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and early for you it’s late here oh I’m
in Tel Aviv baby you gotta love it
alright dudes I hope you’re all having
an elite day wherever you are it was
like 45 degrees warmer here in Tel Aviv
than it was in Baltimore today pal Matt
like button yes part of being your own
boss and valuing your wealth and bitcoin
is that you avoid the winter oh and I
try to avoid that winter as much as
possible value your wealth in warmth and
Bitcoin but mostly Bitcoin which allows
you to appreciate warm weather places
now something I’ve run into a lot when
I’m watching all sorts of different
videos because you know Google is
who keeps a good a good track of you
they know what you like they serve up
ads that they think you’re gonna click
on so I get well things that sort of
deal with cryptocurrency I guess anyway
there’s this this one ad what is this
for Finny the blockchain phone I mean I
don’t even know what this thing is okay
but these ads keep popping up in the
middle of videos the first of all notice
how on my channel I do not put ads in
the middle of my videos you know the
YouTube sometimes you’ll be watching a
video it’s this add a pop up and you
don’t interrupt everything you have to
like click on it to get rid of it and
then there they’re telling us they’re
selling you some scam you know look at
my big fancy cars buy my newsletter I
mean believe this stuff that YouTube
please I mean IIIi know their ads before
the show starts and after the show ends
but I don’t want it I do never that’s
one thing you get on this channel I do
not interrupt my shows with ads with
YouTube ads you know you know people do
it some people put like five ads in
there darn shows gosh darn it’s annoying
you don’t know it hey personal
responsibility is new counterculture do
what you’re gonna do
but the reason I’m even mentioning this
is that so so yeah those ads can be
annoying no matter what they’re for but
this this new one this this Phinney
blockchain phone whatever the heck it is
and that blockchain phone seems so
ridiculous there are these ads with
these good-looking women and they they
start to talk about a crypto curve they
talk about iota and ripple the ripple
one is absolutely brutal but I mean the
woman is she’s a pretty woman
I’m sure this this tricks a lot of
people into being interested in this
kind of if you value your wealth and
women but so I linked to this stuff
below no man why are you bringing up vid
is sketchy videos with hot women in them
that are that you’re watching that are
being served up to you
it shows the progress of a Bitcoin and
cryptocurrency okay back in 2016 if you
all of a sudden an ad like these they’re
very professionally made ads would have
popped up it would have just shocked the
anything out of you so we’ve come a long
way now you’ve got these well produced
ads with hot women talking about ripple
and iota and and I mean it just it’s
crazy I mean it’s almost mainstream now
it isn’t mainstream this stuff is only
being served up to me because they know
I’m in the crypto but there’s some
there’s some progress here this isn’t
some Bitcoin isn’t some nerdy project
anymore nothing wrong with being a nerd
or whatever but this is a something that
a lot of people are trying to get a
piece of and they’re trying to have some
mainstream appeal now again do you need
a blockchain phone I seriously doubt it
and again I’m not I linked to to this
it’s below I’m not encouraging you to
buy that product at all again buy
Bitcoin but it’s it’s fun to watch it’s
kind of funny and you can see how these
things can get on one’s nerves
especially the ripple one my lord my
lord but it does show some progress in
the cryptocurrency world you can call it
but you know when you have ads like that
it might not it might be annoying it
might be but it is it shows that a it’s
it’s a lot of people were jumping into
this thing so comment like run people
honey badger its Bitcoin so I wanted to
talk about on Saturday’s show you’re
used to my beyond Bitcoin show well this
Saturday we got it special
beyond Bitcoin show and by the way the
title of this video I made up this title
like an hour before I made the show and
all of a sudden I got all these new
subjects to talk about which I will talk
about in due time here be patient but it
just shows you like news is always
coming in and I didn’t mind that Adam
doesn’t care about what his titles say
it all was I could have changed my title
but I was like what the heck I don’t
what specially the title is talked about
here including this that I have a
special guest coming on on Saturday to
talk about a new crypto
dividend now you probably remember back
in the day when I came up with the
crypto dividend term and all that is is
you know you hold Bitcoin and you get it
by either it being air dropped to you or
being forked from Bitcoin you get a new
coin which you can then sell for Bitcoin
it encourages people to control their
own private key to hold their Bitcoin to
get these alt coins through the air drop
or fork process to get these crypto
dividends their one-time dividend
payments basically that’s you know when
you own a stock you get dividends every
quarter every year every whatever well
when you own a Bitcoin you get them
pretty randomly because of other
companies splitting off from Bitcoin
okay now again III I debuted crypt I was
the first person ever talking about be
gold back in the day the first friendly
fork of Bitcoin now there’s some new out
there and when I was told of this idea
of this crypto dividend which will be
talked about again 3 p.m. no 1 p.m.
