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long-term thinking deferral of
gratification uncomplicated alright I
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alright so the crypto winter you keep
hearing this term crypto winter dude
this is there’s no crypto winter not
here at least not here in the
bitcoinmeister land not on this channel
there’s no crypto winter i mean this is
a this term again it’s very popular is
for people who are obsessed with the
short term and with thee the Fiat price
and they’re just Downers man I get and
they want to identify they won’t have a
name for this what they’re feeling for
their feeling and so they’ve come up
with this crypto it makes them feel
better well that this is gonna make you
feel better people you in real life I
don’t like the winter I don’t like the
I don’t find
to be very pious I leave cold places I’m
going to LA on Wednesday I’ll be in LA
so if you find yourself in a crypto
mindset that’s cold and wintry and
you’re and you’re worried move the
personal responsibility get it get out
get away from those people get away from
those crypto noisemakers and oh this is
the end it’s the winter everything so
bad now because the Fiat
why is everything bad you still have the
same amount of Bitcoin that you had
before you still can innovate if you’re
creative you can come up with all sorts
of ideas you can come up with all sorts
of ideas no matter what the price of
Bitcoin is if it’s $100 or if there’s
$100,000 in terms of Fiat you shouldn’t
be down you shouldn’t say it’s a winter
that things are in hibernation and
winter can be a negative timing I know
there’s some fun winter activities but
in this the way they’re using the word
crypto winter it’s not a positive okay
people are harping on this crypto winter
thing they’re all jumping on it it’s a
bunch of noise it’s distracting you it’s
gotta give you a weak hand and if you
come to if you’re here if you watch my
show a lot you can tell they’re in atom
Meister’s like there is no winter no
matter what happens in my life
you’ve been able to uh you know since
I’d be back in Baltimore no matter what
happens in my life it’s not a winter
it’s always a time of growth you can
always learn you can always improve
yourself something bad happens you move
on from it you learn from it you keep on
persevering and stuff so and you can
take positives out of bad things and
things that are interpreted as being bad
so in the crypto space hey they’re all
people saying all bet there it’s winter
it’s down and out no be positive go away
from those negative influences you still
have as much Bitcoin as before and guess
what pal that frickin like button if you
want positivity is that a word whatever
all right so bitcoin is the apex
predator remember that tres mayor sent
on this show check out that old show
it’s linked to below somewhere on the
disrupt meister comm archive all right
happy Chanukah is the second night of
Hanukkah tonight I lit the candles of
course much earlier so there’s a sight
out there called uh yeah and you got
some of these people that are just
yelling about crypto winter I mean I
yeah really stay away from those dudes
man if they can’t obsessed with it I
mean it’s your a person responsibility
if you can handle it if it’s not gonna
weaken your hand and it’s not gonna get
you down and I guess be my guess I’d
like again I like to be around
productivity I don’t like to be around
destruction and I don’t like to be
around Downers you know winter is not a
it’s always summer for me baby it’s
always something you know I went down to
the southern hemisphere it was great it
was summer and of course you got a
helper you got to come home sometimes
now we’re taking it into the real world
way too much let’s move on to this new
site coin market book dot CC and they
say here at coin market book that CC
market cap is a lie by support by
support tells the true story by support
rating separates investments from
Gamble’s and low and behold if you go to
this site you’ll see that Bitcoin has
the best buy support rating it’s like a
hundred percent and then the next is
like a theory on with like 20-some
percent you
read up on what this buy support really
is but I do like how they say it
separates the investments from the
Gamble’s yeah
bitcoin is not a gamble all the others
are various are various levels of
gambling and most of them are horrific
gambling I mean the top tier is fine
anyway check out that link if you want
to learn more if you want another
ranking site everybody likes these
rankings and whatnot moving on my water
is not with me I want a drink I’ll go
get them a second alright Bobby Lee the
great Bobby Lee the brother of Charlie
Lee who of course has been on the show
many times check out the links below
archives all that good stuff
he says electricity has clearly become a
permanent fixture of humanity the
Internet is also becoming a permanent
fixture of humanity
I predict that Bitcoin also will become
a permanent fixture of humanity now
let’s let’s this is very interesting the
internet is a permanent fixture of
humanity we all can admit that now but
Bitcoin I I also is it’s not just the
bad people but there’s still a lot of
people they don’t think it’s a permanent
fixture of humanity and we’re going to
stay on this topic when I’m gonna read
you these next tweets keep all that
stuff in mind it’s all linked to below
I got a label it better now if you’re
