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Francisco who like to look at my hair nothing wrong with that dudes there are
some manly dudes out there there’s a guy who watches this he’s a realtor out in
San Francisco you’re a good dude I’m not gonna name your name and you do what you
got to do out there much respect to the guys out there seriously I mean I don’t
care what people do in their personal time man that’s that’s their business
San Francisco is a beautiful city and some of the dudes like my hair out there
so good for them all right and I’d love to go back to San Francisco
I’ll speak at any group in San Francisco man I’ll go to the hardcore gay bar and
speak to the dudes out there I don’t care if they love Bitcoin I’ll go there
bar I don’t care see I mean I’m dead serious about that’s how much I’m
spreading the world about Bitcoin there might be AI are there any like um gay
men’s group for Bitcoin out there I’ve never heard of that before
I mean because that’s a good group to use Bitcoin seriously gay dudes don’t
have lives man they’ve got a lot of wealth man that some of those dudes work
hard got all sorts of good businesses going on out there um so if you’re in
the community and everything out there and I think there is a guy out there who
watches this show who’s in the can I mean maybe he’s not in the community out
there um you spread it amongst the dudes out there man because this is something
for men I don’t care what does men do in their personal time this is something
for single men who don’t have to you know who value their wealth and frequent
all right none of that was prepared at all baby this video this channel is like
nothing you’ve seen in the frickin Bitcoin ecosystem and hey man I’ve been
around for a while so you’re getting some hardcore information here that
you’re gonna get nowhere else all right so let’s just jump into yesterday’s show
real quick which is linked to below first of all before I jump in that there
guy Bitcoin uh budgee has a great tweet out there and he made it seem like I
said this this is his quote that he got from like watching my channel like it
kind of summarizes things that I say but this is his quote instead of doing
something with your Bitcoin while doing nothing with your life do something with
your life and do not touch your Bitcoin at least
not until 2020 alright so everybody always knows that I say do nothing with
your Bitcoin long term thinking golden hold just at least wait until the bit
and but I’ll at least wait until the 2020 having and learn what that is
learn what Bitcoin having’s are 2024 2028 all that stuff but also yeah do
nothing with your Bitcoin but do something with your freaking life and
dude you Bitcoin budgie his tweet I have retweeted it dude you you really summed
up the meister there the bitcoin meister so pound that like button for bitcoin
budgie for that awesome opener and hewed I am I’m really stressing out the opener
of this video but who cares it’s late at night and it’s my second video of the
frickin day so yes in yesterday’s video we were talking about my dream of
decentralized script decentralized exchanges and you know there’s all this
pay to play and we’re gonna get to update a play situation in a second but
immediately people started in in the chat I checked it out later my boy Corey
out in Colorado who is uh I’m going to see on April the 25th at
the world crypto Network event out there in Denver check out the link below and
also I’ll be in Los Angeles on the 17th speaking out there century cities check
out that link below buy tickets to both of those events but anyway Corey remind
me of the bisque the bisque decentralized cryptocurrency exchange
which already exists and yes if more people actually used it it would uh it
would help the situation now now it’s not it’s not the easiest thing to use
and some of you have been so easy so no people don’t like downloading things I
interact with people all the time I know what easy really is I know what hard
really is and again in our little bubble our little circle there all these people
out there that you know that are a little bit more skilled the common
person is going to need things that be really easy to get into this thing okay
so bisque is not easy currently but it does exist I did know about it I didn’t
mention it though and I’ve been familiar with it when he
used to have the other name to actually uh and people have you know I actually I
think I was in contact with the guy who’s in charge of it but again it is
decentralized the guy who made it I guess is it it’s it’s on its own now
it’s funny Andreas Antonopoulos has a video out there that just recently came
out I link to it below where he talks about his belief in decentralized
exchanges how that is the future Macross atomic swaps he talks about he
brings up bisque actually and he totally likes the crypto for crypto chain
exchange aspect of a decentralized exchange but he says there’s a weakness
when you’re doing Fiat irregular government’s fiat currency to
cryptocurrency and I’m gonna get into that in a second I jumped ahead a little
bit so bear with me but the when I did check out the bisque exchange out of the
volume is incredibly low right now incredibly low I linked to the coin
market cap explanation a biscuit description of bisque which shows the