Saturday Eastern Time 1p no it’s 3 p.m.
Saturday Eastern Time it’s 1 p.m.
mountain time why would I be concerned
about mountain time hmm well maybe you
can guess who’s gonna be on the show
well anyway well there’s a little hint
for everyone but so yeah 3 p.m. on
Saturday I’m beyond Bitcoin show we’ll
be talking about a crypto dividend and I
have some questions about it now when
the person came to me about the script
of dividend he said hey Adam I got this
idea should I run with it this person
has been on my show before I was like
dude that is an awesome crypto given an
idea people are gonna like it it seems
like something that it would make the
news so I will leave it at that for now
but it’s funny so what’s that dude told
me about it I thought it was such a good
idea I told another dude about it and
then once there were two dudes behind it
one of them asked me hey we need another
dude to do some graphics for us and I
said well I know a dude that does that
so part of the reason I’m telling all of
this story is because three the people
involved with this project have been on
my show before a but B be in motion
people people who network with me I
network when I see something that I
think they could be good at I send it
their way ok and I think a lot of people
a few of you you know
and all three of these people I’ve met
in person also to tell you the truth so
I mean I you’re only going to see who
one of the guys is on and it doesn’t the
other two that one what matters the
other one does that the one doing the
graphics it doesn’t matter you he’ll
never come on for that this I don’t
think I mean come off it wants to but
anyway again I’m just saying be in
motion and again this is a crypto
dividend it’s an error it’s an airdrop
one and you know we’ve rethought in the
past will the airdrop ones be more
popular than the fourth it’s something
that you signed up for voluntarily hey
you don’t have to do it you don’t have
to you don’t have to get the free crypto
dividend I like getting free things that
are safe that I can turn into Bitcoin
and this one definitely I think will
encourage people to hold a little harder
and could make the news so again clearly
I spent a lot of time alluding to it
vaguely on the show today so yeah why if
you’re expecting me to talk about
politics and whatever I usually talk
about on the Saturday beyond Bitcoin
show well this is going to be beyond the
beyond Bitcoin show we’re gonna be
talking to someone’s going to be talking
about a I guess how to how to sign up
for this Krypton dividend and just you
know what it is because I mean I hope
the signup process is easy man and and
it’s smooth and like in March or April
that we can get it and no air drop it to
us and then in don’t be on the exchange
and we get some Bitcoin for it it’ll be
great well who knows who that guest will
be maybe he’ll even them make it a you
know start to publicize it himself but
you heard it here first just like be
gold debuted back here a long time ago I
broke the big old story I’m breaking I’d
like to break stories that I think are
interesting and again it will encourage
people to hold their bitcoins so they
can get this sign up for this airdrop
and that’s what I’m all about holding
your Bitcoin that is all I’m about I’m
about valuing your wealth and Bitcoin if
someone’s gonna give me for some free
alt coins and I can get my Bitcoin
because of it then that’s awesome
and there’s one other very interesting
aspect to this but I’ll eat oh I’ll let
that be part of the show I’ll let that
be part of show up I’ll discuss that on
all right I’m just seeing
if I ya have a strong hand hold that
Bitcoin on that like button okay moving
on moving on Supreme Court of Venezuela
just froze all of 1y whose bank accounts
but keep in mind she’s knowledgeable
about Bitcoin a clear example on how the
use cases for crypto thrive in
totalitarian context yeah so a wide wide
oh yeah he of course he can have all his
assets frozen the Supreme Court of
Venezuela can decide to do it freeze his
bank accounts of course now if Juan Y
doe is if he was just talking the
Bitcoin talk then that’s kind of
unfortunate if he was walking than
Bitcoin walk back when he was talking to
Bitcoin walk then he’s in great shape
but yeah this proves like even if you’re
a high up politician well it shows when
you’re part of the Opposition in a
totalitarian regime it can take away
your bank account but they can’t take
away your Bitcoin why why do I hope you
have some Bitcoin all right here we go
this is Hamas seeks funding in Bitcoin
terrorist group okay Hamas seeks funding
a Bitcoin terrorist group which rules
Gaza falls on supporters to send it
funds in popular virtual currency and
then in this article it says bitcoin has
faced criticism in the past over
underground websites where people have
used the currency to buy drugs and guns
and then it says there was no immediate
reply from Bitcoin oh my god that live
is hilarious there is no B the people
writing this article I mean they’re a
little clueless there were they there
was they tried to get in touch with the
Bitcoin I mean yeah I mean if this was a
ripple story yeah you could get in touch
with you could get a reply from ripple
but no you can’t but my the reason for
bringing this up is okay this story will
get twisted around to vilify Bitcoin
okay no doubt about it this doesn’t
people will use this to badmouth Bitcoin
you know terrorist organization is
