Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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December the 2nd 2017 strong hand people buy and hold bitcoin is the world
reserve cryptocurrency alright I want to quickly thank the lay decentralized at
the end of yesterday’s this week in Bitcoin he sent a $50 super chat dude
that’s awesome he didn’t even ask a question if you want to ask a question
that’s how you get my attention sending a super chat in the in the live chat
during the live show we’ll get into that a little bit later
hey remember delay gratification people that’s that’s part of long-term thinking
so keep that in mind so bt bitcoin excuses i mean first of
all and fake forks the the sometimes the mainstream media or semi mainstream
media will publish an article and recently they published an article about
all the forks of bitcoin and they just blindly list bitcoin silver bitcoin
uranium and then everyone starts to repeat it and those are jokes those
aren’t even real Forks and again i linked my links are updated if you’re
watching this live but i’d link to it almost every time the site that shows
all the real Forks that are out there it doesn’t take that much research it
doesn’t take that much research just to see that yeah bitcoin uranium had a
reddit thread that’s it it died it also had a Twitter account that liked to
people load that doesn’t make it a real fork it
doesn’t make it a real crypto dividend people stop repeating this nonsense if
and first of all if you want real crypto dividend information come here that’s
where you get to up-to-date information on that type of thing
ken Bozak thank you for the $4.20 he says to pound that like button yeah I
agree with kennel mat he had a little subliminal message in that also I don’t
agree with the subliminal message but thank you for the $4.20
so anyway and if so if people are going to talk about crypto dividends and
mention all these Forks that don’t exist and then say oh there are too many Forks
then you don’t even have an argument because you’re saying they’re too many
Forks when there aren’t there aren’t that many of them first of all the only
successful ones we’ve had are be cash and be gold and now we’re on the verge
maybe this be diamond super Bitcoin which is coming in a couple weeks
that looks really legit a few people were like oh there’s a who’s behind it
like one of the wealthiest Bitcoin holders on earth is behind super Bitcoin
so I mean it sounds like it sounds hilarious okay but it’s no laughing
matter if it works out real well and a bunch of people in Asia that are part of
the 80% buy it up because they like that they’re Asian billionaire is behind it
and then we get it for free it’s no laughing matter if you mean if you have
a hundred Bitcoin let’s say you were smart and you listen to me and you end
up with a hundred Bitcoin because you’ve been watching my show since 2014 and
then you get ten you get the equivalent of ten free Bitcoin from the super
Bitcoin let’s say or five that’s a lot of money dues that’s so it’s no joke
it’s no joke we want to take these things very seriously so if you’ve got
these people say no good corner radio it’s a oh well you’ve so many it doesn’t
even exist it doesn’t exist so stop repeating fake news stop repeating fake
news people it really does not help and unfortunately unfortunately we have some
legitimate guys out there who are just repeating this they read it in a semi
mainstream media article and then they just repeat it and it’s just a it’s a
snowball effect that everyone thinks there’s something called
be silver and everybody thinks there’s something called be uranium there’s not
there again there’s be silver is some aetherium token it’s completely it’s not
a crypto dividend a Bitcoin okay end of story for that what else do we
have here yeah so do not underestimate that guy
behind super Bitcoin that is that’s no joke dude that’s no joke
it’s got a funny name but that’s no joke so and again by the way check out
yesterday’s this week in Bitcoin Andy Hoffman was on he we had also Gabriel
for Venezuela was on and Federico who visited North Korea was on and Andy’s
got an article about last night’s show on crypto gold central com I link to it
below check it out take action take action you can you can’t be an expert in
Bitcoin if you don’t own Bitcoin okay if if you’ve been talking and talking a big
game all this time what’s your excuse for not having Bitcoin and why should
people even listen to a word you have to say it’s like again it’s like a business
professor in Business School who has never run a business and there are
plenty of those guys out there and and you know it at highly ranked business
schools there’s guys who have never owned a business why should I listen to
those guys to teach me about business if they never run a business so you’ve
gotta take you guys got to be serious here there are a lot of people all over
the internet all over Twitter all over wherever the real world all sorts of
people trying to be gurus now do they actually own Bitcoin do they do they
walk the walk besides talk in the talk okay do they should there be a minimum
