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Twitter Tech ball tch be alt okay so you
know crypto Bitcoin bitcoin is where the
big boys play so if you don’t like
something yeah you can complain or you
can just move on now coinbase coinbase
is a big player in the space you can try
to pretend they’re not but they are and
they want to make money
and they know there are a lot of 80
percenters out there and they know there
are a lot of people that don’t listen to
this show and don’t know what the strong
hand is and want to diversify for the
sake of diversification and one of being
involved in a coin this is the next big
coin okay so they’re gonna make money
off those people so rather than listing
ripple on they’re trading at now or
I don’t know I don’t trade I don’t give
a darn that’s the thing let them do what
they’re gonna do we need big companies
that come out of this face
if if you’re silly enough so when I get
again you use your precious Bitcoin to
get Ripple I mean I get personal
responsibilities a new counterculture
what can I say they are business they
know there are plenty of people that
want to do that and unfortunately there
are well whatever that that’s their
choice they’re going to do that so you
can waste your time screaming at big at
Corning base and being a Bitcoin mommy
and saying no no you’re not allowed to
do that I’m gonna tell on you or you can
just see it’s Krypton noise it’s just
it’s just crypto noise from coinbase
does something like that so I do want to
put it whale Panda puts it in a very
interesting way last two weeks for
coinbase cloud storage backup of private
keys get free $3 of Z cash acquired
hacking team added B cash to the wallet
added ripple to the exchange yeah they
did all that stuff it’s an 80 percenter
world that’s why it’s called a 80
percenters 80% isn’t gonna do what
they’re gonna do and they’re gonna go
over the coin base and do all those
things it is in their best interest no
it’s not they should just hold Bitcoin
it’s that simple but now they’re gonna
they’re gonna get some bitcoins e cash
some ripple and store it in the cloud
maybe get some B cash too so let them do
what they’re gonna do you could tell
your friends not to do that that’s great
get this is the thing that I do I get
Bitcoin I put it on my treasure ward
that’s it that sounds kind of boring
compared to what coin base is doing
right yeah it does sound boring but
long-term thinking baby pound that light
button so yeah let let corn base they’re
gonna do what they’re gonna do they’re
gonna bring hey and you know what the
positive they’re gonna they got a lot of
money they’re gonna bring more people to
the space they’re going to
money off they’re gonna make money off a
dumb money okay they’re gonna make money
off of people making silly mistakes with
Ripple and it’s in the long run we’ll
bring more people to cryptocurrency
people will learn their lesson the hard
way and this is where the big boys play
some will leave a lot will stay and
it’ll be great for us Bitcoin holders
who were correct all along and had the
conviction and didn’t play games and you
know what if you played some games and
you’re lost you learned your lessons
okay you move on you don’t try to
revenge upon coinbase and bitcoin mommy
I’m up okay this is where the big boys
play so let me talk about a big boy
someone who’s in motion that I met at to
Tel Aviv Bitcoin embassy a few weeks ago
brett-brett is originally from the East
Coast United States like I am but he has
made aliyah and he lives in Israel god
bless him for doing that and he he has a
he’s written about Bitcoin and
cryptocurrency I linked to him below
because he’s in motion trying to spread
the word trying to become you know write
about crypto and stuff and I admire
anyone like that you know when you tell
me something you’re doing this
productive I’m going to spread the word
so Brent good job if you want to read
breath stuff it is linked to below it
says Brett okay so click on that Tim
Draper was on what was he on there
what’s the name of the show the show
that I did all that I can’t think of the
name of should I write I should have
written the name of the show down there
was he going what anyway Andy Hoffman
ticked me off to this you can check out
Andy Hoffman and steam it you can also
check me all off out and steam it at
bitcoinmeister anyway crush the street
yes of course he was encore Tim Draper
was interviewed across the street Tim
Draper he’s invested in many technology
companies back I think it wasn’t in 20
14 or 15 he bought a lot of Bitcoin at a
us auction and he probably paid only
like 600 bucks per Bitcoin and people
were like making fun of him for doing
that anyway so he he’s a smart guy
I’m not gonna put on a pedestal but he’s
talking about the features of big coin
and why don’t you know why it’s
different than just holding cash and
he’s at the 220 mark in the video linked
below and it’s a pretty good video in
passing he just misses us in passing
very fast that was Adwords
you’ll be able to do air drops with
Bitcoin well there you go baby
mentioning and a crypto dividends right
there there’s crypto dividends whether
they be air drops whether they be Forks
of Bitcoin this is something that I’m
gonna I’m gonna few guys it talks about
an Andy and another stuff field let’s
talk about it as a benefit of holding
Bitcoin you’re getting interest you’re
getting a one-time dividend this and so
he mentions it as a good thing
air drops you can do air drops with
Bitcoin people in the traditional
financial world are eventually going to
understand this that you could make that
comparison to getting a dividend on a
stock or getting interest if you