asking for Bitcoin and you can go a lot
of direct different directions with this
but for me this just shows
just shows you the strength of Bitcoin
that your worst enemies though you know
can can get Bitcoin can ask for Bitcoin
they can’t be stopped
you can’t stop them but your worst
enemies can’t stop you from getting the
same Bitcoin okay so that’s it’s
unsensible and we’re going to hear a lot
more things like this in the future
about unsavory organisations calling on
people to fund them with Bitcoin and I
mean nothing people could do this stop
it stop it but me on the other side of
the spectrum those unsavory
organizations can’t stop people from
sending you a Bitcoin so again it’s it
doesn’t sound good it doesn’t it’s going
to be used it’s gonna be people are
going to hit Bitcoin with this it’ll be
a it’ll take a PR head of course but
that’s a Bitcoin just become stronger
and stronger so don’t let this week in
your hand just you look look on the
positive side of things
again they’re going to be unsavory
organisations that are going to call
upon Bitcoin but that that it camp that
it that Bitcoin can’t be stopped from
being sent to these unsavory
organisations is is a strength of
Bitcoin and it’s for you it just shows
you how uncomplicated all your own
Bitcoin is and that you can send your
Bitcoin to wherever you’d like to send
it alright if you control your private
key there was no immediate reply from
Bitcoin pound that like button for not
exactly understanding people what’s this
here fidelity is said this is a tweet
again everything is linked to below
again keep your Bitcoin on that on that
trésor that’s that’s a good idea
or whatever and any storage device that
is is safe there are a lot of storage
devices out there so fidelity is said to
and you know get t-shirts link to below
support the show there’s all sorts of
ways to support the show below and I’m
going to mention something else about
supporting okay so fidelity is said to
plan March launch of Bitcoin custody
service this news actually came out when
I was about to go on live yesterday but
it wasn’t confirmed so I’ve waited 24
hours and now a lot of you have
obviously heard about this fidelity has
said to plan marsh launch a bitcoin
custody service all right I’ll believe
it when I see it
you know fidelity has been talking about
this for a while now they’ve said a
month March again we’ve been through
this before don’t be surprised if it’s
May okay again once it launches I think
that’ll be great that’ll just be great
right now it’s just they’re talking to
talk and they’ve been talking to talk
for a while
and it’s great that they have interest
in doing this I will believe it when I
see it and when it when it does happen
hey man a lot of uh a lot of gold then
holder types will be like well now
fidelity I’ve done a lot of work with
fidelity in the past they’ll be able to
hold this new asset for me let them
control my private key
hahaha but whatever we’re ahead of these
people we’re ahead of them we already
control our own private keys okay so
Monsieur Mahmud ah’ve that’s Mariah’s
brother I believe said in the 90s people
couldn’t a man we said people couldn’t
imagine that the intra internet would
replace newspapers TV phone calls shops
and many other things that is true today
people can’t imagine Bitcoin becoming
mass adopted money bitcoin will do to
money but the internet did to
information and money is a way bigger
market dude I like your kind of thinking
dude you’re positive man long-term that
is some true long-term thinking there
and it is very true that in the 90s
people people would never say that the
internet would replace newspapers TV
phone calls all of it shops and many
other things which in that and it’s
amazing we’re living through this time
where the Internet has written has
really replaced all those things I do
not have a TV I do not have a phone I
don’t make you again I use the internet
to make phone calls I don’t go to shops
i order things online i don’t read
newspapers i read them online every news
it’s amazing so what what is Bitcoin
gonna do what is Bitcoin good he says
that it has even bigger potential for
big points so hey I you know if it quite
even in ten years
you know can do 10% of what was just
said what the internet did it’s well on
its way to greatness all right this is
from the rabbi at the Chabad in Owings
Mills dearest Adam as Poirier courier
advise Habad Owens Mills is now
accepting cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and
he sends a link to you know the Habad
Owings Mills page where you can click on
a link and it sends you to where you can
send them Bitcoin you can send them
Bitcoin now so I am glad you guys see I
have been in motion I convinced my rabbi
to accept to accept a Bitcoin so it is
linked to below if you want to send my
rabbi some some Bitcoin that would be
great I again I the Habad owings mills
is a charity I have given to and my
father gave to my by the way I think
everyone remember my I don’t know if I
mentioned the mystery I saw a little
blurry might that the last check my
father wrote in his life was on November
the 18th of 2018 and he it was to Habad
of Owings Mills as charity to them and
then he died only 20th and then only
21st after I had called my rabbi to say
you know my father has passed away can
you do the service after I got off the
phone with him he checked the mail and
