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and yes we talked about how be gold is going to compete with be cash for a deli
transaction type of coin and check it out for yourself you know we’re talking
crypto dividend battles all sorts of interesting things in yesterday’s show
so yeah I know not everyone’s fans of crypto dividends we’re gonna get into
that into in a second though have some conviction Bitcoin conviction people
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an article out there from coin desk-side I usually don’t give a darn about coin
desk articles it says goodbye fungibility OFAC Bitcoin
blacklist will remake cryptocurrency okay the reason I bring this up is
because this is another there have been articles about this about there that
there are tracking come emerging okay and tracking pseudo
government organizations that when a black lists certain addresses and
basically take advantage of the weak points of the current privacy paradigm
on Bitcoin okay right now bitcoin is not a hundred percent private and so some
bad players in the space looking I guess to capitalize in whatever way they can
are going to try to take advantage of this and get rid of people’s privacy or
endanger people’s privacy make it less anonymous for them out there and this is
waking people up and developers up and and getting them on the ball to build a
second layer privacy solution on top of Bitcoin so that these people aren’t
going to be able to make black list of addresses who you can’t which bitcoins
are good to use which bitcoins are bad to use which would have been used in
certain transactions okay make things more fungible and that’s gonna be the
next battle you know we had the scaling debate we’re gonna have privacy debates
privacy second layer solutions and eventually we’re gonna come to some
great said we’re gonna have to be patient but things are gonna get more
private because of of stories like this because they are entities that want to
do the wrong thing they’re going to be developers who want to do the right
thing now until we get to that moment where there are second layer solutions
on top of Bitcoin to make it more private some of these privacy coins some
of these all coins that specialize in privacy whether they be Manero or Z cash
or whoever claims to be the most private they’re gonna get some attention maybe
they’re gonna they’re gonna get pumped up who knows but something we we have to
remember here in terms of current solutions to the to the problem
I mean if you really want to I guess have private transactions and you’re a
long-term holder a Bitcoin well guess what you already are entitled to your
freebie private and all be private is easy cash that that really is what it is
is the easy cash so you have your own Bitcoin version of Z cash if you can
split your be private from your Bitcoin and if you need to have a very private
transaction for whatever personal reason you’d I don’t care what reason you need
to do it you can send somebody some be private you’ve already got that option
out there so there’s a positive for be private that that already exists so the
more fudge stories about privacy that come out there the more that these
private all coins should be treasured and the faster we’re going to get to a
second later solution for privacy on top of Bitcoin pound that like button let’s
let’s turn fide into something positive for the community all right
now going back to a crypt of dividends yeah yeah on yesterday’s show only this
weekend Bitcoin show we talked about all sorts of subjects but yeah obviously
since we’re talking about we had a special be gold guest and a lot of
people were wondering what the heck’s going on with be gold I got this thing
for free was it gonna go up in price it you know there there’s some we were
talking crypto dividends so some people are just haters of crypto dividends and
I think saw the people that do not like crypto dividends are people that are
just they’re not savers okay they are people that they not so they don’t they
don’t get it they literally don’t get it they don’t get any of these crypto
dividends for free like us Bitcoin savers do you know they’re
impulsive people who trade Bitcoin for neo for Tron for this for that for that
they can’t hold on to something for more than two days so they never get their
crypto dividends they got a bad mouth crypto dividends because they don’t want
to pay for the crypt of dividends which is their business I don’t
I don’t wanna pay for them either I get in for free but but so they’re just like
they’re scans or this they’re that they’re the other no they’re not but
some might be I mean some of these was out of China who knows but you know
there’s legitimate teams behind be gold behind be private I had these people on
my show before they’re legitimate people behind me rhodium and so they’re trying
to create their own unique coins they have a unique way of distributing them
and we as Bitcoin holders benefit so I know I think some of the haters do not
have the long-term mentality they want instant gratification they already can’t
hope they don’t know they’re not savers to begin with so they’re not getting
this stuff for free so I get I remind you all of you out there to become
savers to treat Bitcoin as a savings account to be patient in terms of its
its value and Fiat but at the same time once you receive your crypto dividend be