like threshold to be a legitimate Bitcoin person out there I mean to me if
you want advice from someone I mean they probably should own like 50 Bitcoin at
least I mean that means they’ve been in the game for a long time if they don’t
50 Bitcoin that means it was not that long
it wasn’t that hard to get 50 Bitcoin in in the end of 2015 I mean
if you’re if you’re a respectable person who you know knows how to save and plan
for the future I mean you just have to there’s so many I mean the 80% are gonna
fall fall for anything yeah 80 percenters you’re gonna fall for
anything what can I say you’re gonna listen to the guy who’s got point one
Bitcoin and you think he’s the biggest expert in the world but he’s telling you
to buy some 50 or cryptocurrency also you know he’s got he’s buying telling
you buy neo or something or big connector or whatever I mean you guys
fall for anything but I’m talking of the people you gotta think if you’re part of
the 20% you can be tricked you can be tricked if you’re smart person you can
be trickster to again take things slow here take things slow don’t believe
everything you read out there because again we just talked to an example where
people are saying there’s something coming when uranium and there is it and
you know when it was first brought up sure you know bring it up but now it’s
obvious it’s a two-month-old joke now so I joined esque has an article out today
and I don’t usually reference coin desk articles was there mostly you know semi
mainstream covering icos and all this ridiculous stuff but it’s by a woman and
she she talks she gives every excuse in the book why you know it’s cheap she
bought Bitcoin which is really cheap like a hundred or two hundred forgot the
whole story now but she got rid of it she couldn’t hold on to it
she had no long-term plan she used something by some aetherium that she
also could not hold on to I mean it’s a typical it’s a virtuous it you know and
then she gets a tattoo so she has a tattoo this is Bitcoin she wasted her
money on a tattoo this is Bitcoin she used to look at every single day to
remind her how foolish she was but she isn’t realize how foolish so she was
virtue signaling to the world how great Bitcoin was and how she’s in the Bitcoin
but she couldn’t act on it she couldn’t act when she couldn’t plan you guys have
to plan you guys have to act okay so she actually did buy it but then she’s
solving so what was the point of even buying it if she sold it
I mean yeah I she gives all these excuses permission he probably had to
get herself some clothes or a car or whatever a tattoo she had to get herself
absol ridiculous so I want to link to that
point desk article by this by this lady no it’s not Laura Shin but whatever’s
his same is the same type of thing Laura Shin buys I see I mean she talks
about Jen I CEOs the plan is simple people you buy and hold Bitcoin and then
you get your crypt of dividends it’s that easy you don’t get tattoos you
don’t get i cos you don’t listen to people like Lauren or this woman for
God’s sakes um and you know defeat to be honest most women are not good with
money whatsoever I mean we all know that I mean most men are better I mean no on
average look at this face it’s 95 percent men there’s a reason for that
sure they’re gonna be exceptions the exceptions prove the rule here but if
you’re gonna take advice from a female that that’s telling you she gotta tap a
Bitcoin tattoo you dude I mean what can I say what can I say
you’re probably going to end up divorced two two to three times with no money at
all I mean you’re gonna fall for every every trick in the book
hey they got to do what they got to do I mean they got to get themselves a man to
support themselves so you know whatever you’re gonna you’re the sucker it’s
gonna fall for you out there if you’re one who’s prone to listen to some of
this stuff just because it’s on Coyne desk coin desk gives this a lady a
platform to to do to say this ridiculous stuff get you know she is an article
about what is Bitcoin rich dude Bitcoin rich is when you have a lot of Bitcoin
it’s not one you have a tattoo that says Bitcoin on you and you want you to feel
bad now your feelings you feel bad because you felt beforehand that you had
to buy aetherium or an ICO or whatever tell the world that you were a you’re a
bought Bitcoin was early so yeah it’s it’s there’s an opportunity cost to your
people there’s when you’re spending your time virtue signaling you’re losing the
opportunity of actually buying and acting and doing so just don’t don’t
come up with excuses in life why you didn’t buy Bitcoin I’ve heard a million
of them whether it be from you know ladies or from the guys okay
more from the guys actually they’re not that many
that actually you know are into it as we as we all know that’s just not the way
it works it’s great to be able to work for myself isn’t it I can say all this
stuff that’s why you guys got to get into this situation pound that like
button but you need to think the same way I do you guys you do you do you know
the truth well the smart one is the ones in the 20% you know the truth how this
works you know how this works this I read this girl’s article read
