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anyway golden hold have that a Bitcoin
conviction people and yeah in life it
really is all about conviction you see
all those people out on the streets of
DC you know doing their emotional pleas
about guns and it’s it’s completely
nonsense but they’ve got the conviction
they are getting out there and they’re
and they’re convincing just the 80% yes
we must ban guns so that’s a bit that’s
an example of using your conviction to
get something that’s not so cool up
there in the public agenda but if you
guys have the Bitcoin conviction you
stick by the Bitcoin it’s gonna pay off
we’re gonna push this thing have
conviction that is how you get your
success in life how you push through
things in life the groups with the
conviction they do wing they do come out
ahead so and if you oppose this radical
gun control I suggest you get some
and go out there in state that you’re
against radical gun control I’m against
this insane radical gun controlling them
using kids I mean it’s such it’s such an
emotional appeal out there and this is a
beauty of Bitcoin I can say whatever the
heck I want to because I’m independent
because of Bitcoin and this is where the
big boys play play this is the the free
market where I don’t have to you know I
don’t have to worry about peer pressure
and all fitting in and all that stuff so
again that was that commentary should
have been stayed until the end of the
show but hey I’m ripping up the format
today whatever so uh and yeah ignore
most of that stuff that’s gone again
it’s all the media is so behind it it’s
hilarious but it’s sad you know I see my
parents too like ooh you know they’re
falling for it and they’re smart people
but I mean they’re older people too and
my mom’s a woman obviously a peel to
emotions gonna hit her you know it’s
it’s sometimes it’s frustrating being
part of the 20% to see all these 80
percenters yelling and crying about
complete nonsense but uh hey that’s life
getting the Bitcoin to get into this
world where the 20% were rewarded we
don’t have to deal with the nonsense
and the 80 percenters that come in here
hey they got a play there’s no bailouts
and if they make mistakes in the long
run it helps the 20 percenters so here
is speaking of Bitcoin because that’s
what this show is supposed supposed to
be all about right
the there’s a medium post out there by
who is this
well it’s linked to below and he talks
is a detailed overview of Bitcoin
projects being worked on next and he
gives some descriptions of them and some
timelines that he you know everyone’s
asking well when is it gonna happen when
is it gonna happen when is this gonna
happen well he talks a little bit about
that and here’s what he talks about
snore signatures bulletproof
confidential transactions side change
drive chains member Wimble all of those
are developments in
future developments the things that are
being worked on right now exciting
things in the Bitcoin space that the
smartest developers are working the
smartest developers in cryptocurrency
are working on right now so that’s a
good a good post to check out if you’re
at you know you hear there’s all these
great things going on with bitcoins some
of them might seem a little complex and
then you hear about all these all coins
they’re supposed to be state-of-the-art
but read that and you’ll understand that
hey man there’s only one Bitcoin so
speaking about that there’s only one
Bitcoin when I was running today I was
thinking about crypto dividends because
all crypto dividends are all coins that
you get for free when you hold Bitcoin
okay and there are a lot of crypt of
dividends out there and it’s confusing
and I was thinking some of these guys
they should the elite ones that want to
be elite to jump ahead to help their
prices to help their distributions they
should partner up together they should
partner up what’s wrong you know we
haven’t seen it yet
coins partnering up I mean we’ve we’ve
seen uh Charlie lis talk about deke red
and Charlie lis talk about Bitcoin but
that’s not like an official partnership
with litecoin and and deke red and
litecoin and Bitcoin or whatever but you
know what be gold and be private partner
up – to promote each other they’re
they’re both a little different one
deals of privacy one has a it’s easier
to mine and was the first friendly for
you know let’s see some innovation in
the marketing of these crypto dividends
just something that I thought of all my
seven mile run this this uh this morning
and yeah it started the flurry in
Baltimore again today what is up with
that man what is they really want to
extend this winter you know they it’s
just like you know Adam no you didn’t
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oh yeah we’re getting ready for next
week opening day captain yards Thursday
Baltimore Orioles vs. who the heck are
they playing the twins I don’t even have
to play in a twin sir
all right I wouldn’t want to be in
Minneapolis this time yeah I’ve been
it’s cold less up it gets cold up in
minister don’t know how you guys deal
with it man I don’t know how you deal
III like your stadium is very pretty
Stadium though much better than that
