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off with something that got cut out of
yesterday’s show because we had some
technical difficulties but it was all it
was all meant to be because this subject
matter of diversification for the sake
of diversification and the frustrated
crypto portfolio holders it was in it
was all over twitter today actually so
i’m glad it got cut out yesterday
because i have more to add to it today
where do we have so yeah this is another
if you needed another argument against
crypto funds well here you go
first of all bitcoin simply holding
bitcoin beats these complicated crypto
funds where you pay some guy you give
him your money and he buys a bunch of
all coins for you and then he takes a
percentage people actually do this
because they’re used to traditional
markets where they have to diversify for
the sake of flavours
and they pay some guy to do it that’s
not what crypto heard that’s not what
bitcoin is about and just doing nothing
simply only Bitcoin beats these people
but beats these crypts okoto supposed
crypto funds and that is not even taking
into account holding Bitcoin and getting
the free crypto dude ins that you get by
holding Bitcoin you get interest on your
Bitcoin by collecting the crypto
dividend Forks and air drops but that’s
I mean that’s insider information that
you only get here pal not like button
people so the tweet by the stalwart what
did he have to say people pitching
crypto as an asset class are going to
have a lot of angry investors if it
turns out the whole space converges
towards Bitcoin well dude wake up and
smell it smell the coffee the whole
space is converging toward Bitcoin we’ve
known that since we’ve not at the
beginning okay we’ve done that you know
look look at the Bitcoin dominance it’s
almost back at 70% and that’s with all
of those ridiculous stable coins that
are in there too
but hey you know if you want to
diversify for the sake of
diversification person responsibilities
new counterculture don’t get angry don’t
get angry the guys on CNBC that we’re
going to talk about in a second you did
it you paid some guy to diversify your
portfolio you didn’t have to do that
it’s it’s as simple you want the fancy
sets and graphics you want to do
complicated things when it’s as standard
alright alright alright
video output is low it says you know
this I’m sorry for this the new setup
that uh that YouTube has here it’s
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why it goes off I’ve got a the the
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better so I’m gonna ask you I’m gonna
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tape so and again I really don’t
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so with that mind we I have no idea what
was cut off and what wasn’t cut off and
it’s funny because the topic that got
cut off yesterday is the same topic that
got cut off today
so I have no idea what was actually what
I read already but I I will do right
here right here I’m gonna read you
someone I’m just checking in a couple
statistics here
all right so we will yeah I think I
think I will stick with premiers I think
I will stick with premiers and if people
want to support the show through the you
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that way that’s that’s great okay
someone suggested that in the thing
alright so let me get back to the
schedule here so yeah this is arguments
against crypto funds and most of you
already know crypto funds are ridiculous
that you don’t have to you don’t have to
pay some guy to manage your money
this isn’t 1982 this is Bitcoin this is
cryptocurrency and people pitch it that
the the stalwart I’m gonna read this
again I read it on yesterday’s show I
already read it once today let’s hope
it’s not the curse that keeps them
getting from the internet turned off or
pitching people pitching crypto as an
asset class are going to have a lot of
angry investors if it turns out the
whole space converges toward Bitcoin and
the thing is the whole space is
converging toward Bitcoin this person
responsibilities new counterculture
though don’t blame the guys on CNBC or
the altcoin pumpers if you got into
their into their magical altcoins and
you paid some guy to take your money and
buy stuff that doesn’t be Bitcoin it’s
your fault
and again holding Bitcoin doesn’t sound
glamorous you get crypto dividends just
by holding and just Bitcoin alone beats
these funds but Bitcoin plus the crypt
of dividends you get from the forks and
from the from the air drops beat it even
more beat these up coin funds so
Saffiedine as I said not only were
people talking about this yesterday but
more people are talking about it today
the the frustration of the crypto
managers the crypto fund managers
Saffiedine said wondering why your local
bag leader crypto hedge fund bro has
been acting up lately remember he’s
having to explain to investors why he’s
charging them to and 20 percent to pick
from scam
have underperformed holding Bitcoin dis
badly this year and again he shows a
chart and that is linked to below when
holding Bitcoin costs nothing again
remember that holding Bitcoin cost
nothing but having some guy manage a
crypto fund your part crypto portfolio
one of those ridiculous phrases that
have been that have come up over the
