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let’s start out with light coin secondly hang on let me let me see something here
something’s back all right nothing’s whack nevermind remember if
you type in bitcoinmeister to get my attention
people forget that sometimes so the light point having I was thinking about
it today again I wasn’t on the computer but these things come into my head and
first of all they’re 55 days until the light coin having and I started to think
of it in a Bitcoin from a Bitcoin perspective and all right and so I
computer was slowing down their first I can but I linked to the light coin
having the light coin having clock is linked to below and what I was thinking
is before the Bitcoin having traditionally the miners start to hoard
their Bitcoin thus they’re not releasing as much supply onto the market supplying
and demand the price goes up in terms of fiat now we noticed I’m sure allow your
Fiat freaks noticed that light coin has grown up in in Fiat value lately and
this is partially because of the light coin having hype last time there wasn’t
much of a light point having height now there’s more people who understand what
the having is or more people who can buy light coined and previously so the
having is having a bigger effect this time now that the price went up last
time to but I think it’s bigger this time now the miners are probably
hoarding their light coin also if especially if they only mine litecoin
okay it would be smart to hoard some of their light coin now because they’re not
going to be producing as much light coin after the having now with that in mind
there are some and again the Bitcoin mining industry is a lot bigger than the
light coin there’s a lot more revenue involved but still light coin mining is
a big thing it’s a big thing and if you happen to be in both if you’re a
light coin miner if you’re a Bitcoin miner and this is the Bitcoin
perspective on it you would think that you would start to hoard your Bitcoin
now – in fact you you know maybe you mind a lot of different things be cash
and who knows what yes he I don’t know but anything that could be be gold
anything that could be considered stairs anything that there’s not going to be as
much of in the future produced you would start to maybe not give as much away
well not sell as much immediately on the exchanges so the light point having
could have effects on people on exchanges excuse me on miners hoarding
various other coins that are of limited supply such as Bitcoin so that’s
something to keep in mind here and as we get closer to the big coin here first of
all though and again people waking up to the light coin having some of them will
be the holder then let’s see what happens here
oh it was so good let’s get excited about the Bitcoin having her to be cash
having which are coming up next year now again I’m not excited about the be cash
having the only reason I mean I’m talking about the be cash or the light
point having is because of the effects it has on the price of Bitcoin show okay
take two think of a bigger perspective here you could be a hater of light
pointing and and be cash and whatever else but there are people there are
entities that mind these things and they’re not gonna be able to mind as as
much after they are having occur so they’re gonna hoard those coins and
they’re gonna hoard a Bitcoin also if they if they don’t mind that so that is
a a Bitcoin perspective on like upcoming like coin having in future having’s and
and again these we’ve seen the Fiat price go up in other coins also and so
and perhaps it has something to do with the Bitcoin happy with the light coin
having that these miners are just starting to hoard everything so they
after their various having’s they’ll have other
coins to pay their bills and whatnot all right hey happy birthday Hayden Tarr Xia all
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all right moving on and again so another thing I wonder about litecoin not that
we’re on the topic of land again me talking about litecoin this isn’t me
giving you the seal of approval saying for you to buy it don’t buy it
geez my god there is one guy and I know this guy is a nice guy dude always in my
comment section you’re leaving comments about litecoin it really does nothing
for me dude you’re wasting your time typing that stuff about like Clinic I
know you’re a fan of it you want me to say good things about it you think it’s
gonna somehow sink into my head I want to talk about it nicely this is the
closest you’re gonna get to meet up talking about it nice okay so again you
know it’s nice you leave comments in the comments section when you start talking
about litecoin and soccer teams and whatever yeah I’m not saying the
person’s name you’re a good guy I know you’re trying to be nice and everything
it’s just it’s a waste of your time to leave that in my comment section unless
you think people are reading it they’re gonna magically buy your coin or
something like that yeah and here I’m gonna read you some
positive things here first of all because there are I’m gonna give other
people’s opinion of like Spencer News says investors commonly derived like
coin as being utterly worthless but however you feel about his fundamental
value his track record as an altcoin is kind of kind of unassailable 1 hash rate
all-time highs okay congratulations – it’s the second the third hardest
