aspect of crypto this is not like big cash where they say be cash
will be the next Bitcoin it’s going to be better
we’re just saying this is a protocol that’s going to have a role in crypto
and it may well incorporate itself into Bitcoin to make it better all right dad
that there you go that’s that’s good I’m glad you cleared that up right there
that aspect of it now I want to say that first of all it looks real professional
what you got over there with with with the wallet and everything IIIi did play
around with the wallet so and you’ve you’ve talked about other alt coins
disappearing and and and one more thing one thing because we’re yes on MWC again
the airdrop right it was the coin only as a 20 million supply cat lifetime and
that’s compared to grin which has no limit and beam which has 263 million
though we are air dropping 6 million or 30% of the lifetime cap now it started
the claim period started on the 2nd of December it’ll go to January 2nd already
four and a half million have been claimed so for all we know we’ll end it
even earlier if it all gets claimed and on top of that it’s trading on hot bit
there’s been a wrote today about the supply overhang has been surprisingly
low there’s just not that much for sale and we put out a road map yesterday
which says that the MWC Hahnel program which is going to be a rewards program
similar to the strong hands program and Bitcoin rhodium where you just get it
for free for holding passively will announce details of that right around
the time we end the airdrop and and implement it probably in the second
quarter well name the exchange against someone
said what exchange it’s hot it’s hot right I bet that IO which also is one of
the leading exchanges for a grinning beam it’s a great exchange that has no
kyc it allows us clients no limits and we’re obviously looking into other
exchanges right now we just wanted to make sure that we had one listed at the
time of the airdrop so we didn’t have to have this crazy OTC market and no one
can see the price discovery yeah I gotta give you guys credit did it hurt
everything came early it wasn’t supposed to be until December 11th so this is
some people were very surprised by all this things actually happening early in
the space I was surprised but I’ve learned not to be surprised with
Christmas team because I mean when I spoke to him in January last January
he said April 19th we’re gonna do the the registration July 19th it will end
then we’ll do the 4th quarter of the main net launch and everything has got I
mean it’s not supposed to be that way things are supposed to be lily and
nothing has been late yes so they hate that’s a that’s that’s a
little uh that’s a little different for the space so you personally though you
are in terms of your assets you’re mostly Bitcoin yes bitcoin is my top
position and you know again I’m very selective on that you know it’s funny if
anyone would assume like I’m an old corn guy I really I spent a lot of time
devoted to helping support Bitcoin Roy because I like the story and I obviously
joined the the MWC team a year ago because I believed in the story and
that’s it you know I I believe I’m really really
into minimal right now I think it’s it’s the the emerging growth space within
crypto aside from just core Bitcoin and that’s it I’ve always I’m a consultant
regarding all coins but I have nothing nothing else that I’m consulting on
because I believe that I’ve always believed that 98% are worthless and now
I believe it’s more like 99 percent yeah that that leads it to my question of the
future of all coins after the 2020 having Mithen out I guess well we’ve all
Cina fini I mean it doesn’t take rocket science to know that that all those
things that came out were worthless but you know what’ll really amaze you it
amazed me no one’s even talking about this is that the amount of coins coming
out is exploding like I looked at coin market cap maybe six months ago when
there were three thousand coins now there’s five thousand and oh and that’s
probably why Bitcoin dominance is gone from seventy to like 66 so people are
going put Wyatt the old coins are all dead why is that happening because you
have thousands of new coins with small small amounts that have cumin aliy added
up to a couple of percentage points it’s not because the existing coins have been
gaming against Bitcoin but I do believe that just just like the internet you had
the dot-coms and most of them failed but but then the internet actually grew and
became something real so there’s going to be huge winners in the old coin space
but only a handful of them they actually have to have use cases probably a lot of
them haven’t even been invented yet because that’s the nature of if you’re
gonna have like I said a new asset class for the world there’s gonna be more than
one coin in the asset class because there’s going to be like I said I think
stocks bonds and currencies are on the way out
so there are going to be things that get invented to be used in crypto that are
useful but when you talk of store value Bitcoin will dominate because there’s
you know no way to replicate the virgin birth oh wow pound that like button or
value people learn it live it love it like me all right I want to go to back
to MWC for one second like coin you’re talking about Alf B altcoin winners
which all coins will survive like coin did some IFRIC was it with grin or Beam
they’re doing at some type of agreement is being worried you know you’ve gotten
at MWC out there art are you guys thinking of partnering up with another
off coin in that type of a fashion I mean I I have seen that one of my
predictions in the future is that all coins will either combine some of them
or do partnerships like that well in this particular case I’ve written
extensively about this and the same thing with
Monero because what it look I’m still baffled about litecoin because Charlie
Lee sold dolls litecoin keep souls Bitcoin and yet acts like he’s the
leader of litecoin and he’s supporting and working with it like I can’t imagine
selling my position in something and then saying but I’m the leader and I
want to help build it it doesn’t make sense any of that it’s not a reflection
badly on him he’s been a great person crypto I just don’t understand that why
he’s marketing something that he sold because obviously he doesn’t believe it
even the reasons he gave don’t make sense you know I have a conflict of