properly hold your Bitcoin on your
Tresor of course if you probably you got
a properly hood you got control you you
can’t get it if it’s a coin base okay
but in the future they’re going to be
you know a lot of people said all the
forks are dead the air drops are dead it
says no they’ll be back again it’ll be
something we won’t even be able to
comprehend right now there might be
corporate air drops corporate Forks and
just by holding Bitcoin you will get it
and then you will be able to trade it in
for Bitcoin and this is just just an
amazing feature a Bitcoin that people do
not talk about but he did bring it up on
the show so I give him credit and yeah
of course the member wendel coin of
crypto dividend is coming up on April
20th which it chris is the guy Kristen I
know is doing that so yeah I can I don’t
complain when I get free coins free
coins because I and again I foresee a
time I hope for a time I don’t foresee
it but we can we can put pressure on on
people and say like hey man if you want
to do an altcoin you just you got to
make it a fork or a Bitcoin a fork or an
airdrop on Bitcoin so that the apex
predator of holders get it for free okay
I mean no I believe in a word
where that there will be coins given the
distribution method of all coins where
we could give it away for free the big
coin holders and you’re gonna say why
don’t you just say that because you’re a
Bitcoin holder yeah part of yeah of
course per degree I want to get all I
don’t care how bad does all coins are if
they’re giving them to me for free I can
tournament in the Bitcoin great great if
coinbase wants to list them great great
and give me Bitcoin because I got some
free all coin that’s just awesome that
is the no.1 with other coins you know
these other all coins out there making
and we can get theorems a little
different but all the others know you
people aren’t they view the other coins
did you start doing that Bitcoin is the
rock everybody already knows that it is
the top of the heap the index printer
and Tim Draper apparently understands
that also very nicely also in the inner
and it’s just I’m just amazed how over
look this is still still it’s just right
it’s right out there look how well
people did because they got be cash for
free or be gold for free these these are
amazing gains just by doing nothing by
holding an asset you did there’s no
other in the traditional markets you
don’t get like in you don’t get interest
like that you know it’s amazing but you
know and I get be cash was an attack we
all know that but it turned into a great
thing I did in terms of its value for
holders again they were trying to
pretend to be Bitcoin it was unfriendly
for yeah whatever but there was quite a
bright side of it for holders quite
quite a bright side okay and it’s not
like it’s cyclical people it’s I’ve said
it many times we’re gonna see all sorts
of new proof dividends in the future
things we can’t even imagine now and
it’s just the benefit of having a strong
hand and holding you know there’s not
enough people and again that’s my that’s
my stick that’s what I preach is the
holding because you got all these other
people say oh it’s better just to keep
it on big exchange and flip it and do
this and value your wealth in dollars
and they don’t they have either they
have no concept or understanding of what
it means to get completely free coins
that for some reason other people give
you a big coin for I don’t know why they
give me a big coin for them that’s just
a way of the 80 percent are just the way
I said okay because there’s just so many
different mindsets coming in the
cryptocurrency you can’t control what
other people think if other people are
going to think that there’s going to be
a next Bitcoin you can’t stop them I’ve
been screaming it that their bitcoins
the next Bitcoin it’s one of my sayings
you’re all saying it right now when
you’re pounding the freaking like button
but people don’t listen that’s just
that’s the way of the world lots of
conflicting opinions lots of different
opinions you mesh them all together some
people are gonna benefit 20 percenters
others are not because they’re not
thinking long-term this is the and this
is the free market this is where the big
boys play
there’s no Bitcoin mommy to come save
the people who who say oh yeah I’ll give
you a Bitcoin for your B cash nobody
would say saving a king of the trolls
there when he was buying up everybody’s
be cash thanks King the trolls
anyway now now another thing that Draper
said and we’re good and I’m gonna get
back into I want to get back into
critter dividends in a second here
another thing that a Draper said was
that he claims that if you if you ask
somebody over 45 if they’d rather have
four thousand or one four thousand
dollars or one Bitcoin they say four
thousand dollars and if you ask somebody
under 35 and he didn’t talk about
between thirty five forty five yeah I
mean I might have heard him wrong
under thirty five they’d rather have one
Bitcoin well no I say this III know what
he’s trying to say there I don’t think
there’s been a scientific study on this
and I am willing to bet there are plenty
of thirty-year-olds way more thirty year
olds that would rather have four
thousand dollars on one Bitcoin to tell
you the truth I look forward to the day
when I can confidently say there are
more 25 year olds in the United States
of America who would rather have one
Bitcoin that four thousand dollars
because right now not enough people know
a Bitcoin is the United States and in
the United States is one of the biggest
Bitcoin countries on earth so hey man I
I know what you’re trying to say Tim
Draper you’re on the right track
