Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
September the 25th 28:19 and I’m trying
to find a good place to put down this I
get these lights I am live though dudes
isn’t that awesome again strong hand
long-term thinking one Bitcoin equals
one Bitcoin it is great to be live again
value your wealth and Bitcoin offended
by selling conviction alright dudes
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this is a mile I’m going to leave for
Baltimore in a few hours but what time
it is now I’m tired Lee get my sleep
last night preparing but I am I am happy
and I just wanted again to reiterate
dudes if you’ve got we’ll do Q&A today
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bitcoin meister and i really can’t stand
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Embassy in Tel Aviv
alright daya hey so let us let’s start
off with the news here what do we got in
the news well first of all when I walked
in here today people were shouting one
Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin because they
know they know not to value value your
wealth in in fiat someone in the chat
said welcome to Zion well dude I have
been in the land design
here in the land of milk and honey for
two months this day I’m leaving I’m
going to the airport soon baby
taking the train into the airport yeah
someone Tavel dacra says don’t you get
worried your wealth can get wiped out no
not at all that’s the whole point is
show different your did quite ok today I
I wonder about sometimes interesting
questions yeah man I value my wealth and
be right down what’s gonna happen or did
you believe in that quantum food or the
hash rate food we’re going to talk about
that hash rate but in a second but you
get about I give you credit you typed in
bitcoinmeister and obviously that got my
that that got my attention that’s how
you uh I see you in the chat alright
let’s let’s get what to what I had to
talk about today that I prepared uh ten
minutes ago oh you gotta love the live
stuff hopefully when I’m back in
Baltimore we were doing all live again
looks like YouTube made this easy again
keep your fingers crossed so they keep
it this easy like they used to it is you
never know with these dudes but the one
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so all coins you know everyone’s a oh
look how space changes how the mood can
change it was all coin season last week
now the all coins are getting destroyed
and at a faster rate the Bitcoin so the
Bitcoin dominance is going up again it’s
hilarious but the funny thing is is
again it’s all cyclical everything will
go up again and then all coins was
they’ve got bash so bad just now they’re
gonna go out faster than Bitcoin so it’s
gonna look like it’s all coin season
again so get ready for the all coin fans
get ready for those altcoin fans to you
know get their pump ajaan so yeah these
are my running glasses
these are my running glasses do I look
they’re absolutely ridiculous aren’t
they they they’re they what they give
these to you when you get your eyes
surgery they do the the laser eye
surgery so afterwards you can walk
around the gate it’s my dad after they
did I surgery on him I think he didn’t
need anymore so as well yeah these are
gonna be my running good they’re great I
mean they keep it really dark I mean you
could run in Australia with these babies
on and guess what I will be running in
Australia on August starting August the
17th I will be Sydney Argus 17 to 24th
and then Adelaide for a month after that
oh yeah I’ll be protecting this precious
skin with hopefully natural sunscreen
remedies but again son gets so bad down
there I can’t take it man I’m gonna have
to use the unnatural ones have some
cookies in the house I’ll be hanging
with him oh my god he says could the big
coin dump just be the S coiner
capitulation in the Fiat I know yes I
gonna talk about this in a second Why
ask why why I mean we’ve been through it
before who knows the reason why the the
s coiners have been capitulating into
Bitcoin so you’re saying now they’re
taking the next step now they’re taking
the next step maybe maybe this I try not
to worry too much can’t wait to see you
hassle Cook says dude I can’t wait to
see you dude we gotta get go over what
exactly the plans are man but I’m
leaving it up to you you don’t have this
surprise me when I get there man I know
the certain days we got a hang that
there’s some bigger things and aundrea
is there it’s gonna it’s gonna be a good
time it’s gonna be I mean you’ll be on
the show oh man I am pumped all right so
you’re doing the correct thing you’re
typing in your you’re typing in the
bitcoinmeister name as a few people are
doing it so – Val says have you ever
thought about going to Egypt as this
close no I would never go to Egypt pound
that like button
oh man that’s like asking me if I’d ever
go to Germany no no man
but all right so uh let’s see what else
he takes a gun forsaken horrible place
who wanna go to that third world country
my lord they all try to cut where the
African the illegal Africans don’t try
to go to Egypt they try to go to Israel
they wouldn’t be in a civilized country
all right all right all right so let’s
let’s move on here but by the way I was
comparing Egypt but Germany Germany is
civilized it just have a you know bad
history with that I was comparing two
historical aspects of you the countries
there are treatments of my the people of
my religion all right so what do we have
here so much stuff here I’m just I’m
just making this a totally social show
right like I mean I’m not even hardly
talking about Bitcoin here do that Wow
