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Paul is gonna be on a special guest from India it is this week in Bitcoin money
Triggs can’t make it anymore so I’m working on getting that third guest I
have what 14 hours to figure that out 13 hours to figure that out alright great
stuff litecoin so there allow you litecoin
freaks out there that get a big a big joy when I actually mentioned the word
litecoin on this show and there is a light coin the light coin 2007 report is
out I link to it below ok the state of light coin in 2017 I think I said 2017
was at 2007 by accident well yeah so if you all you like coin people there’s all
sorts of statistics if you like that kind of thing I thought I would share it
with you now there’s crypto dividend news from litecoin also this paid press
release that was uh that’s on this one website On February 19th you can get
your litecoin cash let’s just call it el cash
I guess 10 el cash for every light coin you hold all right you guys check out
the link below if you want to investigate this further I haven’t
really investigated it very much hopefully it’s legitimate it’s
interesting as I said in the past the top 2 your alt coins are all going to
have their crypt of dividends people are going to try to fork off of them for the
glory it boils down to these exchanges really carrying this stuff and it being
safe to split them and you know we’re in the early stage of this crypto pivoting
game and it’s real rough out there so it’s really the Wild Wild West in terms
of like everyone coming up with these things but yeah just obviously if you’re
in classics coming on up with a Callisto 1 on March the 5th
we’ve got Manero V which is coming up on March the 7th and aetherium has done
theirs it’s pretty easy to do them on aetherium so you know and be cash even
be cash can be there was the Bitcoin candy be cash when you know so the top
tier all coins whether you like them or not
that’s one way of deciding what’s a top tier all coin if they’re getting me if
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don’t get anywhere else we don’t repeat the same ol news that they say
everywhere else so here is a Twitter tweet from no para 73 1 open a bank
account forget about it a few years later you are broke to create a Bitcoin
wallet forget about it a few years later you are a millionaire
and that sums it up real nice you put some money in a small bank account they
keep charged me you they keep taking from you and you forget about it and
then you see you owe them like twenty nine dollars you forget about your
Bitcoin you use your Bitcoin as a savings account you don’t look at it for
four years who knows what’s gonna happen to it so again strong hand people that’s
more than just a saying you gotta have a strong hand keep a hold of that Bitcoin
don’t give it up forget about it then check it out in 2022 and you’ll be like
holy moley where did that come from alright so the
New York Times has a series of articles out and I’d link to them below one that
talks about the top cryptocurrency holders in the world the bill the
cryptocurrency billionaires of the world and links to a Forbes richest in crypto
currencies article I link to that below it also talks about how in puerto rico
brock pierce and some other people are coming up with this cryptocurrency
community in san juan or maybe outside of san juan also it’s an interesting
story by the way all of these stories showed horrible photos abroad pierce
doesn’t exactly look like that in person and it made the Winklevoss brothers look
a lot older than they really are i don’t know why they’re using sushi but photos
i mean obviously it looks like Barack has chaired change his appearance since
I saw him in johannah’s in Cape Town and in 2015 he looks more he looks more Los
Angeles like to say the least more Hollywood he was a Hollywood actor at
one time when he was young but besides the point there photos on these photos
from if they’re trying to make the guys look bad but the articles are
interesting I I mean I oh I suppose currency community wherever Puerto Rico
is very interesting was if you’re in the United States citizen you don’t have to
pay federal taxes there it don’t quote me on that I know that’s why shift lives
down there so it’s funny that Peter Schiff moved down
and now there’s cryptocurrency people moving down there maybe they’ll have a
big battle royal or something what well actually I guess it wouldn’t
be a bad MP shift against a bunch of other people and that’s just the way of
the world the world is changing and Peter Schiff is staying in the past but
anyway check out those those articles brock pierce points out something I have
been saying since 2015 this is an opportunity to be a trillionaire someone
who is positively impacting a trillion living things on the planet okay that
second part is like his hippie Los Angeles talking but no this is the
opportunity cryptocurrency is the opportunity to become the first that