eventually it will be more and probably
right now it is more young people than
old people who are willing to say I’d
rather have one Bitcoin
four thousand dollars probably I don’t
think the numbers I don’t think they’re
that many young people who are willing
to do that now I just say but soon there
will be and yeah I would rather of
course I would rather have one big point
at four thousand dollars oh my lord red
bread rather have uh yeah I’d rather
have one Bitcoin more than I mean if
someone owed me some money if it was
someone he finds out I’ve said this
before I’ve said this is something you
do it somebody owes you five thousand
bucks just say hey just give me a
Bitcoin just give me a Bitcoin but we’ll
forget about the difference just send me
a Bitcoin that dare is is very much
worth it okay because again betters
we’re talking about betters they’re not
if they already owe your money for a
year the probably never gonna pay you so
you got to give them a deep discount
just be done with it you get your
Bitcoin in a few years you’ll be like oh
my god that gate that guy gave me a
house worth a big all right so uh else
we have here
so yeah critter dividends are the least
known aspects a big one now imagine
imagine if you and your wife needed a
car okay you both needed a car you both
need a car you bought yourself a new BMW
and you kept your beat-up BMW out on the
street instead of in your garage and you
bought your wife a new forward because
even though you could even though you’d
like BMW you and you could afford a used
BMW you didn’t want to have two BMWs you
want to diversify for the sake of
diversification so you wanted a cheaper
version of BMW you know it’s just a
cheaper vert forward it’s just a cheaper
version to be in love yeah yeah alright
diversify for just think of that so you
keep that forward or your wife in your
messy garage which actually could fit
like two cars in it if you if you if you
cleaned it up but you’re too lazy to do
so after a year you find out that every
single BMW owner of new BMWs or used
BMWs doesn’t matter that keeps his BMW
in his garage is entitled to claim
various other mobility related devices
if he takes the initiative okay so for
that year you missed out on a Japanese a
free Japanese motorcycle scooter a new
muffler a used headlight and a bunch of
other a tricycle and all of which could
have easily been converted to money or
into credits toward a BMW so you would
be very unhappy that you did not know
the rules of the game you would be very
odd you wouldn’t you would not be
pleased that you you bought that forward
without knowing that hey if I if I want
to just store my BMW properly and if I
would have gotten a used BMW said the
Ford I would had all these other things
why didn’t anyone tell me the rules of
the game and when you found out that a
lot of hardcore BMW fans knew about this
aspect of ownership but caught it a scam
and shouted it down you would be really
disappointed now of course there is one
aspect of the scenario that is different
from what I’m getting at here BMW the
centralized company would have published
all of this okay they would have told
you the rules of the game and you won’t
have gotten into that situation but BMW
does not rely on his fans and purchasers
for marketing bitcoin of course is
different it’s decentralized and it does
rely on its fans and its purchasers for
marketing and and saying what the rules
of the game are and what the features
are of BMW so we have in in the Bitcoin
space we we have the intellectual
Bitcoin elite of course we have the
intellect the intellectuals and the
personalities who set the tone a Bitcoin
and it is and sometimes a lot of them
kind of gang up on other ones and that’s
not too cool it is good to have
alternative intellectual voices that
they don’t agree and it just shows that
there is freedom in the intellectual
Bitcoin elite okay we’re not all on the
same page but we use our heads
when it comes a Bitcoin and we are not
we’re not flippers and we stand for
something and we’re not here to fit into
the 80% mainstream society
and we know that personal responsibility
is a new counterculture so some are
going to folk some people you can’t
focus on everything in Bitcoin and
something that in this gets a lot of
attention in Bitcoin if there’s a lot
they’re technical people they’re trader
people they’re lightning Network people
and then there’s other people who are
just talking about holding holding and
you’re treating it like a savings
account getting crypto dividends I mean
my opinion is that you need you need to
know the rules of the holding game okay
crypto divet
when your big point is properly stored
you’re going to get the crypt of
dividends if you want you okay
especially with these air drops and to
to spread the word of this aspect of
Bitcoin this quality of Bitcoin the
holding the benefits of holding getting
the crypto dividends it’s going to get
more holders into the space okay so so
again you know you this is not this is
not a purity test oh you talked about
encrypted dividends or you didn’t talk
about a technical aspect of Bitcoin I
got to tell you the truth people you
know all this lightning Network stuff
that goes around and around and around
on Twitter and everything that most of
society is gonna fall asleep gonna hear
about okay they don’t understand what
that is they just don’t congratulations
if you’re a genius and you can
understand it you’re special
great do you actually own Bitcoin though
do you own Bitcoin or do you just talk
about you just show how smart here
because you understand all the technical
aspects of lightning them okay
people understand savings accounts they
