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friday show this week your bitcoin was
great aaron van we’re dumb was on this
he’s been on before a bitcoin magazine
he is great gabriel divine was on and
introducing Nolan of Red Deer Alberta he
was on that tell us what’s going on in
Alberta okay
yeah well get me to my future events in
a second let’s just go uh-oh yesterday I
forgot the I was searching for the word
fiber I couldn’t think of the word fiber
when I was talking about the fruit fruit
has fiber in it it’s not like a straight
shot of frickin sugar like a coca-cola
that’s what I was trying to say
yesterday so who OB what in who OB is
Espie super BTC whatever it’s called
this is just like a month ago when hit
BTC was pumping super BTC oh these wild
and wacky crypto dividends that Asian
exchanges are pumping randomly this time
it seems a little bit more legitimate
I’m just bringing it up because I
noticed it I was informed about it it’s
not even called super BTC anymore it’s
called Nash Nash block or something like
that then that I don’t even know dudes
I’m link to it below by the way I hadn’t
dug hardly any time to prep this show I
haven’t gone over it yet I’m just gonna
read you off a bunch of things that has
I mean I just like having looked at some
of the stuff for a while okay also
linked to below is the dude in red deer
who he’s a digital blocks FX dot IO I
linked his steam it page below you can
follow me on steam it at bitcoinmeister
again if you’re in motion I meet you in
you got a steam it you got whatever I’m
gonna mention you so yeah red deer
they’re in freakin motion steam it’s in
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that’s what I’m gonna monetize your uh
crypto content alright all your crystal
ideas also it was very interesting
Gabriel Devine brought up how is there
certain bitcoin that are virgin coins
that are like straight out of the
freaking mines out of the miners it was
an interesting discussion I thought
about some Moritz might not be as
important as I once thought it was but
uh that’s on Friday’s show so again
check that out
we were talking about fungibility though
which is a very important subject matter
and how virgin coins relate to that so
they are working on making Bitcoin more
fungible that will be that will be
important all right or making it
fungible at all because it no you can
anyway so uh again check out the link
below be gold okay I mentioned all these
through dividends this is like crypto
dividend Sunday here because I’ve gotten
all these updates
we’re eventually gonna get them all for
free anyway so you better know when
they’re pumping and dumping and all that
stuff be gold a technical preview
release of Lightning Network running on
btg blockchain is now available okay
that’s linked to below uh yeah I didn’t
I don’t have a link to it but Google
Bitcoin and beers that’s the name of the
group in Vancouver and in Red Deer and
maybe somewhere else in Canada soon that
uh they’ve got together it’s over beer
and Bitcoin which is great every little
group bit or medium-sized group is they
are a medium sized group they’re not
little but every little act of Bitcoin
promotion that you can do proactively
it’s cool it gets other people into it
got some golden holders into it and
freaking Alberta I’ll tell you that
what’s this one oh yeah
a guy that I met in here in Edmonton has
a Bitcoin ATMs in Edmonton his name is
uh well it’s I linked to his Twitter
below big cash CA is his handle so check
him out again it’s linked to below he’s
in motion
dude be emotion people don’t be a doom
and gloom err okay wow what is this a
concept that I wrote down here oh yeah
so when you look at the market cap of a
Bitcoin and you compare it to an altcoin
let’s say this the the market cap of B
cash is 11% a Bitcoin now so you think
yourself do is be cashed eleven percent
is popular as Bitcoin it does it have
eleven percent of the development team
that be had that Bitcoin has is it as
well-known as 11 percent of Bitcoin
eleven percent of bitcoins well-known
this and I would say
NEADS cool I don’t know it’s not a
definite no okay but then let’s check
out and it but at the same time he’s the
price eventually going to pump to 20% of
a Bitcoin yeah
so that makes like it’s not being pumped
on anything rational whatsoever
cuz it’s that definitely not 20 it’s not
20% of the developer team in all the
people developing on Bitcoin do you
think 20 then nothing whatever it is
let’s say is a hundred is it are twenty
you know working on B – no it’s not
gonna be whatever the number is it’s not
gonna be 20% on B cash one can argue
that maybe it’s 11 no it’s not for all
the development side and the name
recognition sign maybe it’s a lot of %
again but let’s compare it like to
ripple ripple is 16 percent of the
market cap I mean this is ridiculous
you know darn well that ripple is not as