Metrodome you had oh my god okay so
let’s get back here to be to be gold and
be private you speaking of guys from uh
you know I haven’t heard from what’s his
face form in that Minnesota lately from
Blake Anderson what’s up with Blake
Anderson man you watching this darn show
he’s up in Minnesota alright so but you
know we I I have this written down here
B go LaBrie private should reframe the
the argument you know there’s all these
be cash people trying to say that
they’re they’re the real Bitcoin and
that they’re the best Bitcoin and you
know for me I don’t I know Bitcoin is
the Bitcoin but if these are it’s funny
you know in a two-way argument you say
well it’s either A or B but to be the be
goal and the be private people would be
roading people they can they can frame
that they can get in an argument to and
take down B cash from the other side and
give much respect to Bitcoin because
those three crypto dividends they’re
friendly Forks they respect Bitcoin they
there they they admit that they say
Bitcoin is the Bitcoin and for that we
Bitcoin people we you guys again who
obsess over be cache complete waste of
your time let the be goal to beat the B
rhodium the B private people let them
say you know what we’re better than B
cash we’re gonna take on these be cash
people we’re the friendly for crypt of
dividends we’re the ones that you should
be involved with and if don’t be
involved with the unfriendly for crypto
dividends and I first of all I’m a guy
who says you know if you got Fiat only
only use Fiat to get Bitcoin crypto
dividends you get for free baby but you
know these these proof of dividends they
gotta promote themselves
they gotta encourage people to buy my
guess and uh you know they should say
you know we’re friendly ignore the
unfriendly forks were the friendly fork
and all the Bitcoin people out there we
just sit back and let all the Crypt of
dividends fight amongst themselves
because peek at be cash is just a crypt
of dividend it really is and there’s
some there’s some nice guys that like to
be cash and stuff I’m just talking about
me no because we had this uh engine in
Japan they had this be cash conference
and I took a little bit I took a look at
the video for for a second and you know
you have people trying to confuse be
cash and Bitcoin which is an unfortunate
thing to do really is on for it I mean
they could have their conference in
Japan so I link to their conference in
Japan satoshis vision conference edy
with it so I want you guys to check out
the link and to take note who was
speaking there and who the sponsors were
and you can you know remember who those
people are and you can make your own
decisions about them in the future if
you you want to do business with them or
wherever you want to do it again what a
few they got a few the people there I
mean I know personally and all right
there good got ones a real cool dude
definitely I’m not gonna name any names
here you do your own research I’d link
to who they are and you know the
sponsors they’re paying this conference
a lot of money Daniel one of them’s
Bitcoin calm which is obviously the
Pravda of be cash I mean I mean it’s not
like the sponsors are surprising it’s
not like the speakers are surprising but
you should know who they are i link to
that below and you can make your own
decisions about them if you want to
boycott them if you want to do whatever
you want to do with these dudes who are
talking to be cash and you know it’s a
free world a man it is a free world let
the best uh let bring on the competition
I say but I mean the be cast people got
to be ready also they got to understand
that there’s people chomping below them
too and if you know if be gold and be
private get into the argument and say
you know we’re the real we’re the real
crypto dividend in that will the market
will decide and maybe bring up the
prices of B be private and be gold to to
the same as be cash you never know and
since we’re holders of Bitcoin and thus
we we if we’re long-term holders like
you should have been you would have
gotten your be gold your be private and
you hope that your crypto dividends do
become as valuable as be cash I mean
yeah I want my be private to be as
valuable as be cash so good luck to the
be private and be gold people you know
get out you know you guys can do daily
transactions just like be cash as they
can if anyone’s actually doing any
regular buying of coffee with
cryptocurrency yet which I do we don’t
think people are I’ve said that you know
it’s a bitcoin is the world reserve
cryptocurrency that’s what it’s that’s
what cryptocurrencies good for now
golden freaking hold people pound that
frickin like button okay speaking about
altcoins like be cash and be gold and be
private and be rhodium coin market cap
people complain about coin we market a
cap a lot they don’t like how they they
do things over there here’s an
alternative live coin watch calm I link
to it below check out the links below
for you people who are frustrated with
that be in motion Don Cornelius
he has a new video out his first video
he’s a guy who actually sent me a
donation in the super chat the other day