patient with that don’t give up your private key in order to speed up the
process and you know some of them might end up being worth quite a bit more you
don’t know you’re getting them for free make your own game plan out of the
crypto dividend that you get for free but I’m just talking about how privacy
is obviously a growing concern in the cryptocurrency community and clearly one
of the crypto dividends be private that you’ve received from just being a
Bitcoin holder involves privacy so you never know that if that’s gonna be the
thing of the future then that could go up I don’t know I can’t predict the
future be patient be a long-term thinker make your own decisions but to be
impulsive and say this stuff is worthless this is off this horrible and
tired of hearing about it I think you’ve got some savings issues I think you’ve
got some long-term thinking issues and I think you’re impulsive so hey you could
say where you’re gonna say I’m gonna say what I’m gonna say I got our channel to
say it on so hey all right it’s speaking about patience
a person that I know very well contact me and said I signed up for steam it but
I never got to prove they said it could take a while but it’s been four days
what the heck well he didn’t say hey he said on something else
dude that’s a good sign it’s a good sign that they’ve got a
backup that’s taking them a while to approve everything over there that means
a lot of people are moving over to steam it I like I like that because I think
steaming is good for cryptocurrency I think it’s good for people to get get
away from some of these traditions so-called traditional social media
platforms like YouTube and Twitter that are out there that are kind of pushing
people around right now that people were complaining about so be patient we’re
gonna talk about steam it a little bit later in this show also and going back
to two altcoins because crypto dividends are nothing but
all coins this is true there’s only one Bitcoin even when they use the Bitcoin
name in their name now to be you know we’ve got a flood of alt coins out there
we’re clearly in a down alt coins market for now I think it’s cyclical I think
it’s gonna pump again obviously you’ve got young people constantly joining this
this parade and just newbies and just it’s all cyclical I mean what some other
country is gonna jump in and pump it like Korea did but but to stick out and
you’re gonna have to stick out in the offline market there’s there’s no doubt
about it and my recommendation I really think if
you’re a legit crypto dividend that uses the Bitcoin name in your name and I
don’t like that i call them be whatever or they’re gonna use the bitcoin name if
they’re a Bitcoin crypto dividend and you know the reason I think that’s good
it’s good to be a Bitcoin for the dividend is because some hard core
holders are going to get your coin for free so that’s a good start right back
there it’s gonna create some buzz but um and the Bitcoin name gives you instant
credibility but you’re gonna have to have a unique story to you just can’t be
super Bitcoin I mean super BTC that’s not a unique story right there that’s
not a unique story you’re gonna have to be private you’re gonna have to have
some special mining algorithm you’re gonna have to have a unique story you’re
gonna have to have a marketing team and you’re gonna have to get on a legit
exchange and to cap it all off if you can do all those things
if you can get on the Tresor and then you
really stress that your entrees or you’ve got a recipe for an altcoin
that’s gonna go up in value and I mean if you and you’ve got a legitimate team
behind it now I don’t really care that much about all points but I’m just
giving the recommendation out there because a lot of you do care about that
stuff and I do care about cryptids if my crypt of dividends going up in value and
I believe that crypto dividends they’re the basically they’re the best all coins
out there I think I mean there’s there’s other ones that are interesting but
again I’m a big point guy only buy big coin people you know get get your crypto
dividends for free but you know something that be again I brought this
up to the be gold Edward I don’t think they they capitalized enough on the fact
that they are on trays or when you have all these other coins that really want
to be on Tresor like a be private and that are working their butts off to be
on it I would assume and hope and and be Gold’s already on it and they really
gotta capitalize on that a little bit more all right so we’ve got domain magic
over in the chat he just sent five dollars in the super chat thank you very
much and thanks to anyone anyone over there if you’re watching this live due
to super channa answer a question so what’s he have to say he says is segue
to X be 2×4 worth a purchase it is a dollar fifty ATM and not sure if this is
no longer needed due to the lightning no it is completely not worth even you to
spending a penny on it for God’s sakes first of all um you get this for free if
you want to play around over there I do not recommend it because the splitting
of it is not easy it’s not easy at all but what you’re trying to say what
you’re hoping that I’m going to say is oh it’s so cheap it’s gonna go up it’s
going to pump this thing was complete trash to begin with they were they took
advantage of a name of something that was already hated but that was known so
I mean the I don’t know the team behind it I think it was a total marketing