proof-of-work coin a 51% attack okay and three many periods of strong performance
it refuses to die okay so a these are top tier all coin and it isn’t going to
die it’s okay it’s in a whole nother it’s a whole different realm it’s not
tear off you know and all this thread all of a sudden you have all these guys
saying all these great things about litecoin and keeping all these these
baseless reasons why it’s gonna be great no it’s it’s the Pepsi duh the coke of a
big coin guys it’s just a top tier all coin you’re gambling you don’t know do
you I remember it audio noobs don’t remember
in late 2013 when there’s worth $50 okay that’s what it was at its all-time high
in terms of Bitcoin now one thing that’s interesting about it though I am in
terms of Fiat for you Fiat freaks does it follow that the 210,000 block theory
a Bitcoin in other words does it follow the 840,000 block theory of light coin
every eight hundred forty thousand blocks is light coin worth more than it
was in fiat than it was eight hundred forty thousand blocks ago I think it’s
true I think it is even when it got up to that freakish $50 in a late 2013 I
think by late 2017 it was more than that it was in terms of fiat of all you
Charlie Lee haters can tell me if it was because that’s what he sold at the
all-time high yeah I know it was so maybe that hey I don’t have time to to
see if the eight hundred forty thousand block theory is true on by coin maybe
someone can do that maybe the guy that leaves all the positive comments about
litecoin in my video is they have nothing to do with light coin can
explore that I don’t know but it would be very interesting see if that’s true
that again very interesting but it shows you the power of the having in terms of
the the Fiat value of these crypto currencies that have having’s shine but
I love for people to study this with be cash once I mean we’re gonna have to
wait till the year 2021 because it hasn’t even been around two hundred ten
thousand blocks yet alright wen hua Tian said bitcoinmeister did you lose friends
in your personal life because they did not buy Bitcoin when you tried to get
them to basically did you experience hatred or jealousy in your personal life
when whoaaa not one bit at all not one bit at all
even though my friends went to a great you know I have friend from
college I went to Washington University with me all smart people I have friends
that went to my elite private school and Baltimore with me are very smart people
ah they know I mean it’s a Bitcoin are they sorted out they don’t care it’s
it’s actually the opposite I mean I’m like less likely to hang out
with them now a little bit because I they don’t talk Bitcoin at all they go
that’s nice and I try to explain to them I tried I really tried to point it out
as nicely as I can you know you really should get into this now of course my
buddy Shane from college he got into it he came and again I haven’t I have a
couple friends who have Bitcoin from high school also I mean what yeah no one
really listened to me yeah he listened to me but I haven’t lost any friends at
all because of it not at all not none of my original friends at all I had nothing
no jealousy or any they don’t they can’t open their I you know I don’t know what
you’re doing I hate him there’s spending time or other things a lot lots of would
like to talk about politics and stuff unfortunately they mean and again they
they can they can analyze all sorts of political theories and whatnot well it’s
good what good is that doing them I’m not not to say that many are doing that
per se but they waste their time don’t want a lot of things and so I wish they
had enough cryptocurrency knowledge to be angry or to be jealous ER or
something like that but it’s not even close to that there any most people in
this world they’ve heard of Bitcoin and that’s it that’s whatever they had
enough I mean I was just at my Virginian I was just at my high school reunion I
think one person brought it up to me one he grasped he kind of grasped what was
going on I mean I don’t I’m not flashy about what’s going on in my life that
obviously a lot has changed in terms of my um you know I I don’t have to work
you know I and that I’m in a very very comfortable situation and so I’m not
flashy that I don’t talk about but one guy he knew at he basically came up to
me and sort of asked me about that situation but but you know when people
ask me what I’m doing I say you know I traveler in the world they talk about
Bitcoin because it’s awesome that’s nice and then they just move on they talk
about they don’t they don’t like grass that
like they could be part of a two anyway so no there’s no no haven’t lost any
friends over at all nothing and again and there’s one friend he law he says
I’ve tried to convince him to buy it for some time and he says he gets pleasure
knowing how well I’m doing from it he know he actually knows how well I’m
doing one sort of friend he knows how well I’m doing he knows very you know
more so than most people on here and so I told this one friend I told him about
it in 2013 I told you no we’re talking about the when white coin was worth 50
bucks I’m sure I would like order was Fitz bucks I had told this friend
already about Bitcoin that I had gotten the Bitcoin and still to this day now he