I’m gonna get on the plane soon so yeah
all coins were destroyed whoo what else
do we have here the day roll event this
is a quote oh this is good
the day will eventually come where
people realize that the easiest way to
protect your wealth from radical
monetary policy is with Bitcoin there
doesn’t need to be eight different ways
like this article states keep it simple
with Bitcoin all right now this guy BTC
over Fiat he tweeted out an article from
Forbes that talks about like eight
different ways to avoid Elizabeth Warren
if Elizabeth Warren becomes president to
avoid her insanity eight different way
by land by farmland all this ridiculous
stuff you’d only eight different ways
there’s one way to avoid the the the the
sociopathic leaders that try to come up
with these crazy monetary schemes she
wants to do the wealth tax Bernie wants
to do a bigger wealth tax they just so
big that that that that’s the easy
solution there by the way I was on the
Matt Brown show he it’s a podcast show
he also puts it on the YouTube I will
link to it below once the show is done
it’s already if you go to disrupt
meister comm it’s it’s there if you want
to check it out
right the second for someone known
reason alright but Matt Brown is in
South Africa in Johannesburg
he hosted an event that I was at last
year and I was on the show then he’s a
good guy he’s trying to spread
he’s a marketer type of guy he’s a good
guy he’s trying spread the word down
there and so I was on the show recently
and it’s live now I had no idea was live
12 until like a few minutes ago yeah
yeah all right so what else do we have
here yeah I’m not really thinking about
the price today at all uh I’m trying to
get on a plane to the United States for
Russia shot a baby and that’s that’s
what I recommend to people if you start
getting Fiat crazy worried about the
price like to Val says old you look at
all could go to zero or whatever the
heck he said you need to get out and
just like get into the real world not
really worry about this type of stuff
because there’s a lot of real stuff
going on we’ve been through this before
I mean watch yesterday’s show if you
need one of those jabs in the in the
side to get your hand strong or whatever
to know that you know we’ve been through
this a thousand times so we’re gonna be
through it a lot more times now there
are again there are people asking why
although I say why ask why try but dry
down that like button no I’m saying why
asked why and what are we saying yes
what one thing I forgot to mention
yesterday and in the ysy category was
the United States uh there were hearings
there were congressional hearings for
Bitcoin and at for cryptocurrency for
fifth for Facebook Libre all that stuff
as you can see I paid no attention to it
because I don’t even know what Maxine
Waters and the gang had to ask
but we good through this before it for
those who’ve you even wanted to ask why
ask why every time we’ve had these
hearings in the past it goes down so hey
there’s an excuse you can make they are
also coin desk has an article about in
30 minutes after the margin calls at bit
max that there was a margin call if it
necks in 30 minutes the price went down
by a thousand okay great
that’s what traitors traitors you know
you do crazy things you panic sell you
have a that’s that’s why you don’t trade
I guess a lot of traders lost some money
oh well the Bitcoin Fiat price went down
still one Bitcoin he goes one Bitcoin
pound I like monster for me I’m like
what the heck
too bad you traders but we don’t need a
body we don’t need a why anything people
want a scapegoat dude it’s so unhealthy
to have a scapegoat they want to blame
someone there’s no one to blame one
Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin move on uh
and when you look for reasons okay then
this is a problem here we and I link to
an article about the hearing if you care
about the hearing you can read about the
hearing I guess that sounds like if you
like your doctor you can keep your
doctor anyway so where and know that the
issue is is when you when when you’re
looking for answers when you’re
desperately look why why was it
happening then they’re going to be the
various sources out there that are going
to give you answers that are gonna come
up with fake answers now
and I actually saw someone put a fake
answer out there everyone’s familiar
there’s someone called fake Toshi out
there so some people who like the fun
Bitcoin said well maybe fake Toshi salt
is Bitcoin there we go
so when you ask for answers like that
when you’re so curious about answers to
something that’s just cyclical something
that we’ve been through a lot of times
that doesn’t mean that it does not need
an answer it just is
Bitcoin is volatile welcome to the game
newbie if you want an answer you’re
gonna end up believing people like
victory and think he has Bitcoin that
he’s gonna scratch the market with one
of the biggest nonsensical bugs out
there all right has McCook say if you
want to see intellectual capital energy
on display point the listeners into
watching Baltic honeybadger all your
worries will go away well dude lots of
the people that watch this uh not
everyone but there are a lot of people
who watch my shows and watch shows like
this they don’t have the patience to
watch that Bolton honey badger thing I
mean what is that thing like 9 hours
long like that but you were right there
are some smart people there in has I’ve
talked about it and I’ve linked to
some of the shorter versions of the
video but yes do pass you know what’s
going on alright dudes if you got
questions the show is gonna end real
soon so type in bitcoinmeister if you