years now portfolio dude it’s Bitcoin
it’s that simple pound that like button
ok and here is a tweet that says that
mainstream media says investors have
lost millions buying crypto tokens will
they ever recover and then it says also
the mainstream media says and there’s a
picture of Brian Kelly with his crypto
portfolio chart showing his 30%
allocation in Bitcoin and the allocation
and all the rest of the stuff so yeah
the basis for being as they’re
complaining that investors have lost
millions by in crypto tokens yes there
are the same people who were saying to
buy the crypto tokens again you didn’t
have to buy the crypto tokens and BTC
Benny actually wrote an article on this
the crypto diversification track again
he knows there’s a no reason to
diversify for the sake of
diversification it’s a value of your
wealth in Bitcoin he gives an exact
shows Brian kept Kelly’s portfolio and
does show that dollar wise it did go up
in terms of dollars but not in terms of
Bitcoin not in terms of Bitcoin you
would have been better off simply
holding Bitcoin and not getting into
Brian Kelly’s portfolio there any Brian
Kelly’s and I think he’s an alright guy
I had him on the show back around the
time Mike he was talking about metal pay
oh my god I remember after he was on my
show all these 80 percenters were asking
me about metal pay oh dude I hope you
guys didn’t get into metal page just
because Brian can’t beliefs said the
words metal pay but many people did that
just the way they are whoa
so quad on TV said a coin you better buy
it no it’s as simple as getting Bitcoin
and it’s your fault it’s not Brian stop
Brian’s fault that you got metal pay you
like you know you like fancy
the graphics on CNBC metal page yeah
okay getting big getting Bitcoin back
when Brian was on my show I think that
was before be gold was even even came
out so not only would you have gotten
Bitcoin but you would have gotten be
gold and be done and all other
ridiculous stuff that came out for free
for free instead of having someone
manage you’re supposedly supposed to
decrypt important portfolio okay so
speaking about traditional media people
and yet CNBC is traditional media they
are used to dealing with regular
companies uh-huh not decentralized coins
okay so they enjoy having founders and
having PR people marketing
representatives they’re used to dealing
with organizations that are set up that
way so if you are a centralized altcoin
like bsv and you’ve got a public
relations team you’ve got a marketing
team you’ve got a founder you can you
can get onto up you cannot deal with
traditional players you know traditional
players are confused when they’re like
what your your coin doesn’t have a
leader it doesn’t have a founder then
who do I talk to
with bsv you know exactly good to talk
to so I didn’t even realize this until
today but I’ll not dissing argost 16th
they were on some Nasdaq show they were
on the floor of a Stock Exchange and
when I say day the guy Jimmy over there
and Jim Jones the cult leader they were
on the they were on their own TV talking
about this and being accepted as normal
as normal people and you know ask normal
questions promoting their coin and
everything like that oh they were
totally getting away with it they were
just playing right into the traditional
media hype and because you’re they’re
bad they’re PR guy they’re they had
their founder there if they were wearing
ties it looked all nice and no that’s
that’s the way the media goes so again
when you’re a centralized point like
that and you can have like a ridiculous
cult leader leading you if he acts
normal and you can get on the floor of
the stock exchange and get on these a
he shows so I just want to tell everyone
get used to that a lot king of the
trolls why why won’t he do that one
another I mean you know he’s not the
same type of person as Jim Jones but uh
Charlie Lee has been on shows like that
this was a little bit more this was to
the next level I’d like to applaud you
can see it yourself you know don’t don’t
Fudd over it I don’t know if it pumped
bsv I don’t was I don’t let me I mean
maybe the price of bsv probably did go
up on the 16th I assume it did for this
but they got I mean the media play they
got their traditional media play they
got I mean good job for them they’re
able to work they’ve got a leader they
got a PR guy that’s how this all that’s
why I’m saying some of these all coins
are gonna be able to stretch it out real
nice if they have a real marketing team
a real professional leader not just some
cult leader who just constantly lies and
lies and lies but I mean there’s some
respectable people some of these all
coins are gonna be able to drag it out
for a while and just act like normal
companies because they are companies in
the sense and get on these traditional
finance shows because that’s who they’re
used to dealing with and you know
Bitcoin is never gonna fit into that
paradigm and it doesn’t have to it
doesn’t have to be successful I’m just
giving a road to opportunity for these
and it’s out it really is out there
because most of them are not god more
than most of them I mean well 99% of
them aren’t run professionally at all
and don’t have PR people that Jimmy guy
he is a good he’s a pretty good he’s a
good PR guy he really is a good
marketing guy he’s got connections any