watching this live oh so particular
about my links listed below pound that
like them all right Alan 4:18 says
Bitcoin more than anything is a vote for
freedom in a world full of politicians
and government policies you you find
that you that you find unsavory bitcoin
is your vote out of the system this will
be the most important invention in human
now that’s saying a lot fair this will
be the most important invention in human
history and then there’s a reply to that
in the same thread that says I do
believe this to be true however some
things need to be sorted out first okay
so let’s focus on those last lines there
it’s all about the fur of gratification
here people you really need to if you
truly believe that like this guy says he
truly believes this is the most
important invention in human history
well then and of course some things need
to be sorted out of course hey I don’t
think anyone denies that it’s not that
we’re so early in all this it’s very
hard for people to get into it right now
all sorts of but that’s not a negative
that’s just a reminder that you need a
really strong hand and you need to be
you need to defer gratification if this
is the best thing ever if this is the
most important invention in human
history and you get impatient for some
superficial reason because it’s not easy
to use some things need to be
straightened out then oh my god are you
just I mean you’re not a long-term
thinker I mean if our or you don’t truly
believe this is as big as it really is
but there are some people that talk a
big game to see yeah this is huge this
is huge and then maybe their actions
don’t exactly support that and so again
you should be able this is way more than
a new financial instrument okay way more
than that so what would you think let me
let me make sure I’m not skipping
anything yeah yeah yeah yeah sorry the
furrow gratification yeah it’s more than
a new financial instrument slash
mechanism it is a new paradigm Bitcoin
changes the financial game for those who
opt in the Bitcoin okay so we have this
whole tremendous financial system out
there Bitcoin changes that entire game
it also gets you into all sorts of other
games okay this is an earth changing
life-changing type of technology okay
it’s a new paradigm it’s it’s beyond the
scope of the way we see financial
instruments currently I mean this is
beyond financial instruments so you
don’t it is you know there are a lot of
people just say you know jump this isn’t
this I mean there’s just a lot of people
saying it’s treated like a financial
instrument treat it like the best
financial instrument
it’s more than that okay it is it is
like the Internet so let’s make some
comparisons to the internet back in the
day because back in the day there were
many people who were very impatient with
the internet just like they’re very
impatient with Bitcoin today the same
type of things were going on back in the
day what would you think of people that
said the Internet is just like Atari
it’s it’s just like Atari it’s a new
tech fad this internet thing is it’s
just like Atari was a couple year and a
few years ago less in the 80s we had a
tot re and we could play games with our
Atari and then it was a fad and then we
moved on the Nintendo we did other and
now we are onto the Internet the
Internet is this new Atari ok it’s it’s
a new it’s a it’s better texting the
Atari clearly but it’s it’s it’s an
Atari yeah it’s just a newfangled Atari
and we could play and we could do a
little bit more than games with this new
Atari ok I mean there were people like
that back in the day they didn’t realize
it was a permanent fixture that it
wasn’t some evolution from Atari to
Nintendo I mean and it wasn’t like the
fax machine there were some people that
thought it’s just a better fax machine
just a better fax machine cooler fax
machine look how the fact so she has
evolved they were saying the internet
changed everything
ok it’s a Wii laughs you’re laughing at
me right now when I’m talking about fax
machines and Ataris I mean there’s no
comparison the internet changed every
aspect of life um anyway so I mean back
but again back in the day you could
compare the Internet to a fax machine if
you’re saying well now I can e-mail this
email is a better fax machine and this
email is better than getting on the
phone ok yeah that’s what this email
it’s a better phone but anyway that was
only a small sliver of what the internet
could even do we could not even dream of
what social media was at the time that
could not even be fathom at the time you
couldn’t even think about that
and so my conviction with Bitcoin here
comes from knowing how life-changing
Internet was and how it was beyond it
was beyond just an innovation in
technology or communication it was a cat
it was it really defined the way we
lived and and and I and how like most
people did not understand that right
away they did not get it get it I can
tell you as a very young person I I was
a fan of talk radio of sports talk radio
and right when this did when the
internet stuff started getting bigger
and bigger and bigger I was like but
what’s the point of that now what’s the
point I made I could tell this thing was
gonna change so my I was as a kid
basically and I could check and but
again I have said this a few times as a
kid I I could not really fully benefit
from what I saw as the upcoming internet
revolution I mean I saw it and so now I
ever I can remember all that stuff and I