this girl’s article it’s so typical and it’s pathetic it really is but again
it’s worse the guys have the same mentality well I couldn’t buy it as I
was scared then and now I regret it dude you’re gonna regret it you didn’t buy it
a hundred you’re gonna reckon gret you didn’t buy it a thousand regret that you
didn’t buy it at five thousand meanwhile atomizers been telling you to do it for
years and years and I’ve been doing it and now you guys know this story and now
and now guess what what was that group that Ric Flair was a part of what was
his wrestling stable called what was his wrestling stable call does anybody
remember the stable that a Ric Flair and Arn Anderson were a part of does anybody
remember what that was I don’t know what was that called
did anybody you guys know wrestling anybody in the chat know the name of Arn
Anderson and Ric Flair what Lex Luger wasn’t it at one point – I mean who was
the theme of that group remember anyone okay so so it was this great guy like
the name of that group all right so uh yeah yeah so I don’t know it should all
should all crypto content makers that are legitimate and have at least 50
Bitcoin I don’t know you did you decide for yourself I’m gonna be at the Bitcoin
Center in Seoul South Korea I’m gonna link to it below Bitcoin Center Korea
org Bitcoin Center Korea that or 1:00 p.m. on Monday in Seoul I’m gonna be
there I’m gonna be there and I’m gonna be talking to everyone there’s gonna be
a little bit of a meet-up I think I’ll be there from 1:00 to 3:00 or maybe even
I’ll be there before 1:00 you but if it starts at one o’clock if all goes
well I’m in Busan South Korea right now and yeah it’s it’s gonna be a it’ll be a
blast here’s here is a tweet oh yeah the tether Bloomberg is going to
come up with some tether story on Monday all right you’ve probably heard about it
I’ll link to that below the point of even mentioning this is that it’s gonna
be a way to fudge on Bitcoin it’s a it’s a Bitcoin flood story you know ignore
ignore the tether part they’re gonna find the way to they’re gonna find a way
to rip on Bitcoin so what do we say on this channel what do we say on this
channel when things like that happen you gotta have a strong hand you gotta have
a strong hand that’s just prepared to have a strong
hand on Monday when that story comes out or just come to the Bitcoin center in
Korea in a soul if you happen to be around now we could talk and I can tell
you about having a strong hand again check out the link section below
you get t-shirts treszura’s my affiliate links alright uh god I know I’m skipping
something here tomorrow then re re Paul who was on my show at least once I think
I think was just once maybe twice he is a great tweet out there about big big
connect I get asked about big connect a surprising amount I’m wary of using
negative superlatives generally but big connect is a literal Ponzi scheme
literally no debate that’s how they claim the work investors paid with new
capital any profit comes from a future sucker
anyway so that’s from re Paul who is a smart guy who’s part of the 20%
feel free to debate him over there on Twitter if you want to and then the
funniest thing one of the first replies under that was I now link to that too I
haven’t again if you’re watching us like I got to add the links I was in a rush
before this it’s 2:00 in the morning here my sleep pattern again this guy
says are you saying all other bunch of lending platforms like extra regal
Western are all Ponzi big connect pays lowest income
among all other lending so that that’s the reply you get from an 80% or
immediately they don’t want this to be true they want to do something with
their Bitcoin this is how you lose all your Bitcoin this is how you end up with
that like that girl with the tattoo who’s crying that she’s really Bitcoin
rich you know there’s many different ways to be Bitcoin rich you know no
there’s not you have Bitcoin your whole Bitcoin
that’s how you get to be big you have a lot of Bitcoin your Bitcoin rich not
like this guy who goes out to try to do something who tries to say well well if
if big conductors are the ponzi then Ringgold must be a power Western regal
whatever these things are jokes people if you’re involved with this you’re in
the 80% I feel bad for you I mean I don’t know what to say I don’t know what
to say to you if you fall for this over and over again watch the show maybe
you’ll learn not to fall for this follow me on Twitter at Tech buck te CH B alt I
mean I mean I guess some people just can’t like they have no listening
comprehension have no reading comprehension they’re just destined to
be the fuel that fuels their wealth that’s the beauty of cryptocurrency
the 20% we rise to the top and we become wealthy naturally if we are patient if
we don’t jump into things if we don’t spread fun if we don’t
believe everything that you know you gotta take your time
you can’t got it you can’t believe fake news and just be patient don’t give your
private key out wait till the crypto dividend is proving to be totally
legitimate just don’t start talking about it when it’s just a complete joke