of you I can’t believe he actually
believes what he’s saying music this is
Satoshi’s vision like actually maybe I
mean we’re not gonna get into the guys
mind the point is the path is out there
and a very extreme altcoin show then
they even can do it they can get a
regular TV like that so that’s linked to
below and you’re gonna see other off
coins do it bitcoin is gonna be because
it doesn’t have a founder bitcoin
doesn’t have a PR guy or anything like
that it’ll be a ragtag whoever steps up
in the PICU and maybe it’ll be a toxic
maximalist and they’re not gonna like
say and you know there have been some
big con guys that have stepped up but
it’s not the same as saying you know
this is the official PR guy a Bitcoin is
that with an official PR guy at PSV
there’s not an official PR guy of a
Bitcoin so they’re centralization has
some so-called advantages with spreading
the word to the 80% oh well I mean
that’s deal with it so and I mentioned
the 70% Bitcoin is approaching 70%
dominance again and that’s taking into
account all these ridiculous stable
coins – that have come out so we will
see how that like button people all
Libra is Bitcoin 0.5 not Bitcoin 2.0
that was a headline from a Norwegian a
major Norwegian paper that was sent to
me by the having channel guy and thank
you very much for sending me that I link
to that below it’s in Norwegian but I
thought that was pretty funny that it’s
not Bitcoin 2.0 it’s Bitcoin point 5 so
no it was not a friendly a Facebook
Libre article coming out of Norway there
thanks for sending that to me
the having show the having show Santa me
he’s got a good show all right and it’s
good when people were focused on the
having like that that they name their
shows out of it after it oh yeah so
September 10th I’ll be speaking in
Israel in Tel Aviv more on that soon
when I get the official name of the and
someone said they’re in Israel this week
and they want to see the Tel Aviv it
Korn embassy you go there on Sunday
nights like it’s 7 o’clock I’m there by
8 o’clock every Sunday night I’m at the
Bitcoin Embassy so there there’s a lot
of big there’s a blockchain week in Tel
Aviv around September 10th so you’re
gonna hear a lot about Tel Aviv and in
the Bitcoin space then alright yeah
maybe maybe this uh let’s see how the
stream is going here let me check
something out you know what maybe it was
just that you see the stream health
thing you see it was frustrating it was
frustrating when I had that situation
now it’s not as frustrating you gotta
roll with the punch
you gotta roll with the punches we’ll
see how it goes there was one mistake
that was that was very frustrating so
yeah we’ll see we’ll see if these things
continue we’ll see how they I mean again
does anybody in the chip we got plenty
of people in the chat do you guys have
any do you got no one has any questions
I mean waiting I know someone’s it’s a
bitcoinmeister hang on a second they’re
okay no no it doesn’t it doesn’t take me
twice as long to do premier actually it
actually is faster it’s a better setup I
don’t I don’t have to that I record the
show I don’t have to watch the show like
I can just walk away that’s what I do
want Shabab the this weekend Bitcoin
show is not going to be live and it’s
really convenient actually I record it
then I upload it and it plays when I’m
at synagogue or whatever and I’m not I’m
not monitoring the chat or anything like
that again I mean you guys can send your
if you’re not if you’re not doing the
super chats I don’t know what the point
of doing this live is really if you
gotta you gotta make it worth my while a
little bit here if it’s easy for me to
do it the other way um and you know I
mean maybe they’ll fix this and make it
like it used to be but you could just
click a button and they would start
recording and you wouldn’t have to use
another another bit of software and
they’d have to interact ok enough and
again you know the people some people
right now are listening to this on the
sports Meister comm you can listen to
the audio podcast version and they don’t
know what the heck I’m even talking
about that oh dude I just want to listen
I don’t need to see anything on these
super chats I just want it so again this
this whole live thing is pretty
if they’re not going to be any super
chats it’s it’s pretty useless at this
point but a UK Bikram master does say
the stream is that actually coming in
well so that’s that’s good
all right and again you know playing it
I don’t know why and I you know what
this is this is the funny thing I don’t
watch any of my shows so I don’t really
get it why you need to hear this at 1x
when you can play it and just intake it
so much faster and be so much more
efficient I don’t if you’re not if you
know how many questions at least if you
have questions and I understand then
okay but um alright so moving along
moving along here like what happened to
my notes this show has been different
today hasn’t it alright so yeah the
world is going digital so why live in
the mall world the mall with gold ok and
gold fans should take note of this
statistics about the digital world mall
store sales all combined fell to one
hundred eighty five point two billion
dollars in q2 same level where they
first been in 2005 over the same period
ecommerce sales have multiplied by a
factor of seven from twenty point eight