and I thought he had an awesome name Don
Cornelius of the Soul Train of the pound
that like button train maybe I should
have a show like a hip hop dance show
pound that like button show I come on I
do my dance with my Baltimore people and
and Don Cornelius is my host that would
be awesome and this is not making sense
anymore this show all right so yeah take
him out all right deep onion these boots
I mean this altcoin whatever this darn
thing is there Pete I mentioned this
once before they spam my freaking
comment section okay and I found a link
that explains why they do that because
they’ve got this whole set up over there
this coin basically is a spam coin and
so what you guys are doing by spamming
content creators like me you’re not
making us very happy and very welcoming
of your core
and people are gonna call you a freakin
scam like the steamin article that I
linked to and the steam an article that
I linked to explains you know they’ve
got this whole set up that which rewards
people rewards their fans for spamming
channels like mine and dude it’s just
annoying it’s not professional and I’m
calling you out on it I’m not gonna call
you guys a scam but I’m gonna call you a
freakin spam coin and I mean that’s a
that’s a new type of all coin against a
spam coin so deep onion you’re an
innovator in spam coins and you know and
you try to disguise all your messages
was like well Manero is a great privacy
coin but check out the Bunyan I mean you
see you guys are just using the same
script over and over again
so all you newbies are watching this
channel on 80 percenters who foolishly
by altcoins don’t even run away when you
see the words deep onion run away it’s a
spam frickin coin people um alright I’ll
skip that the mainstream media thing all
right when it comes to say all right
here we go
I talk about you know shooting for the
year 2020 treating Bitcoin as a savings
account you know do not do not convert
your Bitcoin into fiat until at least
after 2020 having well how about after
the 2028 having it’s funny someone was
on some show I think it was ben shapiro
show they were talking yeah ben shapiro
was talking in with glenn beck now i’m
not a big fan of glenn beck’s
but that ben shapiro smart guy and
they’re talking about ID nanotechnology
and glen beck says that by the year 2030
that there might be nanotechnology that
will be able to cure diseases all
diseases in human beings okay dude that
would be freakin awesome one day it
diseases would be eliminated so like
that’s a way of life extension people
would have a lot easier time living past
a year 100 and getting to 120 probably
at that at that point they could get rid
of all diseases most diseases so if that
really happens by the year let’s say
2028 that’s a bitcoin having year and
to get these type of technologies at
that time is going to it’s going to cost
a lot of money they I mean it will be in
high demand so it puts it in perspective
of but what savings is all about and
what long-term thinking is they’re all
about so because you know you guys heard
that you know I like that Tesla that you
know I don’t like many material things
but when I was in Los Angeles and I was
in the Tesla got picked up by the Tesla
I really like the Tesla I’m like you
know what when the time comes and I can
just trade in a big coin for a Tesla I
would like to get my father you know a
Tesla you know maybe in the year 2021
I’d like to get my father a Tesla that
would be just something I would like to
do because my dad you know grew up in
the 50s and 60s when they were Indy cars
he used to talk about cars and Corvettes
the end of a Tesla would be pretty so
but what if you think really long term
and you think about your fat what should
i instead of getting my dad a Tesla
would it be better to to wait even
longer and like reward of my mother with
you know sure every disease in her body
with nanotechnology by paying someone
three million dollars in the year 2028
and I think my father would rather me do
that for my mother you know so you know
I I just I’m thinking I love technology
I’d love to think about the future I
love thinking about savings and what
that really means and and all of these
Bitcoin having’s and what one Bitcoin is
going to be worth one day and if it’s
gonna be able to save your life maybe
your extend your life if you hold on
into there’s a lot of you guys are like
I’ll just spend now Adam leave it up
first of all I am limited up okay I
travel around all on very low cost of
living it’s great and I encourage all of
you to be frugal like that so you can
range your life is this way we’re not
gonna get into that in this video
but there are bigger things and just
livin it up for today and partying it up
and it’s some unimaginable things
perhaps what we’re talking like
extension nanotechnology stuff and I
hope it all gets combined into one and
you know maybe I’ll be able to do both I
plan on having lots of Bitcoin in the
year 2021 so maybe I’ll get dad a Tesla
Ben and get mama some life extension in
20 and 20 30 anyway I found that like
button it everybody i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
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