know we’re going through all that stuff
we’re going through it all again with
this Bitcoin thing here there are all
these naysayers comparing it to all this
nonsense that shouldn’t be compared to
that this is like the internet again it
is gonna change the way we all live this
is not just finance it’s not going and
it’s not going away and you just gotta
have a strong hand and if you don’t have
a strong gamble then you’re gonna end up
with some fiat and you can use that Fiat
to buy an Atari town that like button
all right so we’ve got what is this here
the et Cie dev that’s I guess the
etherion classic development team they
have a tweet that’s out there and again
follow me a tech ball on Twitter te CH B
alt I’m reminding you because I’m
quoting a tweet from the e TC dev tweet
account and they say unfortunately e TC
dev cannot continue to work in the
current situation and has to announce a
shutdown of current activities
so ethereal classics are pretty big it’s
a top-tier type of off coin and if some
of their developers aren’t working
anymore that’s not the best sign for
them but you these development teams for
altcoins they’re gonna have to find ways
of uh of coping they’re not they’re not
they can’t rely on these pumps anymore
and I’m sure some of them will innovate
but we’re gonna see more announcements
like this and maybe there have been
other ones that I just don’t know about
because I don’t follow every single
altcoin on earth and again this is uh
this is the big difference between
Bitcoin and these other coins I mean
bitcoins got all sorts of developers
while there’s not just one team and
there might be more than one etherium
classic development team I don’t know
but but Bitcoin it is you’re not gonna
oh this is not gonna be a tweet one day
that says all the people that were
working on Bitcoin development are gone
now no it’s big with these alt coins you
get sometimes you have development teams
there maybe they had a pre mine payment
maybe they have other ways they’re
getting paid who knows and they just
quit like this so I’m not saying they’re
I’m saying there’s some all coins are
gonna find innovative ways around the
current situation their current bad
financial situations what I mean and I
don’t know you know there’s various
reasons why some have fallen into the
current situations they’re in and
there’s various levels of centralization
involved uh hang on we just got as I see
a super chat from mentioned pension says
he feels like December 2014 just at the
end of the bear whale we bottomed in
January yeah it does it’s similar to
and it’s similar again back then and
Thank You Benjamin for the five bucks um
that time they were there were a lot
more people that were that thought
Bitcoin could go to zero like now you
really don’t run into that I mean those
are just super fun stirs that scream
stuff like that I haven’t really read
that lately anyone’s anyone worried
about Bitcoin doing is he but know there
were people back then I thought Bitcoin
could just totally fail
and I I don’t think anyone legitimately
thinks that anymore who anyone who
legitimately understands what’s going on
doesn’t doesn’t think that it’s a good
big home to Vale and all cryptocurrency
will disappear and it’ll be just an
Atari or something all right but thank
you mention McDow um here we go here’s
an in motion person out there top roller
top rollers sent me a video he made and
I always love to see new new YouTube
creators out there guys who I’ve seen in
my chat for a while in my comment
section and then they make videos and so
top rollers got a video out there and
it’s called Ken Bitcoin compete directly
against gold I link to it below it’s
pretty good he he actually brings up
some of Caitlin Long’s uh points and he
makes them easier to understand for
regular people which is great which is
great thing I mean and again he gives it
gives some reasons to be excited when
thinking of Bitcoin in terms of gold and
I know there are a lot of golden holders
out there who are transitioning from
gold to Bitcoin so that that type of
video I think bait they would definitely
enjoy so good job top roller check him
out subscribe to his channel
alright now a lame I feel if I skip
something here I know I did alright so
here we got oh yeah because this be
rhodium thing Andy Hoffman links to I
linked in handy Hoffman update about
that and the actual be rhodium site and
one thing well anyway they have a strong
hand program and I guy I gotta mention
something that’s using the term strong
hand it’s encouraging people to hold on
to be rhodium now I’m not encouraging
people again just because I say I said a
theme classical for some people were oh
you like aetherium classic ya know so
I’m saying people know I I’m saying that
I’m mentioning news stories about them
that doesn’t mean I’m saying to buy them
I’m not saying to buy them I only tell
people I only buy Bitcoin baby but I get
for free you know be roading was a
crypto dividend so yeah
rhodium is encouraging people to hold
that you can check that out but one
thing that I found very interesting and
I mentioned it yesterday I had no idea
what it was yesterday and this is going
to apply to other altcoins also this is
more of an altcoin type of topic they
brought up something called the crypto
Trinity I’m like what the heck is
encrypted Trinity so they’re aligning
themselves with bitcoin and litecoin all
right they’re associating themselves so