he and there was a check from my father
in the mail so it was quite it was quite
amazing sigh I point that out there then
I you know obviously my rabbi listens to
you know I take some spiritual advice
from here my my family has gotten a lot
of uh spiritual advice for him and my
father obviously supported his cause and
yeah I I gave him some financial stuff
so I hope my up the the Chabad rabbi in
Owings Mills Rabbi K I hope this does
you well and people send you Bitcoin and
and everyone there’s a little personal
story that goes with it and yes and also
the that was the last check my father
wrote in his so last thing my father did
financially in his life was to give the
charity which is a good sign so that’s a
good thing
it’s a good thing if we’ll again all you
know this is you know I’m not saying
everybody give the charity
give the charity if you want to give the
charity nobody and my father wanted to
give the charity does last thing last
thing last thing in his checkbooks sure
enough and the check arrived when we
were planning his funeral sadly enough
but all right
continuing on continue on here let’s
talk about some first world problems
here this is from Bitcoin calm and it
says study finds three quarters of
attendees at crypto events are male Wow
one crypto currency conference recently
featured 84 man on stage and three women
that has to change that was a quote from
that article that has to change
I mean you’re making it seem like it’s
it again this is this is a first world
problem I there there plenty of women
who watch this show there women have
been on this show before I’m not gonna
force women to get into Bitcoin I’m not
gonna force it I’m not gonna I mean is
it isn’t an accomplishment to be you
know well let’s have a conference in San
Francisco and get some well-off females
in the tech industry to make a
presentation and get more tech industry
ladies to attend and you know to force
this upon them is that is that an
accomplishment or is it an
accomplishment to get Bitcoin into the
third world into the hands of families
that are run by single mothers I mean
we’re talking about a need versus of
Wands here okay let’s let’s worry about
and you don’t have to worry about it
let’s let’s deal with getting Bitcoin to
people who need it instead of worrying
about you know first world problems like
virtru signaling like who is talking
about Bitcoin is it not may I miss
talking about or is it a woman talking
about I mean this is again it’s such a
first world problem this is this from
Bitcoin calm which again is the probably
cash I mean interesting they did a story
on this yeah I mean it’s like a thousand
dollar event in San Francisco let’s get
more women speaking at them I mean again
or 500 dot whatever it is this is first
world problem this is this is something
that we again I think is
I think it’s specially virtru signaling
here but i’m here to cut to the chase
let’s people are going to get into this
we’re going to get into this and I think
in this in the United States of America
if you’re remotely involved with tech
you’ve heard about Bitcoin already if
you’re a man or if you’re a woman you
can opt into it if you want to there’s
nothing holding you back there no
obstacles now after the third world
there there can be some obstacles and so
that’s where maybe if you want to be a
do-gooder that’s where you should be
focused on it’s like go to some small of
small out-of-the-way dirt road town in
the middle of Africa and tell all the
ladies there about it and I think I make
a tremendous a much bigger difference to
teach I mean there’s a lot of people who
don’t grasp savings yet in the third
if imagine if you talk some people in
the third third developing world but
everyone to call it about that you know
just hold on to this Bitcoin this could
get you out of poverty just by learning
what savings is I mean that’s there’s
some there’s something big right there
there’s something that’s gonna that’s
not a first world problem that is a real
problem so yeah
we’re we’re in this paradigm again in
the in the USA we we don’t need Bitcoin
we don’t need Bitcoin and wouldn’t even
need it we don’t need to go to Bitcoin
conferences no one needs to go to
Bitcoin conferences no one needs to
present in a Bitcoin conference but in
the developing world whether it be
Venezuela Zimbabwe they need Bitcoin
there you go need versus wants virtue
singling versus like starving
all right you know our should I say
versus signaling versus getting out of
poverty getting people out of poverty
let’s not talk about start getting
people out of poverty if let’s see here
well Pantha says if you don’t own any
Bitcoin yet at this point you’re doing
it wrong it’s smarter to scale in rather
than try to catch the bottom what are
the odds of you catching the exact
bottom yet that’s a great question too
like all of these if you don’t if now
this is a big if if you happen not own
any Bitcoin to help and I think most of
you who are watching is doing some
Bitcoin but if you don’t for whatever
reason if you sold your own big all your
Bitcoin or something like that
don’t try to tie in the bottom what are
the odds of you get at the bottom what
are the what are the odds if you believe
in this long term then what’s the
difference if you got in at 2,000 3,000
4,000 5/7 there of the whale panda all
right let’s see someone just sent
something over in the super chat here
let’s see guy Bennett get ready for the