on reddit Oh God so also um Gabriel mentioned be cast yesterday on the show
and I noticed right before I got on air that some people started quoting um
Gabriel from the video so I don’t know if that’s gonna start spreading over
Twitter there was a lot of people also in talking about it like right before I
went on the air I don’t know what to say I mean everyone can say what they want
to say and and I’m actually gonna address that in a second okay so yeah
Bitcoin uranium BTC uranium be uranium whatever you want to call it is not real
I already talked about that okay there’s no need that me bring that up
again and I’m say another thing I have written
down here I’m getting a lot of emails from people asking me questions that I
cover in these videos I know these videos can go long I wish these videos
did not go long okay they’ve been going along lately there’s been a lot to say
lately I in the old days if you’re a long time year they all used to be under
ten minutes then they were 15 because and then just so many things happen but
here’s the deal people I cannot answer your questions when you email me them
and they’ve already been answered in his videos so here’s your options you can
take the time to watch the videos and just learn because there’s darius useful
information here trust me okay people have done very well from watching these
videos or you can email me a question but if i’m already inserted in my video
i’m not gonna answer it unless you send me some cryptocurrency with it okay so
you’re gonna pay to ask me a question that’s already been answered in these
videos cuz i cannot waste time with this stuff I cannot and I just wasted made
these video longer by telling you all of that so if you guys don’t understand
that concept I don’t know what to say if you’re not getting a reply for me then
I’m just ignoring your email because you didn’t pay me and it’s already and that
means it’s already the answer is in these videos so go watch the videos make
sure you and again if you’re in the chat right now just messing around hey that’s
cool but if you’re in the chat and you think you’re listening but you’re
messing around you’re not really listening you’re not really I don’t know
why you’re really there but whatever you want to do if you’re just and you’re
gonna watch the later than fine you’re wasting you waste time in the chat now
when you couldn’t be paying attention right now but they do I mean it’s it’s
fun to talk in the chat again I mean I see some familiar faces again I can’t if
you do the super channel answer a question you can Ken Bozak was in there
before he’s having a fun time I don’t know if he’s in there now still all
right uh what else do we have here you know what I and another funny thing yeah
I never even check the way I look during these videos look now I am look at that
my bit my big brain is uh eclipsing the Sun there I just blocking out the light
it’s gonna I got a big head got a big brain it’s paid off nicely so
did you got it you gotta make always wearing this bitcoins charts is he he
says he’s Bitcoin rich but he only wears t-shirts what’s up he should be driving
Mercedes no that’s not how you become rich you don’t waste blow all your money
on stupid things pity long-term long-term baby my family
is gonna be taken care of very nicely so hey and if you have you fair relations
with your family then take care yourself and guess but I mean I’m traveling
around man I go where I’m gonna be I’m gonna be in Baltimore next week but
after that I have had no time to plan the next trip it’s crazy it’s about
experience gain experiences people buy and hold long-term thinking alright and
again you can’t say that crypto dividends are ruining Bitcoin if you
don’t even know what the crypt of dividends are but they’re not they’re
making Bitcoin that much better you’re just not a holder you probably don’t
have any Bitcoin all right what else do we have here oh yeah there’s a new
article from Bitcoin it’s about a week at you know using the beat cache term to
get rid of the confusion because people are confused when you use that other
term and you know there’s been a lot of being gold tweets on my feed lately and
it seems like this this community now by the way be gold and be cash I’ve been
getting crushed because Bitcoin has just been going crazy which is great for us
Bitcoin holders but some of this Bitcoin holders have a lot of be gold also
because we had a lot of Bitcoin and we’d like to see b-roll do well too in terms
of Bitcoin but it is it right now but what is because bitcoins going up too
fast in dollar terms but remember we value our wealth in Bitcoin you value
your wealth but don’t value it in dollars people but anyways Bitcoin to be
gold community all these people are talking about mining it it seems like
you know this grassroot mining around Big B gold is very interesting because
you don’t have that around Bitcoin you’ve got the massive miners but here
you’ve got these little guys it’s very interesting what they’ve done here and
maybe they don’t I I don’t know what that means for the
future but the GPU mining it is interesting and it seems like it’s they