interest but anyway what they’re doing is not memorable what they’re doing is
basically saying look our use case I had some litecoin in mid 2017 and I sold it
when like when when Bitcoin segment locked in because I realized there’s no
more use case for it it’s it doesn’t need to be a test net
it’s not gonna have crypto dividends so I didn’t see why you would need to have
litecoin now litecoin pumped with everything else in 2017 but now it’s
kind of like this weird thing where it has a decent hash rate for an altcoin
but it has no real use case so they’re gonna invent them saying we are gonna
you know do lighten it minimal import but they’re not doing memorable they’re
gonna do member wendel sidechains the mobile side change is not nimble nimble
humble is a layer one a layer one aspect protocol and the only way to get it is
to hard fork into it so they’re not going to do that and the same with
monera they now have their developing member wendel sidechain so they market
it so minimal when will gets high people go oh look like Cohen’s doing it but
they’re not doing it they’re not doing the limbo at all they’re just trying to
market it to gain you know gain some crypto investors the only true member
limbo coins are MWC grin and being and the reason would that MWC was created
was aside from the fact that Chris was a huge Bitcoin holder and believer thought
that he could help develop member Wimble more rapidly because he saw the future
was because he saw that grin had no supply limit and he went on their kid up
and said why won’t you do that want to change it they wouldn’t
she said so I’ll create one with the supply limit and I’ll give it to Bitcoin
holders and have an MWC huddle a dividend so it’s a more investable coin
it’s that simple but as far as the three coins grin beam and MW see they all have
great teams that are building this protocol and cumin of Li are worth like
50 or 60 million dollars when they could be worth billions I mean Mon arrows
worth a billion dollars right now Oh sound and E again
oh there you alright sighs I know you’re fine you’re fine very good I thought you
went down it sounded weird all right but but going back to it might just be a
gimmick it might just be a total gimmick but it does get the B name out there if
like like coins a big all coin they’re working on with being or green or
whatever they were I would you would MWC consider a similar relationship with
another coin I mean sure why not I mean I’m as big a marketer as you’re
gonna find in crypto and you know well we have this you know our marketing
effort will be as strong as any I just don’t think with what he’s doing
really matters but the thing is like coin still has a reputation a good
reputation it has a following and if there’s a if when there’s a new crypto
bull market bit going to soar again I’m sure like coin will do just fine
and I’m sure that Charlie’s team will will will put out and and fluffy ponies
team of an arrow put out every a bit of memba Wimble related you know PR that
they can FM when member when both coins are going up and when we participate I
mean it’s not really it’s not like beam is doing anything for it’s really like
coin just using their name and saying we’ll use your technology so but it’s
not it’s not a memorable coin and good for good for like coin if they can get
it to go up based on that but it’s not nibbling but their diet what what else
is on your plate here that you want to talk about and things
that are going on in the space that are big for you well look I mean it’s
fortunately a lot of the work has been done like when it comes to Bitcoin I
remember you know the first two years I was
writing in 2016 and 17 there was a much bigger audience of people who would like
wanted to learn like what’s going on I had all this consultant people saying I
don’t know how to use a tracer or how does it all work but you know that’s the
beauty of what’s going on it’s evolved so fast that people kind of know it’s a
story value it’s not going away Forks are not gonna heart it because it’s not
gonna hurt it the world’s monetary system is getting archaic its banking
systems are K we know the future is good and so I don’t sit there writing about
this all the time I mean occasionally I have something to say about the macro
but it’s it’s there to stay and as for the other things that I’ve done the only
real things I’ve spent time honors everyone knows be rhodium is I think
it’s a great story but it’s been you know we’ve gone down with all the old
coins is here but I’ve already told that story and that’s for what more there is
to say I support it I hold it and I will you know when things happen I’ll bring
them up but I you know that stories out there and the thing that’s beautiful
that MWC is the member wendel story is telling itself because the techni mean
you talk about the wallet there were no well it’s like that when when when
diamond grin launched the year ago all the all the coins were just hold on
exchanges and all the transactions were between accounts of exchanges they
didn’t even have cold storage which is now coming out we’re gonna be rolling it
out and that we’re not wallets for Windows we had to create a window a
Windows wallet because the old one was only for for Apple so all these things
this you know once you use it you realize how amazing it is it sells
itself ours are our blockchain is operating
beautifully grinning beams are working beautifully it’s just a matter of how
fast people realize how amazing this technologies and we have had bumps in
the sector I mean that the grinning beam got to 150 million dollar cubed of
market cap in June and they’ll get there again and this time it’s the middle of
all Trinity because MWC is part of it now all right nimble little trendy now
you mentioned before not you said 2017 you’re you had clients people wanting to
use the Tresor et cetera et cetera do you see new people entering right now
in the space I see a lot of IIIi don’t see a lot of individuals I see a lot of
interest from bigger entities but individuals I don’t I don’t see many new
and no retail interest is as dead as it can be because people look it’s just
like the dot-coms or the 2008 financial market what crisis particular with real
estate because it was the same kind of thing people were buying real estate and
they lost their shirts and in 2000 1999 they’re buying dot-com stocks and it