trillionaire in terms of dollar value and of course we don’t value our wealth
in dollars but traditionally a lot of people out there do and I have said this
with the wincle vibe the Winklevoss brothers that clearly their goal is to
become the first stop trillionaires on the planet in terms of dollar value of
their of their cryptocurrencies so good luck to them and good luck to all the
people of all the cryptocurrency billionaires we should aim to be like
them well not the ripple ones but no we should try to increase our wealth people
it’s it’s great there’s nothing wrong with being rich there’s nothing it’s
been vilified too much so there are some rumors about finance the the exchange am
i pronouncing it right is that too much of a Baltimore accent for you pound that
like button hey if you’re the chat you do the super chat I won’t answer your
questions otherwise I just see faces going by but yet the rumors that finance
there’s some problems all I know is that it has slowed down I um I have an
account there I’ve done anything with that account I just messed around over
there just to you know they say that you know you haven’t a when you’re doing
this thing you gotta open accounts a lot of different places so you can see you
know if it’s been hacked if how easy it is what coins they really list and no
it’s slow its slow it looks weird I don’t know what’s going on but rumors
are floating but let let’s wait out there because in goodbye
Nance news be private has released some news that they have applied to be on
Finance and that’s like all they can legally say that they’ve sent in their
application to buy Nance alright good good hopefully they get all bye Nance
hopefully Finance get Z they don’t have Z classic owned by Nance so that’s not
good for people who Z classic who wanted to automatically split but again if
Finance listed then obviously they’ll put pressure on bit tracks and maybe
traceur and again I owe all of you a video just dedicated to getting be
private listed on these exchanges and to get it to be split easily for all of us
and you know in yesterday’s show and check out yesterday’s show link to below
I mentioned that young people are not buying stocks it’s just a matter of fact
they’re it’s easier and more exciting to buy cryptocurrency I mean I got in South
Korea they were they totally straight up that the the old stocks that’s pouring
to them now now it’s about the cryptocurrency so what I was trying to
say is that times are a-changing if you’re a person in your 50s or 60s and
you’ve been buying you’ve been diversifying in the stocks then good for
you great that’s awesome I’m not saying you did something wrong
or that you didn’t make a lot of money or that diversification or a certain
level isn’t isn’t a bad thing there isn’t a good thing but times are
changing and with that in mind and the hoffman baby
he saw the last of his gold a guy that was when the biggest precious metal guys
out there and someone just did the super chat big Jing’s low jody on this guy
he’s gonna you know he’s got a rapper type of name he two dollars he sent me
here is what i am going to do for crypto he says well dude do big kings low cho
do some big things baby you’re awesome for the
$2 thank you very much but yes Andy Hoffman once one of the
biggest names in cryptocurrency and I in precious metals on YouTube has sold the
last of his gold so I mean and it says a lot about how things have evolved in
over since 2016 oh look he sent $5 big kings look at this this guy wants some
shout out thank you I’m posting my music up for free and accepting donations in
bitcoin all right dude all right I have licked I believe I’d link to your steam
it below before I’m it’s not below now but you know comment on my send me it
again I’ll post to your steam it again but I I think I’ve retweeted this dude
before I think he’s got steam and I do clarify it thank you for the $5 thanks
to everyone who sent does the super chat stuff I really appreciate it very nice
and yeah I value my wealth and Bitcoin but I’ll take your fiat – and then you
know buy some Bitcoin of do you know pay some bills or whatever alright but yeah
the Andy Hoffman stuff is cool that’s uh that made me real happy and should all
of you should be happy and you know sometimes you got to change you know
it’s not about the the young people they’re moving away from stocks and
bonds I mean two big coin thank god alright
so johannesburg event that i will be speaking at on the seventh the matte
brown event lauren camera will also be speaking it their tone days those
simulcast him in from America so he’ll be speaking on video there the if you
earn South Africa if you’re in South Africa you got to sign up for the event
I link to the sign up below okay so I’m very excited about being obvious out
African a month unbelievable unbelievable alright what
else we have here Oh a guy in Austria sent me a link to