gimmick type of thing and you shouldn’t you should never pay for something that
you get for free that’s part of the Meister philosophy here
never buy anything in crypto that you get for free you never buy steam because
you earn steam on steam it you never buy your pivot is because you
get them for free because you’re a be a Bitcoin holder and your long-term
thinker now maybe you don’t heard the whole Bitcoin at all domain magic that’s
a mistake my first recommendation to you is to just buy Bitcoin and let these
other crypto dividends of the future come in they will do better than be two
acts seg with two acts so thank you very much for that a question and I hope I
answered it satisfactory in a satisfactory manner there all right so
let’s get back to the Astoria to the regular scheduled show dad that really
thank you for that because it did kind of blend in with the rest of the show
what I was talking about here pound that like button people all right so what
would he have here oh my narrow V my narrow V had an
announcement and that’s a that’s a friend that’s a fork a crypto dividend
of Manero which I was gonna come out about April 30th great news my narrow B
will be supported by the BTC a I don’t even know that wish well it’s some in
exchange it’s very listed by this exchange and we check out the links
below I link to this guy’s the link that mentions this and they will credit
mineiro holders with XMB after the hard for okay they’re getting listed on the
exchange that’s the basic gist of that whole thing that I just butchered all
right and it’s a so anyway to be legit to be a to be legitimate at all to be
even close to Lisbon you got to get listed on the exchange so I’m glad
they’re Denton listed on exchanges over a month before or they have it set up
over a month before this even happened so Manero V team people doing what
you’re doing that is obviously of all the altcoin
crypto dividends that are out there right now that’s the one I’m most
interested in and I’ve been updated on and these guys are in motion I give him
credit they stay in touch with me and stuff so good for them yesterday on the
show the great 21 million club and you Daniel he brought up that the great
Rocky told him about college students college
students are using student loans to invest in Bitcoin and it’s and yes that
there was a survey and of the college students with loans that were serving 20
percent of them said that they used some of their loan money they were loan you
know they they went into debt to get to go to college that they use some of this
money to buy cryptocurrency and so there are a lot of questions that come out of
this okay why are you even going to college dude why what you why do you
even go into debt in the first place if you’re interested in cryptocurrency
don’t go to cut learn about cryptocurrency on your own don’t go into
debt you use the Lib it the money that you have to buy some Bitcoin I mean it’s
a lot cheaper than going into debt and spending four years in college and then
using some of that debt to buy kriti you know to buy Bitcoin that’s not a good
idea this is a savings account here okay you don’t learn learn on your own and
try to understand what savings is and learn about a fiscal management
financial management makes a sense if you’re gonna if you want to learn about
Bitcoin if you want to get into the Bitcoin world don’t go to college at
least don’t go into debt to go to college maybe you’re a well-off person
already or your parents can pay for it for you or whatever if you want to go to
college haven’t have them pay for don’t go into debt okay just don’t go into
debt to buy cryptocurrency period but don’t if you’re really interested in
this kind of thing be an entrepreneur travel around the world get some life
experience it’s better than going into debt to go to college and then to use
some of that debt to buy Bitcoin it just take a few steps back college students
who are doing this you shouldn’t take a note there’s other paths in life I know
there’s a lot of peer pressure to go to college but if you’re already
have enough a free-thinking ability to get into cryptocurrency they want to be
in the Bitcoin you have enough brains I think and enough confidence not to go
down that traditional path not to get stuck into that debt model to that
fitting in model and go your own way and learn about cryptocurrency and not just
don’t go to debt suits alright so let’s let’s get back into steam it and wrench
in retail he had a video that mentioned how he is diversifying his uh you know
he’s on YouTube and he sees a lot of big towels on YouTube getting shut down or
being demonetised or their videos are not being played as much and they’re
also on patreon and people aren’t you know giving them money on patreon so he
is moving he is using steam it a little bit more as insurance against and here
he’s in the chat right now how you doing that I saw him jump in there he’s a
great guy but he’s diversifying in the steam it and it’s insurance against it’s
a backup just in case your you get shut down on Twitter or on YouTube or on
patreon or whatever you’re always gonna have your hub and steam it okay where
people will know well let me check eventually out at steam it to see what’s
still working see if his YouTube is still work to see if his patreon still
working so I I think he brought up a very interesting use case for steam it