well known as Bitcoin 16 percent of
Bitcoin no no way
litecoin is 4 percent that’s pretty
likely there that that that one but the
most likely for all these critics – is
2% of the market cap of Bitcoin all
right so I think it’s quite possible
that – is about 2% is well known as
Bitcoin worldwide they they have a
proactive they’ve a marketing team for
God’s sakes
do they have 2% of the developers that
Bitcoin has I don’t know but a lot
they’re a lot they’re basically 2% of
big corn on a lot of different levels
you can think of a lot of different
factors and I’m not bringing up here
because I need to take much time to even
think about this subject very much but
whatever you can think about it for me
pound that frickin like button and come
up with some other ideas but I guess the
point is is that yeah sometimes that
market cap formula it does seem to make
sense but for the ones that it doesn’t
make sense
think about you know far into the future
how long how long I can keep this up for
I mean again it’s all cyclical anyway as
I said B cash is gonna get up to 20% of
a Bitcoin again eventually even though
it doesn’t have a 20% of the brand Ricky
in that Bitcoin has 20% of the
developers okay
what’s this tweet here be rhodium oh
here another creep of dividend that’s
yeah that’s right we’re talking all
coins dividends which are all point B
Rhodey I’m moving forward test net
making great progress towards launch and
it says test net dot Bitcoin our Bitcoin
RH org everything is linked below
if you’re watching this live I haven’t
labeled everything yet if you’re over in
the chat and there a lot of you over
there and right now to the super chat
I’ll answer your questions god oh
speaking of great guys in the chat I
don’t know if he’s still there I think
he was there before the show he tweeted
me before the sub show JC’s pretty out
of Johannesburg to do that I met in
person when I was down in Johannesburg
in March he says Oney bitcoin is winning
the lottery and slow motion Thank You JC
shoutout to all the strong dudes strong
hands in South Africa like yourself
strong hand with your Bitcoin strong
hand with your freedom strong hand with
your insurance and strong hand with
knowing more than anyone in most
countries about the uncomplicated aspect
of your Bitcoin compared to perhaps your
land or whatever the government made
won’t you take one day all right
so oh look at this a Mineiro V update oh
yeah their web wallet is coming soon and
I bring this up is because a lot of us
access our Manero through their web
wallet with the freaking recovery seed
with a pet with afraid he’s a 24 word
phrase and if they really get there what
I mean so we’re used to typing in the 24
words into the Monaro
web wallet well if they did the Monaro
v1 is safe then we would do that with
that also but of course we’ve been
maneuv all of our Manero off of that
private key before we were to plug it
into the Monaro v1 but again they
haven’t announced that up there you know
they’ve really got to get on the hit
beats you see these Manero V people I’m
sure they’re working on it or else you
again I think be private prove to all
the crypt of dividends out there you’ve
got to get your exchange stuff in line
before you get out there and monaro v–
hasn’t really done that yet so I mean
it’s not gonna be where as deeply until
it’s on a big exchange that’s your
lesson crypto dividends you better learn
that be rhodium hope you learned that be
rhodium is not out there yet so be they
they can still get on I think they will
hopefully they will get on one of these
exchanges because you need to get on one
of these exchanges like them or hate I’m
hit BTC whatever they want to call uh
all right oh yeah you know this
lightning Network stuff I mean we’ve
been talking about a lot on on the shows
and the more I explore it that the I
mean and we’re gonna have the dude on
not once I forgot his name now he’s
gonna be him soon enough the dude I
wrote the article who I can’t think of
his name of who’s talking about the epic
the great economic implications for
lightning networking how it’s you know I
hadn’t running a Lightning Network node
and having some big point in it you’re
going to it’s going to be economically
good for you since it is virtually once
lightning that we’re just proven to be
safe it will be it’ll be kind of just
like holding just a slightly bit a
little bit more risky he says there’s no
counterparty risk there’s a you know we
talked about this one this weekend
Bitcoin show also so uh no I have high
hopes I want to run the Lightning
Network node you know said I guess set
it up in a relative’s house is you know
I don’t live anywhere anymore but I have
relatives and it’s you know you make a
couple bucks worth of Bitcoin now in
twenty two years when you’re when your
kid graduates from college or kid that
was just born that that two dollars in
Bitcoin you made on the Lightning