have a community around this and you check it out on Twitter they you know
they want to make money off of you know mining and selling it but hey it’s a
community they’re talking about there four things I find it very interesting
oh yeah twitter twitter i blasted through 6,000 followers so thank you
very much people who have follow me on there let’s let’s let’s keep it up let’s
try to get the amount of followers I have on Bitcoin to be the price of
Bitcoin so let’s get it up to 11,000 let’s not have Bitcoin fall to 6,000 but
again if it did you just gotta have a strong hand think 2020 having you’ll be
fine anyway so if it falls at 6,000 we’ll be fine but again let’s try to get
my let’s try to get my followers up to 10,000 so if you’re 11,000 so if you’re
on Twitter I’m tech ball again te CH be alt that originated as you know
technology Baltimore I’m from Baltimore Maryland originally and I saw an Orioles
hat on the street today it might might partially be because of there was a
Korean guy Kim was on the Orioles until we traded him to the Phillies because he
can’t hit left-handers or that’s at least what a box all Waukesha with her
things he can’t hit C I mean he can’t hit anyway so I got they are in the
fashion here it was so crowded out on the streets of Busan today’s shopping
it’s a Saturday they’ve got the Christmas trees up and you know that’s
nice dye I like the pretty lights and everything I’m not Christian no I’m
Jewish but I like it is nice to see all their lights and the white trees and
whatever that’s their religion that’s the religion of the United States
basically is Christianity you know when I grew up I thought everyone was
Christian I thought okay you know we’re the Jews were there not many of us I
knew that I know how few there were but I was like and then this country’s it’s
a Christian Christians and then I met people I didn’t realize people you
didn’t have to have a religion yeah that little kids are you know but I took me
till like the fifth until like the sixth seventh grade maybe to understand like
that everyone’s like a Kris um of them just are nothing
little sidenote their real perspective when uh growing up in Northwest
Baltimore County there as a Jewish guy write worrisome these dead what do we
have here oh yes I’m gonna be again I sounds gonna be in the big point Center
in a soul but they tweet out this uh they’re gonna have an IC o—- thing
they’re teach about icos so I got I got a preach the buying holds of these
people that gets me a little worried if you’re if you’re a South Korean you’re
gonna be up there in Seoul you’re gonna meet me I’m gonna I’m gonna tell you
guys about the bio holes not this ico thing don’t get caught up in this stuff
but I’ll share that tweet when I update the links section below sorry it’s not
updated for you live Watchers but a lot of you guys live watching or just
messing around in the chat anyway here’s a tree a tweet from Pro segment if I
have Fiat money in my pocket I’m going to pay with fiat money first because
this money is losing permanent in value alright the value of Bitcoin on the
other side is growing that’s why I use the real decentralized safe Bitcoin as a
store of value very good very good I like that
oh how could I forget this there is a there is a fake B diamond account out
there it’s called Bitcoin diamond and actually is a zero in there and they are
tweeting and I’m gonna share this tweet they’re sharing out they’re sending out
a wallet that’s supposedly a B diamond wallet it’s not it’s just there to steal
your bitcoins so avoid that at all cost be very careful I was talking about that
before town that like button subscribe to this channel and yeah check out the a
link section below and remember I’m on the world crypto
network a podcast site that’s linked to below god I gotta I gotta set up my
international show on their channel soon was for text and now it’s almost Sunday
here I got a call for tech soon alright Oh a theory of Vega remember that was
supposed to be a friendly fork of aetherium
or a crypto dividend of at the area maybe not that friendly they had
everything set up they said they were mining it I was
updating you will BAM now they got a tweet out there it’s dead they’re
killing it that’s it no exchange ever so whatever you never got your theater in
Vega you never try to you never lost anything on us on a note on it you know
this relates to what we’ve been talking about
I discovered a Twitter account called litecoin classic and it’s clearly I’m
pretty sure as someone who’s angry that litecoin did segue it might just be a
Bitcoin seg with hater because they want to form a litecoin it doesn’t have segue
and I’m ignoring it for now I’ll link to it so you can just see it
I’m not saying nope there’s this book there’s a new there’s a light point fork
but what I am saying is that even with this game this person is playing one day
someone is going to legitimately do a light point crypto dividend I mean it’s
just a matter of time I mean I encourage this person to do it go ahead form a
light coin that doesn’t have segue go ahead like coin classic I challenge you
so yeah they be you can look it up like coin classic I will link to it below but