make it will use it as insurance first of all against all the craziness is
going on in social media but use it as your social media hub also so when your
YouTube goes down temporarily or when you to randomly stops sending out
notifications that you’re going live the people know they can go to steam it and
they’re gonna see that most up-to-date information on your Twitter or on your
Facebook or on your YouTube it’s all only linked there on your steam it post
and busies steam it isn’t going anywhere that’s that and you’re gonna be and the
best of it is you’re gonna be able to earn steam from people coming to your
steam it pay you’re gonna be able to promote the
steam it ecosystem so people are not as relying on Twitter and YouTube anymore
so there is pressure on YouTube and Twitter to maybe give some of their more
well there’s there’s self silenced voices they they silenced these voices
to let them speak up some more and to put pressure on YouTube and Twitter to
get into the Bitcoin business – Monica maybe make themselves to
monetize that way especially Twitter Twitter could I mean they could do so
much with cryptocurrency in terms of monetization of Twitter if they use
Bigpoint if they use whatever so I am again I don’t buy steam but you take
advantage of the steam at platform it is it is good for the cryptocurrency
ecosystem it’s going to be good for big point in the long term it’s gonna be
good for social media it’s gonna be good for content producers who want to speak
the truth who who are just who are not traditional people who are not afraid to
put their faces out there and just and say what they believe and we you know
it’s unfortunate that YouTube likes to appears to like to shut down such people
now but you know if this backup is out there if steam it grows is going to be
great so vention McTell thanks for being in
motion dude and I’d link to vention make towels to steam it below and upvote him
Andrey steam him he obviously has some great content and he’s been in this
Bitcoin game for quite some time now and he’s doing some great things and I I
admire him for just being in motion being in motion in his life going all
the way to UM to a Joe to try something else new he tried he tried a well he
didn’t try it out living there but it was his try out before living there in
important Thailand or Cambodia I’m getting was tired it was Cambodian and I
mean I didn’t work out that I mean he experimented he’s in motion you you you
get big Judas you know he’s a he’s around 50 years old and he’s in motion
so if you’re nineteen-year-old out there you have no
excuse not to be in motion if that dude is is travel around the whole world and
giving out all some cryptocurrency ideas and he just sent five dollars in this
super chat he said exactly YouTube is closing conservative and McTell channels
down right and left if we aren’t as dependent they will be less eager to
close us down eventually couldn’t said it better myself man thank you very much
for the five dollar super chat there that day that is very you know it if we
because if everyone out there becomes less and less dependent on these big
names they’re not going to be shutting that shutting down as many people as
much as they they currently are they’re just not gonna have the power to do so
they’re not they’re not gonna cut their user base and a half all right so uh
what else here traveling crap speaking of traveling vanishing went on a big a
big big trip I’ve gone on plenty of big trips lately haven’t I been but around
the whole world I love this article for CNBC it says that the Qantas now is
gonna have a flight from Perth to London a direct flight from Perth to London and
it is not the world’s longest flight it’s gonna be like the fourth longest
flight but I love it I love the progress that’s one of the positive things about
you know being alive you have to see a technology evolve before your eyes and I
think it’s awesome that someone’s gonna be able to fly from England Tugg Perth
which is my like favorite freaking city in Australia which is the furthest major
city on earth from Washington DC which means it is the furthest major city on
earth from where I am right now in the involved in the Baltimore area so but I
still love Perth and I wish I could fly there directly from where I am but I
cannot one day we will be able to so what else do we have here okay that’s
the end of the Bitcoin part of the show but I did want to say and this was
inspired by a McTell video also that so many people out there spend too much
time defending excuses why they can’t work
doubt why they can’t travel why they can’t get into Bitcoin why they can’t do
this just do it people be in motion you’re wasting time coming up with these
excuses defending your excuses is a complete waste of time don’t come don’t
don’t think of defenses of your excuses think of ways to actually be in motion
and to do stuff and maybe you’ll be the one that comes up with a way for me to
fly directly from Baltimore to Perth one day you never know or maybe you’ll be
the one who you know creates the greatest emic page of all freakin time
and you end up with a hundred Bitcoin for some reason or ten Bigpoint or
whatever whatever your dream whatever your goals are set those goals hi people
first just one Bitcoin is – Bitcoin is 16 billion 21 then 100 then the sky’s
the limit people okay found out like button i’m adam meister the
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