Network by being on a bit by having
lightning the network node will be worth
a lot more but again we only value our
wealth in bitcoins to one Bitcoin equals
one Bitcoin so we like to get little tea
it’s a Bitcoin for free if there’s no
risk so I mean I’m still exploring this
I this people do not realize how big
this lightning Network
things gonna be again the more reading I
do about it I mean on the economic side
I think a lot of people are fixated on
the technological side which is awesome
too but there’s some very interesting
economic implications here too
um again if your emotions send me your
events I’ll talk about them even if I’m
not going to them and yeah the LA I’m
gonna be in LA I’m gonna be in Boise I’m
gonna be at some sorts of events there
it’s all up in the air but I’m in motion
I’m willing to do anything I’ll hang out
with you at the bar dudes I will be
hanging out a couple of bars they’re not
drinking of course I’ll be drinking
water cuz I only drink water I don’t
drink alcohol at all pound that like
button that’s something for the Saturday
show right dudes Beyond Bitcoin okay
Henry Onan and I forgive me
what is I’ve retweeted this oh this is
funny so this is why you got to follow
tech ball cuz you’ll get funny stuff
like this during the day it’s a
comparison of dogecoin vs b cash it is
linked to below it’s by Spiros Spiros
Liat I don’t know it’s linked to below
I’ll tag it properly eventually just
check out all if you’re watching this
live click on all the links will get all
sorts of good things but it’s a funny
comparison of those coin vs. be cash
alright Henry braids in Finland has an
excellent an interesting is excellent
article and medium ten good reasons to
buy Bitcoin out now I don’t agree he
says that the world is in for some major
economic collapse I don’t agree with
that at all but who does say that what I
did he brings up the having a lot in one
of the you know the reasons to a good
reason to get bait point now he’s been
around for a long time Henry and it is
good it’s a good article to read to get
you pumped up about Bitcoin Matt Odell
speaking of well like Henry is a holder
no doubt I’m a holder max up Matt
Odell’s a holder and he says without
holders Bitcoin would be worthless
holders of last resort baby okay alright
so so the over a coin base I don’t know
they’re really getting hot heavy to this
type of thing they didn’t used to make
announcements like this let me read you
and this is for Friday we couldn’t talk
about on Friday because we’re doing this
week I’m talking about on Saturday
because of other it was beyond Bitcoin
but here you go a little late but and
they’re becoming like they’re getting
into the realm of like an exchange
pumping here I mean it used to be like
this today we are announcing that we’re
exploring the addition of the following
assets to come they’re exploring they’re
not do they’re not actually adding him
they’re exploring the addition of the
following assets to coinbase card on ooo
I can’t believe I’m saying these words I
want to bomb it when I say card ah no
basic attention Toki Stella oh my god oh
my god oh it’s teller Oh Z yeah that’s
fine and this other one ox it’s called
ZRX i don’t know how to pronounce it
z cashes is is not get or like there’s
other ones I mean I’ve but but but the
point is this like why I announced that
you’re contemplating it I mean it’s it’s
like reeks of desperation I mean it’s
not very professional I did are do they
want new customers now they desperately
need new customers that are do they own
these coins and they’re trying to pump
them and this may explain it this pump
this not pump this uh tweet by the great
whale panda today and it’s it’s
obviously a play on what was that
announcement he says today I’m
announcing that maybe in a few years I
might pay someone to build him build me
an exchange and what’s that
once that exchange I will be exploring
the addition of the following assets
Bitcoin Manero please pump them Thanks
okay so there there’s his theory you
know mentioned some mentioned some coins
pump them and then then he’ll list them
all right but yeah I don’t know is if I
mean is this cool what one could say
we’re coined by a Scott into regulatory
controversy the last time they just all
of a sudden listed be cash so now they
want to give a lot of people warning but
I can see how they can get into
controversy this time because people are
gonna say well you’re you’re pumping
these alright
all right yeah Philadelphia August the
18th bitcoinmeister 45 45 dollars a
ticket with that that’s that that’s the
code to get to crypto coin con-com I
will be speaking there Ken Bozak will be
there be a lot of fun back on the East
Coast maybe the maybe the baseball team
in Philadelphia I’ll make a trade with
the Orioles any day now oh god okay so
what a season right yeah okay hey man
I’m loyal I stick with them through