it’s obviously a joke at this point okay so here’s question for me how many
people who buy Bitcoin at coinbase buy it so they can spend it I mean like
you they go to coin basis like I I gotta buy me some Bitcoin because I gotta buy
me some coffee I mean it’s a serious question how many people all over this
planet are now buying Bitcoin so they can spend it on consumer goods they’re
like man I heard all about this Bitcoin it’s it’s like worth ten thousand eleven
thousand dollars I want to get some so I can buy coffee I mean so in the present
really how many people are interested in Bitcoin to buying Bitcoin because of
that how about be cash seriously how many bit
people around the world right now are trying to buy be cash because they’re
like I want to get this be cash because I want to buy coffee with it or is it
because they’re speculating on be cash because they think well maybe one orb
they’re like well Vinnie lingham said I should have happy cash say you were sad you shouldn’t sell what
you should have both maybe that’s why some people won’t be cash because they
want to even out there you know remember don’t buy this stuff
I’m not saying about I’m just I’m giving some questions out there cuz I’m gonna
make a point here so uh date so again Gabriel in Venezuela said people are
dating he’s in a situation where the where the Fiat is worth nothing
basically so they’ve got to give up something to buy something so people are
not using Bitcoin there because they’re the feasts that he says the fees are
high I guess they didn’t you know people have nothing there so if you’re but if
you’re paying a five-dollar fee that’s I mean there’s quite a bit if you’re in
Venezuela I guess or two dollar fee or whatever it is
I mean it’s lower sometimes we’re not gonna get into let’s say Bitcoin fees
are high even though they’re not a lot of the times so he’s saying people are
starting to use litecoin they’re interested in be cash etherium so so
here’s the thing how many cryptocurrencies out there are competing
with Bitcoin right now as the world resort reserve cryptocurrency store
value golden hold cryptocurrency right now none Bitcoin is the one for
store about that’s you know we gave that’s why people are going the coin
base to buy it that’s why people are buying it all over the world they’re
golden holding it or I mean they might be speculating a little bit too but I
mean they no doubt about it people aren’t thinking about Bitcoin in that
light yet there are people who think that being cashed like coin a theory and
whatever – that there’s going to be a market for this trend hitter to buy
coffee with crypto currencies but we’re not there yet we’re clearly not there
yet in the Western world again there’s some situations extreme situations in
Venezuela so this is my question for you and of course Bitcoin with lightning
network with Segway is also going to compete in the coffee market one day
once we have a coffee market because it’s not there yet we’re not there yet
but we’ll get there eventually I guess maybe we won’t get there eventually
we’re still good so here’s the thing which cryptocurrency is the most
valuable crypt currency then so we have the area of
golden hold store a value world reserve cryptocurrency Bitcoin dominates it
monopolize is that area and then we have you know consumer consumerism spending
we have the savers then we have the spending forms of cryptocurrency and
there’s many competitors there be cash again like coin – and Bitcoin Segway /
lightning Network whatever innovation is going to come out on it so obviously
there’s one market that’s going if it happens it’s going to be a competitive
market it’s good the coffee market is going to be competitive for all you
spenders out there but on the other side the world reserve cryptocurrency market
it’s no cut there’s no contest right now there’s no contest I don’t see how there
ever could be a contest it’s golden hold baby so who’s gonna be the moat which
point is gonna be most valuable obviously Bitcoin it dominates one
aspect already it’s going to be a huge competitor in the other on the other
side of things in the spending side of things so there you go for all you
people who think well be cash is gonna be the biggest thing in the world well
yeah maybe be cash will be too current the cryptocurrency for spenders for
hyper consumerism okay but maybe it won’t because there’s a lot it’s got
some legitimate competitors out there Bitcoin has no legitimate competitors in
and one of them in the integrals and hold side of things so that’s a way to
think about it people I wanted to conclude on that and again who’s who
where did they form the encrypted dividends from where are they forming
the crypto dividends from it’s from Bitcoin Bitcoin is the rock Bitcoin is
the root coin I mean you can’t you can’t deny reality people aren’t going to
coinbase to buy Bitcoin to spend it it’s not the way the world works right now
okay i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to
subscribe this channel like this video share this video do check out the notes
section below i’ll say hello and the chat real quick