part of it is as I said before the knowledge of how to use things is much
higher so people don’t wouldn’t don’t need to call me anymore and say Andy
please tell me how it works have you set up a tray zorkin everyone
can figure that out themselves now it’s what the exchanges are so much more user
friendly remember how horrible coinbase was compared to now where it works
beautifully so but as for actual retail interests I don’t think it could be more
debt so if the fear greed index is at 20 but you know I mean the the retail
component of that is at zero because they’ve lost people have lost money they
don’t trust it I remember when it started to go up in the in the fall of
2017 I’m talking about I remember when the price was like $4,000 $5,000 people
were even tech people were play soccer with we’re going holy cow this Bitcoin
Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin and then when it was 15,000 this year not a single person
everyone is out in the space you couldn’t have more fear more more
loathing of it a lack of understanding of the type of people but as you said
the institutional interest is growing between the futures markets and the
fidelities that are quietly building custodian relationships and the ETFs
that are going to ultimately get approved if not here than somewhere else
first that bad aspect people are realizing again we’ve been above the
Hoffman line for now two years and anyone who’s in the monetary realm
realizes how valuable it is so I think the retail as they did last time they
came in you know my biggest months and CGC were of course October November
December of 2017 they come in at the highs
and that’s when the retail will come in again after you know Bitcoin brings the
the highs from the summer so you you’re sound went out there on my back okay
yeah there you go yeah beautiful so the the smart money is just going to
get richer basically and the rich are going to get richer it’s it the regular
individual in the street doesn’t act until it’s too late
it was a unique time in 2016-17 because there was no smart money yet it was it
was valued so low that the people like us who were there were actually the
quote smart money even though we weren’t rich people but we were the people who
were there at the time this time around it’s the smart money that’s that’s
accumulating the retail is long gone the smart money will get richer yes yeah
yeah we were the smart money definitely we weren’t the rich money I mean there’s
there’s not necessarily an overlap there either I mean we had to the long term
thinking the people from 20 13 14 15 and 16 everyone now thinks so haha how did
you know I mean but it’s the big money that’s gonna get that’s gonna be the
prime benefactor because again it’s big enough now that they can invest they
couldn’t invest when Bitcoin was worth two billion dollars but when it’s worth
120 billion they can invest and they will okay so individuals if you’re
watching this and I’ve said this many times don’t be bitter in like 2022 if
like Bank of America owns a lot of Bitcoin and you don’t I mean you had the
opportunity so there’s a guy in that chat Jeff says I found out about bitcoin
meister through Andy Hoffman I have since gained a stronger hand oh that’s
uh that’s that’s awesome that your hand is stronger because of all of this all
right and no other real questions over there in the in the chat I see and did
you have any uh conclusionary thoughts anything you my conclusion area might
yes then yeah it would be the only place I ever get that word of course it is a
real word I just look I’ve dedicated my life I dedicated my life to oil and then
to moved on to precious metals and now my Mike it’s dedicated to crypto you
know led by Bitcoin I could be happier with the MWC project I
believe that it has the potential to be one of the biggest coins that crypto and
it was free and on top of that movie thing a crypto dividend on top of the
crypto dividend but look just stay the course because you know considering all
the fun that Bitcoin is dealt with in its past I just don’t see anything right
now I mean nothing there were things that genuinely scared me all the way
back from Mount GOx up until in the middle last year and now I just look at
the muggle what what am I possibly worried about and on top of that out of
what’s coming up in five months the having baby I having my happy coming and
when people realize how what an incredible incredible change that isn’t
supply to something that’s training at an all-time high hash rate right now
it’s really I mean the one that happened in 2016 obviously it triggered something
but I think that this one will be historic because I think the amount of
money that’s going to be coming after those those have rewards is going to be
something the world has not seen yet I want to say that it should be a much
more having hype leading up to it this time because not more people are gonna
know about it they’ll be more media coverage that should be fun I’m probably
going to be a Tel Aviv for a having a party actually I’m announcing now I’m
not sure yet but it looks like I’m gonna be in Tel Aviv there’ll be more about
that later they know how to party it up there you have any plans for they having
day any party you’re gonna get it let’s see May 14th now it sounds like about
the end of school for my daughter so if I do something fun yeah everyone
celebrates a little different depending on your your life situation if you got
the little kids I guess there won’t be major having party going on awesome
awesome alright everybody Andy it’s linked to below you can you can follow
him on Twitter he tweets a lot and everything and go to his steam it and
all that and these and feel free to DM him and contact them he’s he’s good
about that so thanks a lot for being on the show today hopefully will be a will
be talking soon before before they having hopefully
and everyone just keep a keep a strong hand here keep a you know become here
like Andy and just long-term thinking everyone long-term thinking all right
that is let me just see if anybody else has anything else to say in the chat
before we get out of here I hope you guys enjoyed this live show that we can
do again that is awesome alright everyone i am adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe the channel like
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