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you a ceo’s perspective of of what’s
going on in Bitcoin and a little bit
beyond he’ll talk some alt coins because
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Twitter here is a tweet actually
promoting Israeli Bitcoin debate
September 10th d & DD Tel Aviv
blockchain week Yanni vs. OD yeah Rudy
you has been on the show before you all
know him from Twitter he’s debating
Yanni it’ll be a fun debate and I’m the
moderator at the event that
the event on on Tuesday coming up
jacquimo Zuko will also be there I’m
really looking forward to meeting
Giacomo and I know a lot of people are
coming into Tel Aviv for blockchain week
it’s gonna be great to meet everyone on
Tuesday if you’re in town on Sunday go
to Bitcoin embassy all right
on Sunday night I will also be there
this is a great Bitcoin city a great
city does it rain has it rained yet I’ve
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rain can kind of drive you crazy
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tweet of mine of an old clip from I
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lot if you follow me on Twitter if you
have to see these classics now speaking
about classic shows people are really
liking this Bitcoin focused show that
I’ve started okay the second one came
out today a few hours ago
and it was toward the Meester the
previous one was tres mayor you get just
pure them okay
the Tour de tour shows only 12 minutes
it’s him giving hard quarter tour from
two old shows I just pack it all into
one easy to watch video you don’t have
to go search the archives I do it for
you and people are liking it so I’m
gonna I’m gonna keep on doing it for you
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and again this week a big point
TCH be alt calm this is short cut
to all of this weekend Bitcoin shows
disrupt meister I come all 1,400 of my
old shows Jeff Coughlin had the
following tweet out there let me just
make sure I didn’t skip anything okay
Jeff Coughlin said demand for crypto
insurance is rising rapidly the value of
he’s quoting an article actually and
there’s an article from Forbes about
demand for crypto insurance rising
rapidly the value of all digital assets
is hovering near 300 billion dollars and
hacks showed no signs of slowing down
companies like Lloyds and and coalition
are poised the profit crypto currency
exchanges and custodians the venues
where you can buy sell and store assets
are hackers top targets because they
collectively hold billions of dollars in
crypto they face a unique challenge
because they need to let customers move
their assets quickly while also sharing
them safely
don’t be part of this honeypot people ok
they can have the best insurance in the
world doesn’t mean that the hackers are
going to stop trying anything the
hackers will not be affected at all by
the insurance I think they might even be
more tempted to try to get these honey
pots when you control your own Bitcoin
you’re not going to have as much as
these uh big custodians as these hackers
have okay so not these hackers these uh
exchanges have so don’t don’t think
you’re gonna be a target of a hacker I
mean be careful but you’ve got something
on at resort they don’t even know who
the heck you are okay you want to be in
that situation i wouldíve anyone even
know who i am to try to hack into my
computer to hack into my treasure which
is unhackable so
many of you want to keep your stuff in
coinbase oh they’re sure they’ll pay me
sure they’ll pay you will they pay you a
hundred percent will they are they
really insured what is Lloyd’s of London
really gonna pay him offer these other
companies why risk it but hey if you’re
ahead if you’re not preneur and you know
about the insurance industry yeah it’s a
big it’s a big opportunity because
people aren’t gonna listen to me the 80
percenters that are gonna get getting
the crypto they’re not gonna want to
control their own private keys they’re
gonna rely on these custodians all these
exchanges so many and they’re all
hackable they’re all still gonna be
honey pots and there will be more and
more hacks if you check out that Tour de
Meester show I put together earlier
today he even said it back in 2017
he said that it’s amateur hour at some
of these places and the hacks are gonna
keep happening if he hacks quote-unquote
there’s insiders that that and again it
just loads it does Lloyd’s insure if if
an if it’s an inside job at coin base
and I don’t rag on coin base or anything
but I just my head if this is an inside
job at finance next time it happens is
that covered by insurance I’d I don’t
know it’s just as simple as getting your
trends or putting your a big coin on it
okay but insurance dudes yeah you got a
big opportunity because people aren’t
going to put theirs their coins on their
trays or like they should and people
aren’t just going to own Bitcoin either
unfortunately they’re going to own all
these nonsense all coins it can only be
stored on these on these exchanges
easily all right the most secure form of
wealth storage on the planet is Bitcoin
if you know what you’re doing with your
treasurer or your ledger or whatever
store Hardware well you got out there
okay but it’s not the most secure form
of wealth storage if you don’t if corn
base has it it’s theirs pound that like
button moving on
here is a tweet from Tyler Winklevoss
now that’s a dude I like he’s trying to
become a trillionaire dude yeah
don’t and this is wealth Envy that
people have success Envy no III admire
them good for them
aim high he said Apple is washing
cryptocurrency that was part of an
article by a coin desk Apple was washing
cryptocurrency and Tyler Winklevoss
replied the question is which fan
company is not found that like button
yeah do that’s the attitude of tape
right there you know it boy that all
these companies you know they point base
wants an easy article some clickbait
Apple is looking of course they’re all
looking and of course of course their
watch they’re all watching
cryptocurrency they all want to make
their own cryptocurrency they should all
be buy bitcoin and some of their smaller
employees are but let them let them
print their own cryptocurrencies
eventually this is where the big boys
play compete don’t complain more
powerful than countries these uh these
companies are gonna be and why not let
them let them let them compete and
actually if tomorrow is this weekend big
coin show Yanni and I gonna talk about
this a little bit so tune in tomorrow
this weekend big coin Yanni ASEA CEO of
eat RL and of course eToro advertises on
the venture Paris show and I was
listening to the Ben Shapiro show from
yesterday actually and in the middle of
the show you’ll have to find it he is
complaining is frustrated with companies
getting more and more political okay and
he says soon they’re gonna be companies
for conservatives and companies for
liberals there’s they’re not going to
want to do business for certain people
and they’re gonna be credit card
companies that are just going to be for
conservatives at ones that are liberals
and ones that aren’t that they’re just
going on to liberals and he says that’s
a sick situation and but he doesn’t take
the next step no no no no no you see Ben
maybe something like that will happen
but they’ll always be an out class if it
gets that level where they’re openly
discriminating and there’s just two main
polls out there they’ll always be some
other out class that both of them will
discriminate against and if you know the
five pillars of Bitcoin you’re the five
pillars of blockchain three of them open
neutral censorship resistant that’s what
you’re desiring right there ben shapiro
when you’re doing business from you’re
talking about financial companies you
want them to be open neutral censorship
resistant and they’re not because
they’re companies and you’re taking it
to the extreme which many we’ll get to
eventually bitcoin dude you have
companies you’ve had companies
associated with big point including each
other advertise on you before learn
about it Ben Shapiro that Bitcoin isn’t
going to discriminate against anyone
your worst enemy can use Bitcoin and it
doesn’t matter right it’ll it helps you
more if your worst enemies holding
Bitcoin it helps you open neutral
censorship resistant that is not what uh
what these companies are that you
describe that they’re evolving into but
that is what bitcoin is and that is that
is the problem with the financial world
today is that what was some of the major
front there are three things the
problems that you brought up and in
Shapiro are the lack of them being open
neutral and censorship resistant alright
if you uh by the way we’ve gotten to the
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