hasn’t gotten into it hands risky as this is that that he’s happy that I’m
doing well he likes he he likes to look at the pricing and see how well Adams
doing I don’t know so yeah complete opposite
complete no one’s no one’s envy or jealous or I haven’t lost any friends or
anything like that it’s and I wished I wish they cared more
that’s for their own sake for their own sake but I mean some of these people T
purse responsibly is a new counterculture okay so they can go their
way I’ll go my way and we’re still friends so I think that’s I think that’s
possible okay one thing that I said yesterday I
was talking about trip to dividends again guys if you hold your Bitcoin if
you control your Bitcoin you don’t leave it at coin base or some other third
party you can get crypto dividends you get interest on your Bitcoin through
airdrops through Forks again if you had your your
Bitcoin on your trays or during the be cash fork during the be gold fork they
gave you to be gold in the B cash now I want to go back to something I said
yesterday that’s very very important if you’re in a situation where you have not
claimed your B cash your be gold your B dime and your BS v all of those okay you
got it you got a do it in a specific order now again if you’ve got it on a
trésor the claim to be cashing your be gold okay and then move on from there
now if you’re on a on some other are paper wallet or whatever you’re gonna
have to mess with your private keys okay and the order you do it in okay again if
you have mapped on any of them do to be cash okay then you
do the bsv because you never do the P cash but you can do the PSV then you do
the B gold they need you to be diamond and they then after you’ve messed around
with all these private keys everything okay and the most important thing I
forgot to say you move the big coin off the freaking private key before you do
anything okay before you do anything unless you’re is lessons on the Tresor
and it splits to be gold and be cash for you okay but if you’re if you have to
split it manually by revealing your private key and you know what you’re
doing you move the Bitcoin off that private key okay you move it you move it
to another address somewhere else and then you in that way in the order you
claim to be cash the bsp the beat gold and then the B diamond and then you do
that we were talking about that be that be B to B BT to whatever you want to
call the thing I was talking about yesterday okay because you don’t want to
risk you want to get the more valuable things off before you do the risky the
riskiest thing of them all okay you want it to be completely clean there’s no
there’s no if you want it and it’s pretty easy to get that bead to okay but
it’s hardly worth anything so before you do that make sure you got your be gold
and you’ll be done okay in that in that order you get the B roll them to be
diamonds because this okay I’m gonna have to make a whole show about this
alright on how to do these things because you know I can give you some
good advice on how to do these things but again don’t you move your Bitcoin
off your private key before you do anything like this but you make sure you
get the most valuable one first than the second and third or the fourth or fifth
you don’t you don’t just say oh well I’ve never done anything and this it’s
easy to get this be bg2 $3 things so I’ll just do that one first no no no no
you gotta do the other ones first alright so I have to do a show about
this pretty soon when I have some time baby it’s me I like you know this is
great this is great you can claim things you can get this interest crypto
dividends are freaking awesome and the MWC air drop and the Hoffmans been
talking about that a lot lately that’s July the 19th
the last day to sign up for that and somebody in my comments section is
telling you that some other crypto dividend of some sort I’m gonna look
into that dude and on a somewhat related note I want to
tell everyone you know I love when people I love when people leave comments
in from the YouTube section I gotta tell you guys a little bit of insider
information this is something very important to listen to everyone whenever
you leave a comment on a youtubers comment section and you push enter they
get that comment they they know and then you edit it and you change it and you
erase it they still see the original one and it’s not just me it’s any comment
you leave anywhere on YouTube you might be like oh my god I can’t believe I just
left that let me erase it they’ll never know oh we know we know and we remember
so I think there so there’s a few of you out there you’ve erased some things
anyway but so be careful what you write the first time don’t be impulsive think
about what you’re leaving on someone’s comment section on YouTube err and then you regret it and you erase
it you think the person never saw they saw okay they get the email notification
they see the original and their pulldown menu it doesn’t go away we see it so
I’ve seen it anyway so moving on again I I recommend everyone you don’t hang out
on your computer all day long the last two days I’ve gotten on my computer very
late it’s been nice and yeah you catch up eventually I know what’s going on in
the in the Bitcoin world now alright so let’s talk about some Africa let’s talk
about some Africa here there is a new exchange is opening in South Africa like