his business where he has a Bitcoin ATM so I linked to him below electroshock I
mean I can’t I can’t pronounce it I it’s linked to below
Koby ruck sends $2 finally able to catch you live thank you for your work
well thanks B Rock I’m glad you’re able to catch me live I wanted to do this
much earlier but I was kind of asleep and I had to take care of some stock
things life gets in the way you get a lot of messages and so now my next show
is going to be in 13 hours from now so everybody tune in this weekend Bitcoin
at 9:45 a.m. in the morning or Friday Eastern Standard Time
alright so what else do we have you see the Johannesburg event the Austrian guy
and ich again check out and visit that guy in Austria if you’re in Austria at
his electroshock whatever the place is it’s linked to below all right again
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alright you know an archive the links are awesome below man you learn a lot
you got it you got to click on the links to fully understand what I’m talking
about in these videos oh so there was a big cash pump what a shock of course
there was and there still will be they dead what’s it call it hasn’t even
happened yet Smita mania and in Mexico or all the
where all the I’m not even gonna say it I’m not I’m not gonna insult them that
much the people that go down there alright because there’s some normal
people that go there for some reason I mean I I Simon Dickson is speaking there
is like I don’t agree with that he shouldn’t speak there but whatever he’s
his own man he can do what he wants to do but yeah they’ll be pumping the B
cash there and maybe Simon will give us a report or wine Gaul don’t give us a
report mine Galt likes to go down there too but they haven’t had this shmita
fest yet or to the best of my knowledge they have it and it’s already pumping
but king of the trolls was on it was on the Alex Jones Show so obviously
whatever it’s a you deal with it it’s gonna pump some more that’s just life
everything’s cyclical here by the way newbie tip of the day a lot
of people a lot of newbies they’re like should I only have one bitcoin address
on my trays or no dude try to create as many Bitcoin addresses as possible you
know what’s so when you ask for Bitcoin from one person create a new address and
I know people for crypto dividend reasons for airdrop reasons they’re like
wow it’s easier just to have one address no learn how to create many addresses by
doing that you learn how to use Bitcoin correctly you learn more about Bitcoin
you become more of a skilled Bitcoin er if you know how to create more than one
Bitcoin address and you accept Bitcoin at one more than one address and just
play around on your trees or on your ledger Nana or wherever it’s not just
about having one address that’s like not a good idea I don’t recommend it so
there’s your newbie tip of the tip of the day oh yeah Manero Manero pumped as
I predicted also of course but it didn’t predict for my reasons yet because
people solving gotten word about this Manero of the crypt of dividend that’s
coming out on March the 7th oh yeah that el cash crypto did again you get 10 el
cash for every light coin you own again check out the links below if you want to
investigate that thing so I’d link to andy hoffman steam it post where he
announces that you know he is he’s gone he’s gotten rid of his gold baby
local bitcoins as of the 31st of January you can’t place an ad on there anymore
with that you have to give your ID you have to give them a photo ID now
apparently so that’s uh that’s disturbing to some people obviously I
mean there’s if you’re if you’re selling Bitcoin in the United States you’re
encountering some ID issues you’re gonna they’re gonna be able to keep track of
you most of the time unless you meet someone you arrange it and you take cash
and you know there’s ways or arranged zena’s if you want to do it that way but
again if you’re if if they know who you are you’re gonna have to pay taxes
that’s life that is life um and I I purchased my Bitcoin from point base I
purchased all of my big point from coin base and so uh yeah that when I sell it
if I ever sell it for Fiat I’ll have to uh you don’t have to pay taxes that’s
that’s life don’t try to hook and again the people
out there I mentioned this on yesterday’s show all the people who tell
you to sell your your Bitcoin for Fiat they don’t they don’t tell you about the
taxes because they probably are just kids who are like 17 years old we’ve
never had to pay taxes or they’re just no coin there’s all right big kings
again he sends to for more dollars and he is big Kings on Steam it that’s bi g
CH i n gs so check out his music um and yeah he says he sells bitcoins okay
that’s your business dude that’s that’s not my business man Oh daddy mighty I
just dab myself of something sharp in my pocket was that that’s a rare live
massage check that out alright so on that note that’s it i’m adam meister the
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