want to get them in uh NC NC Tar Heel
you’re like uh what are you doing you’re
censoring yourself there you get you’re
getting rid of your messages all right
dudes what else do we have
let’s see coin telegraph oh and you guys
can do super chat if you want to get my
attention but bitcoinmeister is the best
way that well the cheapest way ah found
that like fun now
what’s uh-oh coin cards coin cards is a
dude out in Vancouver I met him in when
I was in Calgary
he’s got a product out there free range
is the perfect solution for bitcoiners
looking to separate their personal phone
number from their Bitcoin services for
the Bitcoin services from their big line
services oh man I need to go to sleep
but I will watch something of course
I’ll watch a movie on the plane tonight
but I also sleep you know when the
movies are free you gotta watch them I
would ever pay to go to a movie theater
pal that like button for the last time
Adam was in a movie theater and paid for
it he does not remember when that was
now again I say money does I get to
travel around haven’t gone to a movie in
10 years get to fly all flights going
around the world now pal Matt like
button deferral gratification now coin
cards so yeah
private second line with your Bitcoin
now I wouldn’t use my Bitcoin to buy
this private second line but it is good
to have a private second line on your
phone if you have a phone so that you
could just do Bitcoin business on it and
no one will ever know that private
second line phone number of course I
don’t even have a phone I would never
store a Bitcoin on my phone or having a
phone do anything with my Bitcoin but
some people do and Mike out in Vancouver
coin cards they’re they’re linked to
below if you want to see what that
product is all about the Bitcoin ATM is
downstairs there’s a Bitcoin ATM that’s
downstairs and they the guys who own it
had to come in and remove the cash from
it oh my god it was like the NSA came in
here they kicked everybody out they drew
the curtains I mean I guess it’s a
prior Thierry information they did I
don’t know what’s going on there okay we
had to leave the embassy for like five
minutes this big coin ATM stuff I never
seen how hardcore can get there so
that’s a little bit of information for
you they really care about security to
do that are running that Bitcoin ATM
it’s not like anyone was gonna jack them
or anything like that for the cash I
think they didn’t want anyone to see the
behind the scenes whatever the heck
they’ve got going on in there so that’s
a little that’s a real-life story I just
saw a tonne vase has a tweet out there
reading this from thread from the top
makes it clear that the Bitcoin hash
rate did not drop 30 percent or 40
percent or whatever it was most likely a
reporting issue
yes tone the media needs a clickbait
story they saw that there was a little
blip there I linked to a Nick Carter
tweet that also explains the situation
it was totally fake news the media
jumped on it they needed a big a
clickbait story 40 percent hash rate
drop the funny thing is the flood stirs
in the future the funders of the future
will be scaring away people saying well
there could be a 40% hashtag drop like
there was remember when that happened no
we don’t remember when it happened
because it didn’t really happen just a
lot of people wrote about it all right
speaking of is Australia Bitcoin through
the moon who is in Australian awesome
dude I wear his shirts hey Adam aka
Bitcoin waster looking forward to seeing
you in Australia like button copy thank
you dude and again I know you’re not in
Sydney you don’t have to go out of your
way dude
but if you go out of your way I wait
it’ll be great to meet you and it cannot
be Adelaide I know you’re not in
Adelaide either a month for a month
after starting October 24th so I’m
pumped about pumped about Oh clearly and
I don’t know after Thanksgiving I don’t
know where I’m going to next though hey
if you got suggestions
I might go to Tucson again I might go to
San Juan again and who knows I’ve been
I’ve been thinking about different
things I do want to stick in Baltimore a
little bit after after Thanksgiving
because my father is your site will be
coming up it’ll be the first your site
of my father and so I want to be
therefore that although you could do the
your site you can say the prayers
wherever I like to be there with my
family all right so what else do we have
here we talked about big news
all right going once twice three times
dudes if you have any questions this
will be the last time you ask me
from Israel at least you’ll be asking me
questions hopefully from Baltimore from
Australia but I will return to Israel in
2020 this less time in Israel in 2019
most likely all right dudes all right
that is it Brian the UK bitcoin master
just pumped in there they actually have
a meeting downstairs right now they’re
going over the how blockchain week went
here these people are so much in motion
here in Tel Aviv Tel Aviv people Bitcoin
embassy people I want to thank you for a
great time every Sunday I’ve been here I
want to thank everybody in Tel Aviv you
guys are awesome
long live the State of Israel long live
the Tel Aviv Bitcoin embassy I’m adam
meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
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you guys in the chat after this and yeah
I’m pumped
you should be pumped to be alive dudes
don’t worry about that Fiat thing take
it from me man one Bitcoin equals one
because anyone will see my pants but
they actually you know I don’t know what
my shoes look like running all the time
alright I’m ending this see ya