right now and it looks like coinbase almost been stopped corn base is called
valor v8l are calm valor has partnered with big tracks so you can trade in
South Africa for basically everything in some bit tracks and you can buy with
your South African Rand Bitcoin so I got no excuses we talked about South Africa
a lot on this show on Saturday show if you’ve got your Rand which is I don’t
know why you’d value your wealth and Rand at all here’s another option to get
rid of your Rand and get into the real thing became the Bitcoin so maybe saw my
South African buddies can tell me if they think Dowler is good I link to it
below it’s like debuting right now be al are calm I I was I was watching I think
it was a Joe Rogan video he had a a paleontologist on and he was talking
about dinosaur bones and they went over some dinosaur conspiracy video that you
know dinosaurs never existed and the paleontologists he yeah he was yelling
he was cursing a lot he said he’s so easy for people to make
these conspiracy type of videos they just fill in they know the whole story
already and they just film everything else in they fill in the blanks with all
their little you if you already know the story it’s really easy to fill in your
story on top of it okay to backfill the story
to backfill the story you you know all the witnesses and then you can say oh
look at that they see this is how it really happened then you draw you write
a whole story around it and it made me think yeah yeah yeah backfill it’s easy
to backfill and information it is and you can that’s that’s why when you have
a mysterious person like Satoshi Nakamoto okay you can you can backfill a
story into that too you make up a whole story around that and you say well I’m
right look and you can you can you can design your whole theory around the
original story and you can make it work you can make it look like it works and
this is how all these conspiracy okay this is how all the nonsense you see out
there and people can make it they use fancy sets and graphics they make it
look real nicely they talk real sure about themselves so keep that in mind
when you hear people making claims about being whoever they may be claiming to be
and making up interesting stories about how dinosaurs never existed guy Bennett
says Bitcoin Meister at its inception light coin was worth 3% of a Bitcoin
even with this light point even with this run light point is worth 1.3
percent of a Bitcoin guess what Bitcoin still equals one Bitcoin yes
exactly these are so many the likely freaks they don’t they don’t value their
welcome pic when they do this see the Fiat price they don’t even know what it
was worth back in the day in 2013 they don’t even know what BTC – II is and
that’s where you would go see that’s where you could go trade like coin for
Bitcoin on BTC – II I don’t know they don’t know that it was 50 bucks in there
or $48 or whatever it went up to it at one time it was it was worth quite quite
a bit in Bitcoin back dad it was it was amazing but hey I mean they’re gamblers
gamblers are gonna do what they’re gonna do they’re gonna be and again III gave
you some positive aspects of it’s not going anywhere there’s so many alt corns
around that there’s gotta be a top tier and there’s so many institutions that
want to get into this that are not that they want to diversify for the sake of
diversification of course if you’re gonna diversify for
the sake of diversification you’re gonna get into something that’s relatively
boring and static and and not you fancy and has a big market cap and has been
around for a while it’s got a brand name why not that’s a positive right there
for light point so yeah it’ll get it don’t get pumped by institutions by
newbies but big big coin will be one more bitcoins is the real thing so I
mean that’s gonna be the main caramel oh yeah disgusting alright so yeah bitcoins
gonna get pumped by institutions obviously also alright so here is a
lovely tweet from well let’s read what BTC Chris have to say
bitcoin is a game of who has the strongest hands and then Jason added
it’s kind of like to put your hand on the car the longest to win the car game
it’s not really that hard but it is well do I think I think it’s easy when it cuz
the Bitcoin yeah I think it’s it’s it’s it’s easier than that game because you
could just forget about you know that that game of put their hand
I mean you’re stuck to the car you can’t leave the car you gotta go urinate right
there I mean you always wonder how they did that are you gonna hold it in I
guess or but but with Bitcoin you hold on to it but you don’t have to be
constantly looking at it you have to be constantly constantly worried about it
so yeah it is a game of who has the strongest hands and the 20 percenters
the people who aren’t impulsive the people we’re gonna defer gratification
we have the strongest hands and and it is quite easy for people like us that
understand what’s savings account is and that this is the savings account of the
future but weird we know about in the present we’ve got that insider
information and we like it and our crypto dividends by holding on to it all
right Tour de Meester says top 10 cities where
bitcoin is currently googled the most and Lagos Nigeria is number one
now the other cities are not shocking at all so
a guy named Yeley bad MOC who is an African he and I think he’s an