most popular pet training pairs and not surprisingly the most popular one is
Minero – Bitcoin or Bitcoin the Monaro whatever Bitcoin in Manero going back
and forth so you’ve got people and it makes a lot of sense who don’t who want
to get an anonymous cryptocurrency and they don’t want anyone to know who they
are so you can buy Manero on you know all sorts of other exchanges but that
the point of weakness there is that your identity is known you as as a member of
that exchange you’ve given away your identity or some identity some of you
probably maybe lied about your identity I don’t know but still you’re you’ve
given away some identity it’s it’s traceable to your identity on this
exchange you buy Manero nobody knows you bought it and you bought into something
that is totally um and supposedly totally anonymous so I don’t know what
you’re about to do with that hey now that’s your business
with these dissent you would have to assume if it becomes more popular more
people and more people out there really yet have to use crypto currency for very
private transactions and they’re gonna find this bisque and they’re gonna buy
the crypto currencies where they will be truly anonymous on so I thought that was
an interesting aspect a bisque that is already out there so you know check out
the links below and you will you can see all that for yourself and maybe come to
some other conclusions anyway and in andreas his video he talks about how you
know he does like these these type of exchanges and it anticipates more of
them like bisque but that’s the future but what the thing that he brought up
that and we’ve used these terms of for it’s a hard promise when you get your
crypto to crypto it’s a hard promise once you make the trade it cannot be
revoked that’s it hard promise the soft promise is is if
you fiat to crypto okay you might have thought you know that hey man I you know
my Fiat ah like I’ve gotten fiat for this crypto oh great but your bank can
always take away that fiat or your back you you know the bank can stop it the
bank can can punish you at any time and that I would an address actually says
you know you can have a million confirmations in terms of fiat but it
doesn’t matter your bank can still steal it from you still steal that up revoke
that transaction because they can take away they can say oh you were involved
in a Bitcoin transaction that’s it we’re now deducting money from that you spent
or money that you earned from that that transaction it’s gone now so anyway
that’s Andrew and bashed Andreas’s for you does a better job of explaining it
than I do I link to it below all right what else do we have here out from the
Twitter world oh this is from joseph young and it’s about japanese people a
study thought a study found that 14% of him
in Japan aged 20 to 25 years already invested in or help or hold crypto
currencies like Bitcoin and aetherium this is a surprisingly high adoption
rate I expected less than 10% even in a leading cryptocurrency market like Japan
dude I agree with you man that is surprisingly high 14% I don’t know how
they conducted that that study how they did that survey how scientific it is if
that is true if that is true 14 percent of employees in Japan age 20 to 25
already are involved in cryptocurrency in some way well then we’re well on our
way here aren’t we man we’re well on our way here just some beat you I hope
that’s true I really hope that’s true I found that uh I found that interesting
and you know some of some people out there they need encouragement for you
know to keep their strong hands I have people tell me all the time you know
Adam this wasn’t for your videos my hand would not be as strong as it is and you
know that means a lot to you it’s that that means you’re paying attention it
means you’re you’re 20 percenters and you’re well on your way I mean you
understand that the bitcoin is the new the savings account of the future and
you I mean you have self-control and there’s so many people out there these
days and age that this day and age they’re so impulsive it’s it’s
unbelievable and you know every day that Bitcoin goes down a little bit in fiat
the impulsive voices you hear in the crypto noise land you just got to learn
to ignore people and this channel helps you do that and I am I’m proud of that
it’s been quite a ride as an it dudes it’s been quite quite Africa I know I
say this sometimes and it’s moments like this when I just reflect back on they
said this has been such a freakin adventure every continent I’ve been on
other than Antarctica talking about Bitcoin and stuff man it is and because
I got into this and I had a strong hand and I was telling Pete and I practice
what I preached man I practice what I preach
I thought that big coin when it was low baby when people were sick all $700 but
you’re getting ripped off Adam didn’t say add you know they said whoever was I
mean I heard all the time so be in motion people don’t just be a
talker and a complainer be a doer and you never know we’re gonna end up in a
year it’s it’s awesome man all right again get links below a tech
ball tch be alt on Twitter and that’s been blowing up lately
of course it’s always fun I get so much information from there you can get a lot
of information there’s a lot of crypto no there’s a lot of crypto noise out
