Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
september the 18th 2018 strong hand long term thinking bitcoin is the world
reserve cryptocurrency unn confiscate Abel yeah bitcoin this is where the big
boys play alright everyone I just want to say this show is
pre-recorded I’m not doing it live you’ll watch it on I guess
nighttime on Tuesday while I’m in synagogue this youtubes gonna post this
so again it is Yom Kippur starts at sundown tonight Tuesday night lasts till
sundown Wednesday night I will be back once Yom Kippur ends but you Gentiles
are now watching this on Yom Kippur but I am not on my computer this is
pre-taped I just wanted to clarify that for everyone
hey I’m wearing a hat today is this the first time I’ve ever worn a hat in one
of these shows Pal Matt freaking like button if you remember the no 2x I hope
you remember no 2x are there that many new people that have come into the space
that don’t even know about that almost crypto dividend and everybody was
blowing out of proportion probably because we’ve everything gets
blown out of proportion and since everything continues to get blown out of
proportion we must have people with either horrible memories are just
they’re a bunch of new people that just don’t realize that everything gets blown
out of proportion like this thing because Bitcoin wins in the end there’s
only one Bitcoin one Bitcoin equals one but a Bitcoin isn’t that Bitcoin not 2x
hey you know something that I’ve been meaning to say where where is this thing
I have written down sell a car for Bitcoin today buy a house with Bitcoin
tomorrow so that’s the thing deferral
gratification those of you out there like oh how can I get some Bitcoin again
if you got some jalopy around why not try to list it for Bitcoin see if
anybody’s will only give you Bitcoin give him a discount say hey I’ve got
this used car I’m selling it for $5,000 you give me $4,000 worth of Bitcoin
right now I’ll give it to you just like that and then with that $4,000 worth a
Bitcoin that you sold your Chevy Cavalier for you do nothing with it you
do nothing with that $4,000 worth of Bitcoin let it sit and then remember
what I said Selleck sell a car for Bitcoin today buy a house with Bitcoin
in the future because again one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin and again in this day
and age I am offended by selling so pre 2020 having if you’re spending Bitcoin
oh man I am offended by you selling I mean you’re spending that’s selling your
Bitcoin I get try to this is that this is the era of earning and as for as long
as you can do it man hold on to that Bitcoin wait until after 2020 for having
again if you’re new here I have never sold a Bitcoin for fiat and I will never
sell a Bitcoin for fiat until possibly after the 2020 having that’s the first
time I’ll even consider it selling Bitcoin for fiat are spending my
Bitcoin on a on a Tesla for my father but as I’ve mentioned for those of you
new to the show but anyway that’s the and again that’s not saying oh I’m gonna
sell your Bitcoin after 2020 no I did not say that the earliest I would sell
any Bitcoin would be after the 2020 having learn about the having hey
actually later in the show I’m gonna talk about the Bitcoin having and the
litecoin having and the be cash having oh no one ever talks about that one okay
remember yeah new show here every day even when Yom Kippur is going on I do it
beforehand and then of course there’s a thousand shows disrupt meister to come
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on twitter and dude all sorts of great stuff going on a Twitter Matt Odell has
this tweet out there and let’s talk about it the next global recession not
wishing for it but it’s only a matter of time will be dominated by bail-ins
rather than bail outs depositors will learn the hard way why bitcoin has value
the most effective lessons are the ones you learned through getting burned
longer-term there really isn’t a much better
advertising for Bitcoin than having your money forcefully removed from your bank
account with no recourse now remember bitcoin when you control
your private key it son confiscate able now when you have your money in a bank
account in anywhere that back it’s not your money that bank can take it away
from you they there all sorts of countries have all sorts of laws that
allow banks to say oh we’ll work you’re gonna take a 10% cut on this we made
some bad decisions that we’re taking 10% of your money I believe it’s happened in
some smaller countries now will this be happening in the United States are there
going to be ballons in the United States now I’m not saying that at all I’m
definitely not saying I don’t think the FDIC you know there’s all sorts of
meaning look but again the world is a tremendous place it’s a lot bigger than
United States there is there will be a recession again a global recession it’s
not gonna be the end of the world but every time there’s a recession bad
things happening economically new things that we could never predicted beforehand
and in some of these countries whether they be third world second world or
first world ones there will be bank balance and some of you watching this
today have bank accounts in these countries where there will be a back
bailing and dude this is the time if you got a lot of cash sitting around in some