understand getting dipped dividends from
owning stocks this is a real aspect of
Bitcoin since freaking August of 2017 no
before that with big core I don’t even
know okay but it’s a proven aspect a big
coin you get crypto dividends when you
hold it properly
okay and people can understand that it’s
real simple simple interest
simple math right there okay it’s not
like oh you need to run a lightning okay
people gonna again again so they but
people could and that’s the beauty of
the freedom of this world I love it when
people are talking about like Lightning
Network I think it’s gonna be huge I
think it’s gonna be great
but dudes when people are asking me why
aren’t why are you running the lightning
no why are you doing this why aren’t you
doing that
that’s not my thing dudes I travel
around this whole world I can’t be
lugging stuff with me okay what I do
like to do is I like to get free frickin
coins okay and turn them in a big coin
okay so that my whole entire family will
never have to work again okay so you I
mean again you can play with like point
if you want and lightning Network or
whatever you want to do and do to sense
transactions and think that’s cool and
that is cool okay but everyone’s got you
know different takes on this and that is
the beauty of this space that is the
beauty of this space there gonna be take
a little guys they’re gonna be finance
guys they’re gonna be savings guys
they’re gonna be spending guys it’s it’s
it’s a beautiful world and that shows
that his freedom it is freedom there so
uh again and it’s some people can say
what’s unfair that though the holders
are gonna get more of these crypto
dividends again freedom produces
inequality okay
some people trace their he was buying up
Bitcoin I don’t know how much it was two
cents or whatever when he was buying
enough are you gonna be jealous of him
that he’s got but he’s pretty he
probably got more be gold than anybody
on the planet at one point before you
sold it all or a her or are you gonna
try to figure out how to be productive
how to be in motion how do you know aim
high and how to get more bitcoin so that
you can attain more wealth get more
cryptid dividends and okay so no no
freedom produces inequality this this is
true freedom and some people aren’t
gonna find out about bitcoin till it’s
much more expensive again they could
have fat but this this is the world of
freedom no one’s gonna force you know
everyone to have an equal amount of
bitcoin not everybody found that out
about at the same time this is the real
world this is where the big boys play
okay this is where the big boys play
anyway I mean and again if you want
fairness you know you could go to
Venezuela everyone’s equal there
everyone gets you know a government
salary and in paint in in boulevards
look at it turns out very well in Soviet
Union everybody was equal everybody’s
let’s pay the same thing to be for
everyone to be equal they have to force
you to be equal they use force they take
away and give to others and then
everyone’s equal is everybody happy when
everyone’s equal I don’t know go go go
go to that world go see how it is I
prefer to be in the Bitcoin overlay
where is freedom and where everyone is
not equal okay where people who prepare
and think do better than people who pick
their noses okay I like this word but
you don’t have to be here somewhere to
that boys plane you can go play with the
soviets or whoever move to it go go to
go to some big liberal city in america
and get on welfare and live in section 8
and then you’ll be equal everyone is
section a is equal see how fun that is
see how fun that is see how fun it is to
live in a section 8 housing in Baltimore
City in a Housing Authority of Baltimore
City house I you can see all videos of
mine when I run through those
neighborhoods see how lovely they are
they’re very good what everyone’s equal
everyone’s the government makes everyone
alright so let’s move on here let’s slip
suit and uh so well Panda has a queen
out there and this is a flashback here
while the 27 Bitcoin is tiny in
comparison to the hundred 22 a Bitcoin
lost I think the main takeaway here is
that the US government
Ava coined two BitFenix so all the
rumors about the u.s. letter agencies
going after big Phenix might be a bit
exaggerated okay so what is he talking
about here what’s he talking about here
back in 2016 before the having I
remember it well
BitFenix was hacked no one really knows
what exactly happened they were able to
bail themselves out and everyone was
made whole but all of a sudden now all
these years later the US government has
found 27 of the Bitcoin of the of the
incredible of how many of the 120,000
Bitcoin that went missing
for some reason so there’s a lot of
people that say that BitFenix is on a is
not in the good graces United States
government but yet the United States
government just gave them 27 Bitcoin
that they found now how did they find
these Bitcoin that was that revealed
either so the whole thing is very
interesting I think one of the things
you can clue from this is don’t keep
your Bitcoin on exchange and yeah don’t
believe everything you read out there
about a bit finex Tim you know what
would think what the US government I
really wonder what why did it how did
the US government get this 27 Bitcoin
how were they sure that it was from the
hack hack and uh yeah they gave it back
that that’s I don’t know maybe maybe
government is more into Bitcoin that we
think they are me that’s it’s kind of
positive development if there it ain’t
confiscated for themselves who trying to
sell it I don’t know there’s a lot of
different tastes on that so you can
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