there too but you’ll be able to filter it out I mean if you’re a 20% are you
well at least so and and yeah you can get your tresor and ledger nano at links
below also you know and of course you know those of you who worried about the
price of Bitcoin and Fiat I mean it’s become apparent now that I
mean the new trend is Bitcoin goes down they all go down and fiat I mean no one
no one is reversing no one’s going in and no other alt coins or cryptocurrency
whatever is going in a different direction so okay Durr show P says he
just gave me 10 bucks in the super chat Thank You Man thanks a lot
he says the S word I can’t say that word on air it’s still low you rock dude
always so always so bubbly yeah man I’m bubbly I’m bubbly like an altcoin back
in December yeah and dude there’s all coins they’ll be back
they’ll be back also it’s all cyclical so it’s we go through trends we go
through patterns it’s all you know all these things get repulsed right now
you know right now in terms of fiat value your wealth in Bitcoin people I
still have the same amount of Bitcoin I had yesterday
hopefully I know over its steam and I keep on at it keep on getting some steam
so I’ll eventually turn that in the Bitcoin so I’ll have more Bitcoin soon
the rich get richer no that the rich get richer you know I
shouldn’t even say the rich do you get richer so aim to be rich but it’s this
smart that get richer it’s the long-term thinkers who get richer who don’t try to
make a quick buck who just know how to save like their frickin grandparents did
who listened to really listen to what their grandparents told them oh my my
grandfather’s to tell me some great things he was that he was a great guy
great guy um anyway and my all my grandparents my grandmother is still
alive his wife and my other grandmother who’s deceased she’s to tell me uh some
great things also my other grandfather I’m actually named after so he was not a
lie I’ve never met him but um oh yeah my grandma my other grandmother yeah she
she was gross she was great woman to me I think about her a lot definitely
glorious / hey enough grandma memories but she’d be very proud she I remember
my great-aunt told me Oh your grandma like like a person who could start their
own business or a businessman she like businesspeople she liked them yeah so
she’s I’m sure she’d be very happy to see how I turned out
she’s watching this video up there right now probably how mad like button grandma
alright so um what else do we have here no oh yeah yes I talked about how I’ll
be all coins just you know they’re not doing anything special now because when
Bitcoin goes down there you all go down eventually maybe that’ll be reversed
again but some will actually have go up on their own but for now if you value
your wealth and Fiat they’re all going down so value you’re welcome big boy
all right the great Nathan down in Perth you know Bundy he’s got his own channel
he’s been on here before you guys know who he is and you know I hung out with
him in Perth when I go back to Perth in the future we’ll be hanging again dude
but he sent me an a very interesting article and a comment he says hi Adam
thought you may like this one we put so much effort into how you can control
your own money and then people combat it with the internet could go down but this
just happens and it doesn’t get the same news a bank went offline I have a friend
that works in a bakery and they couldn’t accept card payments
during this issue so he sent me an article from an Australian newspaper
about I believe it’s Commonwealth Bank down there and it just it stopped it
turned off uh-huh and it was an ala T and that’s it and it
stopped you couldn’t get your money you to read the article it’s it’s it’s
linked to below this isn’t in some third-world country this isn’t a minor
Bank this is in Australia which is just like the United States people okay
it’s a very modern all the comforts of the United States type of country modern
technology all over the place and the bank just goes down and that can happen
and that’s why you want to have Bitcoin Bitcoin doesn’t go down
that’s why bitcoin is gonna win in the long run is people gonna you’re not
going to know hours you know banks are closed on Sundays Bitcoin is enclosed in
Sundays okay maybe that should be Bitcoin slogan that’s that’ll get the 60
year old crowd into it Bitcoin it’s not closed on Sundays but yeah I mean anyway
even in this situation the eight you can get it out of the 18 it was a Sunday and
you went to an ATM and this situation happens you couldn’t get your money out
because banks can shut down and I guess it’s back online now I don’t know but I
I appreciate when Nathan was trying to say there and I’m glad you sent me that
article and check it out for yourself people this is this is the real world
here that’s that’s that’s what happens when you deal with the third party a
centralized system like that it can be shot down it can be shut down Bitcoin
can’t be shut down uncompensated and yeah by the way that Bank if the
Australian government want to confiscate every penny in that Bank said everybody
was a drug dealer involved with that bank they could do so they can’t do that
with Bitcoin Australia is a lovely country though to hang out in man I’m