next fun not only is Bitcoin
misogynistic but is only it is also
racist if you look at the demographics
yeah I mean of course if people and a
guy Bennett thank you for the five
that’s five euros or five pounds or five
something there thank you thank you very
much guy Bennett I I appreciate it but
now I mean yeah demographically there’s
a lot of guy it’s mostly guys and it’s
probably mostly white people and then
Asian people and you know uh and by the
way guy better thank you
you are very far away from home right
now thank you for her time watching the
show live and sending me that that
there’s five pounds or whatever these
five euro you say girl yeah it looks
like your I don’t even know um but yeah
then that’ll be people have already
tried to fund Bitcoin that way so I mean
once it gets a more mainstream attention
again yeah that’ll be they’ll be of New
York Times article about that we need
more XYZ into Bitcoin some different
that’s not what this is about dudes this
is about getting people out of poverty
and in regular people learning what
savings is and people in Venezuela
getting their wealth out of a really bad
situation but you know most people take
the virtue of signaling way out and
reporters love that kind of stuff they
think it gets them hits and emotion does
get them hits but they’re all saying the
same thing these reporters that they go
on the virtue signaling warpath and
that’s why so many of them were getting
fired they’re all saying the same thing
you can just make a computer algorithm
to write some of these stories I mean
you can train a computer to write a
Bitcoin flood story that will involve
racism and sex
I think it’s Sooey so that’s why these
reporters that need to learn to code
pound that like button you can’t say
that on Twitter apparently no seriously
there’s it’s like it’s considered it an
attack if you say to reporters they need
to learn the code once they’ve been
fired because they’re obsolete
I mean yet this is happens at lea
they’re eventually they’re gonna be no
more truck type of drivers because of
because of driverless trucks and it’s
it’s it we know this is going to happen
so you can prepare it out you can learn
a new skill or you can wait and complain
when it happens reporters the nature of
their business is they should be on top
of the news so more than anyone they
should be prepared to know when they’re
going to be obsolete and so they should
really wait that that twitter is banning
people or suspending people that say
learn to code the reporters is ludicrous
but any person responsible a new
counterculture Twitter can do what they
want to do if they keep on doing things
that the people don’t want then the
people will abandon Twitter so Barry
Silbert has a tweet out there and this
is the end of my show I believe I think
I’ve covered everything it’s big news
from Genesis capital over 1 billion
dollars in crypto loans originated to
date 500 million dollars in loans
originated in q4 alone launch of u.s.
dollar loans secured by crypto assets
borrow US dollar against your crypto
holdings alright dudes so I bring this
up not because I’m encouraging you to do
anything that involves loans and lending
with Bitcoin or even dollars but that
this is going on it’s such a large scale
large number I was surprised
and Barry Silbert being involved in some
way I guess I’m not surprised about that
but yeah man this you know we you know
we’re focused on fidelity and all the
all these other financialization aspects
Bitcoin and you take your eye off that
ball for a second you see whoa over
there there’s already all these loans
the people were doing crypto loans which
again I’m not exactly a fan of but I
realize that if Bitcoin and
cryptocurrencies that become a robust
financial mechanism that they’re gonna
be loans they’re gonna be lending
there’s gonna be banks there’s going to
be everything I’ve been talking about a
custodial services you know and just
because I don’t use them doesn’t mean
that I that they’re not going to exist
they are going to exist again the bottom
line is control your own private key you
won’t have to worry about those things
but hey people in the traditional
financial markets love loans and they
love custodial services and they love
stocks and bonds and financialization
and derivatives so it’s all going to
happen but it’s interesting that this
loan stuff is already happening you can
click on that link below and get a
better idea of what exactly that is I
didn’t even research it that much
because you know I just get turned off
right away when I hear people talk about
loans and whatnot all right people I
think I didn’t skip anything I’m just
scanning over stuff now your wealth in
Bitcoin found that like button banging
that Bell Bundy for me to reminder when
this show goes live thanks for everybody
that’s watching it live or take if
you’re watching a tape click on their
squares you can watch from the old
videos this weekend Bitcoin
beyond Bitcoin show oh we’ve got all
sorts of guests coming up soon it should
be interesting on Saturday and Fridays
uh this week at Bitcoin will be the I
guess that’ll be at 1:00 p.m. London
time still don’t know the guest exactly
for that one but it’s always a blasting
tomorrow’s Thursday we’ll have a usual
show here because I do a new show here
every single day I’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
subscribe to the channel i’ll see you
guys later bye bye