thick and thin baby alright and speaking
of Philadelphia in Baltimore if we’re
gonna talk about baseball in
Philadelphia in Baltimore we obviously
have to talk about that legendary 1983
year if you know about baseball you know
about 1983 well if you like have
memorized every single World Series
winner since 1956 like I have because I
really got to made the baseball in my
younger years anyway 1983 world series
we in Baltimore
eagerly wrote a true yearly await the
return we have very strong hands if it
comes the big point and we are long-term
thinkers and we’re patient not impulsive
we don’t just leave our team you see how
that reflects on how my love of the
Orioles my passion of the Orioles has
translated into what I stayed with how I
act toward Bitcoin long-term thinker not
uh-uh-uh-uh-uh have conviction I mean
that’s my life I mean that’s just the
way I am with everything I do I patient
well I’m not impulsive long-term
thinking just I just don’t jump on and
off bandwagons and you know pick the
latest and greatest thing I stick with
what I know is this ok it’s fine in
baseball there Adam yeah Manny Machado
ok so here another thing that is gonna
propel and you know it’s unfortunate
that coinbase is going if they list some
of those coins that make me want to
vomit they’re gonna give them more
legitimacy and as I said like it or hate
it you know coinbase traceur all these
people once they start messing around
with these off cause it it gets them
closer to being
top-tier altcoins and another thing that
I thought about that really gets you to
be a top to your alt coin is if you have
you if you have the ability to have a
community that can have a legitimately
big event just focus on your altcoin and
again litecoin summit org litecoin it
has reached fist I mean clearly like
point is a top to your offline no one
tries to argue it
I mean Kodama could any of those
vomit-inducing all coins as I mentioned
above could they organize an event as
large as life but even half as large as
that or even the huh and that’s another
thing you know we’re talking about I
don’t know what litecoin is a 2% of the
market value market cap of Bitcoin they
could definitely have are they gonna
have 2% of the number of events that
Bitcoin is having worldwide this year I
don’t know but I mean is be cash gonna
have 12% of the number of events that
Bitcoin is having this year I mean
Bitcoin is long in a way that she’s
usually how far ahead bitcoins but
anyway if you are a tall coin if you can
have even a couple of these events not
and not the same right you can only
dream of having it with the ratio that
you have two big points market cap but
yeah if you could have a few events that
are legitimate then yeah you’re probably
getting close to that top to your all
I picked the Monaro people they’ve got
some pretty passionate people they could
have a marrow event I heard about a
small mineiro event once actually
obviously – has a lot of event of them
or hate them they have events they’re a
top-tier all coin what are you gonna say
be cash has events they’re a talk to
your halt coin well I mean what I mean I
can’t you can’t deny it you could hate
be cash as much as you want they are a
tattoo you’re all okay so yeah you know
send me stuff Tommy it tell me about
your off point if it has events your
centralize you can organize events a lot
better than a freaking Bitcoin PEEP
Bitcoin the events are organized by
people who like Bitcoin there’s no
central authority
central plan or central Communist no I’m
not saying the economy something’s gonna
make Politburo up Joe yeah they’re not
no they’re not I’m not calling Antony
communists that’s taking it too far okay
so but you know the centralization of
all the other cryptocurrencies it
definitely exists when compared to
Bitcoin so oh this dude wait let me make
sure I’m not fit and I’ll skip anything
okay god I got changed the whole title
of it I was in such a rush to do this
Harry I think about better title for
this video yeah maybe I will okay it’s
still early here in Edmonton it’s 948 as
opposed to 11 48 back in Baltimore in
New York and Philadelphia oh god where
they might have Manny Machado and their
teams so um heat corrosion and crush
tests for your metal or you can get
these storage devices for your recovery
cd okay physical you know what’s there
like the crypto steel you actually you
know carve in with the metal into the
little metal metal Shiv anyway Jamison
lah tested them okay under like extreme
heat corrosion and crushing weights and
he has a medium post about e that is
linked to below respect the money people
right I hadn’t done any money on the
ground getting in Canada door might want
runs I will I’ll pick it up
I respect the money baby okay I found
that like blend everybody I’m out of
i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
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