interesting person to follow on Twitter I maybe I’ll try to get him on the show
he left a comment about you know what’s going on in Nigeria
he says it’s multifactorial Nigeria has ranked very high in terms of trade
volume on local bitcoins and paxville respectively my personal view is that
it’s a combination of medium of exchange for foreign exchange transactions as
well as speculative investment due to lack of a good and not good enough
alternatives and it’s the grown steady since the bubble he also says so now it
isn’t like a recent spike they’ve been gradually getting into it since 2017 and
it’s becoming more and more popular in such a type of growth in a country which
one day will have more people living in it than the United States of America I
believe it’s predicted in 2050 there will be more people in Nigeria than in
the United States you know is it growth at a steady rate 8 for a country like
that that’s good good for them I think this is interesting news is
something keep up keep an eye on and yeah sure maybe some people were just
buying it uh to do bad things with the to me did and a fucking fun oh my god
another popular search was like by bsv and somebody said looks like this time
the Nigerians are getting scammed I thought that was pretty fun but but in
all seriousness this guy says it study growth in Nigeria obviously there I
think their currency is the nori or something like that
I’ve had shows about Nigerian since 2015 I’ve talked about Nigeria how they did
inflate in their currency system some people over there they know about that
they did they they prepared they bought bitcoins
they got made they’ve been gradually more and more of them have been waking
up to it that their currencies a joke and that they should be in the real
thing and they have opportunities to get it and you know for cross-border
transactions too so good for them but for them the other thing they’re not
interested in buying coffee with it from viscerally sorry pound that let them so
coin metrics has a new report out there and it’s state of the network an
unbiased focused view of the crypto market inform bat by our network and
aggregate market data I looked over it right before the show and they talked
about a few exchanges I mean this is very interesting report and one thing
that they didn’t really talk about but they showed was that some of the
exchanges I think the next was one of them and Finance was one of them to me
it seems like their Bitcoin reserves have gone down a little bit since the
beginning of the year and I wonder what that means
it could be that more people are leaving their Bitcoin on other exchanges that
there’s there’s just people are diversify it could mean that because of
competition it could be that more people are smart and are just holding aren’t
keeping Bitcoin there long enough so that they put it in reserve I mean there
must be I don’t I don’t know how big decide on how much they keep in reserve
at these exchanges either that song but to me to see that there’s there’s less
or reserve I think that z maybe they’re just less people
gambling on these uh that’s what I just said look less people keeping their
Bitcoin on there but uh know if there if there’s less big if there if they have
less of the Bitcoin I think that’s a good thing the the that that it means
that other people other entities perhaps more people are just saving now and are
playing with the exchange game and the exchanges are forced to have smaller
amounts of Bitcoin on reserve it’s something to think about
and maybe that may be the trend will change may be that maybe these changes
will these exchanges will have more big point on reserve and that’ll blow my
theory out of the water but hey I’m thinking here and I’m and I really do
hope that that more people wise up and don’t just decide to leave their Bitcoin
on there and don’t even try to trade or do anything with the Ananta and that’s
on that side of the world but I know gamblers from the gamblers they’re
always gonna be traders it’s important to find out you know to get price
discovery I know I know and again trading isn’t going anywhere although in
a the proof of proof of keys that that trace mayor beginning of the year we’ll
have it again event I mean that could bring down some of these exchanges so we
shall see maybe maybe that was part of it who knows alright enough enough i’m
adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister someone said bsv don’t
drink the kool-aid yeah a lot of people don’t get that I keep on saying Jim
Jones and I just assume that people know their history and know what I mean by
that and is it for you guys they don’t know what I mean but when I say Jim
Jones with the SV and don’t drink the kool-aid google it look it up you you
should know about that would happen in Keanu and I mean it was very very bad
situation something that everyone learns I thought everyone finally I don’t think
everybody everybody knows about that how people can get into these just
these wild Colts and what a charismatic figure can lead people into and a United
States congressman was assassinated there too I mean it was unbelievable
what happened there in Jonestown so dude don’t don’t go to the Jonestown corner
of the cryptocurrency ecosystem that’s my final thoughts i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like
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