they analyse and allegiance with these
coins out this is the thing any coin can
have an allegiance with Bitcoin they can
be friendly because again all coins have
some level of centralization to it they
have founders they have whatever then
maybe a marketing team so they can say
anything they want to say nothing just
like what I had a man that Johnson on
the on the show over a year ago and
she’s like challenging Bitcoin and back
then I was like you know how can you say
to how you you can say – is a competitor
or a Bitcoin and yeah sure she could
actually why not there’s nothing
stopping there’s no rules – in all this
you can compare your coin to Bitcoin but
that was on a negative level that she
was attacking Bitcoin she was competing
with big I mean not negative but
competing with her but she was kind of
being negative she was she was insulting
Bitcoin but that’s neither here nor
there this allegiance thing is very
interesting it’s very interesting you
know some of these off points in order
to survive
I would I would advise them yeah be
friendly toward Bitcoin say you have an
allegiance to them make up terms like
the crypto Trinity and try to affiliate
yourselves with these other bigger coins
to make yourself seem more legitimate
cuz no one can stop you when that no one
Bitcoin can stop you now with these
other all coins if you align with
another off point it has a central is it
you know have it has a leadership team
they can reject you now like pointing
doesn’t have a leadership team anymore
really because Charlie lys soul ball is
like I mean he could say I mean he can
make a statement you can make a
statement if you know if he if he hears
about this be rhodium things say I have
no trinity with them
Trinity but no but see I mean all
seriousness I think that altcoins
you know you could take the dash route
or that Amanda took on my show and just
be like we’re you know we’re better than
Bitcoin where we’re out to get Bitcoin
or you can try to align yourself you can
have an allegiance with Bitcoin like
these are be rhodium people seem to seem
to want to do so I mean we can have a
yeah i-i’ve said friendly Forks before
we get friendly like super friendly offs
now another thing and I I said in the
past that relates to this subject is
that I thought that certain crypto
dividends that were out there should
form like alliances like bi I think I
specifically said be private and be gold
should get together and form some type
of team some sort of joint promotional
operation I don’t know it’s just it’s an
idea you can go in any direction in this
space it’s very experimental that’s
that’s the interesting thing about all
coins like they can they can do things
like this you know and again I’m all for
productivity those are productive
measures it’s not about killing the
other all coin like some people want to
do I think that’s nasty stuff and
doesn’t this shed a good light on on the
space but hey it’s personal
responsibilities in your case you can do
whatever you want to do you can think
whatever you want to think this is what
I think this is my show so um but
another thing and I don’t know if I’ve
ever talked about this before but some
of you know there’s so many all coins
out there that you know another gimmick
they could do instead of you trying to
have allegiances with other coins is
actually merging with another I don’t
know how you would really do this but if
there are two like meandering alt coins
out there like on the second page of
coin market cap like 60 or all cones
they could make some announcement like
we’re combining coins now we’re going to
turn to coins into one who knows what
that could do I don’t know how that
could really even be done it could be
done anything can be done in this dorm
space I don’t know what you would call
that a merger a crypto merger or
something but we could see some stuff
like that happening to so so you’re like
I think it’s exciting I think I’d like
to see that experiment play out and I
bet it will one day a friendly crypto
merger so yeah the this whole Trinity
thing that they’re doing over there at B
rhodium got me thinking about all that
stuff and I’m sure most people you know
or we hear about this B rhodium thing
are gonna more focus on this strong hand
gimmick that they have and of course I’d
like the name strong hand who what but
again you have a strong hand with your
Bitcoin people and you got to value your
wealth in Bitcoin so if you’re if you’re
playing around in any all coin even if
you got it for free
you better be valuing your wealth in
Bitcoin yeah I I would advise about your
wealth a Bitcoin they’re trying to
obviously tell you they want you to
value if you’re a holder of B rhodium
they want you to hold on to it they’re
giving you incentive to value your
wealth and be roti
I’m not saying to do that I’m just
telling you can check out that links
anyway anyway very interesting stuff
over in the off coin space but it’s just
a reminder you know we’re talking about
all these gimmicks yeah they’re
basically gimmicks with Bitcoin there is
no gimmick Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin
one big point he was one Bitcoin have a
strong hand people i am adam meister and
keep it on the positive baby i think you
could take that from today’s show
definitely i got to update the links
below right now so i’m adam i should
they call measure to disrupt meister
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