not obviously all governments I’m not a fan of any government anywhere so I’m
not talking about their government but it’s a fun country to hang out and got a
say and of course Perth is my favorite city in Australia it is I’ve said it
before I’ll say it again that is my favorite one but I’m a quirky
guy from a quirky he called Baltimore and that’s why I
like quirky Perth in quirky Western Australia found out like button
so I mean you gotta be different people be proud of yourself man who you are
dudes that’s that’s life man that’s life all right so Matt the Matt
O’Dell has let me make sure Matt Odell has a tweet about ripple ripple Corp
tried to bribe Gemini and coinbase to add ripple and were denied okay those
are his words not mine and yeah so if you check out the link he
shows a some a picture of a document I guess basically this shows that ripple
tried to the pay-to-play method they tried to buy their way onto coinbase it
appears and maybe that’s why there were those rumors about ripple being on
coinbase because this was slipping out um but if ripple tries this obviously
other coins out there have been successful trying to do this on other
exchanges there’s no doubt about it and that’s why I had that whole thing
about these centralized exchanges yesterday or the day before whenever I
was talking it was yesterday and hey the centralized exchanges bisque
it’s out there let’s do it let’s pump out this mani i’m link to them below
alright so yeah matt Odell spreading that word about ripple and again I he
caused a triple cork because ripple is a corporation it is there’s a corporation
behind the cryptocurrency and that one can be shut down because it is
centralized it’s that’s not like Bitcoin learn the difference people all right
what else do we have out here today this has been quite a show lots of different
topics I’m just pulling out of my head where am I really pulling them out of a
different another orifice not my mouth but well anyway all right so Matt Odell
I’m at hotels got like a trifecta of Awesome tweets here here comes the
second one and dudes trifecta that’s what you play at the track don’t gamble
tract don’t be altcoin gambler don’t be an ICO gambler now by the way when I was
17 years old I would go to Pimlico racetrack and I would gamble because I
thought it was cool because I was getting in there before I was 18 don’t
be a 17 year old yeah I bet on some traffic isn’t lost in my day of course
of course but I was 17 years old don’t be a 17 year old because we gambling the
house always wins they always win although Pimlico hasn’t been renovated
for many many years they might be winning but who they’ll spend money out
there but good for them who needs to renovate that place it’s a classic show
and the taxpayers of Baltimore City in Baltimore County and Marilyn shouldn’t
have to bail them out but it would be sad if the previous leaves Baltimore but
hey that’s life things have left Baltimore in the past
the Colts left Baltimore on that snowy night in March of 1984 that anniversary
just passed actually if anyone knows what the heck I’m talking about
so another Matt O’Dell tweet from his trifecta
so fortress sold 200 million dollars worth of Bitcoin over the last few
months mount docks trustee sold 362 million dollars worth of Bitcoin over
the same time period so that’s five hundred sixty-two million dollars worth
of Bitcoin dumped on the market since December between those two alone I’m
surprised the price didn’t drop lower yeah that’s a lot what is this
what type of fund is uh it doesn’t matter what fortress is its some type of
some type of fund of some sort but apparently they were dumping a lot too
but still still the price and fiat is like ten times what it was you know at
points last year and in 2016 I mean it’s amazing the you know you
huge huge weak hands I guess like I call them they can’t bring down Bitcoin these
huge institutional weak hands so it keeps on rolling along baby rollin
rollin rollin this show is taking very a long time I’m really straight on to
stretch this show out but it just it just keeps going and going how can you
even watch this thing at this point people all right found out like but okay
last thing last thing last thing God so this is from also from mater gal of
course this is a trifecta here’s my master thread on the GOx trusty sales no
coins have moved from the wallets he controls since February the fifth all
speculation points to Gok sales being over with since he has sold enough to
cover all bankruptcy all bankruptcy claims based on their Fiat value okay so
that there it is if you’re worried about Mount God’s dumping more Matt O’Dell
doesn’t think it’s going to happen because they covered they’ve made enough
Fiat to cover all their debts apparently so take it for what it’s worth I don’t
worry about those things anyway tell you the truth man because I know over the
long term bitcoin is the winner bitcoins gonna do just fine
bear markets in terms of Fiat have happened before they’ve been long I’ve
seen them I’ve lived them I’ve beaten them and I’m traveling around the
frickin world people i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
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check out the notes section below I will say hello to you guys in the chat
section chat this is a very late night here in Baltimore