billion dollars to one hundred forty six
billion dollars alright so since 2005 we
went from people hanging out in malls to
malls just falling apart totally and
just going through the roof so people
are becoming more and more digital they
don’t need to be in per ton needs to be
in person anymore
you don’t need to feel it anymore and
that’s just a reminder that I think gold
is it is gonna go the way of the mall I
mean but why not have digital gold that
is what but that is one interpretation
of Bitcoin is is digital gold and yeah
it’s something for the mall world gold
that’s what I that’s what I got from
that uh from that tweet now my buddy
Luis whose bill must show the artist
Lewis from the Philippines he sent out a
tweet that’s linked to below about a
book I didn’t know if he helped write
the book I know Jimmy song wrote some of
the book and maybe Lewis probably
definitely did some of the art in the
but he is a great artist i link to the
book it is called the little Bitcoin
book and you can buy it at the link
Lewis is in motion so I’m going to
spread the word when he spread the word
about his book and he is a great he’s a
great Bitcoin artist now spiffy a
bitcoin artist I was informed about
Bitcoin and Friends cartoon channel
which I never heard of before now again
I’m not a big I’m not a big guy in the
cartoons and some of it looked
absolutely silly and ridiculous but it
just shows you in this space you could
be a cartoonist and do well for yourself
okay there’s so much opportunity in the
Bitcoin space so I gave these guys a lot
of credit it’s not my thing
they’re in motion you guys can check
them out I link to them below and
alright yeah I’m not gonna well here
here’s one final thing one final thing
uh you’re on your own Brooke video that
came out lately I linked to below and at
that one hour and 41 minute mark
he says Tech is driving and slash saving
the United States economy and I agree
that it is definitely driving in the
United States economy technology and
that this is a golden age of technology
and and I and for that reason the United
States should have a hands-off approach
to cryptocurrency and you will see even
more growth in our economy huge gains
way beyond just Silicon Valley
technology and the nanotechnology and
that’s out there I mean this this is a
tremendous cryptocurrency Bitcoin it is
technology hands-off approach in the
United States it will grow it now Euron
didn’t bring that up at all he just said
technology is saving the economy and
then he went on to be stared and that
you know he he’s worried if Silicon
Valley doesn’t save the US economy that
all that it’ll be he’s down no no no no
no don’t take that approach to like
people be pumped about this be
Golden Age already already Silicon
Valley is a driving force behind a major
driving force behind the United States
and the technology economy and
cryptocurrency Bitcoin and again I say
cryptocurrency because there are a lot
of people that are gonna do a lot of
wild things beyond Bitcoin and that’s
their right to do it’s not the
government to say oh no you can’t do
their people are going to know the
government has done okay the government
puts their expertise post offices and
stuff I mean that’s what that’s from
like 1885 they could stay in 1885
regulating the post office that’s cool
you guys can have the post office let us
have Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and you
the United States economy will boom even
more way beyond the great Silicon Valley
technologies and the Silicon Valley
mines that are out there already so I
thought it was interesting that you’re
on and you’re I broke is basically pop
positive but he sometimes he worries
he’s like what is what if this goes
wrong what if if the government does
encroach upon Silicon Valley
don’t technology technology wins
technology wins in the end of the day so
I’m I’m enthused about this upcoming
decade this golden age we have entered
and it would be great if the United
States does take a hands-off approach to
a cryptocurrency and slash Bitcoin and
again I call cryptocurrency slash
Bitcoin because other people are gonna
get you don’t get into the good you
don’t have to get into cryptocurrency
the simple thing to do get into Bitcoin
and watch the fireworks why watch the
people that implode and explode and all
the the manias that go on watch it with
a popcorn just with your bitcoins
sitting there on your treads or
collecting those script of dividends
baby all right dude and audio-video
Tweaker I agree with what you said about
the Bitcoin cartoon thing actually I’m
yeah but that’s just not my cup of tea
it’s it’s not my cup of tea
first saw that link from the oh whoa oh
my god all right dudes thanks a lot
everybody I’m glad you bear with me I
to see how that first part of the video
turned you know I’m not even gonna watch
the tard I’m not gonna watch the first
part I don’t I don’t watch any of it
usually but when there’s a mistake like
that at the beginning I do have to check
to see what got cut off
I’m gonna forget about it and go to
sleep because I want to go to sleep and
it’s after midnight in Tel Aviv pan out
like bummin i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
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thanks a lot dudes for putting up with
the technical