bank account somewhere and you know the Czech Republic or where I’m just pulling
that out of my mike but there but no you shouldn’t have a lot of cash sitting
around try to get trying to learn about Bitcoin dude all right try to get more
because the Bitcoin can’t beat in a way and there will be back there
will be spank balance will you be lucky enough to live in a country where
they’re not gonna be bank balance maybe Oh will you be lucky enough to move your
money and before the bank ballons maybe but you this we can’t predict when it
will happen when the next recession is and again it is the ultimate
advertisement for Bitcoin you know when something like that happens and
something like that and that would be so bullish for Bitcoin people will learn
you learn your lesson the hard way you know when you it’s forcibly remove the
money will be forcibly removed from your bank account it I said that’s the way of
explaining but bail-in is a nice little word that makes it seem so innocent no
it’s just a bail in know they’re forcibly removing money from your bank
account by force and again you should have known better anyway that’s not
really your money even though it is your money you don’t control it they can take
it at any time all right I just want to report yesterday I said steam it was
down steam in his back good job steam it hey something else
that I heard yeah again I ate all my be on Bitcoin show check out the be on
Bitcoin show from Saturday I mean I am just it boggle my mind how obsessed
people become with the weather and they care more about the weather than their
freakin finances you know they’d rather worry about is it gonna the hurricane
that’s so far away but I did want to point one thing out because I got my
buddies in Edmonton it snowed in Edmonton the other day oh my gosh okay
there’s over time you know it’s all right out of you should visit during the
winter no Adam is never visiting Alberta during the winter but I love everybody
in Alberta they are in motion when it comes to Bitcoin a lot of good things
going on I love being at the Bitcoin rodeo in Calgary
maybe it’s and again it is summer still here in North America and I mean that’s
just a bit even I a guy whose is like I can’t I don’t want to hear anything
about the weather I got to bring that up I mean but I want to give a shout out to
to everybody in Canada and in Alberta in Edmonton and Calgary and of course dear
alright so add cilinder who actually lives somewhere in some mysterious place
in the United States that’s in the Midwest where it’s probably cold also
eventually he Ansel who has been on the show before
has the following tweet if your coins monetary policy has changed in the past
it will change in the future Bitcoin has the best ability to resist
monetary policy changes and maintain a thick supply remember people to fix
supply very important hence the best store of value so some are going to say
well that’s boring that’s boring they can’t they can’t get with the times
they’re gonna stick with that same boring monetary policy 21 billion
Bitcoin only dude it’s long term thinking okay it’s staying the freaking
it’s staying on the freakin path you know all the other other stuff is like
cool that’s not popular anymore that lets be impulsive to just change things
if you change it once you’ll change it if it’s changed in the past it’ll change
in the future that’s the thing with Bitcoin has that standard where it’s not
changing again aetherium set their standard when you know they had this saw
with the dow bet Balan they bail out excuse me they bailed out all the people
that were involved in a Down 2016 and that’s how a theorem classic was born
and now people who deal with the theory I’m like it or not know that hey maybe
if there’s a that something bad happens related to a theorem video just roll
back the clock and bail us out that’s out there that precedent was set once
you set that precedent you can’t go back you can’t say oh no a theorem will never
do that again they did it once he’ll do it again again
if you change your monetary in this game in the crypto game if you changed it
once you’ll change you’ll change it again that’s a good that’s a good point
and Bitcoin it’s not changed anything strong hand baby all right
here is a very and again you okay music but bitcoins burg the grandfather’s and
it’s old-fashioned so it shows us how short-term thinking and impulsive people
that say things like that this is a whole new revolutionary technology and
you’re already saying something’s a grandfather and it’s boring learn about
the having all right you know simp the simplicity and beauty of the having and
the fixed supply it’s it’s that’s what started all this stuff okay
and then everything else made it super duper complex and hey they could
although all coins can try to be as complex as they want to they’re not
gonna be the next Bitcoin bitcoins the next Bitcoin competition is a great
thing though that’s great and all right so we’re gonna move to this article
about China from marketplace org that I stumble upon fear of missing out in
China is a seven billion dollar industry it’s it’s part of the pay for knowledge
economy over there now I’m bringing this up because the article starts out by
saying you know some a guy not living the best life in China he lives in a
very small house with his wife and kid and he doesn’t have the best job in the
world he keep paid to learn more about
cryptocurrency so he could be a crypto currency trader or something or a crypto
currency yeah so people in China Dave they’re they’re aggressive I guess they
they won’t improve themselves how about that they they want to improve
themselves and they’re willing to pay for it they’re willing to pay gurus that
other people like endure like if a guru becomes popular they all pile behind
that they all want to know about the latest hot thing whether it be
cryptocurrency or trading stocks and they pay for and like I’m like a mob
they all pile into it and so this has happened with cryptocurrency before and
currently and I bring this up because this is only the beginning
crypto will be and Bitcoin will become popular again in China and all sorts of
people are going to be willing to get into it in China but right now there’s
not a lot of Chinese that are into Bitcoin I mean it you know there’s over
a billion people there and when they get into something they not only you they
pay to be a part of it ok that’s what this article is about
so yeah the eighty and it gives you a little bit of insight yeah they’re 80
percenters in China also they’re not willing to do their own research that
don’t trust themselves that want some guru to dictate to them and maybe that’s
because they’ve been raised in like an under an authoritarian government they
are very much trend followers and they know they fear missing out once there is
a trend they want a pile and so they’ve they’ve done it on a small
scale with Bitcoin before they’re willing to do it again this bodes well
for Bitcoin and again this article gives you it’s it’s a beyond Bitcoin type of
article gives you some insight into you know the culture of China the Society of
China and the fear of missing out culture but again they’re yeah they
wanted a are very willing to pay to gain the upper hand on that their fellow
citizens or to think they’re gaining the upper hand again if they just took the
time to learn about it on their own and to not pile into it when it’s the
hottest thing you know but again they seem to follow a lot of trends and you
know now is the time to get the Bitcoin for them but it’s probably not that
popular over there right now in terms of paying for you know pay to learn from
these ridiculous gurus they mention other things people pay to learn about
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dude but you never know who knows I felt Trevor so get final final thing
here this is a tweet from my buddy Anders out in Los Angeles who puts on
the Century City a Bitcoin Meetup he is a hardcore Bitcoin guy and he reminds us
that the Bitcoin having right now is scheduled to take place on May 21st 2020
again that’s everything I talked about is linked to below by the way he
retweeted a tweet from a site with and you could bookmark this site and it does
the countdown to the May 21st 2020 it’s not gonna it’ll it’ll happen sooner than
that but right now it’s scheduled for May 21st 2020 the litecoin now he didn’t
mention this because he’s a total Bitcoin guy but I wanted to bring this
up as someone actually asked about this the litecoin having is now is supposed
to take place on August the 7th 2019 I link to that
that site where you can follow the progress of that having again this
August the summer 2019 and finally I I know one has said when the be cash
having is supposed to be I didn’t know if there was a site where you could find
it I found a site I link to that site that says when the be cash hat be cash
having is going to be it will be on April at this point it will be on April
the 7th 2020 again all these dates are gonna move forward a little bit but the
thing you gotta remember is like when having will happen first that will be in
the summer of 2019 then the B cache having will happen next in April of 2020
the spring of 2020 most likely and then finally a little bit later about a month
later the Bitcoin hat having will happen so the having hype will might start with
the light coin having but definitely people will be talking about the Bitcoin
having by the time the be cash having happens and I think the be cash having
will add hype that will create a FOMO for the Bitcoin heading and the light
coin having also might trigger that but again the like fun having is quite as
nine months before is nine months before the bitcoin having I still think that
people are so short-sighted and not long-term thinkers that the light point
having will happen and then they’ll forget about it for a few months and
then they’ll be like well wasting a bitcoins gonna have it having there’s be
cash having is coming up all right whatever
the point is this they’re happening get in before there’s FOMO about it the the
supply of new coins will be cut in half that’s the basic that’s that’s why it’s
a store value type of thing the less and less will be created more and more is
gonna get lost all right everybody I hope you have a meaningful fast I hope
you have a good time in synagogue over the next 24 hours or by the time you’re
watching this less than 24 hours I’ll be at the Habad services in Owings Mills or
I’m there right now as you’re watching this i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister
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